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Am I seriously the only one who finds Punky Skunk to be a fun, above-average platformer?

Everyone seems to judge it based on the protagonist being a failed mascot with a dumb name (and sure, it is a dumb name), or just 'who the fuck would want to play as a cartoon skunk'... but they also just take it for granted that the game sucks shit.

Yet I'm playing it for the first time now (zero nostalgia) and it has great sprite work and pixel art in general (could it have run on the SNES like it was originally meant to? who knows, but I don't give a shit; the game looks really charming and lively), varied & fun gameplay, and it doesn't even feel like it's trying to be 'edgy' as much as cute; hell, it's closer to Klonoa or Kirby than it is to Gex.

Plus it's done by the same people who made Skyblazer so there's obvious game-making skill in there. It just feels weird to dismiss it as 'soulless critter-with-attitude garbage' when it's a pretty well done obscure game..

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This game is another example. I always assumed it'd just be considered a charming fun little platformer yet the online reception kind of boggled my mind. Even though the US version of the first game is inferior it still stands out in a good way.

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A lot of arcade shoot 'em ups, since I enjoy most of them yet even some fans only like a bunch of them and write off the rest

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Oh shit. Speaking of arcade games: a bunch of the really old, simple, loop-based games where the core experience is just the same 10something minutes looped over and over. Those tend to get an insane amount of hate.

Son Son is generally disliked, but at least it has some semblance of a fanbase. Still counts though.

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For something appreciated even less: Legend of Kage, both arcade and NES versions. Loved the shit out of it as a kid, then I got internet and saw it was considered one of the worst games of all time.

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I'm the same, big fan of those games as well. That hate is just younger people that don't get that the appeal of these is very different from modern games. Games aren't about the "content"

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Lastly Renegade/Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun (I prefer the Japanese one because high school delinquents kick ass + constantly avenging your pussy friend who keeps getting beat up by enemy gangs is a hilarious premise)

It's simple as fuck but well designed and charming as hell. It's not Final Fight or Streets of Rage but it's its own vintage thing & uniquely fun.

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It's really solid, especially if you don't play the NA version.

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I really like SonSon 2 on the PC Engine. It's a fun platformer that plays a lot like Black Tiger which i also like.

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Golden Axe, Altered Beast, and especially ALIEN STORM.

You have good opinions

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Yeah that one is good too. But since it's a more straightforward adventurey console game people are far more likely to enjoy it instead of just going 'wtf is this 10 minute unfairly hard shit' (lol Son Son is actually one of the fairest of its type, you just gotta know that you're invincible after respawning unless you press a directional button - you can still shoot)
>Black Tiger
I just looked it up and it's an arcade game that's not very similar from a glance. Did you get the name wrong?

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Wait, Golden Axe is disliked? I thought it was considered a classic.

Played Alien Storm 3 player like, a few days ago. not sure how I feel about the mechanics but it's an amazing experience with top notch presentation and endless charm.

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