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Despite Persona, Pokemon, and Mother being three of my all time favorite franchises, I've only really loved two other turn based JRPGs (Xenogears and FFX), even those still had some serious issues. There's an overwhelming amount of retro JRPG's so really what I'm asking for is which ones am I most likely to fall in love with.

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play a real smt game

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I'm gonna give Nocturne another shot soon which I haven't touched sine maybe high school? Haven't been a fan of what I've played though. Hated 4 and Devil Survivor. Soul Hackers felt too dated despite liking the aesthetic a lot.

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I personally think Nocturne is the worst mainline game, it's also not retro. If you couldn't into SH, I would recommend checking out /smtg/, where you will be poked fun of but learn much, or asking /v/, they love nocturne.

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>Hated 4
Guess you didn't like press-turn huh? It really punishes risky gameplay and rewards caution so I can see why it would really miss with some people.

What issues did you have with FFX and what did you like about Persona and Mother?

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>I've only really loved two other turn based JRPGs (Xenogears and FFX)

What other series have you tried? Did you play any of the Dragon Quest games?

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Story is shit in X (although I enjoyed the cast) and Blitzball is a chore. Persona and Mother have GOAT writing and music. I also love the art direction of both games. Eternal Punishment to me is the gold standard of JRPG writing with Earthbound/Mother 3 being not too far behind.

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I actually have barely touched DQ, I wanted to check out 5 & 8. I've played most FF's and aside from X find them to be ok at best, mostly boring.

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Forgetting what else I've played off the top of my head, I have a list at home of everything I've played but I'm out currently.

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I'm gonna have to go way beyond 4th and 5th gen since you've played a lot of the ones I'd recommend by default.

You'll probably enjoy Mana Khemia, it's an Atelier game without time limits and simpler item management and uses a similar battle system to FFX. If you plan to do optional content, get the PSP version, the PS2 version crashes in the optional dungeon if anyone uses a normal attack (not sure if anyone has fixed this). The Atelier series puts emphasis on character relationships and item crafting, if you like the later Persona games you'll enjoy this.

In terms of classics, try Phantasy Star 2 and 4 on the genesis. I recommend the PS2 remake for Phantasy Star 2, or the original with a faster walking romhack (not tried it myself but the game is slow as molasses), 4 is probably the best JRPG on the genesis and a definite contender for best RPG of the 4th gen.

If you want something a bit unorthodox, try Live a Live (SNES) which is about heroes from multiple genres fighting against an omnipresent evil. Each chapter uses the same game engine, but has very different executions in how it actually plays. Get Aeon Genesis' translation for this.

If you want something pretty brutal, Romancing SaGa 2 has a phone and PC remaster. It's a nonlinear sidequest-o-rama where you go through multiple successors and the entire game is you building up to the bastard-hard final boss. If you like this, try SaGa 2: Hihou Densetsu for the DS (fantranslated), it's a remake of Final Fantasy Legend 2 for the Gameboy.

If you're a fan of the SMT setting but not the press-turn system, try Strange Journey (DS), Digital Devil Saga (PS2), and the original Persona (PSP port is best if you don't mind the new soundtrack). Atlus tends to make good RPGs in general but they don't aim for a wide audience.

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Kinda similar to you, mother and SMT are my two favorite series and I quite like pokemon for the most part. Here's some other jrpgs I like.

Dragon Quest III- DQ was basically the inspiration for Itoi making Mother, you really owe to yourself to try them. DQIII is a classic of the series and DQ plays like Mother so it's nothing unknown to you. DQIII allows you to create your own party and is nonlinear in some aspects, giving it some replay value. Play the snes version, best version by far.

Metal Max Returns- This is basically if Fallout and Earthbound had a baby. It's a post apocalyptic setting but made very humorous with weird and creative monsters. You play a simple kid who wants to be a bounty hunter and make it big. You will ride around in various tanks you can customize as you hunt down wanted criminals. Overall a ton of fun.

Breath of Fire IV- Beautiful art, good story and cast, and an interesting world make this one good. It has a great combo system that lets you combo different magic spells together allowing a ton of experimentation in battle.

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Thank you both, will be sure to look into those. Any reason why 4 over 3 for BOF? I know both are pretty well received.

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3 has really bad pacing and is a bit of a slog for large chunks of it. If you have great patience it's a minor detail but in these modern times of having a job and families it's an annoyance.

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Ah gotcha, yeah I certainly don't have patience for that shit. Generally i'd prefer games to be under 40 hours and have good pacing.

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damn BoF 4 looks so pretty

they're both good IMO. you don't have to play them in sequence. try one, if you like it, play the other.

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What would you recommend to somebody that is just about to start out with SMT games?

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Original anon here, that was a different guy, but yeah BoFIII's pacing is very slow and one of the many reasons why I enjoy IV over III. I genuinely just enjoy IV over III in every aspect, I can't think of anything I prefered about III to IV. That's just me though.

All of those games are on the shorter side for jrpgs, BoFIV is the most recent of those and thus the longest but even then you can beat it in 35-40 hours.

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Not retro, but IV if you want to jump in and get a feel for fusion, demons, strats, move names, etc. I did something like IV > SH > KMT > SJ > IVA, and the Last Bible Game Boy titles in there somewhere. I'm a weirdo in the megaten community for hating nocturne, but I don't think it's a good starting point for the series regardless of one's feelings about it. Soul Hackers is retro, has an excellent modern port and a cool story; if you want something old school with some QoL enhancments. SJ is just incredible, but I won't go on too much about not retro.

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You might like Shadow Hearts.

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come on OP, you played those games but never tried Chrono Trigger?

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I have, wasn't a fan.

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Stay the fuck away from derivative garbage like suikoden, breath of fire, and legend of dragoon and you should be ok.

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I feel weird trying to recommend titles to you when your tastes are pretty different than mine, if you didn’t like nocturne but loved the other titles you named I would have to say you like a more casual and less high stakes type of jrpg. Try out super Mario rpg, it has a slightly more engaging battle system and has elements that I think you would like based on your favorite games. It’s light hearted and comical as well. Also look into Jade Cocoon, it’s has pokemonesqe aspects with a fun unique style, the story gets a little dark but overall I think you’ll like it.

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Devil Survivor. It's the best spinoff ever. Plays more like X-Com than traditional SMT, which can be nice.

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Maybe you will like Terranigma.

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Valkyrie Profile, Tales Of games, SMRPG, Star Ocean, Robotrek, Lennus 2, Lufia, BF, Herakles no Eikou IV, DQs. Grandia, Lunar, Wild Arms, CT, CC.

Come on OP, so many shit to choose, just try things until something catches your attention.