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what do you think is the best game from nintendo 64 ?

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Does it even have any good games? Struggling to think of a single one.

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My favorite is Banjo Tooie.

This would be my pick for multiplayer though, especially since you can play the AI, and it's not a cake walk to do so.

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overratted. good multi though

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three way tie
Star Fox
Golden Eye
Perfect Dark too.

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Tooie is great. My man

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Literally came into this thread just to post this.

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they were all pretty average, even for the standards at the time. goldeneye being the most overrated of them all, followed by donkey kong 64. yuck. vomit inducing messes.

now to watch the underage b&s lose their fucking minds over me shitting on terrible games they grew up with - and liking! ...because they just had nothing else to play.

> the absolute state of /vr/

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Damn, I was going to say Majora's Mask until I saw this.

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My personal favorite

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oh? Toy Story 2? its awesome

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probably spent the most time on paper mario

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These opinions read like they were stolen from youtube. Anyone who was an adult back when Goldeneye was release wouldn't call it overrated.

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Indeed, I didn't even mind the backtracking. I feel like Kazooie is way too easy until you get to Mad Monster Mansion. But Tooie has a good balance of challenge right out the gate. My only complaint with it is the fucking canary mary rematches in cloud cuckooland being impossible, and Grunty Industries is way too complicated to navigate.

Oh, and taking away Grunty's rhymes and her taunts when you traverse the hub was a fucking mistake.

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Perfect Dark is my undisputed favorite.

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The N64 isn't a console I care too much for anymore other than nostalgia, but I still like Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart 64.

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Please stay at /v/ with that type of attitude. Everyone here is having pleasant conversation and you're trying to make it a shit flinging battle.

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Nice. It really captures the feeling of having a good time.

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Anon, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but n64 has no gaems. Literally NONE.

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Why is the N64 so shitposted?

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Sin & Punishment

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Majora's Mask

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Console/brand wars.
>not having being an idort and owned PS1, N64 and Saturn back in the day
You missed out, dogs.

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Easily my favourite story wise

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Star Fox 64 is my favorite

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These are hella good ads, only really a fan of Doom and paper Mario but an ad like this would make me want to play the game.

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Because it has shitty library and is actually the console that killed Nintendo's gamer cred

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>gamer cred

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>gamer cred

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Are you 15?
By the time Nintendo spent millions of dollars trying to make their new console significant, PSX stormed the market and spawned a new generation of more adult gamers/gaming. Nintendo's stubbornness to use cartridges while Sega and Sony used CD's and STILL targeting their colorful, censored, family-friendly games to kids whilst completely forgetting about the new wave of gamers, left them behind with an outdated (on the day of release) piece of hardware with shitty, poor man's ports of decent games, some Nintendo franchise rehashes, one decent RPG, most overrated platformer game ever (SM64), a joke of a controller and the ugliest console design Nintendo's ever done. There are are literally 10-15 good games on N64.

But I still kinda like it. It's Nintendo's worst, but it's still better than most of Atari's output for example.

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F-Zero X.

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Mario Party is better.

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Not best, but my favourite multiplayer on the 64

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Blast Corps

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This so much. Everything about it went so right.
>cool batman comic themed characters
>drive extremely fast
>can blow each other up
>fantastic soundtrack
>tons of vehicles to choose from

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This is bait but I'll take it everyone.
>Nintendo's stubbornness to use cartridges
Totally true, it was stubborn. However, in retrospective, it's nice that N64 was the last big mainstream console to do carts. I miss carts (and no, these small SD cards that new systems like the Switch use aren't real carts). No loading times and more durability is a good thing for retro vidya. The storage limit is often exaggerated, most of the times, the majority of the data space on CD-ROM games are used for FMVs and CD audio, it doesn't make the machine more "powerful".
>olorful, censored, family-friendly games
Ah, yeah. I remember the times when Turok, Goldeneye, Killer Instinct Gold, Mortal Kombat Trilogy, Doom 64 and many others were censored.
>outdated (on the day of release) piece of hardware
What do you mean? The N64 was actually the most powerful consumer-level piece of hardware at the time. It wasn't until late '96 that the 3dfx voodoo card was released for PC.
>poor man's ports of decent games
When it comes to ports, it's inconsistent because sometimes the wrong developers were chosen by certain publishers. N64 has decent ports as far as I remember, some better than others, but it's not like PS or Saturn were any better (in fact, most of the times they weren't).
Generally, PC had the best verisons of multiplats, this hasn't changed. But after PC, N64 was the next best thing. It's why you've got Star Wars Racer on N64 and Dreamcast but not on PS1.
>some Nintendo franchise rehashes
I'll admit, Nintendo didn't create many new IPs around this time, and focused more on translating their existing ones to 3D. However, they funded some really cool new IPs under their license, like when they commisioned Treasure to do Sin and Punishment.
>one decent RPG
I can count at least... two. And it's not the one on your picture.
Nice opinion!

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>joke of a controller
It's got one major, deep problem, which is the bad lubrication on the stick causing it to wear out and become loose. However, even with a loose stick, you still get a more precise control than on modern sticks. The level of precision this shitty stick is able to achieve is frankly admirable, and kidn of makes up for it becoming loose. There's way to fix it (without changing it to shitty GC sticks, keep the original), or get japanese controllers, which were better built.
>ugliest console design
Opinion, but I think the console itself looks rather classy. I don't like the transparent, colored models though, regular charcoal one is the most elegant.
>There are are literally 10-15 good games on N64.
Literally you never explored the N64 catalogue more than a "top 10" list on some youtuber channel.
I can easily think of 15 great games and none of them even first party.

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bomberman was 4p king in my opinion
then smash came out. bomberman still great though

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Doom64 is the best game.

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It had no good games.

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Very objective post. I think you convinced me.

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Pokemon Stadium 2

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Majora's Mask

Turok 3 is by far the most overlooked n64 game

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>what do you think is the best game from nintendo 64 ?

I'd say there are a few different categories. For multiplayer fun Mario Kart 64 or Worms Armageddon. For solo fun, Bangai O is fun. For "muh adventure" I'd say Mario 64, Zelda OOT, Conker's, or Banjo. For platforming, probably Goemon. For RPG, Paper Mary-o.

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Best for its era, or best still holding up?
Either way, for for me it's Majora's Mask.

If not that though I can still eliminate the clutter nominations by saying:
Diddy Kong Racing > Ep 1 Podracer > Twisted Metals > Mario Kart
Kazooie=Conker > Tooie > Mario 64 > Donkey Kong 64
Smash Bros > Every other fighting game.
Goldeneye > Perfect Dark
Mario Party 2 = Pokemon Stadium 2 > Mario Party = Pokemon Stadium.
Starfox > Pokemon Snap.
Paper Mario > *insert any other N64 RPG that nobody has played here*

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>There are are literally 10-15 good games on N64.
Yeah but how many games did you need as a kid anyway? When you didn't have infinite time to play them between school, and chores, and sports, and work, and music lessons, and outdoor muck arounds with neighbors, and discovering girls, and whatever else you got up to as a 10 yr old it was also the right option to want the 10-15 N64 games that everyone knew were fantastic over the hundreds of playstation ones that were most likely shit. It's not like you had the internet to tell them all apart.

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>stubbornness to use cartridges
How is that a bad thing? When systems stopped using cartridges I stopped buying new systems.
CDs are fragile bullshit.

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>Majora's Mask
I've tried really hard to understand the appeal to that game but I can't.
The constant under the clock setup is annoying (yes, I know it's not that difficult to deal with and you can even basically nullify it pretty early on with that one song, but I hate being timed).
And after experiencing the magic of stepping up to adult Link in Ocarina of Time going back to a game where you're a child is disappointing (yes, I know you're a child in all the earlier games like Link to the Past, but you don't really notice when it's a 16 bit sprite; on N64 the child character is obnoxious and unheroic).
In general it felt like it lacked all the rewarding moments you got making it through different parts of Ocarina of Time.
It was all just weird side quests without the sense of expansive and purposeful adventuring that made its predecessor so much fun.
You have a clear path ahead of you with OoT, first you find out early on you're needing to assemble those three elemental jewels to stop Ganon, and then you're rewarded with cool as fuck time travel into a dystopian Ganon ruled bad future with a proper adult hero body and gotta start beating more serious versions of the child dungeons in the form of the temples, collecting kickass weapons and magic as you go all culminating with that final raid of the usurped king's castle.
Majora's Mask in contrast is you being a child and having to do errands as quickly as possible with a couple boring pseudo-dungeons until you summon a bunch of retarded giants to keep the moon from falling on you and then you fight some spastic weirdo mask parasite with no backstory and your reward is you can stop being timed and go back to wandering around in the forest to meet someone who's never revealed.
Is liking Majora's Mask just a way people have of trying to react to OoT being so popular and well liked by taking the contrarian point of view that less popular followup was actually better? That's the only way I can rationalize it.

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an entire fucking thread of people trying way too hard not to say Mario 64

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Duhhh Zelda?

But other than that, Wave Race 64

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Most people liked Ocarina of Time more than Mario 64.
Mario 64 was a fun novelty getting that full blown 3D experience at the start of the new system's lifecycle, but there wasn't much depth to it compared to OoT.
In fact it's not uncommon to see OoT cited as the greatest or one of the greatest out of games in general, not just N64 games.

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Same difference, barely anyone said OoT either, just a couple people that kind of wavered on it for a moment.

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the ones I liked the most were the two Zeldas

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>and go back to wandering around in the forest to meet someone who's never revealed.

Wasn't it Zelda?

>> No.4815812

I didn't even know it existed

>> No.4815835

I've heard it was supposed to be Navi.
>According to Hyrule Historia, the Nintendo Power strategy guide, and the official Legend of Zelda series website, Navi is the one that Link is searching for at the beginning of Majora's Mask, the direct sequel to Ocarina of Time. However, this is never directly stated in-game.

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>Worms Armageddon.
Ooh, I didn't know that worms got a port. Yeah it defo deserves a place on the list.

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This but unironically.

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This thread is for the best, not the most important/revolutionary.
As groundbreaking as it was at the time there's not a single element in it that both Conker and the Banjo series did not later improve upon.

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Majora’s Mask

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>You have a clear path ahead of you with OoT,
Exactly. It's all laid out in front of you. Go here, there, kill this, kill that. Like running on a treadmill. Yawn.
To me, that's a massive downside. I prefer the Majora's approach of leaving things as a more esoteric puzzle where's there's a tremendous deal of personal satisfaction to be found from slowly piecing things together for yourself. OoT always billed itself as a game about adventure but where is the adventure in just following directions? Even with its puzzles, they're a few switches in one temple large at most. Meanwhile MM is actually about exploration, and in 4 dimensions at that.

Plus, spending so much time with fleshed out NPC's in Groundhog City makes it feel a lot comfier than Hyrule ever did.

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I thought it was Zelda. Because fuck Navi, amirite?
Doesn't really matter though. Escaping Termina is reward enough on its own.

>> No.4816417

Oh, and the Goron form was boss.
Best ever implementation of roll based transportation.

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Mario 64 is far and away the best one. That system only has a small handful of decent games anyway.

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Not sure about the N64 version but I used to play the PC port of Rogue Squadron as a kid and it was pretty fun.

>> No.4816502

I really enjoyed shadows of the empire except that fucking train level.

>> No.4816558

omg, i love yoou anon, i did exaactly the same, i hate CDs, i only buy systems that use cartridges and emulate CD-based systems

>> No.4816578

Easily my favorite.

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That's an easy one.

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I mean, other than contrarians and special snowflakes, I don't think anyone can disagree.
It's not my favorite on the system, but it can easily be considered the best.

>> No.4817006

>It's all laid out in front of you. Go here, there, kill this, kill that. Like running on a treadmill. Yawn.
Fuck you, Riddler. The fun is in the part where you actually do stuff, not in guessing what it is you're supposed to do.
If I wanted to play "guess what to do" I'd go drive into work. Games are for well defined fun towards worthwhile overarching end goals.

>> No.4817014

>Wasn't it Zelda?
>It though it was Zelda.
>Implying the romantic interest is your "friend"
Feminism was a mistake.

>> No.4817040

>The fun is in the part where you actually do stuff, not in guessing what it is you're supposed to do.
t. ADHD sufferer.
Look up a walkthrough then.

>> No.4817043

Ten year olds don't have "friends". They have kids they show their junk to.

>> No.4817045

Junk or "junk?" Just curious about your idea of childhood.

>> No.4817053

Junk if they were the same sex. "Junk" if they were the opposite. I already knew what my own junk was like.

>> No.4817057

So it was a friend of his? Sorry, I just couldn't remember the inicial cutscene

Then it must be Navi

After all, friendship was the main theme of the argument for that game

>> No.4817082

>Then it must be Navi
Nintendo officially confirmed it was Navi, though the game's still at fault for never clarifying this in the credit scenes at the end.
>Look up a walkthrough
Why would I want to play some poorly designed guessing game where I need a written guide when I could just play the fun one that evolves organically and gives you a clear purpose and direction for your ongoing adventuring?

>> No.4817089

>some poorly designed guessing game
See, this is where you lose all credibility. Almost every puzzle in MM is completely intuitive, albeit a little abstract. You only have to guess if you're not paying attention.

>> No.4817515

Doom 64

>> No.4817518

Post the morgue ad for Doom 64.

>> No.4817530

at no point in time between the release of the famicom and the present has nintendo not used carts in an in-production system

>I can easily think of 15 great games and none of them even first party.
go ahead

>> No.4817560

>go ahead
Not him but
Ogre Battle 64, Harvest Moon 64, Bomberman 64, Beetle Adventure Racing, Goemon's Great Adventure, Battle Tanx, The New Tetris, Gauntlet Legends, NBA Hang Time, Snowboard Kids 2, Doom 64, Virtual Pro Wrestling 2, Bangai-O, Mischief Makers, Wonder Project J2

>> No.4818247

You posted it op. I've always had the most fun playing Mario 64 or Paper Mario over the zelda n64 games.

>> No.4818336

i always forget how cheeky this game is until i play it again, probably some of my favorite dialogue in any game and the little tongue-in-cheek references to the world being made of paper are great.

>> No.4820146

Damn I really used to play that back in the day whats the name of that game in your pic?

>> No.4820305

> Opinion, but I think the console itself looks rather classy.
I agree here, I think N64 hardware looks much better than the PSX and Saturn. (I only played PSX and PC games during the 5th gen era)

>> No.4820772

Perfect Dark. I still play occasionally but holy shit the frame rate. 360 version is alright I suppose. They renamed the N Bomb.

>> No.4822515

>Most overrated platformer ever (SM64)
Are you 15? That game was absolutely amazing when it came out

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File: 1.06 MB, 1064x1750, the ps1 shit rat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Cringe. Who gives a shit about sales and being adult at motherfucking videogames? They are audiovisual toys where you mash buttons to please autism.
Fuck you and your bait.

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Most thematically interesting one along with Majora's Mask definitely.

>> No.4822648

This one is too good

>> No.4822802

>They are audiovisual toys where you mash buttons to please autism.
>to please autism.

To please autism? wtf are you smoking? With that single phrase you've somehow managed to make yourself more of a retarded faggot than him.

I hate people who talk shit about playing videogames and yet play them. At least people who don't play them could arguably have a point, but you cucks are something else.

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>the asspain of this image

>> No.4825034

this. have beaten it 14 times and counting. does not get old

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>Super Mario Kart 64

>> No.4826160

Groundhog City is an amazing name

>> No.4826652

Who's that in your pic OP?

>> No.4826809

Nothing is "from nintendo 64", boy from brazil.

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