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Here's some retro pirate material.

I ordered these games from some Chinese bootleg factory in the mid-90s for a couple years via email.

You sent them a list of what you wanted, put actual U.S. dollars in an envelope, and you'd get back some bootleg games. Sometimes not the ones you wanted. Most games came with front and back artwork. A few had spine cards.

I also got some Saturn bootlegs, but I can only find some of the artwork which will be posted in this thread.

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>star of david
I'm extremely intrigued anon, post more

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>they put stickers on to reminder you that you're such a cheap kike

how much did these bootlegs cost?

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Are all the enemies in this version white humanoids?

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Did these actually work and play on an un-modded ps1?

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Crash Bandicoot developers were jewish.

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No. You needed a mod-chip to play these.

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I have a few I found at a Salvation Army. I actually had to pay $2 each for them but I really wanted them for uniqueness. I still don't know if they'll run in an unmodded Japanese PS1. I ordered one but the seller had just listed the model number wrong and it was a US one when it arrived. Still curious about that.

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I think this was two discs, but I only found disc "B" here.

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>Dragula X

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Artwork, but can't find the CDs for them.

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what was the point then? i remember here in South America bootleg PS1 games were literally sold on the streets, i remember i got Symphony of the Night for what back in the day was the equivalent of $3 Murican dollars, and Final Fantasy 7 for $10.

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Here's the Saturn game artwork. Maybe a couple misc PS game art in there too.

That's all I got to share here.

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The point was being pretty broke with a 486 25mhz PC back then and no CD-R burner.

Later in 1998 I got a better PC and a burner and dropped the Chinese bootlegs.

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What was the pricing like?

How did you find this source? Some weird game magazine?

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Pricing was like $2 or $3 per game.

I'm pretty sure I saw an ad for this bootleg factory on some usenet newsgroup.

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Here in southamerica theres a shitload of International superstar soccer cartridges made in Brasil/Paraguay/Argentina with romhacks of the game from the 90's, with new player, and even custom sound effects, voice and translations.


Now this makes me wonder, i have seen japanese, southamerican and chinese bootlegs of games. But i have never seen ones made in the USA. Does burgers ever made their own romhacks and sold them on cartridges/discs? why i never seen this behavior there? too scared of the law?

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Not bad for a disc with the artwork.

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I think it started off at $3. Then like the last year I was doing it the price went up to $5.

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I never bought bootlegs for my PS1; I didn't want to mod it, plus I felt guilty about it back then.

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DRAGULA :-----------D

Pressing large batches of CDs was cheaper and faster than burning, especially after factoring in burn failures.

For a home user, it was cheaper than buying a $500 CD-R burner and $4 CD-Rs that could fail. That's not considering the requirement of having a $1000 PC.

Even by 2000, downloading Kalisto and Paradox dumps over DCC and burning with CDRWin was pretty niche.

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>putting money in the mail
>not being stolen by POC postal employees
Cool story, anon.

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This game fucking rules

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I was burning PS1 games in 1998 with a $300 burner onto $2 discs with my 486 DX2/80 that was I think $350 five years before that (parents paid for that one)

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No one cares about you, your lame gay life and your dipshit parents. This isn't your blog. Eat a dick you fuckwad. What are you trying to accomplish here? Be the biggest shitposting attention whore shitcunt in the history of 4chan? Go fuck yourself with a cactus and choke on your dad's balls you cum-guzzling faggot.

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These are really cool. I would probably buy them if I ever came across any for sale, bootleg stuff like this fascinates me.

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Wew lad

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/b/ >>>>

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they sold these in the 90s all over south american, mexico and eastern europe

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Bootleg games in general were highly popular here in Argentina, up to the Xbox 360.
I had like 55-60 PS1 games as a kid. Pretty much all of them worked fine.

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there was, tengen is the biggest one i can think of, also action 52.


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>Does burgers ever made their own romhacks and sold them on cartridges/discs? why i never seen this behavior there? too scared of the law?
because buying games there is cheap. You had 1 billion stores in the 90s even small cities selling used games and brand new with discount
Sure day 1 dreamcast or ps2 games were expensive but 3 months later you could get on sale
in south america there were like 3 or 4 stores selling original titles in the entire continent and the game's price were absurd

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MI NEGRO. $5 (pesos) for each disk was a dream come true for me. If I remember right, that was the main reason I switch from N64 to PS1: piracy.

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in 1996 my uncle went to argentina to study for a few weeks he found a store selling japanese pirated PS1 games in downtown buenos aires. He came back with over 26 japanese games, most of them I remember didn't even have english menus. Good times. All arcade action. Piracy was so high in Brazil we fond out in 1998 a store where you could call them and buy it off the telephone. Next day the delivery guy would drop the package and collect the money. If I recall correctly if you ordered 15 games the delivery was free

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Tengen didn't make bootlegs, I don't know why they have a page on that wiki. Pretty sure Action 52 is also not a bootleg.

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>Even by 2000, downloading Kalisto and Paradox dumps over DCC and burning with CDRWin was pretty niche.

depends on where you live. even in 1998 cd burning was huge in then-poor ass Poland. the initial investment beats paying 1/6 of your salary whenever you wanted to play a new game.

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>labeling jewish-made products with a warning sign

Holly molly! The chinks really are ahead of their time, aren't they?

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>labeling jewish-made products with a warning sign

Holy molly! The chinks really are ahead of the curve, aren't they?

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At the bottom, are they silver or black?

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Only Rubin is a Jew.

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So are these just burnt copies but with extra effort put into trying to make them look legit?
I'm wondering if the games are the same and run without issues

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These are actual pressed discs with silver bottoms. Not burned. You still needed a modchip to play them.

All of them worked fine except for the Croc bootleg I posted. It wouldn't run no matter what.

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>These are actual pressed discs with silver bottoms
Interesting. It seems like they really went the extra mile with these, then.
I'm guessing finding these would be next to impossible nowadays?

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I figure only PS3/360 and up are being bootlegged now.

I think now you can buy silver-bottomed CD-Rs and mimic the look of these at home pretty easily.

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requesting translation of the random chinese

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I didn't know the chinese liked basketbarr.

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>Does burgers ever made their own romhacks and sold them on cartridges/discs?

No. We actually have laws that punish copyright infringement and we have enough disposable income that only children or ultra poor would even bother. Scumbags would rather steal them from walmart than buy a bootleg from some dude on the street.

DVD are more common, but even then you almost have to live in the inner cities to find someone selling bootleg movies.

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/leddit/ please no leddit, this is the 4th channel.

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That was just ironic shitposting. They quote lyrics like that all of the time on /mu/

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Probably intended for the Israeli market. You know Jews are too cheap to pay for originals.

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They fucking love that shit. NBA let the state broadcaster simulcast games for free to build up brand recognition and it worked perfectly. Also helps that it's usually played indoors so smog doesn't choke the athletes.

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(((Crash Bandicoot)))

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whats bottom right?

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ChoroQ nigga

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ty kindly famalam

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did they literally just black that stuff out with a marker?

also how did you have such a good taste in the 90s, i'm guessing you used the internet a lot relative to others back then

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Not OP but I had these bootlegs when I was a kid. Because they were affordable, your parents would just buy you all of them. From this thread, I remember Raystorm, ChoroQ, Ghost In The Shell, Battle Arena Nitoshinden, Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha, Rage Racer, Tobal, Star Gladiator, R-Type Delta, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 2, Crash 2. It was truly a golden age when you can just buy random shit and they're most likely good games.

I like how appropriate the disc label is considering the jungle soundtrack. dnb 4 lyfe

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Because people who dress like vampires are drag queen faggots.

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It looks like they did just use a marker and then printed it exactly like that.

Game magazines were how I found out about everything back then and where I based my game choices from. Diehard Gamefan and EGM specifically.

I had the shittiest PC back then and my internet consisted of a text-only web browser. Could do little other than email Chinese bootleggers.

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There's no shame in using lynx.

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