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ITT: post examples of racism in retro games

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B.J. Blazkowicz the polish communist killing innocent national socialists. Blatant anti white racism.

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lol @ NEETSocs thinking that the Nazis were white nationalists

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OK Lev Davidovich Bronstein.

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Sky Destroyer was disrespectful because it depicted the winners of WW2 as evil western demons.

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>lol @ NEETSocs thinking that the Nazis were white nationalists
Indeed. They were Germanic supremacists and hated slavs and ashkenazi jews, who are white.

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Released a year prior to 9/11.
What a coincidence.

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>ashkenazi jews, who are white.
When they're not speaking on behalf of white guilt and telling what 'us' white people should be doing, Jews claim they aren't white whenever convenient.

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Gekisha Boy's second stage has you going through a ghetto.

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Primitive people have darker skin.

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The fat pedo janitor will delete this.

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An hypocrite with his mouth destroyeth his neighbour: but through knowledge shall the just be delivered. Proverbs 11:9

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Every game that only had green privilege yoshi

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Hexagrams are occult staples, the Jews don't own them.

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oy vey goy don't you know we're the current copyright holders?

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are caricatures really racist tho? *Smacks lips*

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Who let this antisemite in here.

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Nigger like 104% of the NBA is black, how is that racist?

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two different kinds of ra*ist in one

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I don't think Mark Twain would have approved of this.

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But are 104% of blacks in the NBA?

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>Oy vey that's not our true form the hexagram is a common symbol.

Looks like you're backed into a corner Shlomo

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>run out of things to be offended at in modern games
>go fishing for outrage in retro games
>didn't encounter much of it because is poseur / NoA did their job / it's actually rare
>outsources the research to /vr/
>even loose examples are fair game (like Jinx, a ganguro not blackface)
>will absolutely use it as ammo "when needed" against any dev involved directly or not in that game

Nowadays some people are saying Harvest Moon is "homophobic" and Stardew Valley is superior and should be supported instead because "it isn't", and that's not even as offensive (if muscles and covered boobs are offensive) as Dragon's Crown by Kamitani, who just had his big break after some years of near poverty coming from Princess Crown and finally made for it his dream game sequel, and people want to take him down.

I'm not going to help you OP because I know how you will use that information, and because many of them have just started to do games again to salvage what's left of AA gaming in this current shitty landscape, and don't deserve to be taken down because they worked at a company where some artist in some game put something in the game, whether actually racist or 2018-racist (Kirby's american indian feathered headgear, here's a freebie example so you can expose Sakurai's abject racism), for faux-retro indie games to replace them one outrage at a time.

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I've played Gekisha Boy and honestly I'd agree, it's pretty insensitive. They hung the black community's dirty laundry out to dry in something played for laughs. That's pretty provocative and ribald coming from a country that understands very little about black people, let alone Americans

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Kung Pow in Clayfighter 63 1/2

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really sucks that it's racist to think other cultures are cool

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Racist? That is really every people working at a Chinese take out restaurant. It’s pretty damn accurate.

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>That is really every people working at a Chinese take out restaurant. It’s pretty damn accurate.
Wow you're such a racist. Please leave this board.

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Stop man. It may seem racist but they all really do say “5-10 minute”

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Oy gevalt

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Probably not but paint him red and his hateboner would have agreed.

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The one and only.


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I like to show this mod pic to people who bring up Stardew Valley being "progressive"

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The english version of the sequel will leak pretty soon.
Both were planned for release and cancelled very mysteriously.

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It's not the fact that the basketball player is black, but the depiction with the big lips like that.

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So you want him to look like a honky with dark skin?

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The Jews own everything you dumb little goy

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No. Just shrink the lips a little. That's it.

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The real question is: Is there a complete translation?

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>/vr/ is now leddit

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>shub niggurath

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Da SJW ruin everything, amirite? Please post your cringy blogs elsewhere.

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How the fuck are cartoon caricatures fucking racist? Is Nigel Thornberry racist for being a goofy caricature of a British idiot with a big nose?

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They changed this one in the remake.

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classic NWC

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I'll bite.

>ganguro not blackface
Yet she looks exactly like a depiction of blackface, therefore exactly as offensive. If your father had just died and I asked you "How's your dad?", I would be expected to apologize/acknowledge my mistake even though I had no ill intentions.

>Harvest Moon is "homophobic"
Not allowing gay marriage is homophobia, both in game and real life. Unintentional "homophobia" is still homophobia. Especially in a game where marriage is such an important event/goal. Harvest Moon is an old series sure, but where's the gay option in Trio of Towns? Is that not enough time to add (or just not remove) such a feature? If people are supporting the "progressive" alternative then it's probably time to stop with the "muh conservative buyers" excuse.

>Kamitani so poor mwaaaaa
Fucking hell, you're not even trying anymore. Can we start excusing our actions by saying we're poor, is that it? Or was it out of poverty that he made (and sketched) that homophobic remark? (Granted, the journalist was being an ass but he's a CEO for fuck's sake) With such a nice excuse, maybe poverty "is more to his liking?" I mean, the sexualization even hurts some of his designs, like the DD female ghosts in Odin Sphere, what in the fuck was that? One of the biggest examples of how to break immersion I can think of. It was like playing my own sexual fantasy when I was 12.
inb4 >he sexualizes males too!!!!111
Or just google "twink".

>here's a freebie example so you can expose Sakurai's abject racism), for faux-retro indie games to replace them one outrage at a time.
You've been holding that in for months haven't you? Chill, go play Gimmick or something.

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Lovecraft was a racist asshole.

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Lovecraft was a god amongst men.

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>that's the real identity of Master Hand
darkest lore

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He was a mediocre author

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>attacking a dead man just because you disagree with him on things you aren't even well versed about
He's still remembered, revered and his influence is more relevant than ever in media (music, movies, video games, literature).
Stay angry.

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>Dumb overweight native island man
>Chucks a rock

This could be considered racist

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He's a fucking caveman.

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Are you a butthurt nigger? You sound like a butthurt nigger. He's right, niggers aren't even human.

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Never crossed my mind

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In other words, he didn't have his head up his ass about race.

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It's 2018. Everything can be considered racist.

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>If your father had just died and I asked you "How's your dad?", I would be expected to apologize/acknowledge my mistake even though I had no ill intentions.
What a dumb analogy. Apologizing to an individual isn't the same as apologizing to a collective, and for something made up after the fact no less.

>Unintentional "homophobia" is still homophobia
This is the problem with your ideology. Unless people please your group in every conceivable way, they're horrible or even evil people, and then you whine about other kinds of extremists having the same sort of purity tests.

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First off, you don't apologize for something that is not your fault. It is not my responsibility to keep up with YOUR bullshit, I have my own life to keep tabs on than you.

Second, blackface requires the specific context of "Look at these silly nigger folk".

Third, don't you think it's just a bit on the asshole side to pressure someone into a homosexual marriage when they're straight? If a small town doesn't have any gay people, that's fine, and even if they did who's to say they're even interested in you in the first place?

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Cavemen don't ride dinosaurs in a tropical rain forest. That's definitely a dumb overweight native island man, who chucks a rock.

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>dude mix people who've adapted to civilization centuries ago with people who punch each other in the face in mud huts

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>How's your dad
Except, that's a very personal to the hypothetical anon, which is why you apologize. blackface is something no one alive has lived thru or should be concerned about in the original context. It should be understood as a caricature. If we apologized for all kinds of things not really personal or close to heart, then I guess we should all be hating Germany, Austria, Hungary to this day for the two world wars.

Disregard the "phobia" part as it's absurd, bc I assume no one is really afraid of gay people; Being unintentionally "homophobic" is impossible. If "homophobia" is to be understood as the parallel to being racist - but within the realm of sexuality, then you can't be homophobic without intent. Racism implies intent. Its a matter of opportunity and not outcome. For example if two people apply to a job at your place one gay one straight and you dont know their sexuality all you know is what they say in their CV and you see the straight guy is clearly more qualified and hire him based off this alone - by your own logic we can call you homophobic because you didn't hire the homosexual kid. Since you know - intent doesn't matter and all. Even taking it a step closer to reality makes 0 sense. Lets say you knew their sexualities. And you still hire the straight guy simply because he wrote "software junior developer 2yrs experience" on his paper and the gay dude said "janitor 4yrs" and you are hiring for a medior developer in software. You knew the other dude was homosexual and u didnt hire him. Homophobic much? see how stupid this is? you make no sense.

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He does it for free.

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No, he's white so any amount of mockery is okay.

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I don't get this. Blacks have thicker lips than any other race and a disproportionate amount of them plays basketball. How is that racist when it's a fact?

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That isn't seen as punching down, so it's okay :-)

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They're not wrong.

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Indeed. E-celebs can't even keep up with outrage farming anymore so they outsource it to 4chan now.
Why research retro gaming if you're preparing a hit piece.

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well, factoring in exposure to the elements and probably lack of bathing, I think it's a pretty reasonable assumption to make

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>gets post deleted
>maybe only the key points this time
you can even stop samefagging over there

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Guess we shouldn't discuss anything then, out of fear that shitty youtubers will steal the content.

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>then I guess we should all be hating Germany, Austria, Hungary to this day for the two world wars.
Correction: we should hate Serbian slavs for starting WW1 and the Eternal Anglo for starting WW2.

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>unit with the power to steal cars sounds like a lazy black guy

what did westwood mean by this

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>everyone i don't like is /pol/
>janitors halp
>samefagging projection

My erased post gave two on topic examples that could be considered racism by OP's 2018 standards ('blacks and basketball is racist')
>kirby's "cultural appropriation of american indian head gear"
>jinx's ganguro we'll pretend is blackface despite the japanese name and context
so it wasn't stifling your beloved "conversations".
if anything it was more ontopic than your ad hominem saltiness.
not serious examples? nintendo cuts them today from their refurbished roms.

if OP chose that picture as an example of utter racism (knowing the game and the developers background it's even more ridiculous), then for his youtube video he should be able to conjure better "2018-valid" examples easily even out of Mario's shy-guys or goombas or cartoon figures covered in soot after an explosion and he doesn't need my help... IF he wants to put in the effort to earn those outrage clicks.

it's no secret this board is frequented by defenders of indie trash and e-celebs, and here it's more transparent.

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Pic related is no different to them putting in a chinese character with straw hat and buck teeth that says "CHING CHONG RING RONG"

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