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Which do you prefer? Tekken or Virtua Fighter?

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VF. Tekken didn't get good until sixth gen, which aren't retro.

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Tekken 3 is great.

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if all you had was a psx, maybe

soulcalibur, vf3 (arcade), project justice all blow it out of the water however

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VF is trash

VF is trash

There are better fighters. If I was forced to play one of these it wouldn't be VF.

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VF for sure, Tekken art direction is total garbage.

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oh look, a troll. how drole

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i would say tekken on the ps wins not by much an d vf wins on ps2 yeah its a twisted world

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VF for sure

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>mad cuz bad

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VF, although I'm not an expert at either- I prefer 2D fighters. Akira is the shit tho

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lol. I think you posted the wrong webm. That shit is boring and clunky as fuck, senpai.

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best VF, anyone who says otherwise is retarded. I'm glad the japanese are bringing it back.

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You need to be at least 18 to post here.

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Tekken, but I've never played a 3D Virtua Fighter.

All time favourite fighter is the Tobal series though. It controlled well, but mostly I loved the characters and the music still rates as one of my favourite of any game.

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are these supposed to look impressive?

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Some of akira's moves are impossible to do on a gamepad.

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I can do everything akira on a saturn pad

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vf3 is kinda ass 2bhonest

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I prefer to play VF, but if I end up playing a fighting game with my friends, it ends up being Tekken.

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sounds like you need to get less plebcunt friends

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They've got some pretty shit taste, I'll admit. Only one I know will even play retro vidya, the rest are either into single player RPGs, or strictly play the latest fad shooter (Fortnite cuz it's free).

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arcade tekken 3 desu

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its the only older vf that gets actual play in japan, with good reason. not sure why westerners hate vf3 so much.

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VF, obviously. Because I'm not some noskill plebian shitter.

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Playstation kiddie here, never played Virtua Fighter. Can someone please explain to me why they prefer it?

I keep seeing it raised as a must-have, and preferring it to Tekken, but from what I've seen online, I don't get the fuss as it seems very generic to me. Happy to be proven wrong though.

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Its weird. It has three buttons but every character feels different. It has chase attacks (like Darkstalkers) it's also got orrible voice acting for that cheesy aspect.

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They say it's one of the most technical fighting games around but I just played a little bit of it in the arcades.

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Virtua fighter

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Tekken. I like its flow and characters a lot more. Virtua Fighter I don't dislike and have had fun with it but it does not grab me at all.

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Tekken, VF doesn't let you make your own combos with the same freedom. They're both good, I'm not going to shit on VF, but the difference between Tekken and Virtua Fighter is as flexibility to rigidity - they can be contrasted only in subjective ways.
Some people prefer that VF is a stiffer, slightly slower, more methodical game and they aren't wrong for liking that. I like that Tekken is wilder, more chaotic, and quick because that's more exciting to me.
It's a shame to see people arguing which one is "better," though. There's room enough for you to like both for what they are because they do different things once you get past the trappings of their shared rules and settings.

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VF and it's not even close. Tekken didn't get good till 5 and no 3 was still a piece of shit, you only liked it because you picked Eddie Gourdo and pissed off all your friends. By the time it was out better 3D fighters existed.

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If Tekken was entirely based on Steve's mechanics it would be the goat boxing game