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Is Duke Nukem 3D a depressing game? It just makes me bummed out every time I replay it. I don't know if it's because of the aesthetic.

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It's not depressing. Either something bad happened to right around the first time you played it or the game was the first to expose you to visuals and/or themes you were not ready for as a child. You now subconsciously associate it it with one of these things and it makes you feel bad.

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Bullshit, Freud. Duke just has a depressing-ass soundtrack. Have you ever heard it other than the title screen and first level? It's not hot-blooded or intense, it's just fucking sad.


just about 2/3 of the soundtrack is filled with sad, miserable songs like this one.

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I've never really listened to the soundtrack. The first version I actually owned was the N64 version which had no music. So even later when I played it on 360 I turned the music off.

The first time I saw it was on a friend's PC around the time of release, and I think he had the music off too.

Anyway, no I don't find it depressing. I do find it kind of... lonely though.

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>Bullshit, Freud
Now now, I didn't mention genitals once.

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is it me or are most build engine games just...dark feeling? Outside of wisecracks, the games do feel a little grim.

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it doesn't help that there's no NPCs other than the very static hookers
the whole world is just kind of eerily dead

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If you turn off the duke talk the tone of the game changes a lot

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The older Duke Nukem games were better by a far but I have to agree with you here, This game is sort of depressing but still fun.

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>Is Duke Nukem 3D a depressing game?

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These things along with the shitty RPG elements are the biggest cancer for the FPS genre.

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The game has a massive depressive stint from Death row to the end of the second episode. Dark side's music is like a funeral song. Episode 4 last levels like Critical mass are also massive depression. I also had such feel in episode 5's San Francisco level for some reason.

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Is there any setting on the GL source ports of this to remove the posterboarding effects on the sky textures when you look up or down?

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Maybe it's because of primitive surroundings desperately trying to look real?

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Roaming abandoned LA in the twilight, OJ Simpson's low speed High chase on the TV, dark anonymous buildings rising up, walls of black windows. Knowing Eric and Dylan made pipe bombs because they played this.

Yeah kinda

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It's not just you, OP. I used to get super depressed playing Duke Nukem 64 back in the day. And it's not the content as >>4821293 suggested because I'd already played the fuck out of Doom and every available MK at that point. It's because you're just walking around these empty fucking levels looking for something to do. There's no music, and everything is fucking grey. Just you, walking around this desolate, colorless city in total silence while you contemplate your loneliness and all the better things you could be doing, interrupted occasionally by Duke saying some edgy bullshit to no one. Jesus I got depressed all over again just watching it on youtube a minute ago. That fucking game is the fucking digital essence of nihilism.

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itt depressed faggots project their shit on dick kickem

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this. fucking lighten up you bunch of sad sacks

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God, I worry for you suicidal fuckers when you discover Marathon, Quake, Doom and System Shock.

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>in Duke

This guy needs a doctor quick.

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It depresses me too, OP. Some of those old DOS/Windows 3.1 game make me depressed.
Even 3D Movie Maker feels dark and depressing.
Doom isn't depressing though.

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the original Zelda depresses the f*** out of me because I was raped in high school and it was my rapists's favorite game. But I mean like, it's still objectively a fun game, but.... ech, bad memories.

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>trying to make a name for yourself
>on an anonymous imageboard

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I never felt that way about Duke or the other BUILD games (or any other FPS) but I always felt Doom was kind of sick. Pic related is an old post I made about it.

Maybe I'm being a bit dramatic in that post as Doom does look a little goofy to me now with its primitive graphics and I'm much older now (and the fact that it's been memed relentlessly at this point with all the funny pictures and everything else) but there's still something I find deeply unsettling about Doom more so than any other game I've ever played. Could just be the fact that I played it so young -- but I also played the other FPS's young including Duke and they had no effect on me. Well Blood was kind of weird when young. I remember the first time I heard a cultist scream at 11 years old it was kinda like holy shit. But then it just became funny.

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*Something more nihilistic about Doom than any of the other FPS's for me for sure.

Never got that feeling at all from Duke. Duke was always just high testosterone fun.

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I have fond memories and nostalgia for it, despite the first time I played it being a really shitty time in my life. It was something that made me happy in that time.

The aesthetics in most 90's games are a LITTLE flimsy (by which I mean you have really nice aesthetics for the most part, but the graphical limitations makes certain aspects of it kinda generic or empty). Even Half Life suffers from that a teeny little bit.

But I really liked it. I just wish there was nudity.

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That's present in a lot of 90's games. Stuff like Redneck Rampage.

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I don't get it. Did you get raped while playing Zelda? If not, I'm not seeing the connection.

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Get raped.

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If you get raped you automatically dislike Zelda? Wut?

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This is true for more than just Doom.

While there is nothing wrong with the humor elements in Duke or even more subtlety in Blood, games that have one consistent tone really stick with people.

Look at Unreal, people keep talking about how that game has a certain atmosphere they can't describe and can't be recreated, its because the player is constantly bombarded with feelings of survival, xenophobia (the environments can be very foreign and fear inducing), and also wonder for those environments.

Nothing in the game really breaks that mood or brings you back to reality so it sticks with you.

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I played Doom 95 when I was 12 and I mostly just thought it was metal as fuck. There were a few unnerving scenes though. Like the part where the lights cut out and you are surrounded by invisidemons, or the part with the wall filled with screaming faces that scrolls by endlessly, or when you first kill the cyber-demon and see it's intestines spill out. I bet if you were younger and hadn't seen anything like that before it would scare the shit out of you, but I saw the Shining when I was 10 so I was immunized to that type of shit.

It has a lot to do with the people that created it. A lot of the art was done by a guy who was a photographer for a trauma based medical journal. There's a good chance that a lot of that shit was based on stuff he saw in surgery rooms, or pictures of people getting their guts blown out in 'Nam. John Carmack was a one of a kind dude, and most of all none of these guys ever slept. They programmed for nonstop and drank diet soda and ate pizza for hours straight. Most likely all of them had some sort latent anger and social alienation that is pretty damn apparent in the game. Modern AAA game studios will never be able to capture that. They are filled with businessmen and career programmers (which I am so w/e) It's like the difference between an album recorded by session musicians and one created people 4 guys in an attic who practiced 12 hours a day.

I loved Duke back in the day but it kind of derpessing me. It's like reading old Playboy magazines or going through your grandads VHS tapes on how to win big at poker, something about it just feels dated. DNF was sad as fuck.

Doom never gets old for me though. Blasting demons with the super shotgun will always be fun for me.

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- Duke on my life

- Duke giving me advice

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I have to admit I never thought about this. Duke Nukem 3D was the first FPS I've played the shit out of and I've loved it. Don't get me wrong. I've played Rise of the Triads, Doom and Wolfenstein before Duke but Doom actually scared me. I never liked the chainsaw and killing stuff with the chainsaw was something I did not like back then. Nowadays I get a massive boner when I can kill stuff with a chainsaw. It is something I really enjoy about say Gears of War.
Having that said I never paid much attention to the music in Duke. There isn't much "music". It is just some background shit so that it doesn't feel so empty. Doom has actual music, great tracks (I know they are "covers" or heavily inspired) while Duke just has the shit we all know. I always felt way too busy to pay attention but I have to admit when I play it nowadays it just feels depressing. Especially when stuff is so dark and lights are flickering and enemies come out of the dark- this really gets me. After a dose of violence and killing stuff I really need some porn and see tits. Those games seem to make you stupid, I guess.

Now my question is: How do you feel about pic related? Does it make you feel depressed too?

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Every time I see a typical 90s blonde Pamela Anderson white girl with huge boobs and a halfway perm I always think of this song for some reason


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.....plural? D:

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Is it just me, or Allen Blum's mapping style is somewhat depressive? The environment in his maps always felt menacing and dark.

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I feel a depression when playing it but likely for an entirely different reason to you.
It's like nostalgia letting me down because I just think Duke aged really poorly. I did love it at the time but I never really feel an urge to play it like Doom will give me. Every time I try and replay it I get a few levels in and give up.

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>While there is nothing wrong with the humor elements in Duke or even more subtlety in Blood, games that have one consistent tone really stick with people.
Well Blood sticks with me, too, just for different reasons. Blood is a very unique game for me; it rides this line between heavy atmospheric horror while somehow managing to be funny at the same with Caleb's quips etc. It's great.

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i never considered this depressing, especially not anymore than for example doom soundtrack. it sounds more like suspenseful and not sad at all for me. in fact more often it makes me feel anxious, like i am actually in the belly of the alien hive. i think it does a great job of making you feel empathy perhaps for the women begging you to kill them but ever sad? no you have a job to do

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I actually agree somewhat. The dank and dirty urban areas in Duke are pretty sad in high dosages. I think the textures and color pallet in Duke just feels limited. Not enough really pops or feels detailed enough, I think. That and the fact that many of the enemies and weapons feel very dire and one-note.

On the other hand, I've never felt very miserable playing Doom. It has a nice intensity to it, and it doesn't feel very realistic at all. Plus there are some silly moments like Doom Guy's grinning face, the text messages, the dead rabbit, etc. I quite like how straight forward and game-y Doom is, really.

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Just to expand on this, the other id and Raven games, like Quake, Hexen, and Heretic aren't miserable either.

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Its a little depressing, the world is fucked up, girls are stuck in that slime thing and they ask you to kill them, there is no human soul in your own city, just enemies everywhere, But Duke's atitude makes everything fun, its like seeing Deadpool, his atitude make things fine and fun but deep inside he is really fucked up with everything that happened and is happening(That's how I see it, I now Duke just want to have fun, smoke some cigs and drink booze while seeing some titties, but it must sucks to se his world like that, and must suck too see all that babes suffering).

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>Duke aged really poorly
>while Doom didn't

Ok, go back to the cacodemon petting thread Doomfag.

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Another Doom babby who came here to shit on the superior game.

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Doom does that to me. Duke gives me good vibes.

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Doom is not depressing. It's just ugly as your girlfriend 20 years later.

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It's because of the soundtrack. Notice how, except for the title theme and the first level track, the music of Duke 3D is utterly unfitting for the setting. You're an edgy dude wearing cool shades and kicking alien ass with silly wapons, while talking silly stuff, but the soundtrack is all about the pointlessness of human existence and vastness of the cosmos.

The most depressing track of them all is this one, for me


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Duke Nukem may depress you if you're a liberal commie because it's too real and it goes directly against the "refugees welcome" narrative. It was controversial even in the '90, but in 2018 you really wish you did listen to The Duke instead of the evli globalists.

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No. This and Doom just emasculated an entire generation.

>> No.4825646

The advent of computers and the internet in general changed people's way of thinking. If anything Duke tried to warn us not to let go of our "candies" if favor of ONION-based drinks.

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This is your brain on /pol/.

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first person shooters are kinda gay and homoerotic games which inspires the hidden queer in fps fans

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It was this.

You're a pussy, by the way.

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See, I remember when John Romero made me his bitch. Many other people here have had the same experience. At first I thought it was a deeply emasculating experience, but now I understand that being made into one of John Romero's bitches is a necessary step to achieve true masculinity. It's like a low point to which you have to go through to be able to rise. And I don't mean just having impressive erections, I'm also talking about moral qualities.

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Probably the worst post in the history of /vr/.

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Probably the best post in the history of /vr/

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Duke had its fair share of goosebump soundtracks, ie. Alienz Pray you Prayers (Lunar Reactor), Ah Geez! (Faces of Death), The City Streets (Death Row), Future Military Conquests (Spaceport), Preparation D (Duke Burger), Taking Names (Flood Zone) etc.

Also Gotham is amazing, very atmospheric with it's artistic sadness. A masterpiece, just like X Plasma, another beautiful sad song.

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It's the music. It's very gloomy. The atmosphere can also be thick as fuck with maps like Launch Facility, the Abyss, and Derelict.

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Is that when you gave up on being a man?

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duke music is fuckin great
dunno what you fags are talkin about
sometimes i put on waterworld or prep d just for fun
my friend who plays bass bothered to learn bankroll so we recorded a neat little cover of it, was pretty fun (e3m2 music), i thought it was all pretty good. and even e4m1 is funny in its own way. if you can appreciate mission impossible jokes.

i dont really recall but i think duke it out in dc had even better music. but maybe im remembering wrong.

anyway the game has fine music. dunno whats wrong with you op.

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>San Francisco level
That's because it felt more like a cut map from the original game than the rest of the anniversary episode which had a different (more modern, less depressing) mapping philosophy. I wouldn't be surprised if its framework was made way back in the 90s.

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Quite a few of the n64 shooters had a desolate feel to them. I think it's because everything past a certain distance was shrouded in fog.

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Duke really wasn't that depressing, it had a nice urban flair to it

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No I was actualled raped by the first person I came out as trans to. It was really effing messed up and just.... even though it's been like 15 years I still can't get over the betrayal. It sucks.

>> No.4828827

You do realize you'll probably now have at least one persistent autist starting TLoZ threads with a special dedication to your particular predicament?

Anyhow, that sucks, sorry not-anon.

>> No.4828839

stop being a faggot

>> No.4829286

>coming out trans
I know it's culturally hip to announce your mental problems to the world today on social media, but it's a bad idea because assholes will take advantage of you.

Being trans is literally a mental illness but whether you worked on enhancing your ability to play the role of the sex you naturally are according to your chromosomes or have dived into playing the role of a sex that has different chromosomes than yourself, I hope you the best in life. Keep your "trans" talk to yourself so you don't get raped again.

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Duke is exactly how liberals see masculinity being always toxic. Its tongue in cheek but it IS liberal media.

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>Duke is exactly how liberals see masculinity being always toxic. Its tongue in cheek but it IS liberal media.
No it's not you fucking gen z imbecile. That's just you projecting your faggotry onto Duke. Nobody played Duke in the '90s and thought Duke was a satire of "toxic masculinity". You are such a gigantic faggot I swear to god but I guess it's not your fault because you have literally been bombarded with faggotry in the media to make you this way.

Duke is a satire of action movies heroes, but he is NOT the butt of the joke. You laugh WITH him, not AT him. In fact he's more an homage than a satire. He is supposed to be awesome and he is. Nobody played Duke back in the day and thought "lol look at this 'toxic masculinity' lmao so *cringe* amirite". You saying this bullshit is literally modern memethink that your faggot ass has been indoctrinated with and you're projecting it onto Duke. "Toxic masculinity" wasn't even a term that existed back then. If it was a thing then countless action movies (and games) in the '80s and '90s wouldn't have been as successful as they were. Fucking every game was "toxic masculinity". Duke was an homage to those things, not a "haha look at how lame this shit is omg so toxic and masculine". When you tipped the strippers and saw tits you said "fuck yeah!" -- you didn't think "like omg look at this toxic masculinity and objectifying women haha what a misogynistic dinosaur".

I reiterate that it's really not your fault you're a faggot, but please stop giving us your retarded gen z "retrospective" about shit you have no idea about. I cannot imagine how much more of a faggot fest this board will be in another ten years.

>> No.4829624

>faggot faggot faggot faggot

Predator has one tongue-in-cheek use of "faggot". You're using it deadly seriously, in every sentence. You're as much a creature of 2018 as >>4829583.

>> No.4829630

lol fuck off faggot. go be a snowflake somewhere else

>> No.4829647

Toxic masculinity is self-destructive behavior under the guise of being "macho", "manly", or "badass". Not being an asshole who happens to be a dick. If you avoid doing something because you feel it threatens your manliness (seeking therapy for trauma, pretending to like sports, forcing yourself to drink yourself silly etc), it's toxic masculinity.

Not being an asshole who has a dick like those dirty incels.

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Everybody play games for different reasons. For me, the game is not great because of Duke, but in spite of Duke. In fact, Duke is annoying as hell.

I love the game's architecture, layouts, ambience, the actual battle (which weapon to use on which monster) etc. though, and - along with Doom and SW, maybe Blood - it's my favourite FPS ever.

If someone plays the game because of Duke's character, or hates the game because of his hate on the character, then that's their loss.

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Blood > DN3D > Shadow Warrior

You know it's true

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That guy is 100% right though.

>> No.4829906

Yea anon, you tried this bait many times. It's still wrong.

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File: 93 KB, 811x416, 2010.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Video games were just video games back then, not political pieces of SJW propaganda etc. Nobody looked at Duke and thought it was "right or left wing". Right and left wingers alike gave no fucks about video games. This train of thought is completely absent from that generation. The only time video games were featured in the media was when they were being blamed for school shootings, think of the children, etc.

It wasn't really until the Call of Duty kind of games where video games started being used as propaganda tools, but that was for American (or Israeli really) jingoism. The SJW angle is a much more recent phenomenon. For example God of War 3 came out in 2010 and the mainstream media celebrated it. GOW3 could not be made today as it was without many a reviewer a la Polygon shitting all over it. You see the difference now with God of War 2018, where Kratos is a babysitter and is far more "humanistic" than before. Even if GOW4 is not really an SJW-fest, it's been significantly toned down from the raw anger and relentless nihilistic brutality the series used to be known for. That kind of extremity just wouldn't fly with the special snowflakes of today. No more of this either: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5S-d9Eqgdw

I don't know what happened but something changed within the last five years or so, with mouth pieces like Anita Sarkeesian popping up and getting a much bigger say. Even disregarding video games, in general people are absolutely bonkers now. Everything's about race and identity politics are now the most important thing ever; we've even invented new genders and idiots wonder what the politically correct term to call them is. It's such a waste of time, distracting from real issues, with the media fostering dichotomy and division. The fact that someone today is looking back at Duke Nukem 3D and claiming that it is "liberal media" is something that would make a '90s gamer squint at him like what the fuck are you talking about.

>> No.4830025

>Right and left wingers alike gave no fucks about video games
*in that regard

>> No.4830051

I guess it just depends on your interpretation. To me it just sound dark, ominous, and foreboding, not particularly sad.

I consider something like Sign of Evil from Doom to be sad sounding FPS music:

>> No.4830285

What the fuck is this thread. Duke is a corny action romp from start to finish, an 80's action flick in game form. I think many people itt are projecting hard

>> No.4830308

This. My idols growing up were Arnold, Stallone and Duke. It's why I started hitting the gym hard.

>> No.4830316


Perhaps you're a fag, but my injuries heal without a doctor checking my feefees

>> No.4830331

Toxic masculinity is holding the door open for a woman who finds such behavior insulting, spreading your legs wide due to a male's natural anatomy, or asking an uninterested woman out to dinner.

>> No.4830354

I don't think it's depressing, I've just never enjoyed the game nearly as much as Doom, Heretic, Quake and pretty much every classic FPS. I don't know why exactly, the action just doesn't grab me.

>> No.4830453

Jesus Christ, please stop posting.

>> No.4830454

You probably don't like that most enemies are hitscan, whereas in those other classics you mentioned most enemies fire projectiles or melee attack.

>> No.4830575

>any opinion different from my owm must be bait
LAMOing @ your life

>> No.4830661

go back to your safe space faggot

>> No.4830709

ITT: grown-ass men scream at each other over a baby game for babies and whether it's fair to call Duke cool or bad.

>> No.4830989

>ITT: grown-ass men scream at each other over a baby game for babies
so every thread on /vr/

>> No.4831305 [DELETED] 

I don't find it depressing. I think Duke3D has an impressive aesthetic range. It moves fluidly between being funny and being genuinely spooky (much of the space episode, for example), and sometimes it even manages to be both at the same time. I can't think of many works of art that pull this off... perhaps Evil Dead and Total Recall to some extent. I find it amazing that this social satire/action movie parody is also frightening and evocative.

>> No.4831309

I don't find it depressing, personally, but maybe you're seeing something in the game that I don't. Depressing is a valid interpretation. It's a broad game. I think that Duke3D has an impressive aesthetic range. It moves fluidly between being funny and being genuinely spooky (much of the space episode, for example), and sometimes it even manages to be both at the same time. I can't think of many works of art that pull this off... perhaps Evil Dead and Total Recall to some extent. I find it amazing that this social satire/action movie parody is also frightening and evocative.

>> No.4831402

There is something grim about Duke Nukem. There's something about the grayness and juvenile humor that is airless and depressing (or dispiriting). I feel a little of that, too, in Shadow Warrior. Blood, on the other hand, is so gleefully gross and macabre that I actually find it enlivening.

>Quake, Doom, etc.
See, I find these games not depressing for some reason. Maybe it's because the worlds are just better-realized (even if they are really dark).

>> No.4831449

>Maybe it's because the worlds are just better-realized (even if they are really dark).

you might be onto something there m8. maybe it's also something to do with how pointless DN feels because it's an extended joke/homage. in quake and the system shock series at least it feels like there are actual stakes

>> No.4831596

DAE think the freeze thrower is garbage?

>Frozen enemies can get in the way of you shooting enemies behind them, and you have to either kick or shoot them with another gun to shatter them before they thaw out.
>Shots ricochet off of walls in such a manner that they can easily bounce back and hit you.

I've only been using it when my ammo for it is maxed out and I want to "make room" for freeze ammo I'd otherwise leave behind.

>> No.4831810

The freezer is the best weapon against protector drones and surprisingly effective against minibosses.

>> No.4831849

it's a fantastic game. the only games that leave me depressed are fucking lame rom hacks and games with shit-tier programming and design.

>> No.4832350

I fucking lol'ed

>> No.4832359

system shock is not depressing or scary

system shock 2 even less so if you play based psionic operative

quake is grimdark as fuck, trent reznor's soundtrack helps a lot there

quake is also scary because holy fuck you have to strafe jump without touching the W key, makes me sweat

>> No.4832974

Actually,Duke Nukem its not depressing, grow-up men dissing each other because of Duke Nukem and political polarization is.

>> No.4833142

Is the shrink ray worth using? I hate that it doesn't work on suicide bomb drones, makes it feel dangerous to have selected compared to other weapons when you don't know what's ahead.

>> No.4833146

Is there some international version of Doom that I haven't heard of before or something? Where the fuck are these people getting all this from? Oh I get it, it's some sort of shitty meme. Hahaha guys real fucking funny.

>> No.4833157

It's alright to use
Almost all the weapons are kinda humdrum as far as implementation
They're very "science project" feeling

>> No.4833196

It's one-shot on the Commanders (flying "suck it down" dudes) and even mini-battlelords (when used up close and from crouch - now actually GETTING to that position in one piece is another problem altogether).

>> No.4833376

it's the most broken OP gun in the game

>> No.4833385

Not if it can't defeat the most dangerous/annoying enemy, the suicide bomber drones

>> No.4833406

"most" OP. it's a relative term you argumentative fool. the shrinker will trivialise most combat situations including battle lords. for suicide bomber drones you just switch to chain gun and fuck them up in groups with no fucks given, but overall chaingun is not nearly as powerful or versatile as the shrinker is.

>> No.4833982

You're joking, right? It's a fantastic weapon. You can kill anything non-mechanical in one-shot+stomp.

>> No.4833986

Uhhh the pistol takes out the drones and puts them in a stunlock. They are actually one if the easiest enemies to deal with

>> No.4834001

If they thaw out, you know they only have 1hp left and will die with a single shot afterwards, right?
and if you hit yourself with a bounce, learn some geometry, play some billiards etc...
cant imagine being this much of a faggot
"hurr durr these dark games are actually more alive than this real fucking setting inside a real city that was the first 3d game with a somewhat believable real world setting with movie theaters and sushi bars and strip clubs and blah blah blah, its so sterile and bland and dead compared to the fucking grey/brown/green of no-NPC quake/doom bullshit"
like seriously what is wrong with you? what is wrong in your head? no stakes? you realize you're saving the earth from aliens, right? kind of the same thing you do in doom (demons*) and quake (other-dimension-cthulhu*), if you knew anything about them?
you can turn off the voices or at least the mature taunts in the menu, you know...so kids can play it without hearing curse words and stuff...
hey if you dont mind me asking, why do you continuously post here with a tripcode? and it seems like you talk about yourself more than any games. why is that?
also dont forget - episode 2 is entirely in space,which was fucking cool and awesome. episodes 1 and 3 were in cities (cities which felt much more like cities than any of the doom 2 "city levels") but episode 2 is my fav...and episode 4 lol.

yeah tracks like that suck. but things like stalker or the grabbag theme are kickass.


gutwrencher was a favorite of mine back then
also aliens say your prayers
233 celsius is pretty fast moving imho, felt like it back then anyway.
idk there's so many good songs.

>> No.4834462

Shrinker is not OP at all. I bet most people use it less than the Devastator or the Freezer, not to mention the Pipebombs.

It's not a good weapon against common enemies like Liztroops or Pigcops or Enforcers, since they can very well appear in groups, and Shrinker is not a weapon against masses. These enemies can be handled by other weapons much better. And they drop their guns that way, why don't when stomped.

Even the tougher Octabrains are not totally good with the Shrinker as they usually appear underwater and stomping is more difficult there. And Devastator/RPG handles them much more effectively.

Battlelord... no way. If you use autoaim (which is the default way to play the game) the Shrinker aims their chest, not their nuts. I never used the weapon against these hitscan terrorists.

The Shrinker is meant to be used against Commanders. They are pretty tough, but not that though, and the weapon handles them better than anything else. That's not OP at all.

Also the Shrinker is not effective against Protector Drones, another enemy which ranks in the midfield in terms of toughness. So Shrinker = Commander, that's it.

>> No.4834559
File: 2.94 MB, 710x400, shrinker.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4834563
File: 2.95 MB, 710x400, shrinker2.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4834569
File: 2.91 MB, 710x400, shrinker3.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4834576
File: 2.93 MB, 710x400, omg so tough.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Protector Drones, another enemy which ranks in the midfield in terms of toughness
they're piss

>> No.4834580
File: 1.52 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_5254.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.4834694

>I hate that it doesn't work on suicide bomb drones, makes it feel dangerous to have selected compared to other weapons when you don't know what's ahead.
Duke weapon switching is pretty fast. Is it really that daunting for you to change your weapon to an appropriate one? Do you not use custom key binds?

>> No.4835260

What part of being shooting aliens with 80's movies quips for an endless supply of hot chicks to a heavy metal soundtrack is depressing?

To every 8 yr old to his dad Duke was fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun.

>> No.4835267

And this from someone that was stuck with the sanitized Australian version with permanent parental lock where duke could say "shake it baby" to invisible strippers.

>> No.4835286

Grabbag aside there were no metal music in the game. Strippers only appear in a few levels, most chicks are knotted and wait for death.

>> No.4835329

I was reading this thread without much experience with Duke other than the 64 game, and this basically pinpoints why I share this feeling. I played DN64 when I was really really really young, and the game was really scary and eerie for me because of the lack of music. Nowadays when I look at it I get a sense of depression and isolation because of how quiet the game is.

>> No.4835351

>soundtrack by Nine Inch Nails
>no music

anyone else puzzled?

>> No.4835379


>> No.4835483

Duke64 is terrible.

>> No.4835509

This isn't Doom, the pistol is actually useful, and if there are only two drones you can kill them with the pistol without them getting in your face too quickly.

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