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ITT: Games only you played. I'll start.

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Those are both pretty well known.

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Wild 9 it's pretty well know OP...

This one on the other hand...

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Not retro.

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I don't know how my mom's friend's husband had a copy when so few were sold.

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I found it on a 5.25" floppy and played the shit out of it. Very much like Elite 2

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Wish I had some friends that enjoyed playing too. Don`t know how this treasure came to be pirated and sold in BR

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Sim Copter
CornCob 3d

Industry Giant 2

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Wild 9 is my fucking shit.

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Played this on a Demo Disc back in the day. Was pretty fun.

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It was a piece of shit I'll tell you what

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Played Wild 9 last week actually and it was pretty awful

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>spawns multiple sequels.
>no one played it

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Op here, kek that no one aside from me actually played Treasures of the Deep. That and Warhawk would have benefitted from analog control.

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Fun short game, you can beat in 20 minutes

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I did tho, but just the demo on a euro demo disc. From what I remember it's pretty fun.

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Not the only person, but probably one of the few

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>Sold more than 400.000 copies
>have a solid fanbase still beging for the third instalment
>only you played

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The best thing about TotD was the net launcher. I'm not sure why, but I had a blast netting things and watching them float up to the surface

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I'll be chasing that high for the rest of my life.

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I've played this.

It's fucking terrible.

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fuck up cunt. all of sixth gen should be retro by now.

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There's barely any footage of it on youtube. I don't feel like wasting 6 AA batteries either to remember if it was fun. It seems like it was just ok. I paid about $10 for it at Best Buy which I remember being really cheap because everything else was at least $20.

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I stand corrected about no footage. It looks about as mediocre as I remember. It was nice having an extra road trip game at the time though. I could only play the same Sonic games so many times. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBVqjmEOGac

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love this game

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the snes and genesis versions are great.

it's ironic, because the animation it's based on is just a low quality cybersploitation reboot of a forgotten franchise. the game adaption, on the other hand, is great.

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Have you ever made a thread about this shit OP where someone has never actually played the game you have played?

I mean for a game to be released into the public, and you being the sole person purchasing that game and playing it, probably means the game is so ridiculously bad that it would be infamous enough for people to buy it anyway.

No such game exists

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imo it's a good way of getting potentially good recommendations for games you didn't know about.

some /vr/ games (especially some 8 bit computer games) are so small, simple and obscure that it's hard to justify killing a thread to discuss them. in those case, it's good to have one big thread for all of them.

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Thrill kill exists.

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Stupid is as stupid does, Anon.

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Why you think that? It's not that badm just horribly mediocre

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>Game sold between 5 to 20 thousand copies
>20+ years ago
>Chances of meeting fellow player are slim to none
>Especially if asking within limited group such as /vr/ posters
I find it ironic when you sneer on OP for being retarded, while you are the only one too stupid to realise the point of the question or how it can be true within given group to not find fellow player.
Just look pic related. I know there are people who played it. Hell, we still play it from time to time and talk about it.
But I'm bredy sure nobody on /vr/ even heard about it

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actually one of the best games on the system

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Here are some games i played a lot but i never see them talked about on vr ever. Anyone have warm fuzzies about these?

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It's like Fire Emblem but not good.

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This game was the shit

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This and spiritual follow up Draconus: Cult of the Wyrm are criminally underrated

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>demo disc
The one with Hogs of War and SFEX2+? Good stuff.

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Treasures of the Deep was my shit! Wild 9 was good as hell too!

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It sucked dick

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Eternal Eyes anyone?

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Go the fuck back to /v/, you literal fucking child.

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Never played, but the looks remind me of this one

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I thought it was an alright adventure game

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Pretty sure im the only one here.

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Fun game you can beat in the first play through.

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I only remember this from one of those Pizza Hut demo discs.

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This game sucks.

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Played these, but did not finish

These games were huge, what are you thinking?
So many high schools had this game in the '80s.

My contribution: Cookies 'N Cream. two player co-op game where we have to share one controller. Don't know how it got overlooked for so long.

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Chameleon Twist was pretty fun thou short as fuck.

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A weird PS1 SRPG made by Atlus.

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I played the shit out of this game man I loved it
Still remember the PC speaker general quarters beeps
I always took the boat that had the rockets

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kind of miss my old Apple II
in retrospect this game was pretty advanced for its day

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I never played the original, but I did play the N-Gage port at a games store which I think is even more obscure again

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this game owned and i'm so mad we'll never get a sequel

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I have yet to meet someone in person who has played a Dragon Ball game pre-PSX.

Prawie ka┼╝dy polak (30+ lat) zna Kupiec.

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I never find anyone who played this

It's also got the best set of ports in history: you can get it for the Amiga, the Macintosh 68k, the 3DO and the Jaguar!

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Interesting... tell me about that unique games

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I think you may be thinking of Pandemonium

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For a long time at least I was sure I was the only one that played this.

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I played that. Great game.

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I played the SNES version of that game, was an awesome metroidvania game, and a really underrated gaem.

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Very cute and casual take on Panel De Pon formula with some twists. I was sold on it because of the cover art, but it didn't get anyone's attention whenever I posted it.

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I never played the old versions though

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I find it weird that the FPS Hugo was more famous.

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Best humming bird game evah made.

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Genesis was best version.

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>get PC gamer demo disc
>it has pic related
>the idea of a hybrid first person and vehicle based combat game is mind blowing to me (age 8)
>literally never see anything about the game anywhere at all after that
>never see it in stores
>don't see it reviewed anywhere

>try to pirate it 10 years later, eventually find a torrent with 1 guy seeding
>file is .nrg format, never seen that anywhere else
>game is actually really fun and charming, full of hammy 90s voice acting and violence

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Big Nose the Caveman. A quite good NES platformer by Codemasters with some excellent music. Plays like Joe and Mac crossed with SMB1.


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This is a very solid fighter though, easily comparable to any of the SF versions on the SNES

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I see what you're getting at, but while you're posting a game that shittons of people have played and implying so, you're still gonna get
>thinks only he played Hyper Dimension
by dongrazzled anons who won't read the thread.

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Yes, I am, sorry anon I just see a jester and I confuse the two.

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My first ever game. Those were the days.

For whatever reason, I found the music spooky and it gave me nightmares.

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Ah, I loved this game as a kid.

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Really. Before youtube, everybody thought i was lying about this game.

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This was semi-gold.

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Damn...I bought this game together with Project Overkill and Loaded. I was an 11 yo edgelord.

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I dont remember much about it other than the menu theme and the game cart being a cheat-sheet for the acronyms

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strangely enough I later found out it was originally a south park game.

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Anyone else?

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The Super Butoden games, especially 2, were really popular during the 90s. They were officially released in Europe, and they were available in latin american countries in bootleg form throughout the 90s.
Not to mention, starting from late 90s/early 00s, when emulation started to become more popular, a lot of people emulated the older DBZ games for Famicom and SFC, like Super Saiya Densetsu.
The one DBZ game I think nobody played was that Apple Pippin "Make your own episode" one.

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>released in France and no other country of Europe
No other country in Europe saw the daylight of a SNES Dragon Ball cartridge.
Unless you imported, you wouldn't either.

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Gahan Wilson's The Ultimate Haunted House

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I'm sure they were sold in Spain too, and maybe Italy. Those 3 countries had a big anime boom in the late 80s/early 90s.

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the french translation was awful

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i really enjoyed that game. somebody had installed that, and pic related on our school pc's. Fantastic games.

supaplex, btw.

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Age of Empires 2 re imagined. Lovely game.

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