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Clearly the best wrestling game.

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Not even the best wrestling game on that console.

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game had slow down, bruh

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What makes one of these better than others?

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But thats wrong

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*insert game nobody gives a shit about but i'll say is infinitely and objetively superior because is either obscure and/or is the one I grew up with"

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Even though WCW was better than WWF, No Mercy is clearly the best wrestling game ever made.

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This is the best wrestling game.

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So did pretty much every 3D console game in the late 90's, "bruh".

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Yeah but who gives a fuck now? It emulates perfect. Both of its key flaws (the save bug and the slowdown) are now non-factors.


That's glorious. No Mercy modding keeps getting better.

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No Mercy is better. But that doesn't stop me from own both games, along with the WCW ones from THQ.

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No mercy can't touch 2000 story mode

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2000 doesn't even have a story mode, "Road to Wrestlemania" is just random matches thrown at you with no context until you eventually win a title, the same as WCW/NWO Revenge. You can't be thinking of an AKI game as No Mercy was the first time a story mode appeared at all.

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can i play this on an american n64?

also, no mercy is objectively the best wrestling game of all time. it's still fun as fuck to play today. the create a player mode is actually very robust. i've gone back and made aj styles, nakamura, daniel bryan, cm punk and a host of other "newer" wrestlers.

all of the n64 wrestling games are great. hell, it's pretty hard to make a bad wrestling game.

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You can, NTSC/Jap N64's are basically identical. There's a translation patch for it online too if you go the emulation/flashcart route, it's a must play if you like the other games.

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Oh fuck I loved no mercy on the 64. I tried to get into the dreamcast wwf game that came out but it wasn't the same.

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Oh my god that's great.

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>It emulates perfect.

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>it perfectly emulate

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No Mercy is the best because each AKI wrestling game was an improvement over the previous one.

Now if you prefer WCW wrestlers or the cast of Wrestlemania 2k then yeah you might prefer a different AKI wrestling game since the improvements might not be enough than playing with your favorite wrestler but No Mercy is king.

Smackdown sucked, I only liked it because it had the actual titantron entrances and hell in a cell matches but besides those bells and whistles it was inferior.

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Fucking this. n64 emulators fucking suck. 2000 completely all the way.
No, you dumb nigger, thats not the case. You play a full calendar year, all the way to your title bout at mania, if your good enough. Sounds like you just suck at these games while i demolish.

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What's the best way to emulate 2000 and No Mercy?

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> bruh
what a lemming.

> non-factors
a perfect emulation also emulates the slow down of any particular program. emulator coders just don't make shit faster for the fuck of it. the emulation must be close to spec as possible. if the original game slows down on real hardware, the emulation should do the same.

>basically identical
they are identical except for the software regioning.

> be you sad lamers
> having slow as fuck PCs
> no idea how to configure an emulator
> "HURR DURR EMULATOR SUX" *autism rage: intensifies*
> no idea how to even boot a PC without help from their mental health nurses.
ahhh. never stop trying, lamers.

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Please, stay there. Forever.

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Sounds like you got WORKED brother

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now why would i want to go to /v/ when i have a wonderful time here slapping you clueless lamers around? you guys talking shit and making things up as you go gives me energy to live!

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"slapping clueless lamers around" on 4chan gives you energy to live? That's just sad

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I'm not defending N64 emulation as a whole but the game really doesn't have any notable issues configured correctly, especially with Glide64.

>No, you dumb nigger, thats not the case. You play a full calendar year, all the way to your title bout at mania, if your good enough. Sounds like you just suck at these games while i demolish.

LOL, okay buddy. What's so great about that then? Like I said, it's got so little of consequence going on it can hardly be called a story mode at all. Even Smackdown 2's shits all over it for at least trying to have the occasional story thread.

>a perfect emulation also emulates the slow down of any particular program. emulator coders just don't make shit faster for the fuck of it. the emulation must be close to spec as possible. if the original game slows down on real hardware, the emulation should do the same.

Jesus Christ, how did we get on to this? I was replying to a guy who listed slowdown as a problem. If you'd personally rather it be there, that's fine, but most people who actually want to play the game don't give a shit. I can't believe you just wrote a paragraph trying to convince me slowdown is somehow good, I know what accuracy is, jackass.

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A challenger appears.

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dude, you're on damage control after the "slapping clueless lamers around" remark. You got Ding dong diddly WORKED.
What have you gotta say, jabroni?

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I like that you can choose some heavy more counter-able attacks on weak grapple in 2000 which was taken out of No Mercy, allowing for full customization of a character. However I dislike that one can only attack from a running state, whereas in No Mercy you can choose attack or grapple (or roll away) from a running state. No Mercy also has more options for different positions on a grounded opponent depending on direction/side. However, the game with all the strengths of both 2000 and No Mercy and has more striking and submission options is Virtual Pro Wrestling 2.

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>it's pretty hard to make a bad wrestling game.
WWE has been doing it for over a decade

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I got more wrestling games, but I'm trying to keep it retro.

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What in the fuck gave you the idea I'm that guy? You can clearly see I was replying to him in the first place if you just trace the posts back to his dumb rant on emulator accuracy. I thought my not typing like a deranged forth grader might tip you off, also.

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Name a retro wrestling game with a better roster.

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>hell, it's pretty hard to make a bad wrestling game
m8 unless it's Fire Pro or Aki there's a good chance it'll suck.

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Giant Gram 2000 on the Dreamcast is fundamentally one of the best wrestling games from the early 2000's.

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>Is cookin'-is cookin'-is cookin'

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Name a wrestler that could defeat the combined forces of AKIman and THQman. Protip: you can't

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Heroes of their day. Legends in the ring.

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Don't know, never had one, but I guess Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 is the best on the system.
I don't know if Shin Nihon Pro-Wrestling: Toukon Honoo Dou BRAVE SPIRITS and Shin Nihon Pro-Wrestling: Toukon Honoo Dou 2 - The Next Generation are any good, since these are just Yuke's games who are also responsible for those garbage WWE wrestling games of today and that Smackdown and SD vs. Raw trash.

SNES: Fire Pro Wresting XP Premium

Sega Saturn: Fire Pro Wrestling 6 Men Scramble

PS1: AJPW King's Soul and maybe Fire Pro Wrestling G, but the AJPW game is by far the best on the system. Best looking PS1 wrestling game and also best (timing based) fighting system, but sadly this was Human's last game.

Dreamcast: Fire Pro Wrestling D, Giant Gram 2000 (and to some extent Giant Gram 2)

(Not Retro, but...
PS2: King of Colosseum II, All Star Pro Wrestling III)

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In the 80's and 90's, All Japan had the better video games than New Japan. New Japan though had the better Junior Heavyweights and Midcards. More puro fans can tell you about Kazuo Yamazaki and Shiro Koshinaka than they can about Tamon Honda or Masao Inoue.

Yuke's only had one good puro game, and that was Wrestle Kingdom 2.

The 2000's were a mixed bag for puro wrestling games. There were some great ones, but because of how poor the wrestling scene in Japan was, they had to be collaborative instead of how in the 90's you could have just one company promoting the game, which All Japan had the most success.

Hopefully New Japan will want to try to have another wrestling game. It just relies on Fire Pro Wrestling World's success with the New Japan DLC.

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you a /asp/ie bro too?

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No. I'm someone that use to frequent /wooo/. I am just a nomad at this point.

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oh god, I hate /wooo/. /asp/ has a ton of awful shit posting, but the mods just ignore us. It's great.

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>make own wrestler
>finisher is a brutal punch in the face that can k.o.
>able to do finisher 4-6 times in a row
>short cheers to get charged quick
>throw enemy out of the ring and cheer
>he replies with cheering
>results in minus finisher charge meter because he isnt in the ring

This KI was dumb af.
Game is veeery easy but its also fun as hell. (Both)
The Rock era was really awesome back then, as a kid.


No wonder this guy got so popular.

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>can i play this on an american n64?
I did, my buddy had it. There are 2 tabs on the back of the game cart that get in the way, you can break them off, break 2 pieces off in your console, or I believe the still make pass throughs for this. My buddy broke them off the cart and it ran on nulriple different consoles.

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Morio Smith is closer to Chris Benoit compared to Wild Fantom in pic related.

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> Yuke's only had one good puro game, and that was Wrestle Kingdom 2

I don't know. After quitting the line of WWE games from Yuke's after SD vs. Raw for good (even before they started with the annual games) I wanted to give them another chance and ordered Wrestle Kingdom I

But I didn't find it that impressive. Yeah, it's using the Day of Reckoning engine that some compared to the AKI games, but I didn't like it at all. I didn't even like Day of Reckoning in the first place. Horrendous loading times (I'm talking about WK1), really awful edit and career mode

The roster of Wrestle Kingdom 2 looks awesome with so many true legends and current japanese stars, but the game mechanic was just so off putting with WK1 that I didn't bothered buying another Yuke's game and I haven't touched a single one of their games since

But I liked their Toukon Retsuden games on the PS1, at least until TR3. TR4 on the Dreamcast was meh. Bad roster and really bad GFX and animation for a DC game.

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Best ps1 wrestling game

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Fire Pro or nothing

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Then you got nothing, simp

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Oh, hello

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We settle this once and for all. What has best roster, modes, and gameplay

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VPW 64
WWF No Mercy

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That's cool, I'm not a wrestling fan but I do love the games. Wrestling fits videogames well for me. The picture I made has almost all of my wrestling games. The only ones I forgot that I had were the NES Pro Wrestling & Tecmo Wrestling, the two GBA Fire Pro games, the 360 Rumble Roses XX, and 360's WWE All Stars most of which were not /vr/. I know there are so many other quality wrestling games I have missed out on, since I remembered enjoying one for the Saturn and a couple on the Dreamcast already mentioned in this thread. I am still trying to find the sequel to the Shin Nihon Pro-resu for the Super Famicom on the upper left.

Funny enough, with all the Saturn games I have, the hardest game for me to find was the Japanese release of WWF In Your House. I am most proud to have that one, as I spent a long time trying to find it, and I found it buried in a used bookstore. It was super cheap, but I swear the hardest commercially released game for me to find on the console.

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Yeah, I was amazed with the graphics for WWF Attitude on Dreamcast.

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>Aki make nothing but Style Savvy games now

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They're pretty good games desu

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I'm kind of mad at myself for spending 5 minutes of my time for watching that entire thing

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Love all of the AKI games. Best wrestling games that ever came out and it's not even close. They simulated wrestling better than any developer did. No offense to Fire Pro or the Smackdown series they are very good games, but after awhile they get boring

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>implying you didn't spend HOURS of your time on the story mode just trying to beat that one APA match

Five more minutes won't kill ya anon.

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The AKI Games also had the best intros for wrestling games.

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What is that War Zone box?

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custom case

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I should have figured that.

I didn't look too closely, and then after I had posted, I see that the N64 games all have a plastic case. Just got confused since the War Zone one was sideways and I had never seen an N64 cover/box designed that way. Thought it was a EU release or something, heh.


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I'm hoping we get Style Savvy: Big Beauty Slamma Jamma here soon, with the end boss being the head of some brand that you DDT through 20 glass floors of their skyscraper.

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All my N64 wrestling games have custom cases except for WWF Wrestlemania 2000 and WWF No Mercy, which are boxed copies that has a plastic sleeve over it.