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I have never 1CC'd an arcade game, and most likely never will.

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Me neither :^)

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Try Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters. Fun and very easy to clear.
If you can't clear that game you simply aren't into these games at all to care.

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JRPGs are perfectly good games and FFVII fully deserves its popularity

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To me, they aren't good games by definition. They may be good digital entertainment for those into that (mostly people that don't read IMO) or people addicted to progress systems. FFVII got a massive marketing campaign and it's not the most terrible piece of software ever so it's no wonder, that and being the first experience of that kind for a lot of people.
People mostly enjoy them for stuff not related to game mechanics. Sometimes they can have fine mechanics, but they're usually so bloated or compromised by their plots and such or the unbalance caused by the progress systems (seriously, these games could be much better without that crap, try FE with no stat gains from level ups, it's doable), so that's why I'm saying this.

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Japanese RPGs have deeper combat than WRPGs

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Sonic games punish you for going fast.

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challenge isn't the only thing that is important about gameplay

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There are good modern games too.

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I don't particularly like Mario 64

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What's the matter, someone said they enjoy games on /v/ again causing another mass exodus?

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I don't think anyone thinks challenge is everything.
I'm one of those that values challenge a lot, but if the design isn't fun or good then it's a waste.
Though usually for me, a genuinely challenging game is almost always good since they have to be well designed in order to be that in the first place.

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Oh yes there is. In just find the guy in Kirby threads calling them shitty, too easy, not fun, etc. That's him.

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I'm not him, though I don't enjoy Kirby games since they are too easy for my tastes (there needs to be a minimum challenge for me for the game to be any engaging). But for that reason I don't post in those threads, so...

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Top kek. Its a sad day in hell when a spergtastic overflowed videogame board on a north korean disco website, is trying its hardest to piss off their parents. We should send /v/ to its room with no vidrogames, YOUR GROUNDED /V/!

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>We should send /v/ to its room with no vidrogames

Isnt this supposed to be a grounding? Why would you please them this way

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It's a sad day when people think "parent boards" mean shit on a cambodian tapestry imageboard.

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Why are you here then?

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cuz you suck
you have no patience and have absolutely no skill whatsoever
you lack discipline

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Sega is overrated as fuck and the Saturn is a waste.

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Wario Land 4 > Wario Land 3

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Same, and I love the N64

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belt scroller

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>less levels and secrets overall
>less transformations than previous entries
>stupid "rush back to the entrance" timer gimmick
>dumbed-down level design with easier to find stuff
>even the brain guy puzzles are mostly easy to solve
>bosses lack creative solutions, just brute force them

I see Wario Land 2&3 as two sides of the same Wario coin: true masterpieces. The other Wario Lands can be trashed.

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>progress systems
Christ he's back

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only ever 1 coined to an ending twice and they weren't great runs or anything

Puzzle Bobble 4, one of the story modes
Soul Calibur 1 (just played as Nightmare and mashed the same attack)

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It's OK if you like them, many do, it's the standard now in games after all. Just respect my tastes too. Or are you that triggered that someone doesn't like games exactly the way you do?
Fighting game AI is weird, it's hard and easy at the same time.

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That'w true though,
So is that.

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I've "1cc'd" many many games ever since I was a little kid and I don't see how is that a big deal.

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It's not at all. The 1CC thing went like this:
Insecure poser kids (from /vg) felt validated by 1CCing, making them feel special and spammed the shit out of it.
Then people here got bored of them and the ones not much into arcade games started to associate arcade players with them.
And now us regular arcade lovers are the ones that get shit for that.

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I have a small 15 inch crt but i only use it for light gun games which is close to never anymore.

I play all of my retro on a 32 inch samsung led lcd, snes and megadrive hooked up via rgb scart and nes with composite, only tv inputs no framemeister and it looks and plays great and i cant notice any input lag.

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The Genesis and SNES both have a solid library of games and you will certainly find many games in them that are great.

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Yeah, I know. The shmup thread revealed who the shitposters are.
It sucks.

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Input lag is severely overrated on this board.

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>ITT: We trigger /vr/

>I can do it in 2 words:

babbage's gramps

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almost did Double Dragon 1cc

elbow smash everyone

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Emulators that offer compatibility over 95% work exactly as the original console they are emulating, so its the fucking same play NES, Genesis, SNES, PS1, Atari, GB or even N64 on a PC than the real hardware.

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Outside of some moments when he's evidently out of his mind, he's alright. If anything the most annoying thing about him is that he never double-checks his info and often gives incorrect shit. But I believe it's because he's just clumsy and not ill-intended.

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>or even N64

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>i still believe that Project64 is the only emulator out there

2008 called

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>I still believe N64 is nearly as good as 8-bit and 16-bit emulation
I bet you play with a keyboard too.

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Only a select few. Even when the game has deep combat, the in-game AI for japanese RPGs is usually so retarded that the combat depth is moot. The only examples I can think of where the depth is actually put to use are JRPGs with multiplayer capabilities since playing against another human actually makes the combat depth be valuable, but none of those are retro according to /vr/ (like Golden Sun and Megaman Battle Network).

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Doing it with an image.

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Pokémon I guess

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See also:

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6th gen is retro

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Oh, yeah, that's a great example. Can't believe I mentioned Megaman Battle Network without thinking about Pokémon, lol.

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More than /vr/ being triggered, this is just an example of 6th genners getting triggered by /vr/'s rules.

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There is no point in 1CCing an arcade game.
It's all memorization, or luck.

If you brag about it, you're in the same category as speed runners. You know what I mean.

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Billy Mitchell did everything right, it was wrong to strip him of his rightfully-earned records, and he forever will be the greatest gamer of all time.

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>The other Wario Lands can be trashed.
Found the pleb that never played the best Wario game.


This and Teleroboxer are the best reasons to have a VB.

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Nothing triggering or wrong about this whatsoever.

Repro-carts are just as good as the real thing

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There are games where what you say applies, and what you say doesn't. Some games are either very easy so they don't require neither memorization nor luck to clear, others are simply made in ways to avoid this.
Though indeed, bragging about 1ccs is pretty stupid. They're not that big of a deal, those boasting their 1cc usually are overcompensating or something.
However, playing them with one coin is fun.

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Hey /Vr,

Me and my wife were playing Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong's Quest on our Retron™ 5 the other day and she said it reminded her of games like Shovel Knight and UNDERTALE. She explained how graphics and gameplay were similar and we tried to define what retro is. For her it's style, for me it's age. I think the board should define retro once and for all in a non arbritary manner.

So now that the dust has settled, if we're going by age we should consider six gen retro. Dreamcast is already allowed so we should do the same for GBA and PS2. I mean it's all or nothing, some people would feel the PSX is not retro because it brought cutscenes to gaming, PS2 is no different, it's old enough and its games have already aged, otherwise they wouldn't remake them for modern consoles.

If we're going by style, then we should be able to talk about games like UNDERTALE here, because it's retro styled. I mean look at it on that CRT, it's how me and my wife play it. What do you think?

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RGB scart and S-video look exactly the same.

>> No.4796087

I use filters and i love them, looks better than they did back in the day

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I'm sorry for your mental illness.

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it triggers both.
Hell, i've seen people here sperging over the fact n64 is retro.

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For playing?

For value?
All repro carts are worth no more than $20.
$25 if they have special adaptors.

Tengai Makyou Zero is worth $50 due to the complexity of the reproduction and parts needed.

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Not if you're good

>> No.4796116

>For value?
I don't really care much about the monetary value of my collection, if anything rarity and a high price tag is a hindrance. When Pokemon Go was big for that one minute, I wanted to get my little sister a G1 Pokemon game but nostalgiafags had driven the price up higher than normal so I wound up getting one off Aliexpress for $5. Never tried a repo N64 cart but I'd buy a cheapo Mario64 cart in a heartbeat just to have a playable copy somewhere other than my harddrive.

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I agree

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Behold! The back of my gaming tv, an HD CRT. No cable management whatsoever! The cobwebs merely add flavor!

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>I mean look at it on that CRT, it's how me and my wife play it. What do you think?

It looks pretty good anon. Does her son like it too?

>> No.4796172

Looks like my set. Out of sight, out of mind.

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>>ps1 brought cut scenes into gaming.

kek, shit these try hards are making me laugh and in ways they didnt expect!!

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I was told growing up that Ninja Gaiden was the first game to use cut scenes. I don't know if that's accurate though.

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I've only 1CCd fighting games

>> No.4796621

in the arcade I mean

I hope it's clear that I 1cc tons of home shit

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I 1cc'd Virtua Cop in the arcades because I used to play a lot of the Saturn version and literally knew when every enemy was going to appear. And I almost 1cc'd Metal Slug X once in the arcade.

>> No.4796654

Console wars are great and beneficial to the gaming industry and I hope they never end.

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Where is that? As part of a larger display with other SNK stuff or a complete CIB NGP collection, sure, but a NGPC on it's own display stand like some rare relic is laughable.

>> No.4796753

>Where is that?

No idea, it was posted on 4chan several months ago.

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1CC'd an arcade game is a myth. It's not done, it's impossible. Anyone claims to have did it, is full of shit. Arcade games are designed to eat quarters.

>> No.4796850

>Arcade games are designed to eat quarters.
That part is true, though.

>> No.4796909

you can 1CC dragons lair pretty easily if you just memorize the patterns. pretty much what that game was designed for though.

>> No.4796952

You're not understanding why the push for 1ccs happened to begin with, protip : it wasnt done for a sense of validation (why would someone push 1ccs as the default way to beat games if they wanted to feel special? in any community where everyone acknowledges it to be a default, getting a 1cc isn't a big deal by any means), it was a reaction to /vr/s casual yet very outspoken playerbase. Cee may be a shitposter but he isnt wrong in the things he says about /vr/, and it doesn't just apply to arcade games but to almost all genres discussed here.

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I've 1CC'd tons of Street Fighter games man. It's not hard. KOF though is bullshit

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The janitor is triggered by safe for work depictions of affection.

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Is he really a pedo?

>> No.4797326

I do understand it, credit feeders reviewing arcade ports and people playing like that killed the reputation of these games

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I have to tell this to someone but I just gave up my insane obsession with permadeath

I can enjoy vidya once again

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still not gonna be a savescummer, just not fucking erasing 30 hours of progress ever again

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Are you enjoying RetroArch's rewind feature now?

>> No.4797362

There is literally nothing wrong with expediating your access to content you paid for.

>> No.4797371

My wires are probably even worse, I have 10 consoles hooked up to 3 tvs.
I'm not goona take a pic because it would mean moving everything.

>> No.4797374

>rewind feature
Im not gonna use savestates or anything of that kind. In very long RPGs Im simply going back to saving at safehouses or save on rest kind of game. No more ironman outside of roguelikes or games that are designed for it.

>> No.4797375

I used to play on a Sony CRT, but switched to an LCD and like it a lot better.

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You're saying games got too complex for platformer/jrpg brainlets?

>> No.4797402

SaGa is a thing, it's progress systems are mostly customization options. Pokemon is a thing, in that the multiplayer will equalize party levels. Also there is the matter of trying to overcome most of these challenges with the least amount of progress by abusing stuff and treating the whole game system like a puzzle.
I get where you're coming from, but I feel only the most hardcore games have challenges in which execution is so hard to master in single player modes that you can't play them as nonchalantly as a JRPG.

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Super Metroid is a fine game and all, but it isn't cute at all. It'd totally be way more fun if the characters were much cuter and friendlier, instead of it being all dark and gritty.

>> No.4797410

I hate how some flamewar pacifists go around trying to snuff console wars... trying to outsell each other and making payers complain about how A does such and such better than B is how gaming evolves in the first place.

>> No.4797413

Anything with cutscenes or anything comparable to the sort shouldn't be played on permadeath

>> No.4797416

So no classic Sonic?

>> No.4797417

Good news, since Fire Emblem Mystery of the New Emblem, you can play those games without permadeath (and without reloading save states).
Too bad those installments aren't retro.

>> No.4797760

Why the wolf?

>> No.4797762

like Dragon's Trap ?

>> No.4797770

I prefer to watch e-celebs play retro games on YouTube and Twitch rather than actually play them myself

>> No.4797782

SaGa is definitely an excepcion.
Pokémon, however, are a joke in single player as you surely know. You can in fact beat them with ease with a hack or cheat to remove experience gain, nevermind that the base game overlevels you way too much.
Also, if self imposed challenges are the best for the genre, they're not much better than Cookie Clicker to me, which shares the problem.
There are so many games out there that are engaging without resorting to this crap it's ridiculous.

>> No.4797794

But anon a 1cc is a self imposed challenge.

>> No.4797808

You'll then tell me that clearing a loop in Gradius II (which doesn't let you continue, by the way, and this isn't an obscure game) is self imposed because I could have used save states with the emulator.
It's not self imposed when the challenge goes from 0 to actually being there. Back then, in order to get more time and improve at these games you had to play 1 coin, there was the limitation of money. The games are built to be beatable like this, and in fact your score resets if you continue.

>> No.4798084

Jesus Christ, good one!

>> No.4798091

>/vr/s casual yet very outspoken playerbase
I just checked /vg/'s threads, and I don't see many actual hardcore guys there either, just very outspoken guys who seem very jealous about other people owning real hardware. I don't get it.

>> No.4798097

The intent was to take your money, different games just did it in different ways. At least getting good at claw redemption games will get you something in return for your wasted time.

>> No.4798148

Well it's basically off topic posting/community drama the general nowadays though a lot of the players posting are at the very least competent enough to get a bunch of 1-ALLs, the more common posters all have decent scores

>> No.4798165

Yeah? It isn't the impressin I get from them. Also, how do you even know if their scores are legit? Do they gather at real arcades or it's all virtual?
Still, their victim complex and jealousy is pretty hilarious.

>> No.4798172

>It isn't the impressin I get from them
And? You being ignorant doesn't mean anything. Some have done it live in front of an audience, others have inps, post progress and some are trusted because they demonstrate their knowledge, depends. Why not ask them yourself if you want an accurate impression instead of going by some random posts?

>> No.4798173

Got a better one, Princess Sevenleaf.

>> No.4798179

Woah, seems I touched some sensibilities. I guess you're part of that group. Yeah I just commented on what I saw (I'd say it's more than "random posts", it's the majority of them), that to me, it seems like a bunch of kids who can't grasp the idea of people owning physical stuff. They're obsessed with it. I definitely saw more post complaining about other people owning real hardware than posting scores or gameplay-related stuff.

>> No.4798180

So you just want to argue, gotcha.

>> No.4798183

No, to argue we need a real topic. This isn't a topic, but mere observation.

>> No.4798198


total newfags

dont know the tale of the fox and grapes.

>> No.4798214

I totally do know it but not the intent in this context. Those consoles aren't expensive, so I assumed it was about inability of brainlets to play them. Was I wrong?

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File: 1.91 MB, 916x1560, 1525610126707.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

DOOM sux

>> No.4798483

How did you shove a scart cable into an LCD monitor?

>> No.4798590

I don't understand this comic.

>> No.4798614

filters make retro games better.

>> No.4798774

I don't like the N64 zeldas, especially Majoras mask. Haven't even finished it because I get bored and drop it. I do like all the post N64 3d Zeldas though.

The only 3d Final Fantasy Ive stuck with all the way through is 10, I've tried 7 four different times and just get tired of it. I did like Crisis Core though.

Also I'm old enough that I've played all these games I've given up on at release time on original hardware with a nice CRT.

TP and SS > MM and OoT
FFMQ and FF6 > FF7 8 and 9

>> No.4798797

Games physically age and degrade.

>> No.4798805

>Wanting to bang non /vr/ females

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File: 1.45 MB, 3840x1080, toxic caves.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some do. What looks bad is trying to create too much information that isn't there. Left still has bilinear filteirng which I forgot to turn off.

>> No.4798827

>wanting females
shoo shoo nasty breeder

>> No.4798835

>What looks bad is trying to create too much information that isn't there.
for the record I agree.

>> No.4798841

-CRTs are no longer produced because they have inferior picture quality versus LCDs
- CRTs emit dangerous levels of X-rays or other forms of radiation
- CRTs always have easily-visible flicker
- CRTs always cause eyestrain
- CRTs always make a high-pitched squealing noise
- CRTs are harmful to health even when used properly
- CRTs contain lethal amounts of electricity, even when unplugged
- CRTs need calibration more than two to three times a year
- Overall CRT black levels are not superior to LCDs because ambient light ruins CRT black levels
- Analog CRTs have more processing time than digital LCDs due to poor RAMDAC performance
- Afterimages caused by phosphor decay are extremely annoying and are a significant downside of CRTs
- Sending an improper mode (resolution or refresh rate) to a CRT can cause permanent damage
- CRTs cannot have touchscreens
- 4:3 is so bad that nobody should use a non-widescreen CRT
- The Sony GDM-FW900 is the only CRT worth owning
- Curved CRTs have objectively inferior picture quality versus flat CRTs with otherwise equal specifications
- CRTs should not be used because they are heavier and deeper than LCDs
- CRTs have severe reflections because they do not have matte coats
- CRTs can be permanently damaged by nearby magnets
- Analog signals limit a CRT's resolutions and refresh rates and negatively effect picture quality
- Heavy metals are used in CRT glass to reduce radiation

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I'm 18 and only came here about two years ago. Mostly only play retro console games like platformers and could care less about the "hardcore" aspect of arcade style games.

Also Earthbound is unironically my favorite game ever made and I spent $220 on a physical copy a few years ago.

>> No.4798974 [DELETED] 

Some people are different from you and that's okay :-)

This triggers the janitor.

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File: 740 KB, 580x595, Rayman2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I unironically prefer the PS1 version of Rayman 2 compared to any other version and I do not give a shit at all about the n64 version and think that the music, graphics and voice acting in it are inferior compared to the PS1 port.

>> No.4798989

Only if you suck

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File: 29 KB, 408x400, 0348BA18-DD57-42E9-B3D5-7ABB01A570A8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Watch me win this thread with one sentence:

6th gen is 18 years old and is retro.

Now watch the reeee commence.

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Belt scrollers have aged poorly because they're too hard to 1CC. They do look good on my shelf, though. Sega had the best belt scrollers. The Streets of Rage games are in my top 10 grails.

>> No.4799010

Read: >>4796017

>> No.4799014

Belt scrollers aren't a genre. A real genre is beat-em-ups, to name an unrelated and not specific example.

Now, what genre did you mean in your comment?

>> No.4799023

I meant the genre of belt scrollers. Like Streets of Rage or Final Fight. It is a real genre, since there's tons of games in that genre.

>> No.4799025

Animaniacs on SNES is also a belt-scroller, but it's not a beat 'em up.
Likewise, Ninja Warriors is a beat 'em up, but not a belt scroller.

>> No.4799032

Belt scroller refers to any bmup. It's what the genre is officially called.

>> No.4799036

Show me any source calling Ninja Warriors a belt scroller.

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File: 10 KB, 501x90, proof.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>Nintendo has been a first-party priority after the days of the NES and the installbase has pretty much became a circlejerk over it
>Sega is to the 90s game industry as what Doom was to the PC gaming industry
>YouTubers are ruining the interest of retro gaming because people don't experience retro games for the first time in their own perspective, and instead parrot the script that some Internet personality wrote on their lunch hour for the "character that they portray", so therefor the Handbasket of Good and Shit Games is exclusively defined by Internet personalities and not personal experiences
>Nintendo is the Apple of the game industry
>Having to buy a player's guide just to be able to play and complete a game is complete shit

>> No.4799076

What games required guides if you weren't a brainlet?

>> No.4799080

a beat em up can be a side scroller instead of a belt scroller

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Video games have always been mainstream. You are not special for playing them.

>> No.4799154

Nice shoop faggot.

>> No.4799159 [DELETED] 

pls no f-slur pls k thx :-)

>> No.4799278

It's one of the earliest ones I can remember. If there's an older example I'd like to know.

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>> No.4799284

The Wonder Boy games are basically a cutesy Metroid. Also there's an Adventure Time game for 3DS but that's not retro.

>> No.4799286

There's a stage in the first Doom game that's shaped like a hand. That's what it looks like when viewed on the map screen.

>> No.4799290

>I never really was on your side, Chuckie.

>> No.4799291

There are no non-masturbatory reasons to acquire original copies of games. Collecting is for boring wankers 8=W=D

>> No.4799292
File: 358 KB, 1024x768, 1410973013480.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.4799293

There's a handful of games that run like shit on emulators, but other than that I'm inclined to agree.

>> No.4799294
File: 101 KB, 665x960, 1526579027381.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

check out my crt /vr/

>> No.4799298

There's ways to get the same 1s and 0s onto the console without the original media. Are there any worth playing that don't work on something like an EverDrive? Is it just the SuperFX games?

Star Fox is all spectacle and no substance.

>> No.4799306

But /vr/ users have no use for a black and white set, would be too helpless to replace the dried out capacitors anyway, and Fallout 3 isn't retro yet.

>> No.4799335
File: 68 KB, 957x621, 1519686115367.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you use emulators to play old retro games, you aren't a true gamer.

>> No.4799371

My nephew only plays Call of Duty and Minecraft, and refuses to touch retro games because they're "boring and old."

>> No.4799696

The NES library is a pile of garbage.

>> No.4799698

did /vr/ get triggered already?

>> No.4799709

Beat up your nephew for being so narrow-minded.
At least my little brother was cool enough to want to play Rampage after he saw the movie.

>> No.4799730

In case you've been lying under a rock, the SD2SNES supports Super FX since a few months. Still no SA-1 support however.

>> No.4799732

i think theres an underlying need to talk about some games on here since /v/ doesn't tlk gamecube, xbox, or ps2 stuff .

but who am I kidding.
4chan has become a playground of shills and social engineers. .
and thats all it will be now.

>> No.4799734
File: 30 KB, 680x544, 902.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All 2D games are garbage and a waste of time, any game without 3D graphics is old and outdated and not worth playing.

>> No.4800803

Eh, too tryhard.

>> No.4800818

Dustforce is a better game than Umihara Kawase.

>> No.4800923

It isn't, all it has going for it is difficulty, Umihara Kawase has way better mechanics and level design that allows a great degree of freedom

>> No.4801010

I find it impressive that that line actually caught someone, and even got a serious response no less.

I find both games to be solid, though I haven't put enough time in to Umihara to have a comcrete impression of it. Dustforce has been one of my favorites for years now, and I was convinced to try Umihara from some posts that compared the two as similar enough in spirit that a Dustforce player could highly appreciate Umihara Kawase.

>> No.4801601 [DELETED] 

The janitor is triggered when you posit about intimacy with another human, which he will never experience.

>> No.4801603

The janitor gets triggered if you post about intimacy with another human, which he will never experience.

>> No.4801610

Mega Man 1 is the best Mega Man game of them all.

>> No.4801621

The N64 is still a blast to play, and it has a better overall library than the PlayStation, in my opinion.

>> No.4801702


>> No.4801765

I love both games as well actually which is why I replied semi-seriously, though I exagerated it. They have some similarities in that they're stage based abstract platformers that can get quite hard but I think the core appeal is very different. Dustforce is about a tight challenge, you generally play by the developer's rules outside of some dust skips and spike jumps, and advanced mechanics are for the most part about optimizing times and don't alter your route very much. Umihara Kawase is about exploration of mechanics and creativity. Learning the mechanics makes you see the game in a completely different way because combined with the more open level design it allows you to skip a lot of challenges altogether and find your own routes through the levels. The grappling hook is also more dynamic since it uses a simple physics model instead of discrete states like Dustforce. There's so many ways you can swing, and your previous actions drastically alter the possibility space for new ones.

>> No.4802067

Super Mario 64 is a collectathon
Super Mario 64 is not a collectathon.

>> No.4802583

It's a tv, probably 10 years old already. Im a eurofag so you can find scart inputs on almost every tv here, i bought a new 48 inch sony last year that still had a scart input but i think it will be next to impossible to buy a new set with scart in a few years.

>> No.4803374

Pretty easy, I don't even have to make up stuff:

-DKC 3 is the best one in the trilogy
-SotN is the best Castlevania and one of the best games ever
-NiGHTS has no business being one of the most popular Saturn games
-Every single major FPS pre-UT is overrated
-Same goes for fighters prior to 5th gen
-FFVII and MGS are nothing special, they also poineered the AAA trend of making games like bad movies
-Shmups and beat-em-ups are boring, uninspired genres, I really don't get the /vr/ obsession with them
-I'm a Nintendo fag, but the 64 is their worst console
-Sonic games are fundamentally flawed in terms of design, the only reason they got so popular was because they are flashy and "not-Mario"
-People complain that turn-based JRPGs are braindead, but Pokémon usually gets a free pass despite being one of the most egregious examples of that
-Earthbound/Fallout/Elder Scrolls/Deus Ex are all meme games

inb4 underage/e-celeb parroting/reddit//v/ is that way/git gud

>> No.4803380


>> No.4803453

>-DKC 3 is the best one in the trilogy
REEEE you got me in one.

>> No.4803457

gamecube>snes and is the best Nintendo console.
But 6th gen in general is the pinnacle of gaming.

>> No.4803465

Emulation just werkz. Inb4 N64

>> No.4803507

This makes me wish Umihara Kawase, at least the most recent one, had a level editor. I know I've made plenty of use of Dustforce's Atlas site to try neat custom stages. There's even one called "The Forest" that combines all the first area's levels in to one super level.

I can only imagine the shenanigans Umihara fans would get up to with an editor.

>> No.4803524

I don't really get what that's triggering since my favorite arcade games are Metal Slug ones, and I don't really know any mere mortal who can 1CC those.

>> No.4803536

>I'm a Nintendo fag
All you had to post was this.

>> No.4804013

>and I don't really know any mere mortal who can 1CC those
They're on the easier side

>> No.4804038

>and I don't really know any mere mortal who can 1CC those
those that claim 1cc anywhere with zero proof are compulsive liars until proven otherwise. and this should be no surprise to anybody: always ameritards making such claims. what is it with that country and compulsive / habitual lying? i have as much trust in americans as i would letting pedophiles run a day care centre for children.

>> No.4804050

Mainstream popular games are usually the only good games each console has to offer and all of the "hidden gems" are usually not very good, or they're worse versions of a popular game.

>> No.4804053

Metal slug 1, 2 and X are doable. X is the only arcade game I have ever 1cc'd.

>> No.4804064

Castlevania 64 is a good game.

>> No.4804067

Why is this burden of proof only applied to only this and not any other way to beat games?

>> No.4804164

and let me guess, the only thing that qualifies as proof to you is getting a 1cc in front of your eyes because anything else is obviously fake because something something Billy Bitchell?

>> No.4804195
File: 288 KB, 660x594, sonic 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The new runahead feature in RetroArch makes original hardware obsolete.


>> No.4804217

Everything people say about JRPGs can be applied to sacred cow Western point-and-clicks like LucasArts games or Myst, but nobody bashes those for not having epic breakneck gameplay or too much text.

>but point-and-clicks require thinking!
Or you can just click on everything on a screen until you reach a solution. Like how in JRPGs you can grind or you can just play smart.

And don't get me started on WRPGs. When people say WRPGs they mean a small handful of really late games like BD, Fallout and Morrowind. Earlier WRPGs like Gold Box games, M&M and its spiritual successors were brainless grindfests to an even greater extent than JRPGs.

>> No.4804219

this but unironically

>> No.4804232

The only things that bother me about this post is the absence of decent speakers with dedicated woofer and tweeters to fully appreciate Toby's fantastic soundtrack, and the ionizing radiation from that cancer ray tube.

It's mostly only the pedo janitor who gets upset by the rest.

>> No.4804273

/v/ here

>> No.4805339
File: 132 KB, 616x223, 1403539574765.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Belt-scrolling beat 'em ups are boring
>Space Harrier is more fun than Star Fox and later rail shooters
>Columns is better than Tetris
>The fifth generation was mostly a step backward for console games (but was the golden years of PC gaymen); the Gamecube was a more fun console overall than the Nintendo 64
>The NES is possibly the greatest console ever made
>Old-school game music doesn't get much better than FM synth tunes from someone who actually knows what they're doing
>SID music is overrated
>The Playstation lacks the charm that Nintendo and Sega consoles had
>I like Raiden Trad
>Super Mario World is better than Super Mario Bros. 3, even if it is way too easy
>RPGs are only really good for the music
>Newer FPS games like Cowadooty can be fun enough, and you're not hardcore or edgy for ripping on them
>1CC-obsessed arcade fanatics are insufferable spergs
>Emulating games is fine, even if it isn't for me
>Save states are fine for practicing with
>Owning a flash cart for each system you own along with a few nostalgic favorites is preferable to owning a huge collection of games you'll probably never even touch
>The best games are ones you can just pick up, play, and be done with quickly, rather than ones that are more story-heavy or have more drawn-out gameplay

>> No.4805660

Play Double Dragon 1 and just spam the elbow attack. You can 1CC it on your first try no problem.

>> No.4805771

>The best games are ones you can just pick up, play, and be done with quickly, rather than ones that are more story-heavy or have more drawn-out gameplay
Isn't this what /vr/ actually thinks, though? That doesn't seem to be a controversial idea in the least.

>Columns is better than Tetris
Say that to my face and not online!

>> No.4805872

>Isn't this what /vr/ actually thinks, though? That doesn't seem to be a controversial idea in the least.
I wouldn't say so. I was even thinking of games like Zelda for the latter category, with its puzzles and all its wandering around.

>> No.4805879
File: 51 KB, 609x308, 98259252768.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you know you are objectively wrong about this right

>> No.4805882

>I have never 1CC'd an arcade game, and most likely never will.
So? Arcade games are literally designed to fuck you for the money. If you want to trigger /vr/, go for something like 16:9 stretching or something.

>> No.4805890

The real trigger here is that his SNES's cart slot doesn't match in color to the rest of the system..

>> No.4805925
File: 35 KB, 304x300, DchJwqOV4AEjPMo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4805928

My favorite 5th gen console is good.

>> No.4805932

Yeah I tried to give it a retrobrite treatment, but I fucked up and it turned out uneven.

>> No.4806004

I never finish Chrono trigger .
And I think Toriyama design isn't suitable with time travel game .

>> No.4806530

I collect games.
Typically with each new acquisition I'll play it once for about 10 minutes, and then put it on my shelf where it where remain forevermore.

>> No.4806573


>> No.4806575

Damn thats sad. i collect games for numerous consoles, but i sell em if yhey suck; unless its an ngage game!

>> No.4806598
File: 121 KB, 1366x768, Sorry.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.4806610

Playing with savestates is savescumming. Ability to save at will killed PC game design.
The only good games are those which are broken in clearly defined segments and whose gameplay is centered on mechanical repitition.

>> No.4806614

Fuck off with this falseflag crap

>> No.4806626

>muh falseflag
Fuck off with this schizophrenic crap.

>> No.4806630

He's making fun of arguments made in some other threads right now

>> No.4806657

I do have a VB, two of them, and a flash cart as well. Virtual Boy Wario Land is good, but the hype it receives is way bigger than the game actually merits. Yes, the game is pretty good. Yes, the graphics, music, atmosphere are good. The controls are good and so are the power-ups. That doesn't excuse that the game is incredibly short and has exploration only impressive when compared to the original or to 4.

Frankly, I'm tired of people selling this game as the best one in the series or as the best one on the VB. I would definitely recommend other games, like Mario Clash or Galactic Pinball, over something that is really only middle of the road for its own series. And I would definitely rate 2 and 3 over it (and even shake it, that ungodly slog).

I'll go further and say that the people who sing this game's praises up and down are just full of it. Yes it is a good game, however, it is not the best Wario game. It is not the best VB game. I maintain people who say otherwise fall into one of a few camps:

1) people who have never played a real VB with a real controller or whom otherwise have only played Wario land, and thus don't understand the other games and how they were built around the unique controller (Wario land is an exception where the controller isn't that integral to the experience)

2) people who assert it is the best because, above all else, it is probably the one that the least people have actually played, and thus it is easy to lord over others as a "rare gem" that must be played when it's really just a good game that's tough to actually get (see also, any japan-only game which moon speakers hold over others as the most amazing entry in the series, almost entirely because the othwr western fans can't play it), or

3) bandwagon riders who have no ability or desire to form their own opinions, and just parrot what everyone else says.

>> No.4806674

>Ability to save at will killed PC game design.
There are two people who completed XCOM. Savescummers and fucking liars.

>> No.4806682

Also this is a reference to a specific episode of ed edd n eddy which uses a shadow hand puppet gag. I don't remember which episode but the joke is similar. Also the heads of the characters are replaced with (I think) the map creators for doom 1 and 2.

>> No.4807291
File: 144 KB, 1166x661, Quality PC port.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.4808039
File: 51 KB, 657x527, 1526057788718.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I still think Sonic Adventure is a decent game

>> No.4808041
File: 35 KB, 234x305, 1524117643323.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what le fuck

>> No.4808131

What really makes this image is the "emojis not supported" part imo

>> No.4808304
File: 46 KB, 400x300, bitmrap.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4808992
File: 80 KB, 500x501, 317.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4809040

Well yeah. 3 is garbage

>> No.4809056

when I emulate I like to stretch everything to the full edges of my widescreen so I feel like I'm seeing it best and taking full advtantage of my tv's resolution.

>pixels when you could be using hd textures
I'll shiggity diggity show myself out.

>> No.4809060

Marvel vs. Capcom is Mega Man's best design, and Mega Man 8 is good.

>> No.4809061

It's a perfectly fine design. Battle Network is when Mega Man was at his worst.

>> No.4809098

To be fair, you need to use brains to get through low levels in M&M. Else you'll just die over and over again.
Pretty much the same in Goldbox since muh AD&D2 system isn't really in favour of players early on.
You also didn't touch Wizardry and EoB style RPGs.

>> No.4809312

This thread is fun and all, but have you played DUAL ORB II? It's the best game ever.

>> No.4809314
File: 6 KB, 377x330, 1407746157605.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

CRT's are more cumbersome than they're worth and have rightly been replaced.

>> No.4809326

When it comes to PC monitors, I wholly agree.

>> No.4809579

1. socks the cat
2. i'm lazy and just use cheats now. not dying when you run face first into an enemy doesn't break up the flow as badly as savestates and isn't as tedious as going back and doing it again. (though tbf this only applies for games i don't play often. for some few others i'm actually good at them and don't need to bother.)

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