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>normie coworker is off talking about some YouTube video on old Japanese games he watched
>"Did you know that Famicom was the Japanese name for Super Nintendo?"
>He looked pissed off when I said it was NES

Fucking millenials

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That is sad, man.

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So where's the problem?

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People who were fed misinformation and act uppity when called out on it

Also you


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The fact that someone got triggered over a simple correction.

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Somebody else here, I was going to suggest it’s sad that you corrected him

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Ah ok. I mean I wasn't an ass. Just noted it was the nes not SNES and he got butt hurt

Why was it sad I corrected him? It would be if I made a huge deal out of it. I legit said "I'm sure the Famicom was the nes not SNES. Anyway"

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People have casual, misinformed conversation about all your favorite topics all the time. All you have to gain from correcting them is looking like a pedantic psuedointellectual

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gotta love it when they mention that the usa version of mario 2 isn't the ACTUAL mario 2

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>pissed off the one guy who might actually be interested in some of the same things as you

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You sound like a gate keeping faggot.

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Misinformation is the bane of knowledge and getting pissy about being corrected stunts any further conversation. His friend could have just said "oh, really? That's neat" but instead chose to be (from what we're told here) a brat.

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euphoric comment

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Normies are weird. They respect half-knowledge and dabbling, but when presented with true, in-depth experience and passionate interest, they are often quickly repulsed. Even sadder when you see people on a dedicated hobby board supporting such behavior.

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In a social context, especially with coworkers with whom you spend a lot of time, it can be advantageous to allow ane even partake in casual conversation to foster comradery, thus making work and your life a little more pleasant.

If that is something beyond your comprehension then I would guess you’re either very young or stunted emotionally and intellectually.

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We talk about video games all the time. He told me bits of information that I never knew, like how the ps3 can play PS1 games. He's corrected me about shit all the time.

I don't usually correct people when they're wrong, as I'm not a pedantic asshole. This is one of the few times I did.

The guy's usually pretty chill. Don't know what got under his goat that time.

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So basically the other guy shouldn't have gotten pissy about being corrected and instead continued the conversation once it was demonstrated that OP shared a similar interest and was perhaps knowledgeable about the subject. I guess OP might've been a dick when he corrected him, though, so who knows.

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> he didnt say SUPER in front of famicom so he's wrong!

At least he knows to stay away from the autism fatty now

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>The guy's usually pretty chill.
He thought you were competing with him for the third guy's dick.

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Well my childhood friend, despite having played many megadrive games back in the day, is sort of like that. He's not too much into retro shit, but he only found out recently about the SNES-CD. When I mention that I still use a CRT TV to play some games and that I still own some consoles he laughs, but I mention any old game we both played and he starts looking like a madman for an emulator.

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It 100% depends how you corrected him. If it was gentle and not condesending then yeah he's an idiot. If it was arrogant and for the third guy's cock then you were at fault.

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>not ending every irl video game discussion with "oh yeah, video games? haha I don't really play those..."

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>revealing your power-level

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Everyone on this board is a fucking millennial, you meme-spouting underage retard.

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Try putting a Famicom game into a super Famicom, retard. They are two different consoles.

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>friends blow in nes cartridges
>tell them that the spit corrodes the contacts
>"nah i'm gonna keep doing it"
>"it's a retro gamer thing, you probably don't understand"
>we were all born in 1999

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I wonder how many teenagers of today play old games because they "grew up" watching GameGrumps.

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Is it actually bad? when I was kid I would give my cartridge to dad and he would blow in it like a yeti and than slam it in the console and it would work, it could be that I was putting in cart too lightly

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He just explained WHY it was bad, can you not read?
The reason it worked afterwards was because just inserting and removing the cart helps clean the contacts from dust, light debris or whatever.

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If you can't focus a stream of air through your lips without slobbering all over the the fucking place, then there's probably a reason you're still playing with your childhood toys.

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>I have no idea how moisture works but I'm going to act like a big smart boy about it! :^D

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>normie coworker

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Just how many cartridges have you destroyed with your repugnant dorito drool?

>> No.4728839

You stupid fuck, there's moisture in your breath from your saliva, which condenses on the cartridges in small amounts over time.

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Literally correcting someone once in passing wen they're objectively wrong is now considered neckbeard teritory

Go back to /v/, you're part of the problem.

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Different anon here. I used to blow in my cartridges all the time, and all my childhood games still work today.
That said, I don't blow into them anymore because wisdom & experience has taught me that I have to position the cartridge in the perfect sweet spot, which usually involves nudging the cart every so slightly to the right.

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He sounds like a manchild OP. I'm surprised he's even angry at all, one should be open to constructive criticism if they are to excel in the real world. The proper response instead of flashing a death stare at you would be to say "Oh, thank you for correcting me. I will not make the same mistake again in the future." like a proper adult. I would consider reporting his strange behavior to your employer as he obviously has difficulty with accepting constructive criticism, which is a major flaw to have in the work force.

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>Person watches something about your hobby to try and connect with you
>Piss on them for it

I'm not sure whether its the repetitive colors or crt radiation that causes this autism, anon.

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>was corrected in one point of their lives and got mad over it

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For real autist here, I would have smiled and said "Oh wow, really?" because correcting a coworker is a social minefield that only a normal person can handle.

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what? and you didn't shoot up the place?

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Did you know that the original Super Mario 2 actually never came to the west but instead we got a reskin of a game called Doki Doki Panic with Mario characters?

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He must like s󠀨󠀨󠀨o󠀨󠀨󠀨󠀨󠀨󠀨󠀨y

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>"Did you know that Famicom was the Japanese name for Super Nintendo?"
>both go back to work
Wasn't that hard, was it?

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That's a common misconception. It was actually called Harry Potter and the Fucking Wizard

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I got a similar reaction when I told my coworker that the best SNES RPG is DUAL ORB 2, not Chrono Trigger

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It's neither. It's Final Fantasy 3

>> No.4731142

That was on the Famicom which is the Japanese name for the regular Nintendo

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I'm angry now. Don't talk to me or my Genesis ever again

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Anon probably means Final Fantasy 6, which was released as FF3 in the US.

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That was the joke on my end. I just assumed he was messing around and didn't want to correct him and make him upset

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>recommend Earthbound to a friend
>sorry bro never heard of this Undertale clone

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Now that didn't happen.

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Not him but I highly doubt he was "trying to connect". I have people like that at the campus I go to and one of the guys in my class is such a massive tier autist that I was speaking to one of my friends about how a mutual friend has "Bad taste in video games" (I bought him DBZ FighterZ as a present and kept ribbing him about it) and this fat furry chimes in with "Bad taste in video games, are you talking about me?"

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>CRT's are bad for your health/eyesight
actually true??

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None of that shit happened and you know it. The only game I can think of that has anything in common with Earthbound's presentation and quirkyness is Lisa: The Painful.

And you know what? IT SUCKED.

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They make you grow hair in your palms and vomit blood

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Why is boy hiding behind stick

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I actually did know this! It's a shame Nintendo couldn't have picked an actually good game to reskin as Mario cause donkey kong picnic fucking blows!

>> No.4733843


well, those are Normie's for ya.

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>talking shit about donkey donkey picnic
Take it back you uncultured nigger

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>showing your powerlevel to normies

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Maybe he said it as a joke.

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Sorry guys, but bring knowledgeable about 25 year-old video games doesn't make you special. You're all normies too.

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Yeah, just look at this fine NES.

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>this is actually a thread

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>talking with my coworker about a youtube video I watched of old japanese games
>she's interested. likes games but unfamiliar with old jap stuff.
>"the super nintendo was called the famicom in japan
>oops, slipped up and left out the super. no biggie
>suddenly a sweaty, greasy mess of unkempt head/face/neck hair pops up from behind a screen
>it's followed by a huge morbidly obese slug, the consistency and color of marshmallow
>it lumbers toward us. the smell hits long before it arrives
>a shrill nasal screech fills the air
>"actually the super nintendo entertainment system was called the SUPER famicom in japan"
>it's the first words it's ever spoken to anyone in the office
>my coworker flees in terror at the sight, smell and sound of the putrid cock block
>i give the cunt a shitty look and walk away

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is all about appearance to them and nothing else if you try to go deeper on certain subject they even think you are going crazy that's why i rather keep quiet

>> No.4739040

>Fucking douchebags
Fixed that for ya. I'm a milennial and I don't clap my yap about things I don't know shit about. That's just common courtesy to others, "don't act like an expert on smth if you're not".

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I bet you normalfags don't even realise the irony of it all.

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The point is you ruined his " Oh my gosh I'm SO nerd XD " moment .
Just let them has something to make them feel proud for once .

>> No.4741168

Why are you lumping me >>4735938 in there? I was giving them the business too.

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> It would be if I made a huge deal out of it. I legit said "I'm sure the Famicom was the nes not SNES. Anyway
yeah that sounds like you're being a dick. The right thing to say would have been
>Super Famicom. Regular NES was the Famicom, Super NES was the Super Famicom. Weird name, huh? Comes from "Family Computer." Haha, can you imagine if they tried to sell it with that name in the USA?
This is the way to gently correct someone, you see what you said is basically telling him he's wrong and you're right. The way I say it, you make a minor correction and add some more information and immediately move the conversation forward into a way that avoids any kind of awkward embarrassment for him. Nobody likes being told they're wrong, but you can finesse it to avoid discomfort in a friendly way.
For fuck's sake you demented pavement apes go and buy some fucking deoxit. It will instantly fix any connection problem and is plastic-safe. Being a master race SEGA Master System player I never had a piece of shit NES so I assume their cartridge contacts are bare copper or some kind of shitty zinc plated lead bullshit so you probably need the red tube, but if you ever get your gorilla hands on a real piece of hardware with gold plated connectors they make a special deoxit gold to clean and preserve them. I've even fixed broken and corroded solder joints with the stuff because it's normally nonconductive but will conduct when pressed between a metal-metal interface
try to restrain yourself from drinking the contents of the tube though you literal orangoutangs

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There is pretty much no reason to expect 99% of anyone to say anything of value about really anything, let alone the autistic nonsense we bant about here. Not sure why you were so surprised, unless you're complaining that you in fact weren't surprised. If that's your argument, then yeah, I totally feel you.

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It's funny because Undertale's creator got his start making Earthbound rom hacks.

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DId you explain to them that it has sniper rifles and monster trucks?

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>uhm, AKSHUALLY Kirk never said "Beam Me Up Scotty" on the original show!
pedantic autists will always be fishing for people to respond like
>oh, wow, really? teehee I never knew that anon, my mistake. You're so interesting!
and then they REE when people just look at them like a pedantic autist.

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i got into playing retro shit becuase i grew up watching avgn,
it bugs me more that they dont know egoraptor used to make cartoons...

>> No.4741786

The autism is strong with this one.

>> No.4741804

Hey guys, someone was WRONG and I TOLD them they're wrong, but they wouldn't just admit they were wrong. I keep doing this to my friend, and if anything, he's worse than ever!

Why don't girls like me?

>> No.4741807

Learn to suppress your power level in public, OP. 99% of the people you interact with don't care about your tedious Nintendo trivia :s

>> No.4741847

>tripfag will reply to this own post without a trip
Not even the stupidest people on this board are going to keep falling for it, transsylvanian attention hungering modern gaming basedcucking autistic furrypedo. I bet you, cabbagepants, that drawing card anon and that edgar thing are all the same person and you've got a serious mental disorder. Go offline and seek help.

>> No.4742020

>all the same person
I suspect at least some of those are the same person. There can't possibly be that many stupid people on the internets.

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>NES is the Japanese name for Super Nintendo
What are you, some kind of retard?

>> No.4742116

fuck off nigger face keep blowing your spermy breath into your Nintendo cartridges if you want to

>> No.4742203

You can't say nigger here this is a blue board

>> No.4742204


dumbest post on /vr/ i've seen.

>> No.4742374

is this true

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>on lunch break, playing Croc 2 on my phone
>black girl tries to talk to me
>"it's funny how people call it the PSX, the PSX was actually a Japan only PS2 system"
>have to painstakingly explain to her that PSX was the playstation's codename and that it stuck around unofficially in magazines because it was 3 letters
>she goes all quiet and walks off
>get a phone call an hour later from another girl at work
>have to go to the women's toilets and apologize to the black girl because she locked herself in a stall and is crying in hysterics
fucking normalfags

>> No.4742414

More or less. It depends how many times it gets reported and if a newfag mod sees it or not.

If falls into the no shitposting/trolling except on /b rule.

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>things that totally really happened

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Kill yourself.

>> No.4743064

>gate keeping
Back to >>>/tumblr/

>> No.4743073

>it bugs me more that they dont know egoraptor used to make cartoons...

There's no way this is true.

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I'm born 92 and I just played the NES because we still had it, we never had a SNES, so I had to emulate that in the late 90's and early 2000's (well, still do).
In a way it was really sweet because there were all these cool games I didn't have to pay for, but on another, emulation was very imperfect (especially early on), and playing Super Metroid with a keyboard is insanity (I don't know how I beat it back in the day, but I did, these days a gamepad is mandatory).
I didn't even get into AVGN until like, the 2010s.

You exhale moisture no matter what you do, that's how your lungs work, blowing into the cartridge contacts WILL cause corrosion over time.

If you're having connectivity issues, replace the connector pins in the cartridges that struggle, or if they all struggle, replace the connector pins in the console, and then be more careful with it in the future.
Or get a toploader, because that springloaded angling mechanism is flimsy and bullshitty, and will keep wearing your pins.

>> No.4743162

I suspected this as a kid already whne I played it on All-Stars because it was so different from the other Mario games.

>> No.4743173

Why not? He's now been doing Game Grumps for just as long as he was an animator.

>> No.4743594

Oddly enough, it was originally supposed to be a Mario game, and got reskinned as a TV promo at the last minute - then reskinned back to Mario when they realized Amerikids can't into video games.

>> No.4743804


Hey, I heard you like vertical bars over all your games. Boy have I got a console for you.

>> No.4743946

I've actually never used one myself, I was just told they were more reliable due to lacking that dropdown mechanism the normal NES has (lord knows that thing gave me grief).

There was a modkit for that though, replacing the angling mechanism with a fixed one you can just slide the cartridges straight into, so that might be best.

>> No.4744820

I like you, anon.

>> No.4744856

>Not RGB or HDMI modding your top loader.

Pathetic. I prefer my real consoles with emulated colour pallets thank you very much.

>> No.4744863

would you call a SNES a NES? stop being fucking retarded.

>> No.4746364

Meanwhile he probably forgot about it and went on with the rest of his day while you being the sad lonely little man you are decided to rush on home heh maybe not even that you're probably on your phone at work right this instant to post about it because you're just that miserable. Get a life chump.
"When life hands you lemons you kick it in the nuts and then squeeze them in its eyes so it will know you're not some punk"
-From 96ninjatoaster69 while discussing final exams last year

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>have to painstakingly explain
I too would have a breakdown if I had some autist make me sit there for half an hour to explain something that could have been summed up as. "Oh, that was just the PS1s original prototype name and it stuck even after it came out."

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How to correct people the wrong way:

How to correct people the right way:
>I heard there's a super famicom too, is that the N64?

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this thread sucks and I keep seeing the same op

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