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do you know any pro-confederate retro game?

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You can play as either side in North&South.

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Redneck Rampage

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>tfw the wrong side won the civil war

Niggers don't deserve the same rights as whites.

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Does this look like /pol/ to you trailer trash? Talk about games not politics anyway there is Sid Meier's Gettysburg! Where you can confederate but you wont find any pro confederate games since your side lost and you don't really get many redneck game devs

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Obligatory Custer's Revenge mention

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based yankee, bet you enjoy watching a nigger fuck your gal eh

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There are four Dukes of Hazzard games from 1984 through 2009 and none of them show the stars and bars, interestingly.

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I wouldn't have thought that possible. Are any of them decent? Dukes would make for a sweet open world reverse-crazy taxi game.

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Off topic but that was my old high school flag.

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Ethnic Cleansing and Call Of Duty: Ghosts off the top of my head.

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Are you blind, or just retarded?

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In an ironic humorous way, or the "I suck my pepaw's dick dry" kind of confederate?

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Sid Meier's Gettysburg?.

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He means the "liberals like to prep bulls of any kind" type.

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these two

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Yeah, you can lose in all kinds of video games.

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Hide and ignore.

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im tempted to make a Confederatevania where you play a southern gentleman plantation owner. first level you whip slaves that are wandering around the cotton feild like the zombies in the start of castlevania, only instead of bursting in flames when you whip them they play their cottonpicking animation.

as the game progresses you have to deal with rebelous slaves stealing watermelons (and throwing them at you too) there will be a large negro boss in overalls and a prehensile tail that he swings from. eventually the civil war breaks out and you have to whip union soldiers to death.

oh yeah the last boss is Lincoln in the role of Dracula

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Colonel Custer? The Yankee Officer whose actions helped win Gettysburg?

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At the cost of 300,000 yankees over twice the causalities.

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I meant on their boxes, Sorry. Check it out, it's one of those things that companies tried to avoid putting on covers even back then. One even has a pretty clearly addeded-on glare over it.

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The Stars and Bars are not the same things as General Lee's battleflag. The Stars and Bars was the first the official flag of the CSA. If you were to put the Stars and Bars on the cover, most people wouldn't recognize it and might even mistake it for some USA flag because it is kind of similar.

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>at this point /pol/cucks are literally pushing XD DUH CONFEDUHRUHSEE WUZ GUD U GUYZ rhetoric
how do you grow up to be this kind of retarded? don't answer that, callum, your inbred ass can't possibly comprehend that shit.

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Why would President Lincoln pardon them if they were all bad?

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I don’t know but no one that’s actually been to the south would ever want to live there.

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Swing and a miss.

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Well, yeah, a lot of those states are over 30% black.

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And most of the rest is white trash rednecks. It’s a hot, humid, all around awful area.

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I wish you would tell that to all the people moving down here.

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Atlanta area?

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The other one

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Go buy it on ebay right now. You'll thank me later.

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Absolutely this. It might not seem pro-confederate at first, but when you beat the final boss, they drop the ultimate red pill. Trust me on this.

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why would my post get removed? this is still 4chan isnt it? or does vr now play by reddit rules?

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VR's been getting real weird lately about what stays and what goes.
No rhyme or reason to it, as far as I can tell, either.

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This. Most redpilled game ever.

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>implying dumbfuck southerners would know how to program video games

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see here fellas this boy be spittin' mad

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You wouldn't have to burn Georgia today, Atlanta does that every time a sporting event goes awry.

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>You can play as either side in North&South.

Such good memories. Great game.

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this is a surprisingly good, informative thread

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