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I love this game, easily one of my favorite games ever.

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I, too, loved that game. I'm really bummed that Mario Kart didn't adopt any of the things like Adventure mode or multiple vehicle types from it. Seemed like they were going into that direction with the mission mode from Mario Kart DS, but then they just dropped it.

It's been a long time since I've played though, as in, 15 years give or take. I'm waiting for my everdrive to get here, and i've decided it's gonna be one of the games I'm going to pour a ton of time into first.

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Why did you use the jap box art?

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DKR should come back, Adventure mode and searching for hidden keys and balloons needed to unlock other worlds... game really was in most respects better than Mario Kart.

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Crash Team Racing is better

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U r in the process of being defeated, and it frightens u.

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That'll never happen. They won't let Paper Mario be an RPG anymore because "We don't need two RPGs", so why would they have two party kart racers? They won't even give us another F-Zero which is reasonably different from Mario Kart.

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>Crash Team Racing is better

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