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Recommend me some Sega CD and 32x games.

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Kolibri is the only good 32x game

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This sounds like a request rather than a basis for actually discussing.
I see you just found out about this game from the ecco thread too?

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sniggity snatchity

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Batman Returns, Snatcher & Sonic CD for Sega CD. Kolibri and Star Wars Arcade for 32X.

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Popful Mail and Keio Flying Squadron for CD

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Shadow squadron

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Also, metal head and t-mek

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Popful Mail, Snatcher, Lunar II, Final Fight, Shining Force CD, Lords of Thunder, Dark Wizard, Android Assault, Robo Aleste, Rise of the Dragon, Space Adventure Cobra

Shadow Squadron, Blackthorne, Space Harrier

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Terminator CD

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Soul Star

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Virtua Fighter multiplayer is fun when both players are skilled

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32X: Knuckles Chaotix

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mega cd? snatcher,sonic cd,time gal and road avenger,sewer shark also AND NIGHT TRAP

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Listen to this anon, these are good choices.

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Do you like RPGs?

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Virtua Racing is still one of my favorite titles. 32x version is quite impressive.

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all the best shit is ports, and you should play those elsewhere (barring Virtua Racing, where it's probably the best port, and MAME is still a bit glitchy with VR)
dunno about the Sega CD

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Afterburner & Space Harrier 32x.

The 32x are the only decent ports of those games.

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we have to recommend you 32x games? theres like, only 32 of them total.

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Thanks but I can't take credit.

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Yes. This game purely because of its style.

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>purely because of its style

It has fuck all else to recommend it, including decent music ironically enough.

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The Saturn ports would like to have a word with you. 32x versions are still good though, just half the frame rate.

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34 not counting the things I'm not counting

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