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You niggers excited for this?

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gimme the tl;dr version of whatever this is.

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Beta ROM of Gold about to be released.

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obvious fake

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when and where OP

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Pretty sure it’s real.
Read the image.

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So they have a rom for gold and silver?

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Not really.
Never understood the appeal of unfinished games or worse versions of released games.

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More than any Pokemon game released this decade and it may not be the only one they have either.

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so then can you even complete the game?

is it only a single town how does that work?

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This is Gen 2 before it was Gen 2. We're looking at a version of Johto that's so radically different it may as well be a new game entirely.

We datamine it. The whole thing might not be playable but there might be more stuff lurking in the rom. I'd like to see some more scrapped pokemon.

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It's more than just wanting to play it, stupid.
>Who gives a fuck about old knives in the ground?

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Varies tremendously from game to game. Since Gen 2 was built on Gen 1, they weren't starting from scratch, so there could be a fair amount of 'game'.

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>This is Gen 2 before it was Gen 2. We're looking at a version of Johto that's so radically different it may as well be a new game entirely.
So this would be (part of) the bloated version of the game that they couldn't even fit onto the cartridge, and Iwata and to come bail them out with his exquisite coding efficiency.

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Yes. I doubt we'll have Kanto but at the same time we'll have a Johto that was altered to the point of being unrecognizable.

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Because putting URLs in an image file is the worst:






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Those old knives are pretty cool.

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>hurr if it's not playable it's not worth my thyme

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stop posting viruses

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Feel free to not click them, I was just trying to save some anons some time.

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you added an extra i to the tcrf link.

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No, this is the Silveri version.

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kek my bad, thanks for the correction

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Ho oh was the first legendary you see in the first series. I know Japanese decently so this should be fun to play

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This is certainly cool if true, but part of me is certainly worried that this might be an ad for a restoration project thing.

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No but if if makes you wet that's fine

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>1996 Copyright
>Ho-Oh looks near final
>1997 Copyright
>Ho-Oh looks crappy and unfinished
That's weird, or am I missing something.

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The only explanation if OP is indeed not fake, is that whatever demo prototype they have is a mish-mash of assets from differing dates.

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the game was pretty much remade between 1997 and release because it was pushed from the original GB to the GBC and Iwata helped GameFreak to recode everything.

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Another possibility is that they wanted to keep Ho-Oh's actual appearance a secret so they were already trying out the silhouette idea using title screen exclusive graphics.

Also note that this GIF >>4809473 is actually two builds in one, the later prototype actually coming first (the one with the red background) and the earlier one after.

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This is pretty cool, although I'm not really sure what the point of translating it is. Is the expectation that the game is different enough from the released version that people will want to play through it?

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Given how hot Pokemon was plus the fact that this is Nintendo, and assuming this was a demo cart and not an internal use build (and that this is even legit to begin with and not some promotion by some ROM hackers), there is a definite possibility that a lot of data was dummied out or otherwise unfinished.

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Oh, and did they post a photo of the cartridge anywhere?

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Demos still have good stuff in them. The Sonic Adventure 1 Autodemo has the meshes for the old Windy Valley that was thought to be lost. Also, the Chrono Trigger prototype floating around is actually a demo...but it's filled with all sorts of things, like old plot points, a a cut Epoch form, and the Singing Mountain area.

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Oh, don't get me wrong, they can certainly be very interesting, just that if it is indeed a demo build shown to the public, there's a chance that data was dummied out, so just in case the cart leaked out not too much would be exposed. Definitely not always the case with prototypes, but with this being Nintendo and all, I could see that happening.

The origin story sounds a little bit contrived, but stranger things have happened

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I am.

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Does this supposed trove of leaks have the cancelled Panel de Pon GB before it was turned into Pokemon Puzzle League?

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month to translate it cant be that hard given how much text older pokemon games have but wat do i know

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The games are basically coded in assembly and by the Japanese (who are notorious for having messy code). Translating the text would be trivial, the difficult part is actually inputting the text itself. That can and will take a long time.

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Have fun, fuck waiting a month.

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>they wanted to keep Ho-Oh's actual appearance a secret
But Ho-oh was literally the very first new Pokémon revealed.

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Panel de Pon GB / Pokemon Puzzle League is a falling-blocks puzzle game with minimal text.

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anyone have a better translation app

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i beat it

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can someone translate it

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"You're weak, so don't waste your time."

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can u translate the whole rom for us the google translator app dont work that well

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No, because a) I'm not a programmer and b) I'm not being paid.

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what if I say "please"?

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Then I'll say "No, I'm not going to do what is probably at least several weeks worth of work for free."

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but the guy who found it are gonna do it for free so guess we will hafta wait

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Semper fi you crazy bastard. Fuck waiting for a "remastered patch". Don't want Nintendo to cease and detist it while those spergs try to translate filler text.

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This is fake as fuck.

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It's real. It's real, son.

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No, it's Pokemon. I was an adult when it came out and has low appeal to me.

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Anyone got this running on hardware? I edited the ROM as tcrf indicates, but I can't get it to actually load on my EverDrive.

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then you must of edited it wrong. use the patcher instead.


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Can verify that it runs on real hardware if you modify the values as tcrf points out on their page.

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I did indeed. But I got it now, pretty radical.

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This is a day I thought would never come. Maybe I shouldn't give up hope for Ura Zelda after all

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Wow, dumping of ROMs became serious business.

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holy shit its real? Earthbound 64 when?

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It says in OPs post that they're working on a english translation, I'm sure it'll be released soon

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I've been playing it on my flashcart, it seems very legit. I think it's too weird to be a fake, and frankly, tcrf is one of the few trustworthy sources for this kind of thing.

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BTFO into oblivion

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>it used to make sense

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Ronnie knew all along.

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Pokémon Stadium 2 recognizes the beta as a legit game. But, as it can't produce a saved game and GB Tower isn't emulated, it remains inacessible.

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What's this picture?

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more unused mons from gen1

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Now we need Earthbound 64, early Mario 64, Garou 2 and original Red & Blue.

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nice, I can already see a romhack for gold to replace the bicycle with a skate

>> No.4810570

yooooo.....why wasn't this kept?

>> No.4810571

And Zelda 64. Don't forget the almighty zelda 64.

>> No.4810585

Japs dont skate

>> No.4810589

Too rad for 1999. It was acceptable until 1997.

>> No.4810596

A shame, but roller blades fucking made it in eventually.

>> No.4810597

Please tell me someone uploaded the ROM to the internet?

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>>4809887 see

>> No.4810612

>>4810597 see >>4809887

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Every Pokemon from the demo

I personally LOVE the back sprites for these, they look so gen1 and weird, I'd love to see someone hack them back into R/B

>> No.4810716

Holy shit some of those are based.

>> No.4810752

The legendaries that became the dogs look amazing (including the one that looks like FMA's torture homunculus)

Obviously there's the occasional stinker (what the FUCK is going on with Hitmonlee's back sprite?) but things like that cute thunder cat thing or baby Magmar are great

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Don’t call me a nigger, you cock juggling cum feltching faggot

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Shut the fuck up you nigger

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>that Pichu
Goddamn that's cute.

>> No.4810780

>still caring about pokemon past the 5th grade

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Yeah, I loved Red and blue but stopped at gold and silver, how the fuck can you be so into pokemon, its shallow as fuck.

That said, the anime was cool

>> No.4810783

I'm impressed. That's A LOT of scrapped content.

>> No.4810787

This isn't about pokemon it's about prototype content. I fucking love alternate and discarded ideas.

>> No.4810791

Beta Raikou and Suicune look like anime archetypes.

>> No.4810807

I don't dislike pokemon, they are easy, relaxing games that you can beat in 2 hours.
If you are a pokemon gold fan however this is absolutely nuts: two brand new starters and legendary dogs, alternative pichu design, alternate remoraid that looks like a gun and octillery that looks like a tank, prototype dedenne and togedamaru years before sun and moon, baby designs for Vulpix, Tangela, Goldeen, Paras, Meowth, Grimer, Growlithe and Mr. Mime, scrapped Farfetch evolution, slowking's shell thing as an unique mon, alternate noctowl design, proper gen 1 back sprites, bunch of weird looking new mon in gen 1 artstyle

>> No.4810809

reverse paras?

>> No.4810814


alternate blissey, heracross and scissor designs

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I'm going to try to see if this will work on a raspberry pi

>> No.4811382

You gotta be playing really fucking serious to beat any pokemon past gen 1 in 2 hours.
First gen glitchless speedrun (the fastest gen) takes 2 hours.

>> No.4811492

I couldn't get it working on my raspberry pi 3.

>> No.4811497

Gen 1 is incredibly small. Should take even less than 2 hours if you're emulating with fast forward functionality and running at twice the speed, no speedrunning strats required.

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Those eyes though.

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I would

>> No.4811975

so wat now

>> No.4812121

Man we dodged a bullet
Look at all those babies and horrible designs, there are maybe 3 good ones we didnt get
Im glad Iwata scrapped everything

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I am working on making a game using these mons

sadly I cant into romhacking so will have to be using some engine

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File: 3.60 MB, 540x500, https%3A%2F%2F78%2Emedia%2Etumblr%2Ecom%2F3c51f17c1b51389d96d7cd96be3b7abb%2Ftumblr_p9mw07SDBz1qbx12bo1_540%2Egifv_encoded.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm particularly fond of Animon, the screaming condom Pokémon

>> No.4812994

Pokemon is so solidly defined by the new monsters it introduces every new generation that its genuinely interesting to see what ideas and designs they had for these Pokemon before they were finalized.

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>emulating with fast forward functionality and running at twice the speed
So no, you can't complete it in under 2 hours without cheating.

>> No.4813084

>playing with the tools given to you is now cheating

>> No.4813101

Yeah, I'm sure the games were designed to be played on an emulator using speed up functions.

>> No.4813232

I really wonder what the point of a Ditto evolutionary line would've been. Honestly seems to go against the whole point of the Pokemon.

>> No.4813237

More HP?

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Farfetch'd evo looks fabulous.

>> No.4813371

functioned like a metal slime from dragon quest.

>> No.4813383

I hope more proto/alpha/beta stuff gets leaked in the future. This is pretty big, like RE 1.5

>> No.4813403

Fortunately prototype stuff gets leaked all the time, just not as often for popular series because, well, popular series/games are a small fraction of all games out there. This particular prototype is a bit unique since apparently some amount of overhaul occurred between this version and the final despite this version seeming to be well into development relative to what it was originally going to be.

If you are just interested in recently released early versions of older games in general, check out Hidden Palace. Some neat recent releases include an early, unfinished version of Aladdin (Gen) with some different graphics and cut enemies.

>> No.4813491

so, they decided to change a lot of designs into a more Americanized style. What a shame, i really like the starters.

>> No.4813539 [DELETED] 

/pol/ is that way, asshole --->

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File: 2.02 MB, 1275x1650, 1413985454119.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Those were never going to be the final designs, though.

You'd never guess that these were the designs of Dmitri and Talbain, because they refine that shit.

>> No.4813587

>2018 and we still don't have a Farfetch'd evo

This makes me even more livid knowing that it was apparently in the cards at some point.

>> No.4813604

>the tools given to you
lol. did your older brother give you his hand me down PC full of emulators or something?

>> No.4813612

Hey pal, if I win I win, doesn't matter how I got there.

>> No.4813615

You can certainly play games however you want, and if speeding it up gives you a more enjoyable experience, great, but I wouldn't use that to claim that the game is beatable in under 2 hours or whatever.

>> No.4813619 [DELETED] 

>muh /pol/
/plebbit/ is that way, snowflake ------------->

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File: 496 B, 56x56, PokeGoldDemo-front_207.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel some weird deja vu seeing these beta sprites they look very gen1. All those schoolyard rumors of pikablu and slowbro's shell are coming back to me.

>> No.4813631

Seeing this ROM come out almost feels like G/S: The Schoolyard Rumor edition. Even some of the legendary dogs look like stuff a kid whose uncle works at Nintendo would try to draw to show you some of the epic new Pokemon who are totally in the game.

>> No.4813771

>tfw that kid's uncle really did work at nintendo
>he wasn't making shit up, he was just talking about stuff that got removed from the game

>> No.4813807 [DELETED] 

>I hate retro video game discussion, take it off of the retro video game board and put it somewhere else because you said something bad
What are you, a faggot or something?

>> No.4813921 [DELETED] 

Because /pol/ fucking loves Pokémon.

>> No.4814045

I hope you win some day

>> No.4814052

Amphoros was perfect from the start.

>> No.4814108

It's pokemon bro, everyone's a winner.

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>Beta Gold map region was going to be all of Japan
>Ruins of Alph is Hiroshima
Mind blown. It all makes sense now.

>> No.4814521

And the Unown are ghosts of the people that died in the blast.

>> No.4814563

Hitmontop has 3 legs...

>> No.4814572

>never played doduo/dodrio modes in stadium

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New 'n improved!

>> No.4814751

Let's not go full retard with head canon.

>> No.4814781

And Tyranitar is Godzilla

>> No.4814783

My personal holy grails are anything Resident Evil - pre Nemesis related, with exception to 4 and Final Fantasy VII-IX.

>> No.4814786

Makes enough sense to me. They clearly based a Pokemon off a mascot of a fucking donut shop of all things.

>> No.4814793

Were the back sprites used in the final game?

The Kanto pokemon back sprites look a lot like they do in gen 1, but not with retardedly giant pixels.

>> No.4814795

Thanks anon, now I'm even more spooked about the ruins

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File: 29 KB, 720x720, 543980.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.4814819

Nope, they were completely redrawn

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Have a shiny.

>> No.4814862

Works on a super gameboy 2.

>> No.4814879

From what I've seen and tested, it works on all GB hardware with the header-fixed ROMs.

>> No.4814884

Yeah. Its odd how it uses red blues music but the battle system looks pretty much final.

>> No.4814885

Why wouldn't it? Works on a Super Game Boy 1 and Game Boy Player, too.

>> No.4814889

I assume the ROMs without the header fix will work on original GameBoys, correct? I know most hardware doesn't care about header stuff, but I thought maybe there was something with the GB bios checking some sort of checksum.

>> No.4814896

The 'raw' ROMs with bad headers do not run on my USB SmartCard or my EverDrive, only the header fixed ones.

>> No.4814897

I was just a little suprised it works on flash carts.

>> No.4814905

The original SGB pisses me off. Audio is so slightly pitched it is ridiculous.

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File: 249 KB, 480x350, Unicorn_Fountain.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if true, any way to contact these people?

I'm sitting on a small fortune I wouldn't mind going towards the first Zelda 64
hell, I'll even take the unicorn fountain build

>> No.4814912

you have perfect pitch, anon?

>> No.4814918

?? The music is slightly off when using a super gameboy. I noticed it in game that I played alot back in the day(pokemon gold, dk 94)

>> No.4814930

The source is unknown, just an anonymous person. The dead collector story is apparently BS.

>> No.4815271

God fucking bless Iwata.

>> No.4815275

They showed off Ho-oh in like the first episode of the anime.

>> No.4815287

They should have kept the Tangela baby.

>> No.4815294
File: 80 KB, 1655x840, 8632717_3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4815310

But someone can, later, use the assets to make a hack just like that OoT hack which there were some guys putting beta stuff on the full game

>> No.4815352


Nigga could probably copy and KEEP the cloning after battle most likely.

Or it could copy a rival pokemon BUT MORE BUFFED.

>> No.4815357
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Polygon2 looks like this lion: Pon-de-lion

>> No.4815818

Benis :DDDD

>> No.4815939

Kanto is there but it's the size of a large town

>> No.4816496

>bulbapedia still thinks it's fake
l m a o

>> No.4816505

What a surprise. But source on that?

>> No.4816517

Actually Porygon 2 (1996) came before Pon de Lion (2003).
The guy who created Pon de Lion worked with Game Freak before Pokémon.

>> No.4816552
File: 18 KB, 620x349, fikz6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, I am excited for this. And don't call me nigger.

>> No.4816565

zero acknowledgement

>> No.4817889


>> No.4817914

I'm not. Wanna know why? Pokemon games suck and are not fun to play.

>> No.4817936

To add to this so anon can be more informed: the anime started airing way after Blue and Green released. By that time GS were already far in development so Ho-Oh debuted with Gamefreak's consent. With Togepi appearing halfway it's safe to say most of the Gen 2 dex was already fully designed, at least as of the time of this beta.

>> No.4818337

Hot take

>> No.4818408
File: 53 KB, 1000x768, 1515927724141.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that girafarig

>> No.4818460
File: 3 KB, 160x144, Pokemon - Gold Version (USA, Europe)-0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like it

>> No.4818702

I'm pretty sure it was likely meant to be a reference to some early CGI model, but I can't remember where I've seen it.

>> No.4818709

I hope they decide to recycle these somehow now that they're publically known. They could have made these the Alolan forms in whatever is the current gen.

>> No.4819190

anything new happen

>> No.4819206
File: 3 KB, 69x135, ED...WARD....png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the one that looks like FMA's torture homunculus
So I'm not the only one who saw the resemblance...

>> No.4819227

>It was acceptable until 1997

Bullshit Tony Hawk's Pro Skater didn't even come out until 1999 for the PS1 and 2000 for the N64.

>> No.4819228

That, Pon de Lion, and Tentaquil really throw me off of this being real. There's something just off about this build.

>> No.4819237

>Gundam X
>The fucking badass doctor

Muh nigga

>> No.4819241
File: 36 KB, 582x406, laughing animes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>purple hair
>rainbow flag
>I'm non-binary (she/her), deal with it

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File: 394 KB, 1163x1787, 81VM9DkcrfL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It all comes together

>> No.4819419
File: 1.28 MB, 330x312, 1527889011446.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon...make it cometrue...

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>a leaked prototype was surfaced
>no picture of the actual cartridge, or even EEPROM chip

>> No.4819476

The four different but very similar builds make me doubt that these were from prototype cartridges. I certainly think these are legit, but I think they come from a more direct source.

>> No.4819578

The modification dates of the ROMs are all from November 15th, 1997. If they're legit, there's absolutely no doubt that they came from a more direct source, but the real question is how did it leave said direct source, and did anything else come with it? Ocarina of Time was another high profile game in development during 1997 that was also being shown off at trade shows, including Spaceworld 1997.

>> No.4819607

Dude, lots of legit prototypes have been leaked with no photos of the cart or chips.

>> No.4819626

I guess GameFreak and Nintendo would still have them backed up on some harddrives somewhere, but I doubt on ones that are regularly accessed by employees. Back at the conventions, they obviously needed a lot of prototype cartridges for the displays, so they needed to burn EPROMs (original GameBoy, SFC) and write flash carts (for N64). While it certainly isn't impossible to believe that the developers themselves might have burned the EPROMs etc, and I'm sure they do so when testing their own games, for a convention like this, I could see it being done by interns or the PR department or something. If they were given access to the original files when burning the data, I gues someone could've easily copied the bin files over to a floppy disk and snuck it out with them. That being said, I have no clue why someone would choose to leak them to a Pokemon hacking discord server or whatever, unless they themselves were involved in the modern Pokemon hacking scene. This is just total speculation, of course, but sadly I doubt we will ever know for sure.

There are actually accounts of a Sega employee from back in the day who would have a coworker burn EPROMs with game ROMs from the internal Sega ROM archive so he could illegally sell them.

>> No.4819656

I still can't get over the fact that these particular dumps existed a solid week before Spaceworld even started, and now we have them. Where the hell did they come from? Who was behind the leak? Is anything else coming? Too many questions need answers we'll probably never get.

>> No.4819668

I'm not where I can confirm what the guy said about the ROM dates, but those are probably just when GameFreak last updated the files. They would line up with when you might expect the builds to be ready to go relative to the convention date since they would have needed a bit of time to allow for mass duplication and getting the carts all set up in the kiosks.

>> No.4819712

i think it's some kind of employee that worked for various japanese developers, either as staff or a contractor. would explain the devkits. they're impossible to find anywhere in the world. and yes, employees are no innocent angels. they'll pirate their own shit.

>> No.4819717

doesn't matter where or how. the more the better. very rare seeing prototypes of popular games get released on systems like gameboy.

>> No.4819845


Everyone is crazy about Zelda 64 beta. It's one of the most discussed beta ever.

The guy that had access to this prototype probably had access to Zelda too.

>> No.4819856


>> No.4820124

>but those are probably just when GameFreak last updated the files
That would make sense if we got the source code from back then, but not a ROM image. With a November 15th, 1997 last modification date, that means that these particular ROM images were either dumped or built a solid week before Spaceworld even started. The header fixed versions in the .7z had last modification dates of the end of May, 2018. Like I said, that fact alone raises way too many questions and implications, because logically speaking, the only place where something like this could exist for 21 untouched years is a ROM archive that GameFreak or Nintendo holds, or less likely, someone dumped / built them 21 years ago and had the image sit on media that wouldn't degrade over 21 years such as a properly stored floppy disk, and someone salvaged it recently and uploaded it. If these images were dumped from a prototype cart, it didn't happen recently, so that throws the "Japanese collector died and we had to pay the Japanese shop that ended up with them to dump them for us" theory right out the window. Why cover up where this came from? There's no way Nintendo is going to care where a 21 year old prototype ROM is coming from..... unless it's from their archives or something else as equally sinister.

>> No.4820156

I hope your implication is accurate, if only so there's a chance these other archived games could also be dumped.

>> No.4820190

Yeah, a game dumped from a protoype cart certainly wouldn't have the date that the ROM was compiled attached to it (though sometimes such dates are hardcoded into the game itself by the developer, but of course that has no bearing on what shows as the date modified when viewed in a computer OS), so unless whoever posted it intentionally modified the date, it would seem that the 1997 date indicates that it likely could be traced back to a source who had/has access to a Nintendo/Game Freak computer or backup that houses a ROM file likely generated from around when they first compiled the build. It is certainly possible that whoever first took the build isn't the same person who posted the download link online, of course. For all we know these builds have been circulating in Japanese collector communities for 20 years and just never made it out to the wider public until recently.

Unfortunately without knowing that source and who had access to what back then we won't have any idea as to what all else is out there. Maybe it was some former Game Freak employee who happened to have them saved on a disk, or someone involved in the ROM duping process who still had a copy, or... who knows.

>> No.4821058

It’s Nintendo. They care.

>> No.4821286

That Sound Fantasy game (a Nintendo game) made its way to the internet a couple years back and I don't think they did anything about it. Granted, this one seems to be getting a lot of attention, so who knows.

>> No.4821325

I sure wouldn't mind that Game Boy Color compatible Super Game Boy getting dumped and uploaded.
Just from an emulation standpoint, it's something I've wanted for a while.

>> No.4821406

can't you just use the GC gameboy player if you want gbc support?

>> No.4821485

Any leak from Ura Zelda would be more interesting than a very late in development build of the game.

>> No.4821489

It's very easy to identify an actual prototype from a rom hack recreation.

>> No.4821497

Official priority and importance level of game prototypes related to Nintendo:

Earthbound 64>Zelda 64>Secret of Mana>Mario 64

>> No.4821502 [DELETED] 

Reverse that list entirely, drop Secret of Mana altogether, and add a few dozen ">"s and you'd have the official list.

>> No.4821505

Reverse that list entirely, drop Secret of Mana altogether, and add a few dozen ">"s before EB and you'd have the official list.

>> No.4821529
File: 131 KB, 1040x780, CO8eheJWEAAQ1dz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>when you find yourself more interested in analyzing the various prefinal versions of old games than playing the final games themselves
>when you find grungy old preproduction carts to be more visually appealing and intriguing than the spiffy, illustrated retail cartridges
What stage of life is this called?

>> No.4821659

I thought it was a Wideboy 64 they ran it on.
Would be pretty cool if it could run on regular SGB hardware though.

>> No.4821697

The fuck are you talking about?
Neither does the Super Game Boy emulate anything nor would a dump of a ROM help you a lot considering the fact that the important part that actually runs the game is the on-board hardware.

>> No.4821706

Might be possible to modify a Super Game Boy by replacing the ROM in it and putting in hardware from a Gameboy Color.

>> No.4821715

Weapons grade autism.

>> No.4821980

The Super Gameboy does not only consist of Game Boy hardware but also chips specifically made for interfacing between the Game Boy and the SNES.
I doubt that they didn't make any changes between the interfacing hardware to make it be able to fully support the GBC.

>> No.4821989

Why did Nintendo never release the Wideboy 64 commercially?

>> No.4822092

The Game Boy line was the only thing keeping Nintendo afloat during the N64 and GameCube days outside of Japan. Do you think Nintendo was more interested in selling Game Boys (sometimes multiple ones to the same person in the vein of a Game Boy, Game Boy Pocket / Lite, and Game Boy Color) + Link cables, or more interested in selling some cheap cartridge adapter that didn't have link support that you're only ever going to be able to sell one to per person that isn't portable?

The better question is why did Nintendo never release a boot cart that was essentially a Game Boy Tower but for all GB/GBC titles for the Transfer Pak since that hardware was already in a lot of people's houses thanks to the overwhelming standing power late 1990's Pokemon had.

>> No.4822108

>outside of Japan
You mean *in* Japan? The N64 and GameCube were total disasters there, much more so than in North America.

>> No.4822245

Yeah, on second thought, it was kinda fucked world wide, wasn't it? At least Rare's games had a chance to sell over here...

>> No.4822270

Transfer paks read speed is fucking awful. In stadium all the roms are already on cart to counteract. Just reads/writes saves. Though is did manage to make a gba n64 adapter but only sold to press/devs.

>> No.4822283

Interesting. Do you have any idea why young me's Clefable named Not Gay would be registered as Not sporadically in Stadium and would sometimes overwrite it's name on the cart to also be Not, and randomly switch between Not Gay and Not? That was the weirdest bug and I stopped giving my Pokemon nicknames with spaces in them just in case because of it. It only happened in 1 though, not 2

>> No.4822306

Because there is a chance that an old version of the game is a completely different product and the simple labels on the cartridges make it look like an old book or something like that.

>> No.4822357

>cheap cartridge adapter
The Wideboy works just like the Super Game Boy, it contains Game Boy hardware.
>didn't have link support
The SGB2 had a link port, the reason the Wideboy didn't is because it was only meant to take screenshots and not for commercial distribution.
>The better question is why did Nintendo never release a boot cart that was essentially a Game Boy Tower but for all GB/GBC titles for the Transfer Pak since that hardware was already in a lot of people's houses thanks to the overwhelming standing power late 1990's Pokemon had.
The GB Tower feature used emulation. It's not feasible to accurately emulate every single game on the N64. When you only have to emulate a handful of games, you can make a lot of shortcuts and still have it work out great. The N64 games on the Wii Virtual Console had one custom emulator for each game pretty much.

>> No.4822375

And in the case of this and Ocarina of Time, another game from the same time period, they essentially WERE entirely different games. It's neat to see the path that Pokemon could have gone down, especially since the released Crystal and it's remakes in Heart Gold and Soul Silver are considered to be the peak of Pokemon, and OoT is considered the peak of gaming in general

>> No.4822379

>and OoT is considered the peak of gaming in general
Why is OoT so overrated? It's really bland compared to MM.

>> No.4822389

Were you alive and cognitive when it was released? It was a huge step for gaming that's less impressive as each year goes by and tech becomes more mundane, and MM was super controversial on release because oh my stars! How can anyone enjoy this terrible game and it's terrible time limit! I'm sure not shelling out the extra money for an expansion pack for three games, especially if one is a bad Zelda, another is a bad Goldeneye, and the last is a bad Banjo Kazooie!

And yes, these were all common talking points back then

>> No.4822882

Literally play any 3D action/adventure game released before OoT and you will understand why it's still so liked.

>> No.4822904

Read the OP image, Jesus Christ.

>> No.4822908

ocarina is the street fighter 2 of zelda games.
later ones are better, yes, but ocarina established the framework for them. think of how much like it the newer games play: that's how well they nailed the execution of 3D zelda.

>> No.4822948

The other games are better mechanically but the only game in the series that can be directly compared to it is Twilight Princess, the other ones are too different and do their own thing.

>> No.4822968

>OoT is considered the peak of gaming in general
kek'd. there's at least 5 superior games released that year alone.

>> No.4822987

>It's not feasible to accurately emulate every single game on the N64. When you only have to emulate a handful of games, you can make a lot of shortcuts and still have it work out great. The N64 games on the Wii Virtual Console had one custom emulator for each game pretty much.

>The Game Boy Tower appears to use a modified version of the Super Game Boy's BIOS; if it is forced to run a Super Game Boy-compatible game other than the core series Pokémon titles, will run the programming on it identically to the peripheral, complete with Super Game Boy-compatible games utilizing the special borders, colors, and sounds programmed onto their cartridges.

>> No.4823037

Man what a waste, Nintendo really was in a streak of bad decisions in the N64 era.

>> No.4823072

jesus what a legendary thread, can't wait till people patch together something playable or put old sprites into final release rom

>> No.4823183

What are you trying to imply?
I did read it. I meant what he was sayung didn't make any sense.
Neither would the GBC Super Gameboy have emulated the games nor would only having the ROM und f the thing help a whole lot without any information on the extra onboard hardware inaide the cartridge.

>> No.4823185

No Dinosaur Planet or Twelve Tales?

>> No.4823213

There's roughly a 0.00000000000% chance anything is ever going to leak from Rare, discounting the GBC port of Jet Force Gemini they outsourced to an outside company that ended up in the hands of someone that doesn't want to share the ROM image,only video footage.

The best you'll ever get is the Rare Revealed series on YouTube

>> No.4823223

I wasn't really bringing the likelihood of their leakage into question.

>> No.4823470

The only thing that matters is how entertaining the games are today, and Majora's Mask is far superior.

>> No.4823472

That's not possible, the Super Game Boy actually contains Game Boy hardware, the Pokémon Stadium cartridges don't.

>> No.4823754

What a bold opinion to take on /vr/

>> No.4823810

I remember konidias' POL was going to have skateboards. I designed a halfpipe for him.

>> No.4823897

Well if some ESL kid on the pokemans wikipedia said that it must be true. All those people who have actually run other games using the Stadium emulator and proven that to be bullshit are all part of a vast conspiracy to fool people with fake reproducible instructions and videos. lol

>> No.4824313
File: 1.26 MB, 320x213, H9pGtal.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he really wants a picture of a grey cart with a generic sticker that says SW'97 on it that badly
What would that even prove? That people have sticker making machines

>> No.4824345

Or maybe they'd have those cute official Nintendo EPROM labels.

>> No.4824346

Probably a rudimentary profanity filter, I've never heard of it in Stadium 1. It probably wasn't readded in Stadium 2, for whatever reason.

The N64 is significantly stronger than the SNES, it's probably strong enough to emulate Game Boy games without the added hardware. If I had to guess why they didn't release an N64 adapter, it either wasn't strong enough to emulate every single Game Boy game to their standards (similar to the GBA games not getting a general public release on the 3DS) or because of fucking Space Invaders fucking with the system, or it's probably because they figured the Super Game Boy was still on the market, and was good enough for most people. The only reason the Super Game Boy 2 was made was for kids to be able to trade Pokemon, the fact that it fixed the speed glitch in the original SGB was just an added bonus.

>> No.4824836
File: 178 KB, 743x632, Harry Potter gets his student debt .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>porn of the unused pokemon have already been made
Not even the rejects are sacred.

>> No.4824857

No exceptions, anon.
You know that.
Some characters may have significantly less porn than others, but there's always something.

>> No.4824867

Not even slightly.

I give zero shits for Pokemon. Plenty of other people feel the same way, that's why /vp/ exists.

>> No.4824880

So why post in a thread about shit you don't like? What is this, /v/?

>> No.4824906

Yeah, why would you expect any better?
Most porn artists rush to find and sexualize the newest potential flavor of the month so they can draw more attention to their patreons and ko-fis.

>> No.4824908

People want medals for being brave enough to not like popular mainstream shit. But who will know about their bravery if they're not reminding everyone?

>> No.4824924

I respect entrepreneurs like that.

>> No.4825010

It's a lot of LARPing of perceived value. There's around 10k+ undumped arcade machines & variants, thousands of undumped PC games & revisions, and tons of things still listed as bad dumps in No-Intro's database, not counting the LCD games that barely anyone cares about until you mention there's no dump of Pikachu 2 which was used to connect to this very game this thread is about. Where does the money go? Why, instead of prioritizing getting all the full games dumped first, peeps are wasting 100s & 1000s of dollars on little more than some glorified tech demos, literal demo discs, some poster cutouts and ancient magazines that no one reads.

It's like you're playing archaeologists, but instead of getting the things at the surface level, like the shit mentioned above, you dig past it and go for the more broken shit at the bottom. There was even a prototype of an unreleased NES game called Secret Ties that no one's really talked or cared about, but it's a full game with an ending & a very nice soundtrack. Of course, that gets overshadowed in the cultural sense, because the glorified tech demo of Bio Force Ape got the attention of the e-celebs and their lackeys.

>> No.4825021

>LARPing of perceived value
What did he mean by this?

>> No.4825128
File: 87 KB, 960x588, boomer art.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>e-celebs and their lackeys

>> No.4825130

Stopped reading at LARPing.

>> No.4825160

That's too bad. You might have gotten smarter.

>> No.4825217 [SPOILER] 
File: 207 KB, 800x600, 1528439872895.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I recently saw a piece of art depicting an anthro slice of pizza.

Pizza. Anthro pizza. Sentient, has a face, complete with arms and legs. Pepperoni and all.

I dunno. I'm almost 30 and I'm still always somehow surprised at what people sexualize for some reason. I can't help it. I don't wanna be, but it happens.

>> No.4825407


4U anon ;)

>> No.4825761

>the Pokémon Stadium cartridges don't.
But the Transfer Pak do.

>> No.4825785

With a last modification date being read from the OS as November 15th, 1997, I think it's a safe assumption that these ROM images weren't dumped from anything, but came a more internal source.

If pictures do exist of this, I hope you like seeing a generic Floppy Disc or CD-ROM that says something like POKEMON GOLD SW97 or something equally as unimpressive.

>> No.4825896

u jelly?

>> No.4827282


>> No.4827482 [DELETED] 


>> No.4827486
File: 2.59 MB, 288x288, ed0.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>a penis requires blood to run through it to function
>pizza with a penis
>pizzas have no blood

>> No.4827502

I'm digging the anchor shark.

>> No.4827515

Yup can't tell people how to spend their time or money.

>> No.4827704

They use the pizza sauce.

>> No.4829478


>> No.4829487

>>It's like you're playing archaeologists, but instead of getting the things at the surface level, like the shit mentioned above, you dig past it and go for the more broken shit at the bottom.
This is a pretty apt comparison. 99% of unfinished betas and demos for games are worthless. There are a few exceptions, but most of them are in the RE1.5 category, in that they're neat from a historical perspective but they're ultimately abandoned fucking concepts that weren't good enough to make the cut.

When it comes to broken shit, pretty much the only release I care about is the old DNF E3 version. And even that is only 80% of a game at best, I just want to finally put an end to the waiting.

Meanwhile there are an obscene amount of fully playable games with no existing dumps, and autistic preservation projects are aimed at preserving rotational velocodensity or mint condition shrinkwrap instead of improving emulation so these games will actually be available when disc rot kills the last CD or some caps explode all over a motherboard.

When I think about how many games are just sat on some collector's shelves, it makes my blood boil. The only hope a lot of this shit has is that the owner dies and grandma takes the boxes to the jumble sale, and then maybe it isn't bought by yet another fucking collector who will let it sit in an acid-free sleeve until the medium decays.

>> No.4831210

No, the Transfer Pak basically just ties the pins on the cart to the pins in the controller. It's not like the Super Game Boy, which has a CPU, memory, basically the whole shebang aside from joypad/speaker/screen.

>> No.4831218

>99% of unfinished betas and demos for games are worthless
>When I think about how many games are just sat on some collector's shelves, it makes my blood boil
So they're worthless, and yet it angers you that someone else has them just sitting on their shelf? Are you admitting to sour grapes?

>> No.4831345

I'm not talking about betas here, dude. I'm talking about games that actually saw a release, but 99% of the copies have since been lost.

If someone wants to keep a spaceworld demo locked up, I personally don't give a shit.

>> No.4831439
File: 40 KB, 258x276, Remoraid Gun.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Remoraid always looked like a gun though.

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