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what where the best home versions of the first 3 Mortal Kombat Games?

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1- Genesis
2 - SNES. Saturn and PS1 versions play catch up later
3 - Genesis/SNES (You're missing some stuff, but hey there's no load times)
Trilogy - PS1/Saturn

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MK1 Genesis
MK3 None, it's MK3.

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The only answer

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The sega CD version of MK1 has more animation frames

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1 - Sega CD
2 - SNES
3- Who really cares. But the Playstation version has an absolutely sick cover.

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Probably the arcade compilation?

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It's true that SNES MK2 is better than Genesis, but the 32X version beats them both.
I'm quite confident that MK2 32X is the best home console version of the game.

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What makes it better than the XBLA PSN ports?

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>not retro
>just emulate bro
Honestly I don't know, I'm not aware of anything having to do with xbox.

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Lol sorry I actually took you seriously when you said it was the best and was curious uf there was something special about it. We don't all live in the past.

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I know it can't be improved, so the best this Xbox live version could be is "exactly the same."

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It's not arcade perfect though...

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16 bit - severely reduced sprite size but play good
32 bit - have loading times and sometimes in the match too
newer than 32 bit is emulation

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its 2018. just use MAME

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mk1 on the genesis is fucking shit. The characters have literally 2 frames of animation and the sound is fucking horrible. Also the backgrounds look like shit as well. Sega cd could've been better if they didn't fuck up the background music order.

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>32X version beats them both
>t.sega fan boy
its characters are *slighty* better in resolution, but it kept the exact same low color genesis backgrounds and shit sound/music. a lazy shit port that still maxed out what the 32X could do


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yes but the SNES one is still worse somehow

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I don't care for the older ports on Genesis/32X or SNES. I prefer the PS2 Midway Arcade Classics versions of MK2 and MK3 because they're near perfect emulations of the arcade versions

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It's MK1 though so who really cares? 2 is the only semi decent game in the series.

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That video proves the 32X version looks better. I don't see how it's "sega fan boy"ism to say that the SNES version is better than the Genesis version though.

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If you want emulation of the arcade version, just play in an emulator.

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As opposed to a shitty 16bit console port or a disk based one with horrible load times?

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2 is the only good retro Mortal Kombat.

Mortal Kombat (9)/Mortal Kombat (2011) is the only good modern one. X was okay.

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Having the physical arcade platform

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Where each play costs you money?

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If you own the machine you can empty the quarters whenever you want.

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I came here to laugh at your ignorance of the dos port.

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the character sprites look marginally better and everything else is just as shitty as the genesis version.

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Armageddon was a fucking terrible broken shallow game. They shrunk the moveset of all the characters to squeeze 60+ roster. Deception and Deadly Alliance aren't perfect but are good casual fighting games.

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as if all mk's aren't broken and shallow and have more than 2 moves worth using.

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If you can even do the moves, it always had the most bizarre control scheme in the history of fighting games IMO. Instead of a half circle forward, it's pull your joystick down, then push forward like a fucking 4-way pac-man.

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why would you not be able to do down-forward? They did that specifically to lower the execution barrier.

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MAT2 ports aren't Arcade perfect. Game runs at noticably faster speed.

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Is there a better/more accurate version?

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I think UMK3 on DS is the only perfect (or nearly) MK port ever

>It's MK1 though so who really cares?
anybody playing the game I would assume

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The only true way to feel the difference is to play these in real back to back.

For its limitations, SNES felt like something special, even if we it kept the shitty cheating AI, but at least they included a super strenght cheat and a 30 continues one.

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Xbox Live Arcade port for UMK3 was basically arcade perfect with minor issues, but it's been removed.

MK Arcade Collection has input lag and runs at incorrect speed, which are the same issues found in MAT2 ports of MK2 and MK3.

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MK1 = Sega CD
MK2 = Sega Saturn
Ultimate MK3 = Sega Saturn

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MK1 is a classic

best soundtrack and atheistic of any MK

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>MK1 = Sega CD
same shitty genesis backgrounds
retarded load times
final boss is unplayable due to the load times between morphs

snes MK1 looked the best by far, genesis played the best, CD had nothing going for it but its stage music

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nope. stage music is fucked.

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Are you the guy who keeps trying to say it was dark and gritty?

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nothing but this dream match

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I remember having a lot of fun with my friends with MK2 on the Mega Drive back then. I don't know why, but when I tried the arcade game I thought it was much less fun (and has a worse soundtrack too)

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Ports of retro games on non retro consoles are allowed here you fucking retard.

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it was in the wrong order, but was good quality at least

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not only is the order wrong, but some tracks play twice like the pit. The iso is only like 350mbs. Why the fuck couldn't they at least put all the tracks in which would make it easier to rearrange?

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What's wrong with MK3? I see a lot of posts shitting on it.

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Nothing was wrong. Some MK2 fans didn't like it but it was mostly casuals, also MK2 came out at the peak of 16-bit consoles. MK3 came out at the end and the home ports sucked.

MK3/UMK3 (Arcade) is faster, more balanced and has deeper gameplay. MK2 matches are projectile spam the entire match.

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is it not? I would say that it is

>Nothing was wrong. Some MK2 fans didn't like it but it was mostly casuals,
they made everything a lot jokier and dopey, probably feeling the feet from jack thompson and the like

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Yeah I honestly can't understand how anyone saw this game as anything other goofy over the top.

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But if you prefer to play an emulated version on a modern console, you could just emulate on a modern console yourself.

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point taken to some extent but it's nowhere near MK3's level of slapstick. if they'd stuck closer to mk2's design style nobody would argue about which one is best.

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I will deffinitely grant that it got more over the top as it went and friendships and babalities are even more silly. I just don't think the first one took itself seriously either and it's always been about campy gore.

I deffinitely agree MK2 hit the sweet spot.

I think MK3's problems have more to do with mechanics than tone though.

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Doesn't flippin matter they're still the best official versions on home platforms mcfuckin deal with it or go right the hell back to /v/ or /tv/ pick your poison because either way you're inhuman garbage.

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The campy over the top feel of the 2d games were what made them so fun to play, especially compared to the new one. You have fatalities where someone gets uppercut so hard they explode and 9 legs, 3 ribcage, 6 skulls and 14 arms just fly all over the place. The goofyness tempered the violence and made them much more fun than anything since 4.

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Who gives a fuck about official or not? I just want to play the most arcade accurate version I can at home. That makes me inhuman garbage? Lol

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Get out. Just get out. I'm sick of you. Get out now!

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I dunno, 10 rib cages flying out of one dude was cool, but 9 still had some fun stuff in it even if it wasn't as over the top.

lol you poor thing.

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The MS-DOS/ Windows PC ports of Mortal Kombat II and 3 were some of the best for their day:



These were really close to the arcade games.

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the audio in mk2 is fucking shit on msdos. MK3 is okay but the psx version was great anyway.

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>a lot jokier and dopey
MK has also been jokey. The franchise doesn't take itself serious.

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always been*

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DOS. Ad-lib.

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Please tell me it's not midi

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And the graphics and sound are still worse than the SNES.

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>Please tell me it's not midi

There are two versions of the PC game. One has MIDI music and the other has a redbook audio CD soundtrack.

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Open the coin catcher and flick the wire... idiots

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...or just set the machine on free play?

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