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So much greatness and so many amazing games

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So much shovelware, so much unreliability

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I didn't have this console as a kid but I really want to see what it has to offer. Loved Metal Gear and Spyro when I downloaded it for PS3 some years back.

Is there some way to play these games similar to what the N64 has in the Everdrive? I'm not about to shell out for each game I want to play individually.

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>paying for the things you want in life
Seriously, who does this?

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The PS1 had many fucking good games. Aside from the fact it got tons of shovelware, you still had around 200 decent to gold games on it so it's definitely forgiven. And that's only counting US releases, as there are many japan-only titles out there as well worth checking.

There's PSIO but in my opinion it ain't worth it. Probably won't want to hear this but these days Mednafen is a really damn good option.

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One of the most reliable consoles I've ever touched.

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>lol dude look at these black CDs
literally a system for brainlets and easily amused 14-year-olds
should have gone the whole mile and hidden a drawing of a dick inside the CD lid

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It's rather funny how this exact same thing is said about the N64 and Saturn. Why does /vr/ think every console is some weird status symbol?

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You can hack your PS3 pretty easily now, if you still have it. The onboard PS1 support works really well. It's not ideal for CRT screens but if that isn't a worry go for it.

Other than that the best choice is either a mini-PC of some sort or an actual modchipped PS1. PSIO is trash, Popstarter for PS2 is trash, emulators on other consoles like the Wii/Xbox are trash, just save yourself the trouble.

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I feel like the PS1 is going to be the next big hipster hit. Better buy the games you want now, anons. Before Chrono Cross goes for $100 no manual.

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Yeah man, music is such a shitty art form. Just think of all the trash music available. It's really a shame that in order to appreciate music, we're forced to listen to all of the bad shit.

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This is a nightmare I never dreamt about, and a good reason to never get into QA/QC/Testing.

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It's really a shame you can't communicate with other people in any other way than sarcasm.

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MM3 modded PSX consoles sell for like $80 on ebay

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I've bought a few of this way over the years, worth picking up if you see 'em. Use good CD-Rs and you really can't go wrong.

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What are YOUR essential PS games? If you had to recommend 2 or 3 games to someone to convince them PS was a platform worthy of their time, what would those games be?

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>So much shovelware
True. The PS1 had more shovelwhare than all the other consoles released around the same time had had total games in their libraries. Combined. So just imagine how many good non-shovelware games you're missing out on because you're living the dream as a 90's nintendo fanboi.
>so much unreliability
Are you by any chance the faggot who destroyed 3 consoles because you fucked up the mod chip installation and claims burnt discs killed the lasers?

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>Soul Reaver
>Quake 2
>R-type delta
>Metal gear solid

How can nintendrones even compete?

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I love how /vr/ thinks that everyone with a differing stance is the same person. This board may be more paranoid than /x/

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>YOUR essential
FFTactics, Suikoden II, Einhander, R-Type Delta, Bushido Blade, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Ogre Battle, Castlevania SOTN, Vandal Hearts, Chocobo's Dungeon 2, Wild Arms, SaGa Frontier, Valkyrie Profile, Jumping Flash, Zero Divide, Vagrant Story, Legend of Mana, Chrono Cross, iS Internal Section, Return Fire, Alundra, Future Cop LAPD, Breath of Fire III, Super Puzzle Fighter 2, Threads of Fate
>If you had to recommend 2 or 3 games to someone to convince them PS was a platform worthy of their time
Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania SOTN, Gran Turismo 2

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>no crash bandicoot

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Crash sucks.Its a dumb game from before the time when developers figured out how to make platformers work in 3 dimensions.

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>Metal Gear Solid
Shit cameras and controls
>Castlevania SOTN
Cool, yet another 2d sidescrolling platformer
>Gran Turismo 2
A racing game? Seriously?

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The Saturn is my favourite console so I'm mostly going to name exclusives.
Einhander, Sheep Raider, FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX, Resident Evil 1, 2 and 3, Spyro 1, 2 and 3, R-Type Delta, Bushido Blade.Xenogears.

If I had to pick three
Metal Gear Solid, Tenchu and Silent Hill

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>A racing game? Seriously?
It's a game I think most people would like. I wouldn't just recommend Final Fantasy VII to anyone, but I think Gran Turismo 2 has a lot to offer to a wide audience.

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I like Crash and all but it's not an essential for me. That was a very subjective list of my favorite PSX games. Crash is fun though, especially CTR

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CTR is so slow paced. Crash Bash is a great party game though.

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>feel like the PS1 is going to be the next big hipster hit. Better buy the games you want now, anons

It already is my man.

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What's the best place to buy a ps1 system these days? Am a bit new to retro gaming

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Worms armegeddon is a great multiplayer game and still not too insanely priced. I bought it new and spent many hours playing it with friends.

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crash has aged way better than that collectathon bullshit because you spend way more time doing actual platforming.

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how can someone have such shit taste?

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Mod chip and cdr.

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EBay newfriend.

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I realize it's not technically retro yet but is there any reason NOT to just play Playstation games on a PS2?

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PSX or PSOne?

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PS2 is the ultimate shovelware console with its endless library of functional but completely uninteresting and piss easy platformers.
PS1 has a lot of borderline unplayable games but its variety is unparalleled. Devs were still experimenting and getting their bearings in the 3d space.

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PSOne is more reliable.

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Comfy authenticity. The almost entirely negligible lower wattage? Lid open exploits?

Or... the mechanical power button. Seriously. I leave it pressed-in and turn the machine on&off remotely at mains from my wireless plugs. You can't do that with a PS2, it just goes to standby. I know, the sheer laziness - but it's cool.


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Eh? I don't recall that many platformers on the PS2, what do you mean?

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because they feel for marketing.
PS1 was the console you got when your were an adult who just wanted to play games like you did in the arcade and still play cool new 3d.

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PSX for me, when I was 12-13, was the RPG console. I got it in anticipation of Final Fantasy VII and dove headlong into the best era for JRPGs ever.

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your local flea market

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more like not kid console now

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*3d platformers. And generally tons of 3rd person action games that aren't terribly interesting to go back to.
PS2 will always be a weird intermediate console that is not quite retro and not quite part of the HD modern age.

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My family destroyed my PS3 because I was kind enough to let them use it as the netflix machine and they never turned it off or gave it a break. By the time it stopped reading discs I didn't really care about it anymore, I only ever used it for a small handful of games anyway.

I tried emulating on Wii for a while, had more success than I did with N64 emulation but the choppy sound was such a boner killer.

I think i'll look into a modchipped PS1 sometime. Maybe not for a hot minute though, since i've got a huge backlog as it is and the PS1 is largely unexplored waters for me.

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It hurts to think of PS3s being used to play PS1 games. At least the fat, burns 100+ fucking watts to do what takes 5-6 on real hardware. No-one seems to consider this though. Anyone pay bills around here?

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Tekken 3, Syphon Filter, Tenchu 2, G-Darius, Road Rash: Jail Break

Would matter on the person

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I bought one for 15 euros including two DualShock controllers, a memory card, power cord and SCART cable. It is still in a very good condition.

Did I do good? Or are they really that cheap?

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They are - almost - that cheap. You got a good deal. Last time my laser assembly died it was cheaper to buy a whole new PS1 than a replacement part.

It doesn't make much sense.

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>99% of the shit listed are RPGs

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I don't see how what you're saying makes even the least bit of sense at all.

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Lookup the ps1 swap disc trick. Make sure youve got a decent cd-r burner. Ps1 only accepts cd-r's

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Swap trick wears out the PS1's crappy and easily breakable spindle hub even faster.

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I love how nu-/vr/ has to go on a psychotic rant instead of simply answering a yes or no question. And I'm guessing you are that guy since you got so defensive and couldn't give a straight answer.

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>find my old PS1
>connect it
>no audio or video

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I own an original box shaped PS1 like in OP pic that still runs today.

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Re-connect the cables.
Use a TV that supports 240p.

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Lots of games use 480i for the menus and 240p ingame.

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Super Mario 64
Paper Mario
Banjoe Kazooie
Banjoe To lie
Legend of Zelda Oot
Majora Mask
Conkers Bad Fur Day

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Most of newish TVs support 480i, 240p not so much.

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All the JRPGs, most of the survival horror games.

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There's a damn lot of shovelware. The only machines that compete with it in that regard are the PS2 and the Wii.
luckily, it's really obvious and easy to ignore
There's an absolute assload of variety. You can ask people to make top five lists and get wildly different answers.

My personal short list of five games to get people interested in the machine would be Dino Crisis 2, Omega Boost, Silent Bomber, Armored Core, and Ace Combat 2.

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That anon should see something, since the machine does show the boot screen in 480i.

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Christ the manchild list ever. Time to grow up you cringe nappy wearing onions fuck.

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I think it's more that practically nobody still has a fat, YLOD has gotten most owners by this point and slim PS3's are pretty light on power.

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How did you connect it? Did you connect the RCA plugs to the back of the PS1 and jam the AV connector into an old iphone?

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Man, Quake 2 had a weirdly good PS1 port. I loved the more intense colored lighting too.
and man, the game even keeps a decent framerate in 4 player split-screen

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So many good memories

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It was nice I suppose

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Me and my brother had one that could play imports with the swap trick. That made it even better. My friend had an aunt who went to Hong Kong and got bootleg import games for him, and he took requests for some money. Like with the Saturn, the PSX really got better when you could play imports on it.

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Me too, the thing still runs.. not perfectly though. Sometimes I will have insert the CD and then turn the thing on and off for maybe 2 or 3 times, but thats it.
Even the old modchip is still doing its job just fine.

All of my games are still intact and functioning, despite being (ab)used and handled by me and my little brother when we where kids for years and years.

Even the original controllers (one original and one of the first dual shock controllers) work without any flaw (literally the only damage they have taken is that the rubberized skin on the dual shock joysticks has been peeling away a bit). No dead buttons, no lame sticks or whatever. Those cables were built to last (they will always have those pseudo-permanent kinks, though :p).

The memory card, which I have later found out to not be an official one from Sony, works. Even after uninterruptedly being plugged in for ~15 years or so. I can't even seem to find a picture of it online, but it had an LED on top, displaying the amount of memory blocks still free.

Always have been a great fan of Abe's Oddysee and I still am. Will be trying the New 'n Tasty reboot sometime soon.

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>Is there some way to play these games similar to what the N64 has in the Everdrive?
I use a gameshark flashed with uniROM. I still need to use CD-R, but it treats them just like a regular game disc. Insert game, shut lid and play. CD-R media is cheap, and replacing a laser is easy when it is needed.

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What are the best games the PS has for someone that loves NES games

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The greatest console.

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>FFTactics, Suikoden II, Vandal Hearts, Chrono Cross, Breath of Fire III
Holy shit dude those are some mediocre titles. That list screams of "i loved these when i was a kid but i haven't examined them critically as an adult since"

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I used AV cables and the RF cable on my CRT tv. I think it's ded

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>Soul Reaver
Better on Dreamcast
>Quake 2
Better on PC, N64
>R-type delta
Fair enough, that's the only exclusive on your list
>Metal gear solid
Better on PC
Better on PC

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Is there a mega link for a ready to go PS1 emulator ? Idort here who downloaded metal gear solid and it is jumpy as fuck

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>When you transcend narcissistic elitism and just go full retard

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That's some nice contrarianism you got there. Those are top tier RPGs

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JRPGs are the best and most replayable genre.

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dude go fuck yourself

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gib sace

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HOLY SHIT. I just discovered that the 15 euro PSX that I was talking about is already modded.

I am so happy. This is the best deal I could ever make.

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Dragon Quest 7.

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Just have the fast forward button close to you.

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I never had a PS1 so I recently made a list of every RPG on the system and have been playing them in the order they were released. It's been pretty awesome getting exposed to a ton of rpgs I never got around to.

Started adding other highly acclaimed games too like Resident Evil and Ape Escape but the list is starting to get pretty wildly bloated. Probably will never have the time to finish.

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> Just Rare and Nintendo
> No 3rd party good games and/or exclusives.

Try harder.

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Struck a nerve i assume? Wasn't even trying, just being honest m8.
Some of em are good, a bunch of them are plain awful by modern adult standards.

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why is psx always so controversial on /vr/?

I always saw it as just another 5th gen console, with a great library. but when I started going on /vr/, I was shocked to see how many people hated it. I've even seen people here claim that it "unfairly" killed sega.

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nintendrones can't beat it
PS1 had:
>better games
>more games
>more storage for bigger games
>more variety
N64 had to limit its game when it came to ports, so tell me how the PS1 isn't the best console of late 90's?

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Is the audiophile meme DAC in the early models worth tracking down compared to the later models?

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Clearly because it didn't have "Nintendo" written on it, according to these manchildren.

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>why is psx always so controversial on /vr/?
Nintendo fanboys desu
and this is coming from someone whose favorite console is the nes btw

>> No.4771035

>only nintendo fanboys hate the ps1
But Nintendo kept making consoles, what about Sega fans? Or what about people who just think it's not that great of a console without being a fanboy for a particular company?
I liked the PS back in the day, FMVs mesmerized my child eyes back then. Nowadays I find myself going back to N64 and Saturn more.

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>better games
Extremely subjective and arguable
>more games
>more storage for bigger games
Most of the times the space was filled with full motion videos or CD audio, not actual game data.
>more variety
>N64 had to limit its game when it came to ports, so tell me how the PS1 isn't the best console of late 90's?
What kind of ports are you talking about? Sure, N64 didn't really have many arcade ports, companies like Capcom or SNK didn't want to spend money on making expensive ports of 2D games on a system that was expensive to develop for and in an era when 3D gaming was what the public wanted the most, but if we're talking arcade ports of 2D games, then PS was limited, and Saturn got the better ones.

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No, the DAC business is complete nonsense, and the oldest models are relatively unreliable due to design flaws. If you want a high-end CD player, get a high-end CD player.

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>better on PC

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now that's some cringy shit

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This is the weakest bait ever.

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>that startup noise


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What do you guys feel is the best looking game? Not even just from a technical perspective, aesthetic level too.

Breath of Fire IV's animations just blow me away, they're just so smooth

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>yfw you realise it's a Roland D-50 Synth preset

>"Spacious Sweep"
>push play

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Then you've only touched a PS1.

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>that long buildup when you had a really scratched CD that barely worked

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File: 2.84 MB, 5312x2988, psx laser sled change.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>relatively unreliable due to design flaws.
It takes about 20 minutes to change out a laser sled, which costs $25-30 dollars.
>If you want a high-end CD player, get a high-end CD player.
I cannot disagree, but the PSX does make a great CD player for its price.

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Yeah, I don't really thinks anything on PS1 beats BOFIV's animations.

>> No.4772849


Get a PS2, a mod chip, and a stack of Tayo Yuden CD-R discs; you'll be all set.

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>It takes about 20 minutes to change out a laser sled, which costs $25-30 dollars.

Or you could just get one of the large fraction of units that isn't a 1k series. They have problems that aren't fixed by just replacing the sled, and there isn't any particular advantage to that series.

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>They have problems that aren't fixed by just replacing the sled, and there isn't any particular advantage to that series.
I have a pair of 1001 models. Obviously I replaced the sled on this one, but my other one I bought new still works great. It plays FMV without issue or skipping still and is still 100% oem. It has a pu-8 board, and has never needed anything fixed or replaced. It is rare I understand, but IF you are shopping for used PSX you are going to start seeing failures. They are that vintage, and it doesn't matter what model number it is. I am not saying you are wrong, but (there is an advantage) the audio from the 100X series is better without question then most models. Without a high end stereo you won't notice it. The solution that most people don't realize is to power down the unit when it is not in use by unplugging it. Sony did change the sled design and/or location later on, but for $30 to get a NOS laser you basically have a brand new PSX. I Have 4 units, and gave the 90XX model to my brother a few years back. I have never had another issue aside from the one pictured previously needing a laser replace, and it was bought used and broken for the price of shipping. Now It works like the day it was new....and it came with the box and all the paperwork. It is 100% complete.

>tl:dr If you buy a used PSX in the current year, plan on getting a backup for parts. You would be foolish to not purchase a new laser sled if you plan on it lasting through the years.
IF You are really into it, get one of the NIB PSOne that still float around. You will pay a premium for this.

>Get a PS2, a mod chip, and a stack of Tayo Yuden CD-R discs; you'll be all set.
Or you can get a Gameshark for the PSX flash it to uniROM, and some staples CD-R and have a great way to play just about every PSX game. Some detect the cheat chips and won't play no matter what. Legend of Dragoon stands out as one of the big ones.

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Amazon Prime™

>> No.4773220

The DAC in older models is mediocre at best. Even when it was new, it was considered decidedly middle-grade. There's nothing remotely high-fidelity about it in the moodern day. If you want good vintage CD playback, at least get something with a TDA1541. Don't even get me started about that dogshit output circuit on the 1001s. Listen to what you have all you want, but don't go spreading audiofool misinformation

>> No.4773417

>The DAC in older models is mediocre at best.
It is relative & I was very concise at what I said.
The DAC in the 100X - 5xxx models is certainly better then the later models. I am not comparing to a quality CD player. I am comparing to other PSX units. I am stating that there is a relative difference, and it is proven. There is BETTER audio from the earlier models. Period. No amount of online discussion will dispel this fact. You don't even have to like the fact, but it still is a fact.

I was even very clear in my meaning, but you apparently suffer from selective reading (it is common with these topics here and in other forums). I will quote myself just so you can re-read:

>the audio from the 100X series is better without question then most models. Without a high end stereo you won't notice it.

>don't go spreading audiofool misinformation

You can pilpul all you want, but I said nothing that was incorrect. I made an apples-to-apples comparison. The audio from some models is BETTER. Feel free to prove me wrong.

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is psp go emulation through a crt and dualshock 3 an acceptable way of playing ps1 games?

>> No.4773642

It's alright if that's your only alternative. I'm actually replaying SOTN currently on my PSP since my PS1 died a few years ago. I'd say most games don't even need a dualshock since they don't utilize the second pair of shoulder buttons that much.

>> No.4773646

Been replaying the original Gran Turismo recently. The NTSC/PAL soundtrack is so goddamn good. Every racing game should have some DnB on the soundtrack.

>> No.4773669

Official PSN release works perfectly as long as you don't use fast load, which can break some stuff in some games like the trees in megaman legends.
You can also connect a Dualshock 3 to it but you need a PS3, there is a way to do without one but it's very complicated.

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Just got off work.
Firing up parasite eve right now.

>> No.4773736

It's not really emulation per se. Both the PS1 and the PSP use MIPS processors. It's more akin to a virtual machine.

>> No.4773748

My Life in Gaming did an episode on getting the best PS1 picture.


>> No.4773754

exactly what I'm rocking now. PS2 classic with Svideo Its pretty good.

>> No.4773759

ps1 saved video games, thank you sony

>> No.4773762



I really respect the work these guys do but I can't be the only one disappointed in how long it's taken to get the Dreamcast and CRT calibration episodes out when they release videos for the stuff like 3DO and the upcoming Wii episode.

>> No.4775359

>the audio from the 100X series is better without question then most models.

don't all models up to and including the 5500 have the same DAC?

>> No.4775698

What are the must have ps1 games?

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