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Simon Not-In-Mont

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The fresh prince of Bel-Mont

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It always pisses me off that we never got to see the Schwarzenegger/Conan look of Simon again, just this Bishie wannabe.

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Exactly. good joke. up-right... idk if woman... but it is up-right. Simon.

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We got Dracula to look like Conan though.

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Which one should I play with? I can't decide... which one is stronger? which one is the clone?,

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Rather him look like Lugosi.

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Ridley is a Clone of Charizard

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We don't know that. There's still 2 character slots to be filled.

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All of them are male.
And up-right was one hell of a drummer.

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Castlevania characters in Bomberman, Bomberman trophy in Smash

Where the EFF are the Belmonts!?

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I honestly really liked this design.
I get that people liked the og design but this one reminds me of my childhood.

I enjoyed the emo and anime culture of the late 90s/early 00s and i think it looks badass.

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