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Ridiculously op characters thread. I'll start.

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>90% of attacks are one hit kills
>most enemies can be ignored

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>Maxes out at 2HP.

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Me pick Blanka! Me good at game now!

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>He sucks
>Copies abilities of enemies
>Can also spit them right back out
>Can float forever in most cases
>Takes on bad guys that can destroy the world only for the reason of interrupting his picnic
>Can literally destroy them just by sucking and spitting stuff out at them
>Still becomes friends with them in the end
Seriously stop and think for a moment, think of a game, and now imagine kirby in that situation. Chances are he'd make it through

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>max hp is twice the amount of most enemies
>boss battles are even one hit
>limited invulnerability with death touch
>they still give him a ranged attack

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Morio Smith is Chris Benoit.

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Dig Dug kills his enemies with a bicycle pump.

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Don't ever fuck with the Koholint shopkeeper. He's more dangerous than Gannon.

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>can literally beat any level by just pressing down
>can fly over most of it anyway

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That is pretty damn overpowered.

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Lu Bu fom dynasty warriors maybe ?

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That's nothing, now you can avoid the level all together, and you can keep a back up.

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why he is so fucking broken compared with the rest of the cast?

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Because he gets drift boosts from 15º turns, while all the other characters need a full 90º turn to get a boost?
Because you can spam drifts in a straight line and run at twice the speed of everyone else?
You know why.

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cursed image

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op, what's your favorite backyard sports game?

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I think Pete Wheeler is one of the best too, he was always on my team. Football, soccer and baseball

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