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How big is your gaming collection?

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"Pick a number, 0 to 1,000,000"

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Most of my dearest possesions are stuff I have since I was a kid, when the retro stuff was new.

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Not including digital copies, roughly 800 games between about a dozen systems.

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Bin full of mostly Famicom games, 4 Famicoms, 3 PC Engines, 1 2600 Jr. I have a bunch of other Dreamcast / Genesis / 32X shit in storage back home, but I think I'm going to sell it when I get around to it. Pic mostly related, but I sold the NES-101s last week.

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after successfully converting all my games to liquid form it is no longer possible to count them

all I can say for certain is that I have "enough" games to power my generator until the dropship arrives

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Not that big. A little over 150 consoles and a few thousand games.

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two medium sized bookshelves. I unfortunately don't have a lot of space to collect stuff so I ended up selling a lot of it to friends and family who were interested.

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I don't own a single physical retro game save for a copy of pokemon yellow, and two sports titles that came with the used N64 I ordered.

My collection of modern games is meager.

Maybe both of those will change when I stop being such a NEET but not likely when I can buy digital re-releases and/or flashcarts, and my precious disposable income could go other places.

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I have a NES, SNES, genesis, n64, ps1, gb and gbc, along with a varying collection of games for each

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Big enough for me to be happy with it.
I can't buy game like one buys bread but as long as I own my favorites, I'll be set.

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Excessive. Probably around >>4735439

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Small. Less than 100 physical games and only around 10 handhelds and consoles. I emulate most games.

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It's over 2000 games, retro and non. And that's not counting duplicates.

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>it's >2K games, 1999 steam, chronotrigger repro

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I have my own spin on this idea and it could potentially be another thread.

how much of your childhood collection do you still have?

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Never counted, at least 1000 I'm guessing. I really need to organize my collection.

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109, mostly retro games and like 10 ps4 games. Only really keep stuff I have nostalgia for.

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>how much of your childhood collection do you still have?

Define childhood, because the only thing I still have from before age 18 is a meager collection of gamecube games. Life hasn't been kind.

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I couldn't tell you where it starts or ends.

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This was my collection in Sept. 2014. It's grown quite a bit since then.

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Almost all of it. The things I don't still have are my original DMG Gameboy (the screen got smashed ages ago), a copy of Kirby's Dreamland that was lost (it's been replaced), a copy of Super Empire Strikes Back that I sold (it's been replaced), and a copy of Mega Man for the Gameboy that I sold (haven't replaced this one yet). I didn't like the idea of selling off stuff in case I ever felt like replaying it.

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Probably, if i guessed.... between 150 and 220. Thats just an educated guess.

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Please clean your contacts!

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>how much of your childhood collection do you still have?
I have it all.

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309 mostly 6th and 7th gen.

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>there are 212000+ games in existence

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Pretty fuckin big.

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I have roughly 7 GB/C games, 10 GBA, 15 N64, 16 NES and 2 Dreamcast
Prized possession is probably a boxed Mother 3

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Nintendo DS Xl
Nintendo 3DS
New Nintendo 3DS XL
Nintendo Wii U
Nintendo Switch
Xbox One S
SNES Classic
New Mega Drive

Every main pokemon game from Platinum to Ulta Sun&Moon
Personal Top 20 3DS
Personal Top 25 Wii U
Personal Top 10 Switch (so far)
Personal Top 15 Xbox One S
Personal Top 100 Snes loaded on SNES Classic
Personal Top 100 Mega Drive loaded on New Mega Drive

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System-wise I have 1 N64, 1 NES, 1 Dreamcast, 2 GBA one of which has an AGS-101, and an SNES I haven’t used yet that might be defective

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wat do u use to organize it

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Almost all of it, though some went to my brothers.

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my friend

what is organization?

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Why not post an updated pic?

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Too lazy to make one.

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Hah, same.

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I emulate/pirate everything.