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>saturn can't do transparency

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and your point is?

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Who are you quoting?

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Both VDPs can. VDP1 just spits out the image 6 times slower than if a simple mesh command is used

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Just use an emulation shader bro

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As convincing as it looks when you blur the shit out of the image, you're limited to 50% transparency. Fading in and out isn't possible with that technique.

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People haven't cared about this in over 20 years

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this is cool

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DBZ Legends could affort a nice comparison.

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I thought that was a large black man' s hand and this was a blacked.com edit.

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Why is it said that the Saturn wasn't a turn 3D system? I understand how older tile-based systems worked. I understand how 3D computer graphics work. I don't understand how you could have the games the Saturn did, and not call it 3D. Was there a great deal of hacking to get it to work? Or did it just not have hardware suitable for accelerating rich 3d scenes?

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shit tier console flopped hard, once again proving genesis was a flash in the pan, and sega had no idea to design and market a successful system

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I think it's just one of those console war memes that took a kernal of truth and exaggerated/distorted it. Like PS3 has no games, when it fact it actually means the PS3 lacking popular exclusives early on in its lifespan.

In the Saturn's case I think the kernel of truth it's distorting is the fact it's a pain in the ass to develop 3D games on relative to the competition.

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holy shit I always thought that dbz game was garbage. But it looks awesome on saturn.

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they sure made up for it with dreamcast
powervr is king of transparencies with its order-independent transparency.

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>being this upset SEGA was the first company to dethrone the corrupt Nintendo tyrant

Fanboys, when will they learn?

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Ah yes, this is the game they released in PAL land, but only in French and Portuguese. And just as Dragon Ball Z was incredibly popular with kids on Cartoon Network too. Sega sure knew how to run a business.

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I'm pretty sure I've read devlopers describe it that way.

Anyway, for a tile based system, 3D and bitmaps are difficult to do because they don't work with the underlying tile and palette framework efficiently. You really have to go to great lengths to get 3D running on something like a Genesis.

3D systems typically have a frame buffer and hardware used to draw into the buffer efficiently. Does the Saturn have such features?

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>I thought that was a large black man' s hand and this was a blacked.com edit.
This is how you know you've spent too much time on r/cuckold

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transparencies are comfy

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That's not the point retard.

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Saturn was initially being developed as a 2D system. They added 3D support at the last second without proper polish.

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The Saturns way of doing 3D is super-super weird. It works completely different then the usual polygonal triangles and instead uses quads with sprite distortion to draw 3D stuff. Of course devs had to do this since 3D on the Saturn was just an afterthought and they were forcing the 2D hardware to do things it wasn't designed for in the first place.


Making 3D games for the system indeed must've been a real pain in the ass.

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Even if Sega tried I doubt Toei would've allowed them to release a game that went way beyond where DBZ was currently at on television in America. Hell I'm pretty sure that's part of the reason why Final Bout didn't get a reprint for a long time.

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>release a game that went way beyond where DBZ was currently at on television in America.
Isn't that exactly what happened in other regions though.

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Triangles were commonly used in games because the maths for polygon rasterisation only works on convex polygons and it's impossible to make a concave triangle. 3D modelling to this day uses quads as the generic display/editable primitive. The saturn using quads wasn't a big problem.

The big problem was things like not being able to specify arbitrary UV coords for texturing, not having a real way to blend per vertex colouring with textures, etc.

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I don't really know what episodes of DBZ aired and when in other regions. Just know America didn't start getting a decent number of DBZ games until around the Buu saga began to air and that's more than likely because Toei didn't want us knowing what's gonna happen next.

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Hi, Doremi poster.

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woo yeah

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>I doubt Toei would've allowed them to release a game that went way beyond where DBZ was currently at on television in America.

My cousin had the official VHS set that was an entire saga ahead of what was airing on cartoon network. We had the entire android saga before the freiza saga was finished on TV. Toei was also selling merchandise from the Buu saga when CN was only on the android saga.

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this is completely untrue. stop parroting lies and read a book

OP, saturn can do transparency in software, not hardware. this is what people mean when they say it "can't" do them

ps1 on the other hand could do hw transparency just fine