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what's your favorite genesis sonic game and why isn't it this?

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Because the fucking star with the rubber arms is shitty character design?

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doesn't go fast

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>and why isn't it this

Because High Seas Havoc exists.

High Seas Havoc is basically Sonic as a Pirate.

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Knuckles Chaotix

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Because it's some gay fucking character that's literally just a star in ugly hue-shifting land, USA swinging around and trying to rip off Sparkster for the SNES as much as possible.

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fuck, point taken

holy shit that original the character
is the gameplay sonic too?

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This was my actual favorite Sonic game on the genny.

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But is it Rye-Star or Ree-Star? Guess we'll never know.

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I wouldn't mind searching ffor buster's hidden treasure if you know what I mean

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it's Ri-su-ta-a

in other words REEEEEstar

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It's obviously a contraction of "rising star", so ofc it's rye-star, you stupid. Ree-star just doesn't make sense.

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>instantly sink down as if Buster has 50lb ankle weights

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rocket knight adventures. because i have taste

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In japanese (as in, in multiple japanese pop songs and commentary on sports and stuff where they unironically say "rising star") it's "Ra-i-zi-n-gu su-ta-a"

so it's not rising star, you made that up. It's Reestar and it sounds stupid because japanese people often make terrible names for things.

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It's a fuckin' beautiful game but not particularly fun to play. Stuff like how there's a delay on his jump or how his arms are supposed to be stretchy but suddenly you grab something and they're stiffer than Bionic Commando

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I thought it was Riss Star

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I hate the vaulting mechanics in that game. I end up going in directions I don't want to go in.

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It's written as リスター apparently. One of you two figure it out, I don't speak Nip.

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Jesus Christ, Galileo proved an object's weight has no bearing on the speed of its descent something like 400 years ago, how are you this ignorant of basic observable science?

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It gets boring after a while. I remember getting to the piano stage and stopping because you had to have great memory and that's when the game got tedious

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リri (ree)
スsu (soo)
タta (tah)
ーa (ah)

The horizontal bar at the end signifies that the preceding vowel is long. In transliterated terms, a+a is usually an approximation of -er or -ar, as in gamer or star.

So it's just a transliteration of Ristar. Say it quickly without stressing any vowel except the last, and it all comes together. Japanese has to render transliterations this way because it's simply a limitation of the writing system. Every character is supposed to represent an entire syllable.

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I'm really not a weeb. I just got interested in translating ROMs as a service to other retro gamers, and that's pretty much the extent of my involvement in anything Japan.

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I only liked the Sonic games and maybe EarthWorm Jim, the console really didn't offer much.

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This. Like "wrist star". Hence the whole hand/arm thing.

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yes we all like alien soldier but alien soldier is a cuphead clone not a sonic clone.

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/vr/in a nutshell MUHHH ASETHETIC MUHH CHARACTER DESIGN, no mention whatsoever of the game or actual play.

>High Seas Havoc is basically Sonic as a Pirate.
Only it isn't because high seas was a cancelled arcade game that's actually challenging and skill based unlike sonic.

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cuphead clone
thats not how this works

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t. a soiboi Nintendofag who only plays retro games because Smash Bros. reminded him they existed.

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Fine; jumps like he's on a bungee cord. The fact is the physics of the game are fucking garbage.

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such a bitch that you let people tell you when to be ashamed huh

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Cuphead isn't good and you're supposed to make that comparison to Megaman

don't make lazy jokes

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>picks the most overrated platformer on the Genesis

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Because Ristar is boring as shit

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That's not how you spell Pulsar.

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Replace sonic with a stick figure that turns into a pinball and Sonic Mania would still be fun. 3D sonic suffers from everything that is wrong modern gaming: constant autopilot segments that take control away from the player, a focus on style over substance, hallway levels with zero freedom, speed that isn't earned, a low skill ceiling, etc... 3D sonic doesn't have to suck (Utopia proved that), but it has so far.

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Get off /vr/.

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it says "the next rising star" on the box
ergo, rye star

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Been watching countinue? op?

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I like Ristar, but Sonic has more replay value.

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They took that pic's advice with Lost World and the game looked worse.

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I always thought this

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Fuck the both of you.

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Neither does Sonic, you either go fast and miss half the shit on the level/get hit by traps or approach it like another platformer with slimy controls.

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>missing stuff while going fast
git gud

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this game gets obnoxious past the first few levels
it's gorgeous though

actually get good
it's fucking Sonic, an easy-ass series

tl;dr: ree-star

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>he doesn't even have the zegetron release
and that might not even be all you're missing, gunstar heroes has an undocumented asian version so as might have one too

also if you're actually thunderblaze16 thank you for the ozisoft scans from a fellow as superfan

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I really like sonic's ninja friend

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