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Any /vr/ games that share similarities to this series?

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Monster Party?

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Which qualities? Diabolical protagonist?

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Final Fantasy VIII
>Dumbshit kids that think they are smarter than they are
>Semi-helpful monsters
>Pants-on-head retarded plot
>Absolutely broken powers
>Annoying female lead that should have been killed off on introduction
>The main character is an emo chickenshit

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>The main character is an emo chickenshit
So you haven't actually played FF8

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Squall was inspired by Gackt

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You mean games where the manga is objectively superior?

Any detective story or adventure game should be fine, like X-Files or Evidence or some other stuff. Otherwise you may want to look at the more moral-oriented RPG like SMT, Langrisser II or Journal Updater.

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Oh please. Squall is a boring stick in the mud with no personality. He was the beginning of Final Fantasy protagonists that are completely designed around stupid looking clothes and hairstyles.

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I have, a little past disc 2. I may finish it and revise my opinion on Squall then. But all he seems to do is keep his feelings and dialogue in his head and express his reactions, which is very emo.

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you mean overproduced and written by committee? sure, there are lots

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Games where you keep secrets.
Games where you must ID people.
Games where the rug can be pulled out on you giving you immense distress (i.e. Baten Kaitos, not Final Fantasy crap).
Games where the player's character's actions are reported on television (i.e. Max Payne).
Games where the protagonist has one special power and is otherwise very weak.

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Ryuk has good taste

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Do you play VNs? You might like Famicom Detective Club or the Jake Hunter games.

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Alright. I downloaded FDC Part II. Read it's a dark Nintendo game. I'll see...

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