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Dinosaur thread

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dinosaurs are rad

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what went wrong?

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Do you think dinosaurs shitted as much as birds do?

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birbs are neat dinosaurs are for losers

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they get to fly around and shit on humans. they won at evolution.

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Environmental pressures and evolution

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Also fuck historical accuracy. I want Dinosaurs to be lizards. Can't we just classify the original lizard style dinosaurs as folklore?

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Fixed your Now image

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man fallen kingdom was fucking horrible

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The series has always been horrible .

Michael Crichton can rot in the ground with the dinosaurs.

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The mom was hot

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Ask Turok. Oh wait, that one sucked.

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It really was

First movie is still holding up pretty well, also the games are pretty nice

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The best

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I have much love for this game.

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meh, i like the first and the second movie, but they're far from perfect
i think those movies would benefit from a more grittier military-esque approach to the events after the incident, more akin to the way the books describe them

this is something i think the games actually surpass the movies; they manage to portray things in a more mature way usually (Chaos Continues ((if you ignore the protagonist is supposed to be Grant)) and Trespasser)

Fallen Kingdom tries too hard to fall into the kids movie category and ended up feeling like some sort of generic goofy cartoon

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We need more dinosaur games, they aren't as popular anymore

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>Hit a sleeping Tyrannosaurus
>Gets eaten

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Feathers ruined it

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>Can actually fly and shit anywhere
>Have been a key influence to humanity for millennia, and made them spend ages to come up with ways to fly
>Fancy colors and patterns inspire fashion
>Naturally can sing
>Many species can mock sounds pretty accurately, whether it be other bird calls, sounds of their predators or even human speech
>Naturally can build nests
>Kino mating dances
>Humans literally can't do any of this instinctively without artificial technology
What went so right?
Also Jurassic Park for Genesis was awesome

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the only one we can't do is shit anywhere we want which is pretty bullshit to be fair

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What's stopping you

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What's with all the "hurrr dinos are ruined" autism ITT? They are still classified as reptiles and only some feathered species have been described. Quit your whining

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Like that's stopping people from continuing to depict them as big scaly lizards.

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You have fancy colors on your skin, and can fly anywhere without use of an airplane?

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I secretly really like Turok: Evolution.

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Primal Rage confirmed for scientifically accurate

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