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would you have bought this game in 1997?

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Did the N64 even have a proper arcade stick released for it?

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Flying Dragon was better goofier fun.

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Not very many of them, but if this game had been released I'm sure Hori would have made a proper arcade stick for the system.

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deffo but the ps1 and saturn versions would of been vastly better

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No because it wouldn't be arcade perfect. I would opt to buy the Sega Saturn version or Dreamcast version.

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Saturn yes, PS1 don't think so.

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Saturn yes, PlayStation not even close. The PlayStation version didn't have tag team play and had lots of missing frames.

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It would have been very close to arcade perfect. The N64 has all the hardware requirements, it would just be a matter of writing some new code to allow the N64 to draw the game's tiles as textured polygons instead of real tiles.

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I had 2 that had a stick you could screw into either the analog stick or d pad portion.

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was it crap?

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I thought so, but I never played an arcade oriented game on the n64. I thought it might help for star fox or wave race but it didn't. They were very responsive though.

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Absolutely I would have, and MSH vs SF and MvC if they released all 3 on N64

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No. By that point I was sick to death of fighters. Last one I got was MK3 on the PS1.

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>Close to arcade perfect

Ummm, no. The arcade game video resolution is higher and also the sound and voices would either have to be downsampled or partially cut. And I'm just assuming every sprite and tile somehow fits on a N64 cart, which of course we know is impossible.

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No one gave a shit about arcade perfect back in 1997. Alex Valle probably played SSF2 on the SNES and Alpha on the PSX when he couldn't get to the arcade and had some good times.

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>assuming every sprite and tile somehow fits on a N64 cart, which of course we know is impossible.

You realize they ported Resident Evil 2 to the N64 right? Nothing is impossible, everything is permitted

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I bet they could have fit the arcade game on an N64 cartridge. The MAME arcade ROM is about 20MB. They could have probably slipped the game into a 24-32MB cartridge. Though the game probably would work best with the 4MB RAM pack.

I probably would have purchased it for the novelty. I bought RE2 on the N64. It would probably suck being played with the N64 controller, though.

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RE2 is mostly polygons. In fact some of the prerendered backgrounds were replaced with real time 3d models in the N64 version to save space. Sprites are the bane of the N64.

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>The arcade game video resolution is higher
No, it isn't. N64 supports 384x288 and 640x480, and likely whatever other modeline you program. 384x224 would not be a problem.

N64 carts were up to 512 megabits in size, which translates to 64 megabytes. X-men vs Street Fighter will easily fit in this space. However, it would make for an expensive game, and would probably cost $80 in 1997.

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>Alex Valle probably played SSF2 on the SNES and Alpha on the PSX
Where'd you get the information? Straight out of your own ass?

Valle and every other great player of the time played on a supergun at home.

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It hurts to live.

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Nah I had RPG fever back then. The N64 pissed me off during that time. I didn't get into fighting games until 2005

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I did buy the Saturn version in 1997

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Wasn't born yet so no.
>inb4 underaged
I'm 19.

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>2D fighting game on N64, with the trihorns

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Absolutely nothing about this makes sense

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There were fighting games on the N64. Just none of them were good. Mediocre at best.

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No I mean nothing about its design and appearance makes any sense

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What's wrong with it? The button placement is pretty much how most fighting games had them on the console from what I remember. You obviously can't have a z-trigger on the bottom so placing it on the far right is the best you're gonna get and having optional d-pad support is nice since some N64 games are d-pad only.

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N64 would have been great for this kind of game since it has six buttons on the face of the controller, and a good d-pad.

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>sf2 level animations, lower than ps1
>1v1 without ram cart
>2v2 with ram cart

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The expansion pak didn't exist until 1999, so I'll guess it would be a really choppy port of the game.
I think at best the n64 would have got a port of Alpha 3 that woud be like the GBA version in terms of quality or SFEX2+ with worse audio.

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Do you know anything at all about these systems you're talking about?

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Well, they put Alpha 2 on the SNES. Can't be any worse than that.

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it wouldn't require the RAM cart. The N64 already had almost as much RAM as the Saturn did with its expansion cart. Both of them have more than the CPS2. With the cartridge format loading would be extremely fast.

So expansion pack wouldn't be necessary at all.

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N64 would have an even easier time with SFA3 than it would with XMVSF. Alpha 3 on N64 would be arcade perfect.

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It would come down to who's making the port, but since it's CAPCOM (who made miracles like alpha 2 on snes, capcom vs snk on ps1 and sfiv and re5 on 3ds).

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Yes, without hesitation. I didn't have a Saturn and had to settle for the PlayStation port.

The N64 would have no issue running the game. I would assume going by trends of the time it would be some kind of "enhanced" port like Killer Instinct Gold that puts its own spin on the game. The backgrounds might implement some extra 3d effects since it's the N64 in 1997 and that would be something Nintendo would push for.

The N64's specs are very different from the CPS2, but it is actually quite a lot more powerful than the arcade board. Getting this game to run on it would be a big job and require rewriting large amounts of code. But it could be done.

Consider you can emulate CPS1 games on 120mhz Pentium 1 CPU at full speed. The N64 CPU runs at 93mhz and is of a more advanced design in several other ways. And it has an actual GPU available as well.

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>Sprites are the bane of the N64.
Is this really true?

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Even on PSX you find awesome 2D games.
2D fighting games require more power than platform or adventure.

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Are you claiming the PS has more power than the N64?
Pic related is a 2D fighting game by Konami. Sure, the sprites are simple, but count how many frames are there. And that's just 1 character.

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i wished there were more 2d only games for n64. towards the end of the 90s / early 00s i was sick to death of 3d everything. same-ol stuff over and over again.

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>theres people here that unironically calls THIS a 6-button controller

I cant literally write how fucking disgusting the c-buttons on the N64 controller are. They are small, they are positioned too close to each other, they arent the same size as the A-B buttons and they were stiff as shit (probably designed to work only for menus).

Only a complete and obtuse retard would like to play a fighting game with one of these. And sometimes im happy that the N64 and the GC flopped in comparison to the competition, so the asshole who kept making the designs of the controllers of these consoles probably got fired, because it was CLEARLY established since the SNES that the only good design for the buttons on the right side of your controller is a diamond with buttons of the same size, and on arcade sticks you can use 6 using the same rules.

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Those are fine though. Unless you have sausage fingers, but if that's the case, every controller pad's going to feel bad to you.
Sega Saturn's XYZ buttons are also smaller than ABC, that doesn't stop it from being the best controller ever made.

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Stiff? really?
Mine feel fine. I'd agree about them being too close to each other, but... I don't even know if that's a bad thing.
As for the size thing, >>4782731 is right, Saturn also did this, and nobody complains about it.
Anyway, anon, yeah, that's a 6 button controller, like it or not.

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>The dirt between the buttons seriously rustle my jimmies
Why i'm so autistic?

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I would've rented it from blockbuster

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I played Killer Instinct and Mortal Kombat Trilogy with that and never had a problem.

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Don't forget the obvious RE2 on N64. Capcom really works wonders sometimes.

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If I remember correctly, Factor 5 worked on RE2, they were the german wizards that made some other impressive N64 games like Rogue Squadron and Indiana Jones. Factor 5 technology was also used in Pokemon Stadium, for audio I think.

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Who are the retards doubting this would be arcade perfect. It ran on cps2 which used old as fuck hardware like the 68000 it would have no problem like yah I understand different hardware but I'm sure the 64 is more than powerful enough to handle what was essential just slightly upgraded hardware from the 80s

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>I'm sure the 64 is more than powerful enough
>with no proof at all
Some of you willl never understand how 2D work

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Let's see how knowledgeable you are. Explain how the N64 isn't powerful for 2D.

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3d takes way more raw horsepower. I'm sorry but xmen vs street fighter is on street fighter 2 hardware also you have a 64 bit address bus to work with so you could get a lot more calculations done in one cycle

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Fucking hard knock down, the game

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>3d takes way more raw horsepower
Yeah? So why PSX can't do good 2D fighting games like Saturn?

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Not him, but the PS is not really a powerful machine, either 3D or 2D. It's fairly capable for a machine released in 1994, though, but way less powerful than N64, or Saturn at 2D.
The main attractive feature PS had was its video codec, which allowed for fairly good quality FMVs, whereas Saturn needed a special module for it, and N64 lacked.

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Yeah, but RE2 was ported by Angel Studio, not capcom themselves.

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>3d takes way more raw horsepower. I'm sorry but xmen vs street fighter is on street fighter 2 hardware also you have a 64 bit address bus to work with so you could get a lot more calculations done in one cycle

One of my concerns would be the N64's low texture cache size. But since the N64 does use cartridges, it would be possible to work around the small texture cache issue. Assuming the game doesn't use compression algorithms.

But generally, I don't see why the N64 would not be capable of a game like XMen Vs Street Fighter? The N64 isn't really designed for 2D games at all as it was developed by MIPPS using most of the same hardware found in their Silicone Graphics workstations. I am thinking that the sprites would just be textured to flat 2D polygons.

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Anything born after 1995 is eternal underage

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One of my concerns would be the N64's low texture cache size. But since the N64 does use cartridges, it would be possible to work around the small texture cache issue. Assuming the game doesn't use compression algorithms.

But generally, I don't see why the N64 would not be capable of a game like XMen Vs Street Fighter? The N64 isn't really designed for 2D games at all. It was developed by MIPPS using most of the same hardware found in Silicon Graphics workstations. The N64 practically is a low-cost mini SGI machine. I am thinking that the sprites would just be textured to flat 2D polygons.

>Yeah, but RE2 was ported by Angel Studio, not capcom themselves.

Angel Studios went on to do some big things. They are Rockstar San Diego now.

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Uh huh uh huh uh huuuuuuuuuuh NOT!

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I was born in '93. What does that make me?

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A millennial larper

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desu no. looks like boring normie shit without much of a narrative.

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lol what n64 + 4mb ram cart + 64mb cartridge would destroy saturn

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>And I'm just assuming every sprite and tile somehow fits on a N64 cart, which of course we know is impossible.

lol. The arcade rom is only 16mb. Same size as banjo kazooie.

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Also no, it would be fucking awful to play with the N64 controller.

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um what. The n64 controller what be perfect.

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A real human bean

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It isn't really true, no. The N64 doesn't have dedicated hardware for 2d graphics, but it is much, much more powerful than any other console of the time. Early 32bit systems like the 32x and 3dO bottleneck and can't do smooth scaling at 60 fps, but the N64 is several times more powerful than them.

It still isn't designed for it though, so I doubt it would be able to do better than the Saturn, despite being an overall more powerful system. The Saturn has dedicated hardware.

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>MK Trilogy literally had to cut frames on characters just to get all the content on it

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And yet, it's the only version that allows 3 vs 3 fights and doesn't have loading times for shang tsung's transformations.

>> No.4786198

Meant to add that there's no way something actually decent looking could work on the N64

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What's with the N64 anon? Your high school crush was dating a N64 owner?

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I would shit my pants and go "goo-goo!"

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>Suzaku/MMX mix is gone from internets

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I need to see a better source on this claim. It seems like it has been going in circles on the internet with people referencing the wiki which itself only referencing one throwaway reference to Shao Kahn's morph animation from an issue of EGM in 1997. And the same person claims the N64's sprites are larger than the PlayStation version (they're the same size, just 224 lines vs 240 lines drawn on screen and N64 adding bilinear filtering)

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>Shao Kahn'
*Shang Tsung
mixing up my MK bosses

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The last of '94. Makes you a year older than me. But still retro games are timeless and still enjoyable.

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Best example is 1:14. N64 Sonya is choppy as FUCK. 1:40 Nightwolf is another good example

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If he did he certainly wasn't you, nintoddler virgin.

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Whoa whoa there Killer Instinct Gold is great

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Get out

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Okay, that is better. The PS1 version does in fact have more frames in their standing animations and probably other animations.

But why is the next question. Because I firmly believe the N64 has more than enough space t hold all of the animation from the arcade releases.

Based on how obviously rushed the game was going off of that video I can only speculate. Maybe there was some directive from on high to cut all the characters to some minimum number of animation frames to be converted from arcade to N64 as a means to speed up development. Maybe there was a technical side of things during the port that caused all the characters to have the same number of frames of animation, thus causing some to lose more than others. Maybe Nintendo issued an edict there was to be NO loading visible at all and even though the N64 had enough memory for the game it would have resulted in a visible loading screen. Maybe it was a side effect of the demand for 3 vs 3 combat.

I believe if this game had been ported properly it could have been much better. And I believe UMK3 could have been ported in arcade-perfect form.

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What's this?

>> No.4787994

>i believe
Sprites and polygons are different things, i believe you don't undestand this

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the ps1 rom is 70mb

>> No.4788006

>No one gave a shit about arcade perfect back in 1997.

Pffffffft. Bullshit, kid. We gave a fuck.

>> No.4788009


Alot of people cry over the cancellation of HD MK but really I wish we'd get a COMPLETE MK Trilogy on a modern platform with no cut frames, a full roster of all 3 original games, fatalities for the bosses, the whole nine yards. Every port sacrificed something back in the day that existed in another.

>> No.4788012

dos mk trilogy

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Holy shit you're mad lol

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>No one gave a shit about arcade perfect back in 1997

>> No.4788070

He's right. Know why? No-one really cared about arcades in 97

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Weren't there some releases in the fourth and fifth generations? I seem to recall some of the older games being unlockable, and some games being released for PSN and Xbox live.

>> No.4788183

Yeah, they did.

>> No.4788190

Id pay for it now. It probably would have run better than the ps1.

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>No-one really cared about arcades in 97
What an absolutely idiotic comment. The whole era of fighting games from that time period is full of reviews where the writer mentions what was cut from the arcade version. It was more important in those years when the consoles could almost-but-not-quite be the same as the arcade game, compared to the early 90s when the SNES and Genesis ports were completely different games from the arcade version that were made to look and play like the arcade, but with massive downgrades.

On the 3d front you had reviews that stressed the accuracy of the home ports of Tekken and Virtua Fighter being much better than was expected in the past.

>inb4 no one cared about that because no one read gaming magazines
Just because you were a clueless casualfag, a literal 5 year old, or from some 3rd world shithole doesn't mean everyone else was. If you played video games at all seriously in the 90s you kept up with the news.

>> No.4788214


But I wanted to see what FF7 was going to be before what we got. You know, the really old screenshots of a 2D game on a slightly isometric perspective that looked similar to other late SNES RPGs.

>> No.4788259

>Fighting Games

U wot m8?

>> No.4788264

Mortal Kombat 4 on N64 is a really good port.

but you'd have to like Mortal Kombat 4 to appreciate it

>> No.4788273

Yes, I would have, and I believe it was a massive blunder by Capcom and Nintendo to not release this game and other 2d fighting games for the N64. The user base for the N64 and PlayStation had some cross-over, but there were also masses of young men who only owned an N64. These same young men would go on to play games like Goldeneye, Mario Kart 64, and the original Super Smash Bros. at get togethers and sleep-overs. I believe if this game had been released it would have been played on those occasions and led to a much greater cultural impact from the game.

>> No.4788278

That's the whole premise of this thread, m8. What could have been.

>> No.4789053

Make me.

>> No.4789056

I totally forgot about Gold.

>> No.4789075

I first played Golden Axe Revenge of Death Adder and D&D Tower of Doom in 97. You couldn't get any experience like either of those on home consoles at the time.

>> No.4789079

I wouldn't have bought Xmen Vs Street Fighter on the 64, I would have bought Marvel Vs Capcom,Vampire Savior and Zero 3 though. It's not that it's a bad game, it's that MvC does the arcade action better and Zero 3 is the best Street Fighter of all time.

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this desu

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Marvel vs Capcom is still active online.
Theres a complete community with new players every day and veterans, with its own memes and myths and ancient feuds
Most are from USA, then Argentina Mexico Brasil and even some from Europe.
Game is as smooth as offline up to 200ms ping.
Its called Fightcade and theres a MASSIVE player count on KOF games.
The game is half the fun, the other is the chat.
Beware its cancerous as fuck too but u can easily block trolls, I had memorable times with the community over the years, I dont even want to think if it gets closed desu.
A lot of newbies are overwelmed at the world level skill of some players, but a lot train to the point where they become stable members and its hilarious just to be there.

>> No.4790041

*Its not Kaillera, that was super delayed.
And its the arcade version.
Im from Argentina and I can play perfectly smooth even with canadians (of course not everyone has optimal connections sometimes, but its more than playable)
*theres Marvel vs Street Fighter, xmen, all of the fighting games actually, but some with less players.
Damn God bless Fightcade, and its completely free, u only need to download the roms.

>> No.4790073

>Most are from brazil


>> No.4790076

Hablá bien, gil.

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? I guess you play KOF, in mvc majority is from USA
Para que queres chuparle la pija a los yankis? Si para ellos hablamos "mexican", y hablan como el culo, pareces un mexicano rogando atencion y aceptacion de los yanquis, tristisimo.

>> No.4790143

para los amerifats somos un poco mas que mierda y saltas llorando que respete su idioma?
pondria un meme de cucked pero ni vale la pena

>> No.4790164

Pará, samefag.
>meme de cucked
Y después te jactás de que los amerifats no te lavaron el cerebro, terrible goy.
No importa qué idioma sea, hablalo/escribilo bien. Tipeando como un mono de mierda mas vale que nos van a tildar a todos de sudacas ígnaros.

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>me importa lo que piense un neet de amerilandia

>> No.4790185

>Todos los que hablan inglés son yankis

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>se hablar ingles, no desprecien el idioma, es muy importante para mi!! onions especial! Respeten el ingles!!!!

>> No.4790198

>desprecien el idioma
No es por despreciar o respetar el idioma. Pero bueno, te falta crecer y madurar, choricito.

>> No.4790204

hablo porteño, indigena no sé :(
(no te calentes capo, anda a taringa sino, aca se habla de videojuegos retro, no arruines el thread, estas a tiempo)

>> No.4790209

that was a keyword to see if you were from a certain place. You aren't
Yeah, whatever. I'm not angry, but you're right, enough offtopic shit.
What games do you play on fightcade?

>> No.4790220

Marvel vs Capcom
this a ranking some dude did
the "oh nono" dude is a cancerous troll aussie, he even sent a letter to his arch nemesis uni in england to screw him up.
Luckily nothing happened.

>> No.4790231

Huh, interesting. Are you in the ranking?

>> No.4790239

el maestruli se reiria

>> No.4790248

yes, im pretty good actually
the top 3 are literally unbeatable, and im waaay way better than really good players, the top ones are literally insanely skilled, when they play eachother the match sapectators gather like ants to see.
(you can join matches
to see them in real time)
ayer me meti a T! pero es patetico ya, en su momento era trmendo

>> No.4790350

That's nice but has nothing to with this thread.

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File: 205 KB, 388x490, 1523150786022.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sadly I dont care at all, just found an oportunity to comment on that on a thread readed by ppl into fighting games.
Feel free to delete that comment ;)

>> No.4790431

Who do you main?
>en su momento era trmendo
The only useful thing that place had was when Megaupload was a thing and Taringa served as a hub to find MU links. Literally the only times I visited that site was when I searched some file on google and it retrieved me with taringa results.

>> No.4790450

My mains:
gold war machine

Lo mejor d taringa era el crapeo, me acuerdo q copiaba y pegaba paredes de texto de otros posts, y hacia la letra miniscula y casi blanca, los comentarios eran una risa

>> No.4790574

War Machine is my guy too.
>Lo mejor d taringa era el crapeo, me acuerdo q copiaba y pegaba paredes de texto de otros posts, y hacia la letra miniscula y casi blanca, los comentarios eran una risa
Ese tipo de boludeces las hacía yo en foros allá por el año 2000. Debés ser unos cuantos años mas chico que yo. A taringa la registro como "esa pagina de donde sacaba links de MU", ni idea que es "crapeo", supongo que es shitposteo.

>> No.4790997

claro shitposteo, era bastante cancer pero te cagabas de risa, era spam de pseudo memes de herni y varias yerbas, ahora es casi irreconocible :/

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no lo soñeeeeieeeeeeeee

>> No.4792870,1 [INTERNAL] 

My lewd reaction: venus futa elf