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What the FUCK are these things?

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Foo dogs

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Kind of reminds me of Gozer and those dog monster things from Ghostbusters.

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I almost want to know the lore... what the fuck is going on here? Also are those rocks in the sky or very dense clouds

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Yeah those are rocks kek. The little guys use psychic powers to lift them off the ground and hurl them at you.


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I meant throughout the game in general, all those thingies in the sky that look like clouds yet explode when shot

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Oh. Yeah those are rocks too. Probably supposed to imply low gravity, like a bunch of asteroids just hanging around a planet. Harrier's ground running animation kind of contradicts that, but w/e.

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That game is full of shit that makes no sense
Fuck off, idiot.

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Please be nice, anon.

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Fu lions.

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The bootleg of this game where you were a Japanese schoolgirl shooting kangaroos and koalas with an Armalite AR-18 was way better.
If you flew to the middle of the screen you could kind of see her underwear

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pfft not even the best bootleg lewd, get on my level m8. Literally just takes off her skirt for the bonus stage.


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Seems more like Athena lost the skirt because she was at critical health.

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>loses her skirt at critical health
w-what happens when her health gets to zero?

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As shown in the video, she dies, and it goes to the game over screen.

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>officially licensed and better than Space Harrier on the same console
Pick one.

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Yeah you're right.

Look at end of this video

That's when you're out of lives as well, I'm guessing.

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Always felt it was a little anticlimactic that this guy shows up onscreen for about 3 seconds before exploding and starting the boss rush. Should have been at the end, not the start!

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She looks like Gumby trying to run when she's on the ground without her skirt.

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Vinz clortho & Zuul

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That is clearly an evil space dog with a gray beard.

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shiisa yaebiimi

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>If you flew to the middle of the screen you could kind of see her underwear
You only get to see them in the last stage (her outfit changes in some way every level), and you see literally a single pixel of white, pic related.
You do get to see her in a swimsuit in the underwater level, and she's wearing a gym outfit with the buruma in the fire level.
It seems like you could see her pantsu in the second level, but that's actually just her leg (it's flesh colored and the palette still has a spot for white).

As an aside, I kinda wish it was a better game -- having a max of two shots on screen as default is painful (powerups apparently let you get 4, assuming you don't die and lose 'em all), but the other big issue is that aiming is entirely unlike Space Harrier.

There, your shots move diagonally so that what you cover with your body is what you hit -- and they then home in slightly too because it turns out that hitting things is still a bitch even when you just have to line your body up with enemies.
In this game, shots just move straight forward along the Z axis, making it really fucking hard to hit anything that's not in the middle of the screen.

still, they clearly put a decent bit of effort into it, it's fast (maybe too fast -- you're flat out better just entirely avoiding enemies rather than trying to shoot them, and not just because it's hard to hit them), smooth, and they tried to change things up a little each stage with the music and graphics
getting the powerups is a bit rough too since the game is so fast, and you can shoot them on accident

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Oh that's a fun reference you just made

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They're rocks. It's the "Fantasy Zone," so they wanted to play it up with floating rocks and strange beings and the lot.
Space Harrier has a (tiny) bit of lore, but most of the details aren't there.

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Yes! And it perfectly answered OP’s question.

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So, why do all these space harrier clones manage to fuck up aiming?

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Meanwhile on PC98.

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Garbage gameplay

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I came here to make this joke, and I'm so glad that there are still people on 4chan familiar with good anime like Azumanga Daioh.

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>not giving >>4761895 any (You)s when he made the joke first
Come on guys this is just cruel...

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totally thinking the same

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Wait how many versions, clones, rip-offs and/or bootlegs are of this game and what's with the girly mammoth and green robot (totally not a Rick Dom, it has 3 eyes) in a sailor uniform one?

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The other post didn't require me to expand the image to get it. Less is more.

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>>>/a/ weeaboo

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how would 4kids localize this?

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Rented this game one weekend as a kid and hated it. Mentally ill sounding music, mentally ill looking graphics and game animations and movements were retarded and choppy.

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Getting back to OPs post... The bouncing turtles in the 2nd stage of Ghouls n Ghosts on the SMS. As a kid i could never work out what the hell they were until as an adult i downloaded the arcade version for Mame32 and could see what they were because of the better graphics.

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>Osaka: Hey y'all there's dogs everywhere here
>Osaka: Who let the dogs out?
>Chiyo: Woof woof woof woof woof!
>Who let the dogs out?
>Woof woof woof woof woof!!

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>Rented this game one weekend as a kid
I bet you didn't

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I'm perfectly fine with not getting this joke.

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It's complicated okay

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I dunno but there are a couple for the Sharp X68000


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*fap* *fap* *fap*

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I'm pretty surprised with how many doujin Space Harrier clones exist.
And almost every single one looks miles better than most indie pixel crap today.

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Wut? I never heard of it. Where can I find and download some of these?

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>literally all this thread
But here's another one, a ugly one.

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How do you think the official MZ-700 port looks?

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Learn the site's culture, newfag.

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It's an unplayable abomination, but it's also kind of impressive and smooth all things considered.

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since I never get to post this...

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Travel Shooting looks like a pretty cool clone.

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fucking hell I can see it

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