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>two hundred ninety six games
>two thousand, five hundred sixty nine games
Is there a more clear example of a console completely decimating the competition?

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Quantity != quality

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don't bait the N64tards, they're one of the three most autistic groups of /vr/

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The ratio of good games to bad is much, much higher on PS. It couldn’t be any other way given the sheer size of its library.

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The fact is on any console, and I mean ANY console, about 10 to 15% of the library will be good to great, while the rest is 'meh' to outright crap. So yeah, by sheer statistics alone there's more good PS1 games to check out, but the other side of that coin means the PS1 also has a WHOLE LOT MORE shit.

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ps2 and gamecube

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20+ years later and still too poor to have both.

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This is called Sturgeon's law.

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Stop being a NEET.

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The best games of the generation are on N64.

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No I still have my childhood systems. I was referring to the hand full of babies who keep making these threads.

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Up until 5th gen I was a die-hard Nintendo loyalist - I had fought in the console wars against the Genesis, and I was prepared to do it all over again against the playstation - and for a few months I did. But I just wanted to play Final Fantasy 7 SO DAMN BADLY that I broke and got a used PS1 for just that reason. And if you think this is the part of the story where I say I learned the era of my Nintendo fanboy ways, turned my back on them, and walked forever down the Sony path then fuck you. From that point on I just simply owned both systems and continued to acquire games for both. It made for a happy adolescence.

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It's the best way to enjoy video games. I also jumped on the Xbox later and rode all three into the shitter into current gen. Any real game enthusiast should be able to find joy in any system.

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I won't deny that the PS1 crushed the N64 in terms of sales, but just having more games doesn't really mean anything. The PS1 was much easier to develop for, and it having CD media made it much more appealing to developers in general. There were a LOT of shitty shovelware games on the PS1.

THIS is the most clear example of a console completely destroying the competition:
>PS1 - 102.49m consoles sold
>N64 - 32.93m consoles sold

Sony sold more than three times the number of consoles Nintnedo did that generation.

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I mean the Atari 2600 and the Famicom/NES both were so successful it wasn't even common knowledge that there WERE competitors for them

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Console wars are for poor people. I know this because I was a poor Sony loyalist growing up, then started buying all consoles when I became an adult with money.

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Yep, Sony also had their own extensive factory setup and were able to manufacture parts for the playstation and CDs at a very low relative cost.

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It's still fun to pretend you're poor and pick a side, though.

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Console wars are shit.
And every console only has like, 20 to 30 games that are even worth a damn anyway. So unless the number of games is somehow lower than that, it really doesn't matter who has more games.

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>varied selection
>dude rpgs lmao
cmon son

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I don't think you understand what a ratio is.

Also the only thing that matters in the end is that they both have games worth playing. There never has or will be a real reason to have to only choose one.

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>varied selection

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Kek what are the other 2?

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Original hardwarefags and anti-JRPGfags

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>thousands of games
>probably only 15 or 20 worth playing in the end
Well, I guess strugeon's law applies to everything.

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thats not facking gallop racer

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>checks MobyGames
>N64 = 339
>PSX = 2245

Where you get these numbers from?

Make a top 33 N64 game list, and then make a top 220 PSX list. Look at these lists carefully before you think a top 33 N64 list will be easier.

>DS had 6 Barbie games
>PSP had none

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This. Compare NES to Sega Master System. Now that's domination

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>>DS had 6 Barbie games
>>PSP had none
Well, at least N64 has original exclusive games. I love my PSP but it's mostly ports and emulation: the handheld.
Still, we're talking Sony's successful console the PS, not the handheld which lost against the DS.

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>and then make a top 220 PSX list
I'd like to see someone attempt this

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The ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 have over 15,000 games combined. How many of those do you think are worth playing?

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Guess whose actual games will work in 30-50 years? In my entire life I have never encountered a non-working cartridge. The PS1 will have zero games playable for real one day, all disc-based systems will fail eventually.

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I'm kinda pointing out that if you want to argue the quality of the whole, then only superior systems had Barbie games while the failures didn't.
>NeoGeo Pocket = 0 Barbie games
>Philips CD-i = 0
>3DO = 0
>MSX = 0
>Wonderswan = 0
>PC-98 = 0
>GameCube = 0
>N64 = 0
>Linux = 0
>Master System = 0
>Dreamcast = 0

Ohohoho, did I go there? PC Master Race has around 30+ Barbie games.
>Linuxbabies on suicide watch.


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>superior systems
But PS was the jack of all trade, master of none console. It didn't excel at 3D like the N64, nor at 2D like the Saturn.
Are you even trying, Sonygger? Defending Barbie fucking games, seriously?

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who gives a raging fuck about that? do you expect any digital media you buy to last you 30-50 years? by then chances are there will be infinitely easier ways to play N64 or PS1 games, just as there already are today

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Few quality games vs. many crapware

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Well, it didn't start too bad until I reached that part.
Croc on PS1 isn't even the best version.

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>Barbie on Japan only console

Barbie was and still almost non-existant in Japan. It had and still has it's own "copy" Jenny.

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Dude it's #198

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Well, then don't make a list that long if you're gonna include inferior multiplats of games that aren't even that noteworthy.

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>tries to meme
>get cancerous "jack of all trade" meme

Breh, I want all main players of the industry erased so they have no Copyright power. Saturn is still inferior to N64 in all ways, though.

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Jesus Christ

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What's the matter gramps? Are you a fan of Croc on the PS?

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Sure that’s what you meant, third worlder.

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>third worlder
Why did you assume he's from USA?

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easy done throw in 20 times beatmania,fifa,nascar,madden some megaman here some streetfighter there and viola

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X4? Because that's the only good Megaman on PS. The Saturn version is better.
>Street Fighter
Uh... EX? Because the 2D ones are better on Saturn. Never trust PS when it comes to 2D fighter ports.

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>cartridges are digital media

Not quite, anon. There's chips, diodes, resistors; etc in play too.The point is that there is no reason why Super Mario Bros. won't outlast your great-grandchildren. I was being far too conservative before.

>the future may solve other problems

Now you're talking.

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*However, the capacitors inside hardware and some of software is another story. Some dry out, some leak thus destroying the unit typically, while still others for one reason or another go on and on and on.

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not pike the 64 could do 2D better either

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Why not? n64 has some pretty good looking 2D games, but since its forte was 3D, and producing for the system was expensive as hell, and what the public wanted at the moment like crazy was 3D, developing 2D for N64 was kind of commercial suicide.

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45 titles sold more than 1 million. Almost half were developed by Rare or Nintendo.

110 titles sold more than 1 million. No single developer has more than 10% of the entries on the list (I think Square has the most with 10).

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as gimp as the 2D fighters ports were on Sony, people still like them and play them, with perhaps the big drawback were the Vs games.

If the MKT N64 port was garbage, what makes you think it could handle a KoF or even the first SFA?

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Why do you think MKT port was garbage? It's missing characters and stages but has 3 on 3 fights. That makes me think it could handle KoF or SFA, or the VS games.
The thing is, it would require a lot of development time due to optimizations, and Capcom knew it was easier to make money with Saturn, PS and fucking Super Famicom ports (because SFC was the console everyone owned, it was sure to sell well)

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probably also because the N64 controller was the worst fucking possible controller for a fighting game

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How? It has a SNES d-pad, and 6 face buttons, like the Saturn.
If anything the PS pad is the one least suited for fighting games due to only 4 face buttons.

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I don't think it's unreasonable to accept it might be the 198th best game on the platform anyway.

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I actually feel because of the small N64 library that it breaks the conventions of Sturgeon's Law. More like 20% of its library is decent quality.

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>be Sony
>enter hardware market
>spend millions on advertising
>lose over $150 on every console sold thanks to the inclusion of a CD drive
>lure amateur devs to your platform with promise of low licensing and development costs
>sell about 110m consoles and only a little over 70m games
>barely break even thanks to all of the money you spent on advertising and lost profit from systems
>fast forward 2 generations, almost bankrupt your company with the george foreman grill project, lose every dime you made on the previous two gens and then some thanks to muh cell processor of the future, still haven't recovered by your fourth console
>be Nintendo
>come out with your own console over a year after Sony
>profitable on every unit sold from day 1
>popular multiplayer system, sell a ton of extra accessories like controllers too
>set extremely high licensing fees for devs, manufacture and package all games in-house, reaping about 70% of the total profits on each game sold
>sell 33m console units, and a little over 60m games, almost as many games as a console that sold 3x as many units
>best selling game, Super Mario 64, outsells best selling game on competing system, Gran Turismo
>make untold profit and give birth to one of the most revered consoles of all time with the most revolutionary 3D games ever made
Anyone who actually thinks Sony won the 5th gen doesn't know the first thing about economics. The only thing Sony managed to do was become a household name. Nintendo made more money and produced better games. Fact.

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N64 has 296 officially released US games. Not sure what the official Playstation number is in the US.

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>powerpoint presentation
unless you worked for these companies, held sony stock, manufactured their system components or are miyamoto's personal sub who gives a shit? literally who? all that greentext doesn't change the reality, that to a rational consumer, n64 was basically a gaming sahara with the occasional dogshit collectathon platformer to "break" the quarterly drought
>most revered consoles
only ninfags in burgerland. nobody gave a fuck about the system in EU or JP. didn't you see that in your precious sales figures?

and lmbo at the idea that
>the more companies profit, the better for us consumers!
you are part of the problem, bucko

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>tony hawk 2

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Crazy, innit?

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>nobody gave a fuck about the system in EU or JP.
That's a bit hyperbolic.
PS was the clear winner but N64 was the essential multiplayer machine and had the most advanced 3D games. You can talk "shit collecthathon platformer" all you want, but N64 still had a lot of sports games, racing games and wrestling games that people loved playing in 4 player mode.
Also, before you call me a burger, I'm from Netherlands.

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>unless you worked for these companies, held sony stock, manufactured their system components or are miyamoto's personal sub who gives a shit? literally who? all that greentext doesn't change the reality, that to a rational consumer, n64 was basically a gaming sahara with the occasional dogshit collectathon platformer to "break" the quarterly drought
Ah, so finally a pony admits that sales aren't indicative of success? Okay then, glad we've established that.
>only ninfags in burgerland. nobody gave a fuck about the system in EU or JP. didn't you see that in your precious sales figures?
And yet, the N64 has the highest rated game of all time across all regions... hmm... now that sounds like success.
>the more companies profit, the better for us consumers!
>you are part of the problem, bucko
Are you legitimately retarded? OP made a post about business, I simply posted some facts countering his assertion that the PS1 was a more economically successful machine than the N64.

Look, the fact is, the N64 made more money, it was a better designed system that didn't need to be played upside down just to work, it had more revolutionary games, and it had better games. The N64 was the better system. It's time to get over it and accept reality.

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Is say CRTfags are one

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t. salty poorfag

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that lucky bastard

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it's pretty clear OP was making a qualitative judgement about the system's game libraries, not business
>revolutionary games
which? list them. "old ass Nintendo IP...but in 3D!" is hardly avant guarde or some shit. if by revolutionary you mean "spawned a lot of shitty mario 64 imitations" okay. i'll grant you sm64 and the fact psx was a disc read error toaster. everything else you said was just ninthing frothing. the psx library absolutely destroys n64, and i have zero console manufacturer biases whatsoever.

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dude not even a nintendo boy, my first console was in fact a playstation, but it's a known fact both SM64 and OOT influenced the way games are even today. Have you tried 3D action games before those games were released?
We would have stuff like Devil May Cry or Demon's Souls without Ocarina of Time.

>> No.4722138

>which? list them.
The fact you have to even asks tells me everything I need to know about your age and your experience level. Ocarina of Time alone was more influential than anything on the PS1 library, it completely revolutionized 3D third-person combat and exploration by popularizing the use of features like z-targeting, first-person view when using weapons, etc. On top of that, Super Mario 64 was equally as influential in how it handled the manipulation of the game camera in 3D spaces and the use of analog controls. Then you've got Goldeneye which basically set the standard for all modern shooters to come (for better or worse), Smash which popularized a totally different form of fighting game that titles like Power Stone have since emulated, Star Fox 64 which left a mushroom stamp on every game that ever attempted on-rails space combat... the list goes on.
> the psx library absolutely destroys n64
It's funny you mention "old ass Nintendo IP... but in 3D!" as some kind of easy way to dismiss the quality of the N64's library, because the ironic truth is that even the most popular PS1 games were most SNES-tier JRPGs and platformers that were indistinguishable from their 2D brethren aside from using polygons. Look at FF7. It does absolutely nothing new from a gameplay perspective, it just had new graphics and CG cutscenes. Now compare Ocarina of Time to ALttP -- they're practically a different genre.

You can stamp your foot and scream about how much better PS1 was, but it really wasn't. Think about this for a second: the PS1 sucked so much that it sold almost half as many games as actual console units, meanwhile the N64 sold twice as many games as console units, and made more money to boot. Consumers spoke and the end result is that people enjoyed N64 games more than PS1 games. This is the harsh reality of it my dude.

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>not liking JRPGs makes you autistic
Now I've seen it all.

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Youre an aspie. Anhero dude.

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I loved the NES and SNES, but jumped to PS1 when it went to $200 in summer 1996 right before the N64 launch in Burgerland. I was happy that I picked PS1 because cost-wise I was able to get so many more games, and have a library of every genre imaginable, compared to N64. N64 games, even used, were still usually over $40 while year-old PS1 games were under $25. Sony's Greatest Hits line was awesome for this as well.

I never looked at the N64 as a system with any games I needed. I borrowed it from a friend and loved F-Zero 64, but even that wasn't at good as Wipeout XL.

N64 did some great things and it, along with Saturn, were good systems that would have likely done even better had it not been for the PS1 completely dominating the generation.

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I love console war threads.

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The N64 is the thinking man's console

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t. assblasted Croc fanboy

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quints pls.

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We don't have dubs here, dingus.

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>N64 has no games
>PSX has a lot
>Spergs: "muh quantity over quality"

>N64 games sold so much more
>PSX games sold like shit
>Not Spergs: "literally arguing that selling a lot in a sea of fools isn't the same as quantity over quality"

I'm terribly sorry the Mona Lisa only sold 1 copy, faggots.

>> No.4722265

The Mona Lisa isn't even a good painting, it's only famous because it was stolen. Make a better analogy or fuck off.

>> No.4722269

>moans over buying rare games like they're good

>> No.4722275

>literally every other painting only sold 1 copy

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These threads are cancer.
5th gen threads were a mistake.

>> No.4722306

Bootlegs sell.
Private ROM hacks are like million dollar works of art.
I must have them all.

>> No.4722312

Technically the Isleworth is the original, the bootleg is the one on display in the Louvre.

>> No.4722313

At least they've moved on a generation with their shitposting. If 5th gen weren't here, "SNES vs. Genesis" shit would just get worse.

>> No.4722319

What's so crazy about it? If games are measured by fun then that's a completely fair score

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>Having console war threads about systems released from before most people on this website were born

>> No.4722483

Except both SNES and Genesis were awesome and most people had both.

5th gen was the first of the modern shit era of gaming where kids got into eternal battles about their selected library of mostly shit games.

Making /vr/ not pre-1995 only was a huge fucking mistake.

>> No.4722489

>most people had both.
Source: My ass.

>> No.4722495

I had both. My friends all had both.

>> No.4722513

Complete opposite here. I knew one kid with both, the rest of us had one or the other, or still just the NES.

>> No.4722547

What is with this rise in console war bullshit lately? Even threads unrelated to console wars get derailed with console wars. Mods need to do something about this, it's getting out of fucking hand.

>> No.4722550 [DELETED] 

I started it about a year ago by posting a bunch of threads about PS1 and N64 with greentext bulletins about how good or bad they were, in hopes of creating huge console wars, dividing the userbase of /vr/ and finally encouraging the creation of /v2k/.

>> No.4722552

Most likely one single shitposter doing all the work.
/vr/ is easy to trigger with console wars sadly.

>> No.4722554

>>two hundred ninety six games
>>two thousand, five hundred sixty nine games
>Both have about 10 or 20 good games with a few hidden gems

>> No.4722561

It is annoying. But we are on a site where almost everyone has something prove, and the only way to prove that something is by 'trapping' people in arguments.

I agree threads started with the sole purpose of saying, "this console sucks compared to the console I had at the time" need to be snuffed out. There is absolutely no room for actual discussion in these threads.

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>> No.4722578


I don't buy that it's only one person, people love to stir shit for those sweet ( you ) dopamines, and how they laugh alone in their rooms at making strangers argue on the internet.

It's a serious problem. And console wars were fucking stupid back then, but they're beyond pointless now that they're not even on the market anymore.

>> No.4722582

>I had both. My friends all had both.
Ah then it must be true

>> No.4722584

It's always been pretty shitty but the last few weeks it feels like it's gotten severely out of hand.

>> No.4722585

The N64 bait threads are one person. You can tell by his autistic writing style and phrases nobody else would ever use.

>> No.4722589

This is objectively wrong.

>> No.4722590

you mean this guy? >>4722550

>> No.4722591

Atari 2600

>> No.4722594

Is there a more clear example of OP being an idiot who doesn't know how to correctly use a word?

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i always thought half life and final fantasy 8 were better received at the time

ps1 was the biggest win for a retro console compared to the competition, at the start it was not certain that the ps1 would beat the others since many people were waiting for n64 but also consider how easy it is for ps1 systems to wear out the cd drive, i have never personally seen a non work n64 but have about 10 ps1's with cd drives that have various amounts of trouble reading discs

on the other hand when ps2 was announced everyone automatically assumed it would be the winner and that is the last time a console dominated so much

>> No.4722624

exactly, the master system dominated the nes so much in many pal territories and brazil

>> No.4722638

In Brazil the Famiclones dominated, SMS didn't really become more popular until the 16-bit era, where Master System was a "low cost" console, but during the 8-bit craze, it was all about dem famiclones.
The whole "SMS was soooo big in brazil!" is a bit of a meme.

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You don’t know what objectively means.

>> No.4722668

>this shit again

I love how this always comes up. As if the PS1 and PS2 wasn't full of quality games.

>> No.4722678

Now assume that the multiplats cancel each other out.
Which one is left with the better library?

>> No.4722692

It depends on personal taste, obviously.

>> No.4722698


>> No.4722706

Not him, but the guy's statement makes no sense so he kind of is objectively wrong.

>> No.4722708

Even if he doesn't, he still used it correctly

>> No.4722710

That's a silly thing to say. It's obviously always just taste.

>> No.4722712

I can name 50 good games off the top of my head for the PS1 or Saturn. With the N64 i'd struggle with 10.

>> No.4722740

Exclusives and not multiplats/ports?
list 'em. I'm curious.

>> No.4722748


I can list 100 good games on the N64. I really can't do the same on the ps1, and I'm not a hater, I love both consoles.

>> No.4722754


You have shitty taste or you don't know shit about the N64 library.

>> No.4722768

Mario 64-- out-played by both Crash and Spyro

Mario Kart 64 -- CTR is better in every conceivable way

OoT -- A million other RPGs and adventure games do it better

Goldeneye/Perfect Dark -- merely passable but made even worse by the stupid ass controller

Smash Bros-- Not actually a fighting game but since it's treated like one, again, a much bigger variety of quality fighters on PS

Banjo -- Was never good. The fact that they are so highly revered is evidence that N64 fans were starved for anything they could get

DK64 -- even worse in every way than Banjo

What the fuck else is there on N64? Mario Party? Snowboard Kids or some desperate shit like that?
Get real. For any and every example of a good N64 game, there are ten PS games that fill the same criteria.

>> No.4722782

Crash isn't on the same league as Spyro or Mario 64, it's a corridor platformer, like the Hugo series (which is better than Crash)

>> No.4722789

Exclusives and superior multiplats. I'm honestly surprised you don't think those consoles have (at least) 50 great games.

>> No.4722792
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>but ocarina of time and perfect--d--ar--

>> No.4722793

Well, the premise was that we rule multiplats out, superior or not.
I can't think of many superior ports on PS, to be honest. On Saturn yes, but most of them Japan-only and RAM cart-required.
Still, this was about exclusives. Can you list 50 GREAT exclusives for PS or Saturn?

>> No.4722796

Without OOT, there's no soulsborne, sonygger.
>inb4 king's field
KF isn't a 3rd person combat game with Z target.

>> No.4722801

i've never plays dark souls or bloodborne or kings field

>> No.4722802

Even the Saturn, a "failed" console haa more games than n64

>> No.4722803

Go play King's Field then you uncultured /v/ meme posting swine.

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Not him but off the top of mine that I liked...

Ghost in the shell
Tempest X
Tomb Raider
Puzzle Fighter
Twisted Metal
Twisted Metal 2
Street Fighter Alpha
SfAlpha 2
SfAlpha 3
King of Fighters 95
Soul Blade
Rival Schools
Tail of the Sun
Castlevania chronicles
Ridge Racer
Persona 2
Pandemonium 2
Jumping Flash
Tales of destiny
Metal gear solid
Symphony of the night
Final fantasy7
Breath of fire 3
Valkyrie Profile
Ogre Battle
Aquanauts holidau
Hoshigami ruining blue earth
Bushido Blade
Azure Dreams
Chrono Cross
Armored Core
Legacy of Kain
Carnage Heart
Front Mission
Front Mission 2
Nightmare Creatures
Rssident Evil 2
Dino Crisis
Gran Tourismo
Jet Moto
Jet Moto 2
Lunar silver star
Lunar etetnal blue
Saga Frontier
Saga Frontier 2
Legend of mans

N64 that I liked
Ogre battle
Mischief makers

Didn't count on either

>> No.4722806

There was no premise. I just stated I could easily name 50 good games on either system off the top of my head, exclusives and definitive versions. Most of the PS1 games would be exclusives for sure, I mean you could name 25 JRPGs alone. And you can almost name 50 good shmups on the Saturn.

>> No.4722815

You started off amazingly with GITS; one of my favorites on the console, good taste.
However, you started listing mostly multiplats (many of which are not the best versions), your tiny N64 selection is at least all exclusives.
You should explore the N64 catalogue a bit more, there's a whole bunch of good games you're missing, not even 1st party.

>> No.4722824

You people keep saying to explore the N64 library for these hidden gems....but no examples
Such as?

>> No.4722827

The Bomberman games on the 64 spank anything the PS had in terms of mascot platformers

>> No.4722834

The best Bomberman game was on the Saturn though

>> No.4722846

I don't think the N64 has any hidden gems at this point, if you look a bit you'll find some good games. Which are the ones you've already played and didn't like? With that base I can recommend you some.
Of course, you're out of luck with RPGs unless you know japanese.

>> No.4722849
File: 80 KB, 577x450, bomberman64.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The N64 Bombermans are different, they're 3D action-adventure games.
There was a traditional 2D Bomberman on the N64, but it's Japan-only and expensive as shit, one of the last games released for the system.
Anyway the first Bomberman 64 game has multiplayer mode that's essentially classic BM.
Of course Saturn or Super series is best, but N64 has the convenience of having 4 controller ports ready to go.

>> No.4722858
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>N64 is more powerful
>N64 has no long loading times
>N64 has no earthquake textures in every game
>N64 had a control stick for fluid 3D motion since day one
>N64 has no need for buying memory cards
>PS1 is more successful

>> No.4722861

My N64 is basically a Perfect Dark and Sin&Punishment machine these days.

I've played through OoT exactly once, dont even know where my Mario64 cart is and DK64 can eat a bag of dicks (only good thing about that was the expansion pack that came with it) Wave Race, Pilot Wings, some fucking Nascar game I dont even know where it came from... Sold Mario Kart and Conker years ago.
Overall, N64 is shit.

I was insanely jealous of my friend who had a PS back in the day.

>> No.4722863

>doesn't like Wave Race
What a faggot.

>> No.4722867

Pffft. That game wore out its welcome pretty damn fast.

>> No.4722868
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