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What are some games that /vr/ universally agrees are the uncontestable best in their respective genres?

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Based OP.

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this game will ever be topped?

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Probably not.

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Just the one you posted

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They were out of their fucking minds when they made this, games like that usually have good reception across the board, maybe not for entire genres but everyone agrees Super Metroid is amazing.

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Depends on how they approach the remake and if it will support PC/SteamOS/Switch.

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I disagree, I prefer MK64 in terms of both controls and especially track design (and of course multiplayer, no other go-kart game topped MK64's battle mode)
I like CTR better than Diddy Kong Racing though.

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>CTR remake
>Presumably by Vicarious Visions like Crash/Spyro trilogy

They already made Crash Nitro Kart and it was forgettable trash, not sure why anyone should trust them to remake one of the best kart racers in history. Leave the memories alone I say, nobody's going to do it better.

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The trilogy remake was fine if you ignore the fact that it was poorly optimized. If they just """remaster""" it with better graphics, bug fixes and additional characters I don't think it would be terrible.

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It’s customary for the OP to post the first image that qualifies for these types of threads. Let me help you out.

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Lego racers was fun, but CTR had significantly better controls and was much more balanced when it comes to pickups.

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Crash Nitro Kart wasn't bad, other than the fact that they nerfed N.Oxide. It's Crash Tag Team Racing that was the most forgettable - other than it's gimicky tagging mechanic I don't remember much.

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I don't really see why you feel this way. Putting aside the fact that certain asthetics were lost in translation the crash remakes are essentially the same game down to their geometry from the original games.

I see no reason why this wouldn't be the case for CTR either.

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I prefer Mario Kart 64 for the Nintendo 64 console

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