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I'm making my own Popeye clone, anyone here wanna play it?

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that looks like a urban fighter or whatever it was called

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It looks like a stationary belt-scroller to me.

Looks pretty neat OP. Are you going to post a link or just be a cock-tease all night?

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It's not finished.

I came looking to see if people were interested, maybe tomorrow or day after tomorrow I'll finish this, then I'll post a link.

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Not retro... Mods? I recommend a 30 day ban just to get the point across.

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Your Brutus needs to eat more spinach.

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OP, we should remake more NES games! But we should do it together! Your art isn't the best if I'm going to be honest :( But I can do the art and you can do the programming! Doesn't that sound like a dream team! <3
(example of art pictured)

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Reported to the rightful copyright owners

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nice sonichu but he needs more cleavage

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cris is here again

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That's not a fan character. It's a redrawing of official concept art.

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