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why are europeans obsessed with making shitty shmups? I mean they have to know by now that they suck at making them right?

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>people can only do the things they're good at
By that logic, Americans wouldn't be a allowed to make any post but here you are.

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are you implying you have to be good at posting to post here?

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There's a few decent Euro-style shmups, although the one I meant to use as an example was developed by an American company.

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I played through Last Hope Pink Bullets and really hated it, but then I played Re:Dux and thought it was alright. Haven't played Sturmwind.

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>yuro automatically assumes burger
anglos are funny

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This game is really cool, has the weapon system from Axelay, a bomb and there's no health bar. What didn't you like about it?

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Akshully Sturmwind plays nothing like an Euroshmup, there's no ingame shop, no inertia, no life bars, no silly gimmicks. It's just a solid horizontal shmup with the weapons system from Axelay, if you take a hit you lose a weapon instead of losing a life. There's a Normal mode that autosaves and lets you start from any checkpoint and an Arcade mode that makes you play through the entire game one sitting.

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Hey it's the mecha from Stage 2 from Axelay

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Daily reminder that the soundtrack is available in highest quality from bandcamp for free.
Truly great game.

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