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Depressing games. Games that make you feel BAD.

The drab colors, the empty stages, the boring gameplay, everything on this game makes me feel bad and extremely lonely. Nintendo 64 shovelware in general make me feel bad, as you can feel in every pixel that the developers didn't gave a fuck or just hated what they were creating. Something common among western shovelware.

You want some colorful sentai action? Well, fuck you. Here's a shitty and soulless game that feels like some bad ideas of Atari-tier gameplay cobbled together.

I mean, look at this. You can feel Yellow Ranger's loneliness. She hates existing in this shit game.

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The Mega Man DOS games are everything you could ever dream of.

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Something I posted on a similar thread years ago.

Game Gear X-Men games and the BR Master System version of X-Men Mojo World also are depressing. The Master System one even more, as it has worst colors.

GG and MS have many games, generally western, that are dull, lifeless and seem developed without any love, like the developers were just thinking "no one will buy this crap, I hate my job, I hate those games, Master System is dead since 1989 in Japan, let me develop for Nintendo".

See? Death lurks at every corner.
I feel bad for the developers. I feel bad for the poor kids that bought this shit longing for snikting some bubs as Wolverine and instead were thrown in generic maze-like levels and left wondering who the hell is the black figure at the title screen.
Those developers were dead inside and playing those games do the same for me.

At least I can see the waving flag of the land of freedom in level 2.

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Final Fantasy Adventure

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looks wild

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Again, why not a fun action game? It's the fucking Hulk!
But no, here's another drab piece of shit.

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For some reason I really like how this game and the X-Men 32X prototype look.

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And I had this. I paid for this.

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Fug. I thought this was a thread about games with depressing story/endings.

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Even though I've played it, if you told me this game doesn't even exist, I would believe you.

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Life. {spoiler]amirite folks?[/spoiler]

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It's just a stupid tech demo with awful gameplay, how could it not make you sad?
Use the hotkey, anon.

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Wonder Boy in Monster World port for the Master System. It kind of looks okay if you squint you eyes, but the cut content sucks all life out of it little by little:

> dungeons are simplified (at first) or removed completely (later)
>companions are missing -sometimes with pretty grotesque practical replacements: the dwarf kid is now a literal block you can step on once to reach a ledge and continue
> towns are almost completely empty of npc's, and the shopkeepers are off-style inanimate background tiles
> enemies have no death animations and just get fucking vaporized -which alters the cutish tone of the original game noticeably-

The result is a twofold depressing mess: the game world feels empty and lifeless, and the game itself is an affront to the series, specially considering Dragon's Trap for the same system is one of the best entries

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What's "sad" is that you couldn't read the sticky

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d2 is depressing all the way through. The feeling of beeing alone in the wild far away from any civilization is real,

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Old DOS games had ugly colors and graphics. They felt so amateur.

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probably because they were made by amateurs

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Morio Smith is Chris Benoit.

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It's not only bad, it's depressing too.
>you will never find your friends on this virtual world
This should be a /r9k/ banner.

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Framed and killed by a bitter rival who was having an affair with his wife?

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It does make you feel very isolated in that valley there. Especially after your friend sprouts vines out her vag. Still an enjoyable game for me, however.

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Its depressing cause the prototype plays alot better. I heard it was DC comics being uptight on what they could do.

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Kevin Sullivan didn't kill Benoit. He's like Charles Manson, his "family" did it.

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This controller makes me feel so bad.

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Taker/Sting/Rick Rude (forgot their in-game names, you pick them as your sparring and eventual tag team partner in the beginning) = Eddie Guerrero
Dick Slender (Ric Flair) = Kevin Sullivan

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It's amazing how that statement he made was true both ways. He really did make it look badass, but boy is that thing actually bad. I was still sold on that shit as a kid even though it barely functioned half the time, just because I felt so bad.

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I always feel like there's contempt from the creators of western platformers. They can't get the physics right and just say "fuck it".

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At the very least, the built-in controller worked, and it makes a great humor accessory for cyberpunk-themed outfits.

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Yeah, because gameboy is totally known for its amazing western developed platformers.

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Battletoads and Thrilla's Surfari seemed to do just fine.

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Back to >>>/v/

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Oh jesus that was horrible

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Isn't Battletoads british though?

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fuck off, namefag

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The music from the "Bat Caves" level of Jersey Devil made it seem like a funeral.

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fuck off namefag

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sad games are so comfy

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fuck off namefag faggot

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Body Harvest always gave me a very depressing, sad, maybe even horror feeling, so much so I've never brought myself to get pass the first level. It's a combination of the sound design, heavy fog, very basic textures, aimlessness and giant ass bugs. It sorta gives me the same vibes as lsd on playstation, except without the bugs. Unlike lsd which I played as an adult, Body Harvest has haunted me since I rented it at blockbuster, not really knowing anything about it. Hell I just recently remembered the name of it a few years ago. Tried to play it on an emulator a few times and noped out every time.

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tons of n64 games were like this. you could basically pick any n64 game not published by nintendo and end up with this.

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Need I say more?

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>heavy fog, very basic textures
Some say this game is scary, but for me it is just sad.

Yeah, like they're not actual games, just some assets threw in basic, shitty engine.

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I like this thread.

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>Dirty Harry NES literally has a room you can't escape from with "ha ha" written on the wall


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I don't want to start a war but, to be honest the Zelda on the N64 were pretty empty with a weird 3D. Not as much awful as the CDi ones but, god, one can skip them when playing the series

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R-Type. It has a particularly dark atmosphere compared to most shooters. Humanity creates a terrible biological weapon and then abandons it in space. The weapon then self-replicates and comes back to kill and / or inseminate humans.

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I like that game, but the damn music is madness inducing (I have the ost from one of those Sunsoft music collections)

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But does it actually make you feel depressed?

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Silent Hill 2, for obvious reasons. What a legendary game, definitely in my top 5 of all time.

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Delta and Final do, depending on what endings you branch out to. I think your pilot in Delta can end up stranded in Bydo territory indefinitely, and in Final, you can end up becoming a Bydo yourself.

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correct. for anyone curious:

the R-13 in Delta has too weak a wave cannon to pierce the bydo-space barrier, and gets stranded in the Mad Forest after destroying the Core; in Final, if you clear the water stage with the Cross the Rubicon, you fight the possessed Cerberus; there's a minor plot hole, since in Final the R-13 still has its Force Device, which was supposed to be destroyed at the end of Delta.

On the second loop of Final, you fight the Nomemayer in Beautiful Erasure, a very small pocket space at the edge of subspace; BE is a trap for thing trying to enter/exit subspace, as its light are a Bydo lifeform, and can turn organisms they make contact with. Your ship gets turned as it's exiting subspace, and ends up fighting the Earth advancing forces as a Bydo.

Command also qualifies:

the fleet manages to destroy the Ebon Eye, a bydo core. Fatigued and damaged from the battle, the slowly sink into the walls around them, and are mutated into bydo.

it seems after R type 3, a wave of depression hit Irem's development team.

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Glover fits the bill. It's actually a decent game, but it's just kind of creepy and empty.

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Young Merlin for the Snes.

A bad game outright, my situation made it all the more painful. As a child who got 3 games a year (1 on my birthday, 2 on xmas) blockbuster rentals were a depressingly regular occurance, with a young me not realising the kind of shit that companies like THQ would put on a cartridge. I rented a lot of shit games..

The game itself is an rpg, sure - but uh oh, Westwood? No Japanesy shit? Doip, I'll give it a try!

Anyway it was shit.

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Isn't jazz jazzwabbit and commander keen murika as fug?

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bomberman hero. something about it. it's not a bad game, but the music and sound effects and levels feel very sad/bleak.

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Majora's Mask is the perfect example of a sad game while being amazing graphically and storywise

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You are a man of poor taste.

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Ghostbusters is the worst licensed Nes game:
>One of the ugliest graphics of this system
>Retarded easy and boring grinding gameplay
>Awful RNG stair level
>Only one music
>Dat engrish

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n64 HUD overlays by and large have a cheap look to them, like a flash or java game, and that pic is a great example. It adds to the misery imo.

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I stopped doing those /vr/ gauntlets because frankly most NES games feel like this to me. Most are just ugly and clunky and I can't stand them.

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it's not sad unless your a storyfag with no taste who doesn't legitimately deserve to be playing it in the first place and literally

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i grew up on NES and played the shit out of it but feel the exact same way now.

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if you're an action game fag what the fuck are you doing playing an Aonuma game

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The SMS version was way better.

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I felt that most 5th gen 3d games felt empty back then, now its almost unbearable. I know exactly what you mean.

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Just watched this and made me feel depressed.

I feel this mostly on N64 games.

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Any SNES romhacks that use pallet swaps on existing assets. I can appreciate a new, well balanced adventure that had time and effort put into it but seeing re used assets just makes it feel like a knock off and I miss the original.

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LOTR on SNES just because of how quickly you and your party could die.

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Jesus wept. Like, the people doing the must've felt BAD about it. Some things should not exist.

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Ah, yes. The glorified GB MK3 romhack which barely resembles the console at all.
The original Gameboy Mortal Kombat 3 sucked, too.

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>there will never be a Dirty Harry game in the style as Stranglehold

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It's just a random beat em up with the Double Dragon name. No recognizable characters at all. and something about it makes me think of Amiga games.

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... you mean WayForward?

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From what I heard, it wasn't really JUST DC uptight on what they could do - it was DC complaining that they can't do some stuff... couple months before release. They had to scrap version they had so far and basically start from scratch.
In an interview, one developer clearly refers to a scrapped version that only has flying through rings in the tutorial, while we know in the final game it's not like that. So yeah, this version of Superman 64 is basically rushed garbage because they had to scrap the real game.

Well, the final game surely FEELS like a quickly cobbled together beta.

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Britain is in Europe.

Which would make Donkey Kong Country a 'western platformer', too.