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Hey!, i did this compilation with all the japanese-only Gameboy Color games.
If a game looks interesting you can ask me the name.
if you want a compilation of all the japanese-only games of some console, tell me.

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Neat, thanks anon. That's actually pretty awesome for trying to find a new game to play at a glance.

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I think it's missing Little Magic

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Only thing worth playing on your list is Goemon Dynamite.

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Make one of pic related, but with Japan GBC games.

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Where's Wizardry?

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>no DKC2
This is a subtle troll image.

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Is there a list of European only Gameboy games?

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im going to make one soon

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DKC (series) you fucking moron

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>cute /vr/ boys get the biggest image
I approve

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I tried this sort of stuff last year. I mean, finding and playing every japanese game for some consoles.
Let me tell you right off the bat: most of those games suck. I don't remember most of the GB ones, but here's the ones I liked:
- Harobots: kinda like a Pokémon game, but you play with Sunrise mechs
- Robopon (Robot Ponkottsu): Pokémon with mechs. Really, even the interface is mostly the same as Pokémon's.
- Sakura Taisen GB 2: there are two games, but I only played the second one. You're a new transfer (can choose to be a guy or a girl), and you go around missions helping Oogami. The cast of the series returns (at least the first series), so you can consider this some kind of side-story. There are both adventure/VN parts and battle parts. Kinda like Sakura Taisen 1. They even have the LIPS system.
- Super Robot Wars Link Battler and 2G. 2G is a remake of SRW 2 with G Gundam and V Gundam characters, Link Battler is kinda like Pokémon the Card Game.
- Toshinden: a fighting game on the GB? Yeah. Movement is pretty good for its limitations, and they even have remixes of the characters' themes.

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Is this ever going to be arranged at some point? The cover scans vary greatly and games of the same series are scattered randomly. Would also be nice to know which games make for easy entry level japanese practice, or stuff to keep in mind for some of the more difficult text heavy games. Such as anything with a mech in it.

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Aren't GBC games generally kana only due to the low resolution and size limitations?

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Yeah, but the games directed towards kids use easier language. As in, they try not to become too convoluted in describing what's going on to make it easier to understand alongside the kana limitations. That alongside with the kana would be a good way to practice your basic understanding while also trying to test your sentence structure and comprehension.

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Oh yeah, and if you're serious about learning, understanding sentences with kana alone will help you understand spoken language a little easier because you'll be training your mind to associate the kanji with the sounds they're made from and not just the kanji with their meaning if that makes sense.
The lack of kanji is a good way to practice the skills you have already. Not nessesarily a place to pickup from. Regardless, childrens media will always be geared towards a less developed mind and a slightly weaker grasp on the language. We've all got to start somewhere.
The reason I left out mech was because they love to come up with crazy names for moves or parts which actually don't have any real world semblance. Plus all the english loan words for no reason. Katakana will make it easier to differentiate, but you'll never be able to understand it at first glance unless you're already a big mech-head.

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Sorry to say this, but there are quite a lot of games missing there.

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I want the game with Sakura's armpits

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Don't you dare talk that way about my daughter.

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>No detective conan even thought it's an awesome VN and it has english translation patches
are you crazy? are you out of your mind?

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They made some nice pixel art for the GBC.

But I wonder why Doki Doki Sasete got the soundtrack it has.

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I also really like the box art. Quality late 90s anime.

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I'm gonna bump it.

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3rd grade art teacher here. I give your collage a D.

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name a few, dumbass

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There's no English translation for Doki x Doki Sasete!! is there?

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Because it's super obscure, barely any GBC games are translated and it's a VN.
Best part is clearly the music.

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