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Were ultraviolent 1990s fighting games the most magical time in gaming?

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nope, they were the most try hard.

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"Oh dear, how scandalous!" *clutches pearls*

- so called moral guardian

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I think it was mostly a product of a time in which offending the most people got you the most headlines, therefore an offensive gain would guarantee sales.

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You can see the same practice today in modern games via replacement of historical fact with SJW fantasy, and the rampant injection of homosexual/transexual themes in mainstream games.

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If gaming ever stops being magical it'll die

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It's all been magical.

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ugh, is it fucking summer again already

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when every character's name is some random noun

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>/pol/ - Where Every Day Is Summer

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Sad but true. The containment boards can never fully contain their crazies.

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You are clearly not a patrician.

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Diablo thread is already taken over by /v/ tards, time to take a summer break from /vr/ i guess.

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That game needs a remake so bad.

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>Holding a shotgun at the hip

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Not at all. We got truckloads of garbage quality MK clones with the only selling point being the shock value, and that got old real fast.

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No they were awful.
>MK clones with the only selling point being the shock value
Just like MK.

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I actually preferred Blood Storm over MK3.

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MK had a respectable amount of humor, as well as being a sort of parody of martial arts cinema. And, well, it was one of the first to do it. Then you have things like Blood Warrior and Bloodstorm that are literally *made* to cash in on the violence craze.

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There's actually an aesthetic genre called splatterpunk and the era of hyper violent videogames also coincides with hyper violent anime (watch MD Geist, Ninja Scroll, Genocyber, the animes from this period were insane)

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in MK the violence was almost always cartoonish and impossible

it depicted a world which defies expectations constantly

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As opposed to the other clunky fighters of the 90s which had nothing going for them.

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The animators must have so much fun doing these.

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That concept isn't new and never changed.

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That’s true but the 90s ‘XTREME’ era was particularly cringey.

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It was particularly AMAZING

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I was born in 1982 so that time period was very much my childhood. I mock it lovingly.

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>"ugh like, so GROSS!"
this is the writing from a "man" who forgot the face of his father.

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Dementia is not a laughing matter.

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The issue is that none of these games actually played well, and the gore was a gimmick to coverup awful gameplay. It really shows how ridiculous the arguments about Smash isn't a fighting game are, when most of the "fighting game" genre is filled with stuff like this.

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This isn't most of the fighting game genre though.

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Yeah it's more like the puzzle genre because the inputs to win are a SECRET.

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I was always disappointed that fatalities had no impact whatsoever on gameplay. For example, executing a fatality at the end of round 1 meant the other player forfeited round 2. Or maybe you could execute fatalities on any opponent with 20% health or less and landing one meant automatic victory. Or the tournament would be designed to be double-elimination, but obviously if you got killed you were out for good.

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There are probably people on this board who legit think this too.

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No it's good that they don't fuck with tge gameplay. It's purely a way for the winner to show off after the match is over.

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I mean it was something to behold, but the vast majority of those games aren't worth playing. Good for a laugh or two, but if you spent money on them, you'd probably be disappointed.

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The point isn't the "fuck with" the gameplay but to actually enhance it in a way that would differentiate it from other fighting games in an interesting way. It's not like Mortal Kombat had particularly good gameplay in the first place.

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videogames were largely marketed towards children. Gorey and gross stuff were a guaranteed success somewhere in the 80s to somewhere in the 90s kek

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Smash isn't a fighting game though, and it sucks

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How do you feel about Smash being so popular and Smash players getting a lot of money and attention from sponsors, being an EVO, etc?
Do you feel angry?

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How do you feel being so passionate about all that and yet having never done anything close to being part of it? Do you feel sad?

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Wait... what? I was just asking you how do you feel about Smash at EVO and "pro players" getting paid.
In what way am I passionate? Just for asking a question?

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I think smash is a great game, but I'm not sure I'd call it a fighting game. It's more it's own thing. I'm glad it has a scene though.

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I mean, Smash is different than Street Fighter, that's for sure (even though Ryu is in the new Smash games and he even has the same movesets from SF), but if we're getting picky... is Virtua Fighter a fighting game? It plays severely different than SF, and also has ring out.

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Most of these games have aged very poorly. I don't even think the original Mortal Kombat games hold up as fighting games

But I'll be damned if it doesn't stroke my nostalgia/camp boner

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They were always shitty dude.

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my eight year old self says otherwise. Games like Mortal Kombat, Primal Rage and Killer Instincts where at least technically good in their time

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KI is still technically good. I mean, it plays like Street Fighter, more or less.
Primal Rage looks fantastic, but plays poorly.
MK, I know what you mean. I was a huge MK fanboy as a 10 year old edgelord, but later on I realized I only liked the fatalities, which aren't gameplay-related.

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Are you being serious or are you just fucking around asking if VF can be considered a fighting game like Smash?
VF isn't the best fighting game out there but it is indisputably a fighting game, which is a claim that Smash will never be able to make given its divisive nature.

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post more cheesy MK clones


Anyone 'member Time Killers? Even back then I thought it looks ugly and gimmicky

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>if VF can be considered a fighting game like Smash?
I never said I considered Smash a fighting game
>VF isn't the best fighting game out there
It depends though, some people really like VF. It's subjective.
>but it is indisputably a fighting game
I mean, it plays very, very different from SF. Sure it has a life bar, but you can ring out opponents, like in Smash.

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I never got to play much of this in the arcade. Did the 3D but do anything for the gameplay?

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I am here to inform you that your opinion is wrong. VF is the best fighting game. It has the highest skill ceiling and the most is the most fun. It only lacks in sexappeal and violence :(
Educate yourself:

But I also wanted to post regarding the topic. Yeah, mortal kombat is the exception, but modern gaming does lack alot of violence. Remember how brutal quake, unreal tournament and gore ultimate soldier were. Compare that to modern trash games like overwatch and all teh trash battle royal games... fucking modern people are fucking idiot wussies

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I can't even tell if the first half of your post is a shitpost or not. Your syntax is borderline unreadable. I have a lot of reasons to not consider VF the best fighting game, both objective and subjective but in regards to one thing you mentioned, VF is absolutely not concerned about anyone having fun.

>you can ring out opponents
Yeah, just like in actual martial arts tournaments. You can do it in Soul Calibur, too. Having a ring out mechanic does not a fighting game make.

>I never said it was
Don't do this devil's advocate shit and drag legitimate fighting games into existential debates, man. One or the other. Smash isn't a fighting game, in my opinion, and I'm not changing that opinion. If you agree with me, great, if you don't, awesome, you be you - but don't stir the pot.

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Mortal Kombat is technically solid and it can be fun to play, it's just very shallow. It's not too slow, too fast, or too awkward. Landing uppercuts is satisfying and there's a decent variety of special moves.

The problem is just that it has none of the depth or subtlety that Street Fighter 2 has. The characters all have the same traits and basic moveset, which isn't even as interesting as a single character's moveset in SF2. The AI isn't great and it's not uncommon to win with boring, repetitive strategies like "just use jump kicks" or spamming a special attack. Multiplayer isn't much better due to the limited movesets.

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t. has never fired a gun

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I'm not trying to change your opinion, but you really seem concerned about categorizing games as either fighting games or not.
I'm not playing devil's advocate, simply pointing out stuff.
Do real martial arts tournaments have Hadoukens?

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Tattoo Assassins is probably the cheesiest of all MK clones. That seemed to be the entire reason they made the game.


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i didn't like because all the platformers and shooters were replaced and only a few were good, it was also at this time that sports games started shitting up the shelves too

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MK 1 is a good start to learn fighting games, not too many difficult to remember moves and the moves you do are easy to pull off, I could never get into fighting games until I tried MK 1

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>"People" shitting on based Virtua Fighter
/v/ please go away.

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Primal Rage etc aren't worse than any of the zillion lousy Japanese SF clones out there... Tattoo Assassins otoh truly sucks

Time Killers is one of the most fun crappy games, it was also released at about the same time as MK, too soon for them to have copied it.

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Does anyone ever mention FX Fighters? Anyone played it?
It was heavily advertised during the mid-90s fighting craze, but the SNES version was cancelled (supposedly because KI was coming out), and only got a DOS release.
It was by Argonaut, the guys who did Star Fox and Croc

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>sports games are shit because they're not platformers where you play a rodent

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>Smash Brothers features characters fighting each other
>not a fighting game

I’m only a casual fan of the genre but how is it not a fighting game? Is this just “FGC” faggotry? That’s what I suspect.

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Are you going to lump Streets of Rage, Punch Out and Wrestlemania as fighting games too?

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what about survival arts? It has this insane AI difficulty and it's nearly impossible to beat the first character. IMO is one of the most hilarious MK clones.


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FGC faggotry it is then.

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If you're that dumb then sure, it's the big mean fgc.

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what game

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Mortal Kombat 9

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Smash Bros. multiplayer involves two or more players trying to knock each other out. That’s a fighting game so deal with it you dork.

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Smash is a fighting game, just not a traditional one. It still can be played competitively, and most of the action involves punching and kicking, as well as special move combinations and mind games. It has a lot of similarities with other fighting games, only main difference being the percentage system/KO system and the emphasis on platforming elements.

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>I'm not playing devil's advocate
>Do real martial arts tournaments have Hadoukens?
You're being an ass to provoke some kind of argument even if you contradict yourself. So you win, take all the internet cool points, you successfully annoyed someone with your nattering.

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>two or more players trying to knock each other out
It actually doesn't feature that.
The only way to win is for the other player to be tossed out of the playing area. It has more in common with say, sumo, than with conventional hand-to-hand combat. It is entirely possible to win at Smash without directly attacking and that is why it is not a fighting game, just a game with fighting in it.

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Yeesh. This guy. I bet you also like to say that vinyl is better because it sounds “warmer”.

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it's stupid, but I actually kind of like how far they went with it, not to mention how fucking cheesy this is

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Not him but he does have a point. Smash is a very cool game but there's no need to put it into a genre it's not really part of.