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Is this better than the original N64 version?

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The lack of analogue stick kinda ruins it to be honest.

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Yeah. It would have been much better on the 3DS.

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no. but it's still worth playing if you're a big fan of the original just to check out the new content., or if you have no access to an N64

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No, but it's fun

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In everything but movement controls: Yes

But the dpad+run button/touch screen controls fuck it up.

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Short answer, yes.

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Controls ruin it.

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The Extra stars and the new characters are shit, stick with the original.
The minigames are fun.

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Except! I really didn't mind the controls at all desu

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Controls are somewhat better if you play it on a 3DS. Still needs the run button, but throwing Bowser is almost as easy as on N64 this way

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The first hour is hell trying to get used to the controls, but after that I was jumping around like a trapeze performer.

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its great, but the 64 has aesthetics

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On a 3DS with a circle pad yes

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I spent more time gambling with Luigi than playing the actual game

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its good on a 3ds with the circle pad.

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Wait is DS /vr/ now

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lurk more

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its cancer

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DS version lets you play as Wario, so it wins by default.

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you can discuss later ports of /vr/ games since they're the same game duh

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No. It compromises the artistic vision of the original.

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It's kind of impressive that they ported this to dpad controls and it's still playable, but it's much worse than the original, in terms of controls, visuals, and sound. If you've played the shit out of the n64 version and want something fresh with added content, it's nice. It's also the only official way to play "mario 64" on a portable to date.

I get that nintendo wanted to show off the 3d capabilities of the ds, and what better game to catch attention than mario 64, but why didn't they just add an analog stick? I guess most people didn't care back then, I certainly didn't even consider it, I was too busy being impressed by MUH 3d on a portable. coming from the gba to that was huge.

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there's an emulator hack that maps the touch screen analog controls to a joystick

>I get that nintendo wanted to show off the 3d capabilities of the ds, and what better game to catch attention than mario 64, but why didn't they just add an analog stick?

nintendo tries to profit bigly from their hardware sales unlike microsoft and sony. since the GBC their hardware (except for maybe the gamecube and the switch if we consider the portability) has been underpowered and overpriced. it's been stuffed with gimmicks on top of that since the DS. an upside the this strategy is that if they fail like the wii u did, they aren't immediately done as a games company

it still pisses me off that the GBA had no X or Y buttons, crap sound, and a 240x160 screen. the DS had similar problems. so many SNES/N64 ports were downgraded because of the hardware

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link to hack?

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The game was cool if you had a DS at launch, for the novelty of playing a full 3D game on a handheld, but it aged very poorly compared to the N64 version. All of the control hacks for emulators I've seen are finicky garbage worse than the original, poor controls.

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Why does Nutendo hate rainbows?

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The only changes I'm against are the metal textures. Everything else is much more coherent to the design choices of previous Mario titles. The most obvious being that the cheep cheep in the original n64 game looks very little like cheep cheep artwork from the original NES title. The remake enhances the model to resemble the character we know much better. Same with the koopa. though the changes should be very clear just by looking. AGAIN, same with the wiggler. the n64 version looks almost nothing like the super mario world counterpart. How was that acceptable? Again, the DS version fixes this.
Bowsers sprite looked like shit, even when Mario 64 was new. His concept art and early models looked much more accurate to the art of previous, AND future games. https://www.mariowiki.com/Gallery:Bowser The final version looks like it had to make some compromises. Maybe it had to do with the lighting. Could explain why it's lacking on the DS version.

Dorrie, and Maw-Rays changes were obvious. If you actually grew up playing this game, you'd know that both of their models freaked out other players. Maybe not you because you're perfect in every way, but other kids were disturbed by how unfitting they were for the atmosphere. Dorries goggles even resemble the Blurps goggles from super mario world. A stylistic change that is still true to the universe.

The paintings, Skeeters and Scuttlebugs should've remained unchanged. As their updated counterparts don't even fix anything. Even later games in the franchise still give scuttlebugs and skeeters (the handfull of times they actually appear) entirely different designs.

tldr you're blinded by nostalgia and not realising just how flawed most of m64s designs actually were. They had way too many freedoms due to the 3D rendering and wanted to push the graphics to their limits. Which makes sense for a launch title. By doing this, they still threw previous designs right out the window.

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That rainbow looked like shit and you know it.

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because it's not the fucking 90s anymore

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btw...FUCK this fucking thumb strap-on thing. surprised there wasn't a class action lawsuit against nintendo for it. you literally couldn't use it without shredding your bottom screen apart

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It really was horrible. Lack of control stick is the main deterrent to this game. Too bad if it's not compatible with the 3DS stick. Nintendo will probs re-release it at some point or another.

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I played this when it first came out. I never experienced any issues with the d-pad or movement in general. I thought it was a fantastic remake. The original is still worth playing, though. It has its own charm.

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The only loss here is Bowser.

In any case, I prefer the original, though it is nice being able to play as someone who's not Mario or Luigi for once.

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No, I prefer the original N64 game.

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who the fuck thought this was a good idea?

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It looks motr like an actual spider instead of a babby's first spore creation.

I think overall the 64 game looks better except for the lighting, the jaggies, and the baby shit green they used for grass colors.

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>A million Mario 64 mods
>Music hacks
>Various ASM
>Kaze made an overhaul hack and OoT SM64
>No one has modded 64 DS' content into 64
Why? It seems like such a basic and simple, yet good thing to do.

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What game is that?

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Majora's Mask

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Fuck off the rainbow coloring made the observatory special, especially it being the last new location you visit on your first time loop and you crawl out of the dank sewers and see some funky rainbow-ass stairs with that music in the background. In the remake it's just drab.

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Take this bait back to /v/, please.

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I think you can play it on the Wii U with analog sticks.

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>It seems like such a basic and simple
You clearly know nothing about hacking SM64.
Adding in the new levels and changes to existing levels would be pretty straight forward, but that's it. Adding in the ability to swap between four player characters, entirely new bosses with new gameplay mechanics, and the myriad of other added content would take a long time, a lot more knowledge about the game than anyone current has, and might not even be possible considering the N64's limitations.

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what they were thinking

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I played it back in 2005 and honestly didn't have trouble with the controls. Once I got used to them I was able to play on my DS Phat with very little trouble. I would imagine the smaller DS Lite would make it worse, but the game is impressive considering it was a DS launch title and was completely playable.
The DS-to-DS slide races were fun as fuck too.

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Pretty much this. I didn't know there was drama over the controls until much later.

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Man I forgot just how bad they fucked this up.

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Play it on PC with a steam controller, bind the outer ring radius to run. bam, semi analog running.

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The bridge looks better in oot3d
Not sure how I feel about mm3d as both screenshots look anesthetically pleasing
Bowser looks like shit in 64 ds and not just because of the lack of rainbow. The model looks...ugly.

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Literally this. Whoever decided it was a good idea to have a 3D platformer where movement is controlled by a d-pad needs to get his head checked.

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The DS originally shipped with a 'thumb-pad' that you could slide on the screen with your thumb and it actually emulated an analogue stick quite well.

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The controls are okay if you play it on a 3DS, since you can use the analog stick of the 3DS as replacement for the D-PAD.

However, I don't like the extra content at all.

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You're making that up.


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yes, it controls a lot better on the ds

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no. also the ds lite d pad is perfect and the 3ds analog stick sucks.

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what options do you use to emulate this with higher resolution without slowdown?

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With an extremely powerful processor. DS emulation relies on processing power above everything else.

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Left looks more like a Rare game enemy, like Banjo or Donkey Kong 64.

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so no difference of settings on desmume-libretro (aside from resolution)?

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Not even close. Unless maybe you really love the ds and can’t handle an n64 controller. Some really fun mini games though. I emulated it just for that not long ago.

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just go through the options, the speedhacks are clearly labeled as such.
also make sure to use opengl instead of software since it'll make the gpu do some of the work.

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don't see any opengl options. What about number of cpu cores?

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you're missing the nice explanation of what everything does cause you're using libretro version.

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stop lying nigger, ds lite dpad is a soft and squishy piece of shit

the fat original ds dpad is perfect

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Are there any remakes of retro games that are entirely better than the original? The only remake i've played that could be better is ocarina of time 3d

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Kirby Super Star Ultra and Super Mario All-Stars.

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It's mean, too.

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I didn't say anything about the D-pad...

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>that metal mario

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damn dude

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Shining Force CD

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Thats Metal Wario you twat

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Except that's an enhanced port, not a remake.

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It's this real? Kek

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And Ocarina of Time on the 3DS isn't?

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>Super Mario All-Stars

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>Kirby Super Star Ultra

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I can agree with the DS infograph, but this is just nitpicking.

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What's the fucking point? You autists will find fault with everything.

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No, because if the d-pad. Made the game feel wonky.

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except the metal effect everything looks better objectively speaking, that sea monster thing in particular looks like some gay furry shit

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No, still good though.

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How about just the textures and models?

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>tfw playing SM64 DS with your best friend during recess in 5th grade
Was a lot of fun.

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>Super Mario 64: Luigi Trivializes the Entire Game Edition

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The absolute definition of soulless

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I'm sorry, but can you define soullless to me because I'm not sure I understand.

To me, soulless is just making the same game again while taking away the unique art direction ( which was, without question, a result of hardware limitations, except for maybe the rainbow lighting on Bowser )

But SM64 had so much more added content that it's ridiculous.

If anything, I'd say the game had a lot of soul but it was an idiotic idea to put it on a console with a ton of jaggies and no control stick.

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>SM64 had so much more added content
yea and all of it was soulless filler crap

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Again, I have to ask you what your definition of soulless is? What gave the game soul in the first place that these things took away?

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I can kinda appreciate the complaints on this graph but
>cluttered platform edge
I cannot wrap my head around this one at all. This is just fucking idiotic nitpicking. How can a ledge be "cluttered"?
Also, why do you have 993 remake comparison images, according to the filename?

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Not him, but I think a game being "soulless" is a combination of things, such as the game's art direction focusing too much on realism, or an overall lack of permeable atmosphere. Let's take the SM64 remake as an example. Look at scuttlebug. Nobody is going to tell you that the scuttlebug in SM64 looks refined -- it looks like something a retarded 8 year old made in MS Paint. Yet, it is far more visually appealing, charming and memorable than the one in the DS version, because that scuttlebug is generic as fuck and has no personality. It looks more like a real bug, and is thus less interesting. The fact that the N64 scuttlebug looks so bizarre and out of place is what makes it charming.

Now apply this logic to the game as a whole. Characters are more detailed, textures are more crisp, there are more polygons... yet, it's lacking something: soul. It's lacking the bizarre, abstract, and atmospheric feel created by the inclusion of things which aren't necessarily a good representation of reality, things which may not be believable but are nonetheless intriguing. The Mona Lisa might be more refined, and have taken greater skill to paint than something like MC Escher's Convex and Concave, yet I doubt most people would call it more interesting, because one is simply attempting to mimic reality, while one is attempting the exact opposite.

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Is there a way to patch the ds one to make it better or at least more accurate with the original? changing colours and some assets

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It's simple. Super Mario 64's graphics have SOUL, Super Mario 64 DS' do not.

>> No.4730734

Are you listing off the prerequisites for having soul?

>> No.4730738

it comes down to art direction, which isnt possible to explain in words, which is why Ive posted pics.

>> No.4730742

I understand where you are coming from. I just think "Souless" is a stupid way to describe it without actually explaining what the problem is.

To me it just seems like they tried to make Scuttlebug not look like he was cobbled together from clip art, and instead, give him a more cohesive design.

The old scuttlebug looks better, but to say the new one, and the whole game itself is "Soulless" implies that it was a lazy cash grab with no effort put into it.

No, to me, "Souless" would be Scuttlebug looking the same, but with the red and yellow marble pattern being replaced with one solid color.

Or worse, replacing him with a goomba since they act the same as goombas and serve no real purpose other than to be a different type of enemy.

Soulless is what I call the new Mario and Luigi RPG remakes, or Luigi's Mansion 3DS. SM64 DS seems like they put in real effort to make SM64 better, but they fucked it up with bad color choices and putting it on a system it wasn't designed for.

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Consider how Mario 64 DS is a pair with NSMB.
The new models were created for a clean, cartoon styled 2D game and it worked pretty well for that. They used them in 64 DS to create familiarity between the two games.

I know this doesn't fix anything, but at least you now understand.

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Playing with a circle pad or analog stick on console doesn't fix shit, Mario is still programmed to move in eight directions, unless you use an emulator and do this >>4719634

The game is unplayable to me nonetheless because of how they fucked with the physics. Can't long-jump into wall-jump, can't cancel jumps with jump-kicks, dives give you a vertical bump instead of the pure horizontal speed boost which makes it slower to move around, can't kick up ledges. There was a lot more but it's been a while since the last time I've tried it.

That said, I really like the new content they added, and I like how they updated the models and textures. I think if there was a way to play with true analog controls and og physics, I'd really enjoy it. As it is, the game is just crippled.

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sorry if you read I misquoted

meant for this retard who thinks the ds lite dpad is worth shit

>> No.4731624

>Yet, it is far more visually appealing, charming and memorable than the one in the DS version
I would love to have your eyes, because I can't see this much of glorification over some odd early old one of the first 3D models ever made in the history, that presents bunch of questionable parts of the design, that doesn't even resemble a spider.

> The fact that the N64 scuttlebug looks so bizarre and out of place is what makes it charming.
More like developers were having the difficult of modeling and texturing everything, because they were used to making sprites before, and the models came out as weird and too strange. There was nothing on SM64 that denoted bizarre post-modernism charm, even when I was a kid. It was just the normal world of the Mushroom Kingdom, and nothing else than that. The 3D technology was a completely new challenge that the producers had to face at the time.

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I know that fuckin' feel.

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>Nintendo will probs re-release it at some point or another.
Just you wait, in nearly 10 years in 2026 they'll release a "20 year anniversary edition" of super mario 64. And there'll be a joystick but don't worry, because they'll just find a different way to fuck it up

>> No.4732785

>I would love to have your eyes, because I can't see this much of glorification over some odd early old one of the first 3D models ever made in the history, that presents bunch of questionable parts of the design, that doesn't even resemble a spider.
If you can't appreciate the charm of rudimentary 3D graphics, why are you even here?
>More like developers were having the difficult of modeling and texturing everything, because they were used to making sprites before, and the models came out as weird and too strange.
So they had trouble making a fucking spider but not something like bowser's model which is 10x more advanced? Lol, okay buddy.
>There was nothing on SM64 that denoted bizarre post-modernism charm, even when I was a kid.
Yeah, a game about jumping into paintings and exploring abstract worlds filled with bizarre creatures that you claim don't even resemble real-world equivalents doesn't "denote post-modernism" at all.
>It was just the normal world of the Mushroom Kingdom, and nothing else than that
Aside from the castle, it literally wasn't, canonically or otherwise.

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>So long gay Bowser

>> No.4733334

There's only one switch. With Power Flowers, Wario becomes metal, Luigi becomes invisible, Yoshi breathes fire, and mario becomes the third panel of an Andrew Dobson comic(inflates). Mario can also get a feather from a switch block, which turns him into Wing-Cap Mario.

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Toads in a Mario game may shit talk him, but Toads in one of his own games are all over him.

>> No.4733832

Original DS d-pad was a clicky piece of shit. DS lite's d-pad was miles better.

>> No.4733840

Well yeah, in his own games he's forced to man up and not be such a scaredy cat... though they did give him a special button just to call for Mario.

In any case, Luigi being kind of chicken is just part of his character, people wouldn't like him as much as they do if he was just a green Mario.

>> No.4734320

clicking is fine, squishy pieces of shit suck

>> No.4735170

>Yeah, a game about jumping into paintings and exploring abstract worlds filled with bizarre creatures that you claim don't even resemble real-world equivalents doesn't "denote post-modernism" at all.
Portals to fantastical realms are one of the oldest and most commonplace story tropes out there, and hardly post-modern. And the levels are far from being "abstract". You realize that it's very obvious to others when you use words that you don't know the meaning of, right?

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File: 1.58 MB, 1366x768, Serious Sam HD comparison.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Obviously this doesn't ruin the game, but I wish it would be fixed or at least be modded to be corrected.
Also, hopefully Serious Sam 2 Reboot's sci-fi theme will make them put gravity manipulation in the engine, so that stuff could get fixed too.

>> No.4737223

Crash Bandicoot.

>> No.4737384

I'd argue Croc is a better example because Crash is mostly linear paths, but a 3D platformer with d-pad controls is fine when the game is designed around that lack of mobility.

>> No.4737391

Not OP, but while I agree doing a post-modern artsyle was probably never intended by Nintendo, it's pretty obvious Super Mario 64 is one of the most bizarre Mario games ever done, because the N64 limitations made the developers create empty worlds, with bizarre characters that made some otherwise normal levels look stranger than was intended to be.

In fact, the comparison picture posted above shows how Nintendo made some weird choices that went against the Mushroom Kingdom canon, and so they felt they had to change to fit the "normal" (and lame) designs.

>> No.4737457

based oh no no no poster

>> No.4737461

Even their own limitations were rather modest, only using about half the potential of the console.

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>you're perfect in every way
>you're blinded by nostalgia
Always the same mediocre emotional shit every time from kidfags.