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this turned out to be a pretty exciting game, i stopped the bad guy

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She has nudes. And they hang heavy.

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I only played for the gore. The story never captivated me at all, though I thought the crazy husband was amusing.

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I wish those were in phantasmagoria :F I like them. Looks like she had babies

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pity we didn't get them while they were fresh

harvester is better, just gonna throw that out there

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This scene messed me up as a child. I think I was like 6 when I tried playing this game. I got that scene and dropped it.

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As a console-only kid up until the late 90s, it still amazes me just how different the PC gaming market was in the early to mid-90s. Phantasmagoria was promoted and released by what was then a major publisher. Truly a cool era of gaming.

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I remember there was a path to avoid this scene and in it was I think the only way to discover one character had died and find their body. I remember thinking finding a dead character was important and avoiding the death trap too and kept going down that dead end path and dying and repeating until eventually letting myself get caught and escape the death trap.

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I liked the second one more.

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>harvester is better,