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Cody is now canon mayor of Metro City. How does this make you feel?

He's also drawing all the dimes.

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Third Final Fight thread up about its story elements.
Are you the Final Fantasy flooder guy that thinks he's so clever because both are /ff/?

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Is Final Fight the new FF7 posting?

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Jessica is jealous as fuck.

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Nothing Capcom makes counts as canon anymore

Even Cody in jail isn't canon

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>He's also drawing all the dimes.
What? Speak Caucasian.

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>getting excited for kueerny omega

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What does drawing all the dimes mean?

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>He's also drawing all the dimes.
the fuck means that?

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>He's also drawing all the dimes.


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Why is a fucking ex con even allowed to be the mayor and draw all the fucking dimes?!!

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Stop saying this. What does drawing dimes mean.

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>he's also drawing all the dimes
What did he mean by this?

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Fine with that... Because Haggar was out doing crack & molesting sheep.

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Depends. Is Cody Democrat or Republican?

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>How does this make you feel?
Makes me want Booty For Us All https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEpl9W7hA6U

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He uses a PVM

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getting all the money.

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Is all his money in dimes? That must be really inconvenient.

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The way Haggar dressed in Final Fight and Cody is in SF5 I guess they are from 1920, in which case a dime is probably a lot.
Especially if you got access to all the dimes

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According to the intro of Final Fight, it takes place sometime during the 90s. The JP version said 1989 I believe though.

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Then fuck yeah he's getting my vote!

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pretty good

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What? This is outrageous.

This is up there with Sonic's arms being blue.

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They should retcon Haggar into some random role to compensate. Like they could make Dr. Light actually be Haggar or Strider was actually Haggar or something.

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Really not a fan of this current Cody storyline, I would have preferred him going from hero to prisoner to Mad Gear leader who's dating Poison.

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It's a /asp/ wrestling thing

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I have good news for you.
His secretary.

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