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What retro games do soyboys enjoy playing?

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deus ex for sure. game is complete trash.

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>ha ha ha it says 'soy'
>time to spam this ebin image 9000 times a week

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bro u already made this thread

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does mu like death metal

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PS1 games.

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nes snes n64

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I like soy products

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Get back to v with your buzzwords. This is a decent place, please keep it that way

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>decent place

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N64 games

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>N64 games
Well, now that's just ridiculous. You can't spell Sony without "soy", my man.

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And there's your confirmation. Look how fast they get on the defensive, not even 2 minutes passed. Hit the nail on the head.

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>And there's your confirmation. Look how fast they get on the defensive, not even 2 minutes passed. Hit the nail on the head.
2 minutes? My friend, you were identified as a shit-rat within mere seconds of posting. Robo-Yamauchi knows all.

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Anything with wahoo bling bling

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Star Fox usually generates copious amounts of soy products.

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>a video game creates soy

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You know the soy thing have been completely disproved right?

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No, it's been shown to act as estrogen. This reminds me of the speedrunner who started drinking nothing but Soylent. Yeah, he's a tranny now.

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The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Mario 64

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Final Fantasy 7

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How do I boost my t count?

Im thinking about asking a doctor for injections at this point.

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What's it like being so retarded you have /tv/ and /pol/ memes be the basis of your outlook on the world?

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What's it like being so retarded that you can't recognize this as obvious bait created for pure fun?

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Get angry. Really. And eat meat and exercise.

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