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When did you realize that some games weren't worth it to complete?

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when I realize there's really broken mechanics or gameplay that make me resent the game, lose respect for the creators, and completely lose enjoyment of it, normally applies to non story focused games because they can have gameplay elements I can look past if I want to see the story through

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At some point you just have to stop and ask yourself "why am I playing this"?

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Because you have to save the world, anon

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The second time the NES fucked up and ate my Final Fantasy save. Though I did eventually beat the origins port it also wasn't worth the time

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Digimon made me gay.

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That is the only Digimon for PS I didn't play.
Some people swear it's better than 3, which I thought it was average.

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But thou must.

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Is it fixable with a romhack?
I'm contemplating the idea of starting a bunch for games like these.
Have Whirlo, Nosetrafu, Mega Man X6 and Arabian Nights SFC in mind.

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It's shit

If they could somehow speed up the attack animations and remove idle, playtime could be reduced like 40% or even more. The speedrun is literally over 20 hours