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>ITT: games better on console than PC

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You start.

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Okay, Quake 2 on N64.

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Ski Free in particular. Used to play that all the time because of how easy it was to pickup and play.

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holy fuck it's this anon again. just stop already

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>holy fuck it's this anon again. just stop already
Afraid of the truth, huh kid?

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I think it's you who's afraid and that's why you keep making these threads.

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>afraid of being right
Lmao, nah.

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All of them /thread

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>/threading yourself

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end this meme

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Why? Most PC games are shit and muh mouse and 120fps aren't what really matters. Quake 2 is a perfect example. PC version has more levels, more features and better graphics, but if the game isn't fun to play, what's the point?

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What is your favorite game? It isn't fun to play.
There you go, son.

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Nah, mine is, but Quake 2 on PC isn't. Unless you intend to tell me that a grey, drab, generic, floaty, poorly-paced, backtracking-filled slog is "fun".

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N64 autistic fanboys are one of the reasons I won't ever touch the system. Don't want to ever risk becoming the joke of retro.

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Nah, I'm actually a PS1 fanboy if anything. I just like Quake 2 on N64.

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N64 was great. This kid is retarded.

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>Muh mouse and 120fps aren't what really matters.

Not playing a fast paced FPS with a controller designed for autistic basement goonies monsters is what matters.

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>Imblying that a fps can ever be better on console than one pc
Lol this retard is serious

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NBA Hangtime on N64.

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>I won't ever touch the system

To have grown up never touching a N64 you would have to have been either a SEGA autist, underage, a poorfag, or an irrelevant country. Regardless of which you need to leave.

This. One reason FPS games are so medicore now is because they are designed with the limitations of console controls in mind.

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>sucks at using a controller that 7 year olds were capable of using perfectly
>plays PC games
Makes sense.

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shitposting aside, this game is actually pretty good on n64. level design was tight as fuck, nice ambient soundtrack instead of blaring metal music repeated over and over, splitscreen multi was the best on the system. sucks that so many pc fags will miss out on a great game by writing it off as a simple port.

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I've honestly only played a real N64 maybe twice. Once at Toys R Us, and another time at some girls house. None of my close friends had a 64, and all of our time spent gaming was either THPS on PS, or random PC games like Worms or Carmageddon. At home I only had a NES, Genesis, and PC. I opted for a drum set and guitar/amp rather than the current gen console. This had nothing to do with the stuff you listed. Believe it or not, some people just never got to spend quality time with certain systems. The Saturn is another console I've only played once or twice, which again, only came down to my circle of friends and how we spent our free time together.

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>None of my close friends had a 64

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Ah, you're one of those console warrior kids, got it. Cool projection photo btw.

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PowerSlave, Final Fantasies 7 and 8. Did FF9 come out on PC ever? if so then they probably fucked that up too.

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What is there to project? I'm not the delusional Sony pony who's so mentally limited that a simple image can predict every one of his possible statements before he even says it. Stay mad kiddo.

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What are you having trouble understanding?

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ahahaha this samefag

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*the kid advocating for n64 quake 2 to be clear

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Children born in the year 2000 can now post on this board.

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I know this is a troll thread but this

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Exhumed aka Powerslave.

The only FPS I'm aware of that's better on console.

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but it's the same

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The levels are actually in a weird different order depending on the version and some are different altogether. I liked the console order much better.

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Don't forget Quake on Playstation.

>Exhumed aka Powerslave.

Also this. The Saturn version is the definitive version.

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Bad ports are a bitch.

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FF9 got a port to Steam 2 years a go, I don't think the battles lag as much with certain attack animations and some FMVs are higher quality.

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Till the PC release on steam is fixed, Chrono Trigger.

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Sure, it have Hexen like levels, but it really doesn't make it more fun. I'd rather have the more classical levels of the PC version.

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story and soundtrack was a million times better on N64

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The PC port is good if you use BetterSADX, though.

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Quake 2 isn't an amazing game to begin with, but the N64 version certainly isn't better. The animations are incredibly jerky and it is essentially a Quake 64 mod.

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Most cases of a game being awful on PC are when a PC port was crapped out quickly, like the Metal Gear Solid series.

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it also had more advanced lighting (dynamic, colored)
the saturn/ps1 versions were in a whole different engine and developed before the dos version