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What are some celebrities that are heavily into /vr/ stuff?
Starting with Mana, he's been a hardcore retro gamer since before "retro gaming" was cool.
He also has weird taste, 3DO is one of his all time favorite systems.

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That shit screams "poser"

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I know, it's the impression you'd get if you didn't know Mana.
But he's not a poser, he's actually a weirdo.

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No, he's a weirdo, that's obvious. But the 3DO lol just seems like "LOOK AT ME I'M SO HIPSTER"

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Yeah it's weird, but then again, the 3DO was super nice when it came out in 1993. He probably got it right at release and has fond memories of it.
I'll try to see if I can find his favorite game list.
I remember his favorite games were equally weird/unpopular (not just 3DO but in general).
I mean, he was into all this stuff before "retro games" were a cool thing people wanted to pose for. Also, he doesn't really need to pose much because anyway he's got his own fans that come from the fashion and music world. The vidya just seems to be a real hobby he has.

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You never heard of malice mizer?
Yep, Mana is a guy

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shemales are hot , i want to fuck mana

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I'm afraid he's actually not into men. Actually the reason he dresses as a girl is because he likes girly girls so much, he actually became the little girl.

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3DO was big in japan kiddo

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That some Visual Kei (read: gay) shit?

Just like in my animu.

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>read: gay
I mean, yeah they look faggy as shit, but they probably fucked more girls than we will ever be able to grasp.
The actual gay guys in visual kei are very few.

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