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You find yourself 10 years back in time with $1,000 to buy any games/systems you wish.

What do you purchase /vr/?

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Can I make actual investments instead of speculating on video games?

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For starters, I'd probably invest in a backup Sega CD since mine has gone kaput.

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I buy a bunch of bitcoins and sell them at the peak

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Buy enough storage to backup Geocities
Buy bitcoins

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kill ur mom so you won't be born

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I'd just buy streets of rage 3 since its the only game I really want right now, and I refuse to spend that much of my own money on it. The rest of the $1,000 would be given away to some hot babe, I guess.

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The same shit I bought 10 years before that, old PC games and whatever last gen system I didn't get to experience enough (GC in this case).

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I can't really think of any games from 2008 that are rare and expensive now
If you told me to go back to 90's or 2000 I'd use the 1000$ to buy all sorts of expensive and rare shit off the bargain bins and nowadays I'd have a supreme collection without having to spend more than 100$ per game

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brand new.
copy of Maden '09 one grand can buy me

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The same games I would buy today. Panzer Dragoon Saga and The Misadventures of Tron Bonne

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>hey guys what would you buy in 2008 when you were in your early 30s?
>well, probably the same thing I did buy back then.

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check the pico fuse lad,its a simple fix,hell you could just bridge it with a bit of metal and it would work,replacing the fuse is easy yt it

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speak for yourself oldfag,i was 22

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Jokes on you op, I was 26 in 2008, back when NIB ps1s sold for under 20$ AFTER tax.

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holy fuck don't short the fuse. If you use the wrong adapter by mistake you'll brick the system.

I did the fuse hack some time ago. The only hard part was taking apart the system, but I was able to use a new fuse from Radioshack at the time.

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Maybe a WSC with a handful of games. It had some great enhanced ports. I would say the WSC FF ports surpass later iterations, if only because they're more faithful to the original games.

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a gf

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They cost about the same now as they did back then.

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>1 year after the industry started going to shit
Well... this was around when I stopped giving a shit about modern games and just kept replaying all my old games.
I would rebuy a super nintendo and all the games I had for it just for collector purposes. I sold that shit when I moved out and regret it immensely.

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2008? Hmm, probably some Saturn games and PS1/SNES stuff.

Really not much I don't own now that I haven't had for years

Like, the one big one I think I goofed on was not getting a US copy of Burning Rangers and House of the Dead sooner. JP copies are dirt cheap so I imported but Iike my Saturn long boxes.

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i think the point is to buy stuff before the retro bubble starts

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The same 7th gen shit I bought.

Plus Rule of Rose, and the ps2 Persona games.

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>actual investments instead of speculating
What's the difference?

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women were more expensive pre economy crash bruh

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I'd buy exactly the same stuff I bought in 2008. I don't remember exactly what that was but $1K that would have been something like 50-100 consoles, a few hundred games, and a few hundred accessories. I didn't end up with anything I don't want and even the stuff that's now basically obsolete is worth many times what I paid for it to collectors so I wouldn't change a thing.

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guess Ill buy up all the ps2 games I could find,burn them to CD and sell the copies like a good pirate.

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nothing special,just all games made by chunsoft lmao

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Could you buy /vr/ consoles in 2008?

Anyway since I had a computer that could play old games, I'd probably buy Planescape: Torment, BG 1 & 2, Fallout 1 & 2, Alpha Centauri, Dungeon Keeper, Diablo 1 & 2, Grim Fandango, The Longest Journey, the PC ports of Final Fantasy VII and VIII if they were still in print, and the GBA remakes of Final Fantasy games, DKC games, and Super Mario Bros. games.

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>Could you buy /vr/ consoles in 2008?
Here in Spain we had hundrets of snes, mega drives, dreamcasts, and maybe a couple of saturns in every second hand store. Each console for €20-30.

PS1 where even cheaper, like €10.

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Any PS2 game I can get my hands that are obscure like the dot hacks and what not. Most of the essential SNES games. Give my youngerself the rest and tell him to pre-order every copy of Soul Silver and Heart Gold that he can and then sell them all in 2018. Oh, and maybe use some of the money to steal the Pewdiepie identity before its a thing.

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Assuming I can ONLY spend it on video games, I purchase like 4 CIB Shantae copies, Which were only about $70 back then, and then pend the rest at road shows and flea markets, making mind on SNES and PS1 games that were being sold for pennies a piece at the time. Not grabbing Symphony of the Night for $12 is one of my biggest regrets, I'll undo it if possible.

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20 copies of Super Street Fighter II X for Dreamcast or Street Fighter Zero 3 for Sega Saturn

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ITT: Scalpers that just want to buy rare games to sell later, and not because they've always wanted to play, but could never buy until it was too late.

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There's also one angsty underage poorfag who's butthurt he can't get the games he's entitled to.

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>Street Fighter Zero 3 for Sega Saturn
Alpha 3 played terribly on DC though

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Hi Scott

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All the copies of Power Stone I can find. Also:

.Hack Quarantine
LSD Dream Emulator

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Nice projection

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>What do you purchase /vr/?
A slot-1 440bx mobo, powerleap tualatin adapter, Voodoo5 PCI, non-PnP SB16 with proper OPL3 chip, Cooler Master ATC-201 case , some noice microsoft periphery, aaaand a full-size SF Rush 2049 SE cabinet.

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Nothing, because I'd be back to playing Burning Crusade.

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>playing Burning Crusade
>not playing Team Fortress 1.5 and The Specialist

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>no u

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