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Know of any games that use or acknowledge another game’s memory data (sequel or otherwise)? Most obvious example is Psycho Mantis.

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I think Ridge Racer Type 4 gave you some secret car when you had at least one other Namco savegame but this might be totally my imagination remembering things wrong.

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On Playstation, there was the Suikoden Series. I forget what transfers but still done so even into the PS2 continuations.

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In Legend of Mana you get a Chocobo as first pet instead of a Rabite if you have a FF8 save file in your memory card.
You can also get a sword from SaGa Frontier 2 if you have a save file from that game.

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Arc the Lad Collection let you carry items and shit from a previous game's save to the next, but I don't remember it all in detail.

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You can unlock Rosalina early in Mario Kart Wii if you have a save game from Mario Galaxy.

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tomb raider 2 in the last level lara has a different (more revealing) dress if you also have a 100% tomb raider 1 save

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Suikoden 1 and 2

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Wizardry 6->7->8

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If you want to be that butthurt about it...

Another game series that shares data is the SD Gundam Generations series for the Super Famicom. You can play characters from the other games by plugging in both cartridges.
How? The first game comes with an adapter called the Sufami Turbo, into which you can plug in the much smaller game cartridge. You can play the game in slot one, while using save data from slot two.
There are other games for that accessory which can share save data, but they're more like linking two Gameboys with Pokémon.

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Gran Turismo 2 lets you transfer licenses and credits from the first game, but only a limited amount.

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The Ultima series carried over saves from one game to the next, I think Wizardry did that too, also Mercenary/Damocles/Dion Crisis

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Spyro 2.

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This is pretty nuts.
Which reminds me, Super Robot Wars F and F Final also share the same file save. You can play Final without having played F first, but if you have an F save, you can carry on your units.
I played it on Saturn but it's also on PS.

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Technically not memory but Monster Rancher reads discs to generate monsters out of them
And somehow the damned thing recognizes DVDs and Blu-rays even though they obviously came much later

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No one's mentioned Banjo Kazooie/Tooie yet, which is surprising. I think Christmas NiGHTs may have made use of a normal NiGHTs save file in some manner as well.
Wiz 1-3 also had party import features as well, I believe. Wizardry 4 might have had one as well except the party would be enemies, not playables.

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I remember that after a certain n64 board revision you couldn't do the trick with the banjo games anymore so some people probably never even had the chance.

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tomba 2 has a few extra events if there is tomba 1 data on the memory card

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Also not memory, but I believe that the Playstation versions of Pop'n Music use 'append' discs - the game is literally unplayable unless you have the older version.

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It probably generates a random number using the exception thrown by the CPU.
Does it produce different results for different non-supported discs though?

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That sounds really cool

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Stop n Swap never made it to the final game. It was removed because not all N64 revisions held data in RAM long enough to work right.

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In Jak X you would unlock the Jak from each Jak and Daxter save file you had, and also unlocked Ratchet by having a Ratchet: Deadlocked save file present

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on Saturn, Duke Nukem 3d with a Quake save unlocked Death Tank Zwei.

Panzer Dragoon Zwei with a Panzer Dragoon Saga save unlocked the entire pandora's box.

Shining Force 3 used each others saves.

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Armored Core Project Phantasma and Master of Arena lets you import data from the previous games.

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DotHacks games from ps2.

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Pokemon RBY and GSC of course.

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Not /vr/, but Super Smash Bros. Melee gives you trophies for having files of certain games.
Sonic Mega Collection unlocks one of the bonus games early if you have a Sonic Adventure 2 file.

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Shenmue > shenmue 2

Doubtful but > shenmue 3 heh

Phantasy star online > v2

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Is everyone on this board a fucking retard? Why do you keep posting non-/vr/? Jesus Christ.

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Probably because this sort of thing was impossible on system without memory cards, and not every 5th Gen game needed them. So, the only answers you'll get are 5th Gen and beyond, or PC games that are installed on the hard drive (ie. early to mid nineties).
If you are excluding 6th Gen from /vr/, then we've basically named every single one already.

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>installed on the hard drive (ie. early to mid nineties)
Floppies worked just as well for that purpose.

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In theory, but 'please insert the old game into drive A:' might generate enough calls to tech support to keep too many games from doing it. I'm sure someone will provide an example, though.

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Wizardry has already been named.
An interesting case is Bard's Tale which offered imports from Wiz and Ultima 3.

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Ok so just don’t list 6th gen shit and refrain from posting? Do you dipshits need to post for (You)s that badly? Let the thread die if there’s nothing on topic to discuss.

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It's on topic for the thread, but (presumably) off topic for the board. Maybe this discussion is more appropriate for /v/? They probably won't spaz out if someone mentions the NES and GameCube in the same discussion.

To get back on-topic...
In the Playstation port of Shin Megami Tensei If, you can get stat bonuses for having save games from other Atlus games (like Persona 1 or 2).
Also surprised this hasn't been mentioned, but the SimCity games will load data from older games. This actually works all the way through The Sims 2, if you take the time to upgrade through several games.

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I knew the Ultima games chained with each other, but didn't realize that Bard's Tale read those saves as well. That's pretty cool.

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I will be super impressed if you can import data from the upcoming HD collection into Shenmue 3.

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Golden Sun 1 and 2

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Not really "memory data" but there's the Oracle games.

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Games I see there are

Metal Gear Solid
Metal Gear Solid VR
Resident Evil 2
Final fantasy 5
Final fantasy 8
Resident Evil 3

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Operation: Inner Space uses your HDD contents as levels.

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Another fucking retard.