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Which games do you think need to be retranslated?

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None, what a waste of time, translate some games we didn't had instead

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Vagrant Story

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WA2 doesn't need to be retranslated, it just needs an editor. The translation is fine, but since they rushed it out and half-assed the editing it still reads poorly. The bad translation meme is just because of Liz and Ard's nonsensical rants due to them being aliens. The translator did her job, she just did it all pretty literally and nobody put any effort into properly localizing it into more natural sounding English.

If I had the time and knew enough about hacking ps1 games I'd give a retranslation attempt a shot but that's all beyond me. Wild Arms 1 also could do with a good once-over to fix it's translation issues.

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The translator is a dude, where are you getting 'she' from?

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From my feels

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Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia and Terranigma would be nice, they come off as a bit stilted and the religious stuff is obviously censored. The IoG cast have entirely different names even. Terranigma with a nice font and all the trimmings would be lovely. While we're at the Quintet, Robotrek needs to be allowed to be the cute and wacky rpg it is instead of a poorly translated mess.

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Because that's just the gender I assume it is when I don't know the actual person who did it. Not that it's relevant.

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Yeah. I ain't gonna say a lot of these games couldn't have been done better, but Id rather see a game I haven't played yet. There's a lot of rpgs that are still Japane only.

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It was translated by a dude so fuck off with that shit.

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>DiD YoU jUsT AsSuMe XeR GeNdEr???

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Sorry to offend you, xer. My points remain regardless of pronoun anyway.

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None. None of them should have been translated to begin with. Monolingual mongoloids don't deserve to play moon master race games.

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>Monolingual mongoloids

So japanese people cant play their own games? Or does pigeon english count as knowing a second language?

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I've been to Japan many times and never heard a pigeon speaking English so I couldn't say. But in retrospect monolingual isn't the correct term. The pidgins that most Amerifats speak aren't even languages so they're not even monolingual.

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But David-kun, Japanese are mongoloids. If you're going to shitpost at least do some research for the right terms.

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Japanese were actually black before they were white washed by history books

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I did some research. Apparently some tards tell others to do research without doing research themselves. By definition everything the write it a shitpost.

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5 points from Griffindore

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Why are you getting so assblasted that your daddy won't fuck you anymore, David-kun?

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You sound very triggered about this David-kun thing. What's the story?

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