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I've heard good things about pic related, is it worth the time investment? What are some other SNES titles I should play?

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What's this, 2018 or 1998?

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Yoshi's Island
Panel de Pon
Super Mario the Last Levels
Super Metroid
Secret of Mana

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Dunno, I'm playing on a laptop so my processing power is limited. 16-bit is easy enough on my comp, and I haven't found anything interesting after browsing Steam for a few days.

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Although I did discover Kingdom: New Lands a while ago. Strongly recommend it.

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This is a joke right? Type in ign top 100 snes if you actually need help. There's another 100 that are good.

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What's this, /vr/ or /v/?

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I've read and watched a lot of SNES reviews, so I'm familiar with the most famous of its library. But I'm curious to hear what other anon's thoughts are, sort of as a social poll.

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Don't listen to these hipster douchebags, everyone starts sometime. Chrono Trigger and Link to the Past are the best games on the system, so play those first. After that, hit up Super Metroid, Secret of Mana, and Final Fantasy 3 (actually six but the numbering is wrong). Those should keep you busy for quite awhile.

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Please elaborate your statement.

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OP, if you like JRPGs, play it. If you actively dislike JRPGs, still play it because it's a pretty friendly game. It's also fairly short (20 hours or so for a playthrough) and if you like it there's a ton of side quests and endings to discover on new game +. It's worth playing it just to be able to join conversations about it, since it's such a popular and talked-about SNES game, and you want to be able to give a genuine and informed opinion, right?

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>No Dungeon Explorer 2

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>no esper dream 1 and 2

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What kind of games do you like? I like a good mix. I recommend Super Bomberman, Mega Man X, Axelay, U.N. Squadron, R-Type 3, Space Megaforce, Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Alcahest, Soul Blazer, Sim City, F-Zero, Super Turrican and ActRaiser.

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Super Mario RPG
Final Fantasy II-III
Super Mario All Stars
Kirby's avalanche

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DEFINITELY Bebe's Kids. Run, don't walk to go get it.

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I was gonna say this, since I got my first PC that wasn't an old POS Tandy running Windows 3.1 in 98 and got a SNES emulator and played Chrono Trigger for the first time.

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Bart's Nightmare
Virtual Bart

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UN fucking Squadron

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Very rarely are gems hidden. Web search "top [platform] games"

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Yes it's worth it. It's one of the greatest titles in the entire genre, It still puts most JRPG's decades later to shame.

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>No mention of best JRPG series
First for Dragon Quest 3 rec.

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Kirby Superstar

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Who gives a shit? Are you a Manchurian rapebaby?

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>Sugiyama is opposed to the illegal copying of music, stating on his website that "Humans have human rights, music has copyright."
Based dude.

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I'm sceptical about JRPGs, not necessarily a fan, but I played the first hour of Chrono Trigger a couple of days ago and it's pretty fun. The story is actually interesting, not the typical demon lord wants to destroy the world and you have to stop him and the pacing is really good. The combat is also good, there are no random battles. You can avoid battles in some circumstances and you can grind predictably if you wish. Aside from that, very high production values, excellent graphics and sound.

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>not the typical demon lord wants to destroy the world and you have to stop him

i guess you really have only played 1 hour of CT then....

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I think those lists are pretty okay, but they usually don't list games that haven't been released in the US. Games like Terranigma, Madou Monogatari, Ganbare Goemon 3 or pic related definitely deserve a spot in the top 50 in my opinion.

>Secret of Mana
This is what I'm talking about. You recommend Secret of Mana even though ARPGs like Illusion of Gaia, Terranigma and Secret of Evermore are better in every single way.

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This is 2018. OP was born in 2008. Where's this 1998 shit coming from?

>as a social poll
Be honest kiddo. You just want to tell your facebook friends that you play cool games like your newfriends on 4chan

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Look it up online. There's a reason why the top rated are ...you know, top rated. Everyone will tell you the same thing. except the occasional troll like dual orb 2 or this guy >>4803109

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Now for a real answer, these are my favorite SNES/SFC games in no particular order

Top favorite: Ninja Warriors Again, F-Zero, Super Punch Out, Wild Guns, Scrambled Valkyrie, Super Famicom Wars, Tetris Attack

Honorable mentions: Mega Man X2, Super Ghouls n Ghosts, Super Castlevania, Castlevania Dracula X, Gradius III, R-Type III, Dragon Quest III, Fire Emblem series, Super Tennis, Pilotwings

I may be forgetting some games

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Nigga wut

Just download and play it ffs

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I think you'd enjoy Final Fantasy 13 :-)

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Based, Japan shouldn't bow to those filthy chinks.

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Saved. Do you have more copypasta game recommendation lists like this? I need moar.

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Yoshi's island then mega Man x

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Both Castlevania games
Dragon Quest 5
Mega Man 7 & X
Final Fight series
Harvest Moon
Secret of Mana
Mario Kart
Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei
Act Raiser

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It is not really a recommendation table, but eventually you will look for hidden gems.

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Illusion of Gaia
Lufia 2

Also Chrono Trigger is good, but overrated. The only good character that dies comes back to fucking life. Over millions of years!

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Thanks anon(s)

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>Just got a SNES emulator!

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>shoot 'em up


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