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More of these? I just finished replaying the original Legend Of Zelda, and Link's Awakening, and I'm craving more of this top-down action adventure gameplay. I'm already familiar with Final Fantasy Adventure. I don't mind some RPG elements, but I would prefer a more straightforward adventure game.

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rygar NES (kinda, it toggles between side scrolling and top down)


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Neutopia, Beyond Oasis, Golden Axe Warrior, Blood Omen, Ys, Golvellius, That one eroge where you're a barbarian with a hammer...

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Secret of Evermore and Secret of Mana, perhaps?

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>puzzle action games

What? The genre is called action-adventure, not to be confused with action RPGs. The 'adventure' means there are puzzle elements and stuff to collect.

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OP here. I didn't make that image, but genre names in general are pretty stupid.

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Also it's big brother Legend of Oasis which is I don't like quite as much but is still very worth playing.

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>How does Japanese work???

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>genre names in general are pretty stupid

Such classifications are useful. If you need to look over a database to find more games that share a particular style of mechanics, why wouldn't you want the ability to sift through that database by genre? I don't simply want to click on an 'action' tab and be greeted with hundreds of titles that are only tangentially related to what I'm looking for. That's like walking into a library and insisting that all fiction books be tossed in a giant pile labeled 'fiction' with no genres to distinguish one work of fiction from another.

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just call them action RPGs. its ok

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fun fact: the JP box for Ocarina of Time explicitly calls it a "One Player Action RPG".

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Is there an image like this but for "Zelda 2-like" games? Wouldn't mind playing more games like Zelda 2 and Monster World 4.

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At least it's not another "scotformer" thread.

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Ys 3, Faxanadu, Popful Mail, Legacy of the Wizard, Battle of Olympus...

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How could you leave out Gargoyle's Quest? I seem to recall you mentioning it was your favorite game.

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isometric, separate genre dumbfuck idiot

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>Monster World 4.
Have you played Wonder Boy in Monster World yet?

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I'm struggling to beat crystalis but goddammit it's not fun at all to play.

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Don't forget Willow for the NES. Great game.

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That’s in the pic tho

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Magic of Scherezade for NES

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Favorite Game Boy game but yeah, I often skip GB in lists.

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>I often skip GB in lists

There were sequels on NES and SNES though. Demon's Crest would have been a fine recommendation.

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>Gunple: Gunman's Proof
>not Gunproo

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I ow both sequels and haven't played either of them I probably should.

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Faxanadu. It actually better than zelda 2

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Wander Wonder

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Silk Road ~Tale of the Star Island

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this board never has the good underground shit. i have a list of about 20 obscure beautiful zelda-like games.
i'll help you guys out with one. brave prove

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t. Never played it

It's an isometric zelda-like

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no zelda games were isometric. an isometric game is not zelda-like. according to you we should put racing games with trees in this thread because zelda has trees even though its a different genre

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Check out monster max for the gameboy

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It's almost nothing like Zelda

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>haven't played either of them I probably should

Gargoyle's Quest II is mostly identical to the first in terms of presentation and mechanics. It's supposed to be a prequel, but it seems deceptively more like a remake. This one also has an enhanced port for Game Boy, but it's a Japan only release.

Demon's Crest veers more into the territory of Metroidvania. You get dumped in an open world and have to backtrack to earlier stages once you obtain powerups that let you clear previous obstacles. Also a lot darker and edgier.

Neither game requires a significant investment to complete. Demon's Crest might be the longest of the three depending on which ending you want.

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Community Porn.

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There's Adventure for the 2600 which is one of the primary inspirations for Zelda, but that's probably a bit too archaic for most people. Secret Quest on the same system pulls it off surprisingly well though, but then is was also a much later release.

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James Bond 007 for the gameboy

Pretty basic starting level but it very quickly turns into a neat top down adventure game. (no world map though)

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It's a puzzle-dungeon based action-adventure game with limited RPG elements including LITERAL HEART CONTAINERS.

Y'all are autistic.

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nah just him im on your side dude isometric is a perspective not a genre

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startropics 1&2

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Genre names are pretty generic which leads to arguing over whether Smash Bros. is a fighting gaem.

For example, Twisted Metal might get labeled a "racing game" which it's not. It's a "vehicular combat" which is more-or-less set up like the everyday deathmatch. If you imply categorizing it as a 3rd Person Shooter, which it is, you could start some massive buttshattering.

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Collecting heart containers isn't an RPG element, otherwise the game would be called an RPG. RPG elements are things like statistical attributes and leveling up. If your character powers up by picking up a series of upgrades, then it's an action-adventure game.

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Health isn't a stat? Hmm. Interesting interpretation.

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>Health isn't a stat?

Hearts aren't a statistical attribute, no. You don't level up to increase them, you find a limited number of upgrades that can't respawn and can't be increased to any arbitrary value.

The classification is taken from tabletop games like D&D, which of course used statistical formulas. So RPGs in the video game sense of the term use similar kinds of values like hit points and experience points.

Insofar, Zelda II is the only RPG in what is otherwise a series of action-adventure games. Why? Because Link actually does gain experience levels in that game, although that's in addition to collecting heart containers and magic jars. Leveling up in Zelda II does nonetheless increase health (or defense power) in a very statistical manner.

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same genre, different perspective

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Explain an interpretation where health IS a stat. There probably are games that bounce probabilities for things like instakills off your current or max HP value but if you can name one that isn't an RPG (with XPs) I'll buy you a beer.

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Startropics I and II seem close enough to me.

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>tfw still no StarTropics III

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bump, chart incoming

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We are waitting faggot.

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Golvellius on SMS.

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Terranigma is an obvious choice.

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Always read that as Terranigger.

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Well, there's at least one in that game that I can think of.

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Marvelous: Another Treasure Island.
Game outright uses Zelda's engine and it's charming as fuck.

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While I love that game I wouldn't say it's zelda style at all. It's so puzzle focused that I have a hard time remembering segments where there was legit "action".

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Honestly to me ALTTP did this style of gameplay to perfection way back then. Everything else since is just playing off the template of ALTTP. Everything before it wasn't done as well.

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Alundra is superior to LTTP

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Yes. Your move homosexual

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Alundra is different. I like it more but to say it's straight superior is just weird.


>Everything else since is just playing off the template of ALTTP

This, this a dumb statement. Really dumb.

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Apples and oranges, also lmao

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That's literally how libraries work you dumb fuck. Fiction is only sorted by author

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I just started it the other night, and I'm having a pretty good time. Combat's kind of fiddly though.

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Anything more?

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Better version. Tell me if you want to include more games.

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You forgot to label the game under Crystalis.

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Willow, yeah. It is an issue with the script, I will fix it now.

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There's a translation patch.

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you messed up the name for seiken densetsu III.
The original seiken densetsu is the same game as final fantasy adventure.

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Shining Wisdom for the Saturn was a pretty good adveture rpg

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if you want to play something extremely terrible and poorly designed with no redeeming features whatsoever, so awful that it's literally unbearable, try Lagoon for SNES. i beat it before ever playing zelda, so i didn't realize what i was missing. it has good music though (although some people say the music is the worst part)

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So OoT doesn't count then?

Stop being an asshole.

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Enough chartposting for today. I'm open to suggestions. I hope you save this image and spam it whenever you can.

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i played crystalis on gbc, is great, i really like it, its like zelda breath of the wild, but on gbc.
just give it a try, i haven't play the nes version, but i guess that gbc is better.

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>i haven't play the nes version, but i guess that gbc is better.
You guess wrong. Very horribly wrong.

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Gunple is the official english name though. Even appears in the internal rom header.
The last area is basically a Zelda dungeon.

GB has Rolan's Curse 1 and 2, and Mana 1 (Final Fantasy Adventures / Adventures of Mana)

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No one has suggested Brain Lord yet.
Am I wrong in thinking it belongs in this category?

>> No.4769614

>The last area is basically a Zelda dungeon.
The last area literally features remixed Zelda music.

I think there might be remixed Secret of Mana music elsewhere too. It's a weird fucking game with a lot of weird fucking references in it. One member of your party is Porky from Earthbound for some goddamn reason, and another is a diminutive parody of every spiky-haired party leader in every SNES JRPG. Some of the jokes are so obscure that I only got them because I'd literally just been reading about what they were referencing on TCRF.

OP did say he's after a more straightforward adventure game though, so Marvelous definitely fits. >>4766386 is right though, you could probably count the rooms with actual enemies to fight on one hand, bosses notwithstanding. Though there are a number of puzzles that are pretty action-based.

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>doesn't even post Hydlide, the game that created the genre

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Maybe because Hydlide is awful?

>> No.4769903

Hydlide didn't invent action-RPGs, it's just the best of the early ones.
Try Courageous Perseus and Dragon Slayer. They suck.

>> No.4769928

If faria can be considered inside this genre, would Radia Ward make it too? I don't think the 'instanced battle' experience is comparable to the freedom you get in games like zelda.

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Herc's Adventures

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Dragon Slayer is good if you think of it s an arcade game. I bet you think Tower of Druaga is bad too

>> No.4770319

What kind of a shit library throws Lord of the Rings, James Bond and Twilight into one big fiction shelf?

>> No.4770329

>it doesn't count because it's shit
I bet you like Apple

>> No.4770332

One that doesn't have enough fantasy, spy fiction, or supernatural romance to dedicate an entire section to.

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Not sure if this counts but here's a rom hack made recently. Havn't finished it myself.

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Alcazar: The Forgotten Fortress on Colecovision is pretty sweet

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Which jokes in Marvelous are you talking about?

I was helping out with another version's translation, and going over the english and japanese versions there were tons of lines the translator missed the point of, or didn't adapt.
>Guard: My number is the dog's number.
>dog bark sound effect in jp: wan wan

Do you mean similar translation problems, or references to other games and pop culture stuff? It would be interesting to see how much the (untranslated) BS Marvelous prequels (2 parts, 4 episodes each) have.

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I actually love Tower of Druaga.
And sure, saying Dragon Slayer "sucks" is being a bit dismissive. It's kind of a neat game, it's just too slow for my taste.

>> No.4771093

>Such classifications are useful.
Not really. If you like Zelda, you would be better off classifying games as Zelda-like or not. Action-Adventure Games, MOBA, etc are terrible names for genres because they don't do an accurate job of classification.

>> No.4771112

looks like Deadly Towers

>> No.4771159

I meant references to other games

>> No.4771164

any examples? I'd love to hear about them. Hardly anyone cares about this sub series.

>> No.4771204

Bebe's Kids

>> No.4771250


Community Pom for PSX.

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Midnight Mutants on the 7800

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File: 2 KB, 588x355, advanced_dungeons_and_dragons.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons on the Intellevision

>> No.4771813

Gateway to Apshai

>> No.4772037

I find the idea very stupid. But I haven't played BotW so I cannot judge.

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File: 945 KB, 1000x3668, 2D_ARPG.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 566 KB, 1000x3668, 2D_ARPG.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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In addition to>>4760618

>James Bond (Game Boy)
>Tower of Druaga
>Secret of Mana
>Marvelous: Another Treasure Island (SNES, Japan only)
And on Atari 2600:
>Swordquest games
>Raiders of the Lost Ark
Just remember to read the manuals for Atari games, it's mandatory - games back then didn't have enough memory to include tutorial text.

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Absolute dipshit. You couldn't be more /v/ if you tried.

>> No.4772479

It would help if you read it like a Jap would. Gunple = gunplay.

>> No.4772487

No, the Japanese title is ガンプル which is just an abbreviation of Gunman's Proof. If you felt the need to localize that part of the title for whatever reason, it would just be GP.

>> No.4772625

>ROM Information
>File: C:\[redacted]\Ganpuru - Gunman's Proof (Japan).sfc
>Speed: 30/FastROM
>Type: 02

>> No.4772628

You're not. The pasta isn't very well done, I will try to make my own some day.

>> No.4773470

>Atari 2600
>no mention of Secret Quest, the closest to Zelda in design

>> No.4773479

Why is this game so hard to come by? Fuck.

>> No.4773632

dude stop talking about it, its a fuckin secret

>> No.4773667

dragon warrior
star ocean

>> No.4773672

you ruined the secret, cmon dude

>> No.4773680

Ature for Atari 2600:

C'mon, man, Those aren't at all like Zelda.

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File: 629 KB, 1000x3668, arp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sorry, i tried

>> No.4773686

Also, someone add Daydreamin Davey for the NES

>> No.4773704

Christ, I played this when I was a little kid and have been going nuts trying to remember the name. Thanks dude.

>> No.4773734

move that closer to the other ones anon, it looks weird right there

>> No.4773752

you talk like a fag

>> No.4773794

Is it just me or are we suddenly getting a wave of these retarded white-noise posters here lately?

Did school just let out in the US or something?

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File: 35 KB, 640x480, alcazar-the-forgotten-fortress_2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Its pretty excellent actually. Its almost an action rougelite sort of a game. You travel through a number of fortresses gathering weapons and items while making your way to the throne in Alcazar, but the layouts and items are random.

There is also an interesting mechanic by which you can actually hear "Demons" in adjacent rooms by a unique sound each makes, and preemptively attack by firing into the room from another screen.

>> No.4773843

>rom hack

>> No.4774001

There must be more arpgs for the GB. Any hints?

>> No.4774220

Does Alcahest counts?

>> No.4774284


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>The best Zelda game is a Playstation exclusive

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>> No.4775035

Alot of game devs start out with rom hacks. Not to mention there are plenty of great rom hacks out there that have there own spin on the game and use it's engine to make something unique. I know /vr/ is elitist at time but holy shit anon you have to be pretty biased to think there isn't a single rom hack that isn't worth your time.

>> No.4775313

How the fuck is StarTropics not in this image? Less exploratory I guess?

Also try Final Fantasy Adventure

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File: 23 KB, 828x670, Secret Quest Atarri 2600.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No Secret Quest?

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File: 28 KB, 825x678, Swords & Serpents Intellevision.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Or Swords & Serpents on the Intellevision

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File: 37 KB, 1102x767, Tower of Doom Intellevision.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Or even Tower of Doom on Intellevision

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File: 156 KB, 940x761, Ai Senshi Nicol FDS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Or Ai Senshi Nicol on the FDS

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File: 161 KB, 978x762, Meikyuu Jiin Daibaba.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Meikyuu Jiin Daibaba for the FDS for those of you who want something more like Startropics action

>> No.4776141
File: 33 KB, 400x350, 88355-Nazo_no_Murasame_Jou_(Japan)-6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nazo no Murasamejou is basically a more action-oriented Zelda

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Does Space Dungeon on the Atari 5200 count?

>> No.4776156

the very first games mentioned in the thread were startropics and secret of mana/evermore, and those are basically nice safe picks

one of the 'big' top down games is soulblazer, it's not quite zelda 3 quality but I would at least play through the first world too see what you think

dont fall for the terranigma meme, its the worst of the 3/4 games in the actraiser-inspired series

>> No.4776167
File: 35 KB, 400x300, guardianlegend.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Guardian Legend is a hybrid shmup/adventure game that's fun and a bit difficult. Most of the time you're exploring an overworld hub area loaded with power-ups to find and/or buy, and the rest you're blasting your way through shmup "dungeons" to progress.

Oh, and the protag is a lady android that can transform into a spaceship.

>> No.4776176

>Oh, and the protag is a lady android that can transform into a spaceship
Nice, it’s always great to see transgender representation in video games

>> No.4776197

Ninja Taro on gameboy as well

>> No.4776384


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>Blood Omen

>> No.4776636

I really like this thread. I was asking some friends for some recommendations not too long ago and now I see you guys making a cool image to save.

>> No.4777165

Are you trying to say that anon should have used the word gynoid instead, or joking that "spaceship" is a gender?

>> No.4779049

This game is BORING

>> No.4780124

copped this on 3ds

>> No.4780543

In Resident Evil Hunters have a 1 hit kill move that can only affect you if your health is 50% or less.

>> No.4780714

Enjoy your natty light anon

>> No.4783252


>> No.4783279


>> No.4783465

>brave prove
I'm already in the process of downloading that now, thank you anon. Please, if you're still lurking drop another, particularly any other PS1 titles. I just got psx working on my PC for the first time and want to break it in proper.

>> No.4784149

Acquired, senpai.

>> No.4784662

any of these games have a jrpg-like narrative or are they always basic vague barebones plot a la zelda?

>> No.4784923
File: 994 KB, 538x398, LINKLE LIVER STORY.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4784926

Are there any action rpgs that do not have a high fantasy / medievalist setting? The only two I can think of are Shadowrun and Secret of Evermore

>> No.4784927
File: 63 KB, 640x480, DREAMCAST--Elemental Gimmick Gear_Apr21 1_47_37.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

EGG Elemental Gimmick Gear

>> No.4786715

That one is good, some site said it was the spiritual successor for crusader of centy

>> No.4787026
File: 46 KB, 709x709, Linkle Liver Story (J) Manual Back.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

made by the same devs NexTech

>> No.4787278

Why even include that line then, you insecure pooftapuf?

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>> No.4787505

Is Secret Of Evermore related to the Mana series in any way?

>> No.4787535

It uses the same engine.

>> No.4787998

Will you update your chart or did you die?

>> No.4788436

Is not his chart, and I will once I fix my computer. Hopefully in 2 days

>> No.4788478

Not really. They play similarly, but Evermore was created by the American branch of Squaresoft and has little to do with Mana besides the gameplay similarities.
Not even that. The engine was done from scratch.

>> No.4788497

Might want to add some PC Engine games too.

>> No.4789172

very commonly written that way. besides the kana spell out ganpuru anyway

>> No.4789934

Just change it to ARPG already.

>> No.4791047

Also even more linear than StarTropics.

>> No.4791149


>> No.4791162

That's the No-Intro rom name, so it's relevant.
If I'm playing internet detective with a decades-old ROM, the least I could do is not to give away unneeded private information for bottom of the barrel puerile internet detectives like you, "anonymous" kun.
I'm very glad that short line where I deprived you from an occasion to feel smart or score a win against internet anonymity, triggered you that much. I'll keep at it.

>> No.4791239

literally 2D Dark souls

>> No.4791279

Looks cute, but I don't know if I'd be able to deal with such a large character sprite in so constrained a view area.

>> No.4791289

calm down with the autism, friend.

>> No.4791307

No, you're just a reaching retard.

>internal header = official English name
Since when?

Do you niggs not understand the etymology of "Pokémon" or "Famicom"?

>> No.4791328


Shining Soul 1&2 on the GBA
Shining Tears on the PS2
Contact on the DS

Some are pseudo-isometric at times, but they generally fit the bill.

>> No.4791574

No it isn't.

>> No.4791650

>>internal header = official English name
>Since when?
Since it's the only available romanization done by the developers themselves. The internal SNES header can be either in English or katakana, so them spelling it in english here is very much intentional and not even technical limitations. I went and checked the manual too and it has no trace of English (not even domain names)

Hence "official". It's certainly more official than Gun-Pro, ganpuru, ganpulu, or Gan-Poo-Lu (short for Gundam Pool, going by your fanfic theory). Try another attack vector to canonize YOUR pet name, anon.

>> No.4792398

Yep... But is more correct to say that dark souls is literally 3D faxanadu(or Zelda II)

>> No.4792857

Not exactly a Zelda game, but god damn is it good.

>> No.4794829


>> No.4795123

GBC Zelda games

>> No.4796357
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Where is the chart? You promised us a new chart.

>> No.4797448

Parallel Words isn't recent, it's been out for like a decade.

>> No.4797767
File: 1.42 MB, 1050x5713, 2D_ARPG.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some images might be absent compared to the previous version.

>> No.4798096

Wonder Boy in Monster World

>> No.4798127

Is this meant to be a (unfinished) complete list or a recommendation list?

>> No.4798357

Well done, anon.

>> No.4798602

Option A

>> No.4798627
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I love God of Thunder for DOS.

>> No.4798945

>Parallel Worlds

Terrible. Unless you know how to speedrun Link to the Past then you are going to have a bad time. You take insane amounts of damage from regular enemies and hearts rarely drop. I actually ended up dying while trying to farm a single heart from bushes because a crow hit me. It's really frustrating when you get to the dark world and die just outside a dungeon and have to fight your way back to that dungeon without dying again.

>> No.4800234

This is it? Should we let our thread die?

>> No.4801228
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>> No.4801451


Magic Knight Rayearth on the Sega Saturn

>> No.4801483


>> No.4801538

Sounds like Brave Prove, stuck in the first NPC town because of moonrune-illiteracy.

>> No.4801561
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>Valkyrie No Densetsu
>Kiki Kaikai aka (Pocky & Rocky)

>> No.4801591
File: 95 KB, 220x158, 220px-Transformers_Mystery_of_Comvoy_Famicom_box.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Since it's the only available romanization done by the developers themselves
>Japanese syllabic acronyms are just "fanfic theories"
I better not ever see you refer to pic related as "Convoy", Ken-sama.

>> No.4801656

Your example has countless other media with a fixed creator-endorsed official romanization. The people who made the packaging and game were not the same people who worked on the source material and came up with the portmanteau to begin with, they were underpaid Bandai/TOSE interns.

Gunple on the other hand:
1) has an official English spelling, just not the other Engrishy spelling you want to push for that's not any better
2) that official spelling was intentional, not out of technical limitations.
3) the developers were planning a US version.
4) the story and concept designer was involved in the development process.
5) the kana says ganpuRU which is very unlike Gun-PrO. It also supports the official English spelling.
6) is supposed to work as a semi normal, corny, diminutive male kid's name in rural 1890 America. Japanese-style portmanteau names weren't all the craze back then.
7) fan-translation used Gunple / Gunp (for user generated name).

What you want is "localization" to suit what YOU want, but you want it canonized as original author intent as well despite all signs to the contrary. You can't have your cake and eat it.

>> No.4801663

>that official (sic) spelling was intentional
>Gunple is the main character's name
Just admit you're talking out of your ass, already.

Again, there's a reason why Pocket Monsters and Family Computer have their famous acronyms. There's also a reason why "Gunman's Proof" is the only romanized text that appears with that game. Connect the dots, genius.

>> No.4801669

>"'proof' is pronounced 'prahf', not as 'pruuf'"
I'm not sure you actually read my original post

>> No.4801789

Kiki Kaikai is a shooter; it's not Zelda-like in the least.

>> No.4802003

>>Gunple is the main character's name
>Just admit you're talking out of your ass, already.
Just admit you never played the game already. The game has a default name for the MC that is used when skipping the naming screen, and mentioned in the manual (in kana) but that's too much for your few brain cells to handle it seems.

You also think Ganupooruu is short not for Gandam Pool, not for Gun Pro, but Gunman Proof? Just because of the alliterative title? Wow. That's not a name the localizers of Ace Attorney would be caught dead using for one of their characters. You're even more retarded than I thought.
Normal translators look for the available source material if the developers spelled his name in English anywhere, and uses that, and so they did with Gunple precisely. Retarded wannabe translators want to name a kid "Gun-Pro" or "Mr. Gunman Proof", call it author intent and not have anyone laugh at their retardedness.
In the end, it's the inconvertible, unmodified JP game data's word with those 6 latin characters, against your whining (not good enough for your tastes or whatever, boohoo, cry me a river). You have an uphill battle ahead of you to convince everyone of your new naming conventions.

>> No.4802007

It's not only in the game's internal title, but in the VOICE ACTED samples that play at the title screen that took a considerable chunk of their expensive ROM cartridge storage. It's like they were dedicated to that "mistake".

>> No.4802325

So I guess there aren't any English translations available, eh? I'd try it out, but I'd probably be just as fucked.

>> No.4802329

Addam's Family Values (SNES/Genesis)

>> No.4802336

The ring menu design was copied. Other than that no. The name went through many permutations and has nothing to do with SOM
Several developer interviews says the engine was built from scratch.

>> No.4802958

>it's NOT "Gun Pro"
Again, brainlet, I never said it was.
See >>4801669
It's literally GunProo (gahn-p(u)ruu), the same way "Gunman's Proof (gahnmahnzu purufu)" is pronounced in Japanese. Your anecdotal misspellings "evidence" cannot withstand scrutiny.

>the voice actor says "Gunple" not "ganpuru" or "gun proo"
Starting from your conclusion is not an argument, bud.

>> No.4803021

>not Gun-Pro
>The oo comes from the rU kana, behold my nihongo
>how devs spelled their game's name in English doesn't matter
>the voice acting doesn't matter
>the canon MC name the game chooses doesn't matter
>my "fan" romanization is more legit
>I demand the game and its MC be referred to as Mr. Gun-Prooo or Mr. Gunman Proof
>that's how it was intended by design, by Japanese grammar, and by logic
>I know this because I learned about JP portmanteaux like DraQue, Super Famicom yesterday

Sure bud, you'd make for a fine Treehouse localizer. That is, if even they were looking for someone to engrish-fy their stuff.
Have fun canonizing your headcanon one shitpost at a time. Bump I guess.

>> No.4803039

Unironically the GBC version of Daikatana.

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