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What retro games do soyboys enjoy playing?

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Basically anything on PS1.

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This is honestly the most self contradicting thing I've read, also ps1 had 2D platformers and aracde games, which despite all that... the n64 rarely had

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>this is self-contradictory because it pegged me perfectly and I'm upset about it
Whatever helps you sleep at night, rat boy.

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I expect this thread to be a shitfest, also before it does become one, soyboys aren't real, anyone who believes they're real usually have self esteem issues desu

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You know the thread has an IP counter right? You just responded right here >>4714796. Are you so assblasted about being uncovered as a soy-rat that you needed to make two posts in a row?

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You've seen nothing yet.

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Gamecube and N64 fanboys, without a shadow of a doubt.

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>the butthurt begins
Sorry but we've already established the true nature of the Playstation soy-rat. N64 has been, and always will be, the console for pussy-fucking chads.

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>tfw when you can smoke and drink forever because you have nano-cells in your boy that automatically repair any damage

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Soy products taste pretty good and I like them

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wtf is going on in this thread

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>wtf is going on in this thread
Robo-Yamauchi is here to identify all shit-rats. Please cooperate.

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Good entertainment

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The only two people I knew who owned a N64 were:
a) A friend's little brother who was 8 at the time
b) A friend's rich cousin who was 6

It's babby's first console down to the Playschool controller.

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>The only two people I knew who owned a N64 were
LOL, the shit-rat identication guide never fails. Please see bullet #15 here >>4714786. Thank you for being a living stereotype.

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This entire website has no sense of irony honestly, makes me wonder how you guys are irl

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Anyway, where do I start hrt

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>This entire website has no sense of irony honestly, makes me wonder how you guys are irl
Sounds like a pretty soyish thing to say. Do you by any chance own a Sony Soystation?

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yeah, you want it?

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Absolutely BASED. Blessed OP triggering the soymunching RATS writhing around in their Soyny SEWERS.

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wanna fuck?

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No thank you, I'm allergic to soy.

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I see that /v/ has traumatized you with their ebin "soyjack switch fan" meem. It's ok, pretty much the entire 5th gen is jagged low res 10fps bad camera crap, so there's not much sense playing favorites. Truly this is a console war without heroes.

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>pretty much the entire 5th gen is jagged low res 10fps bad camera crap
Unless you had an N64, in which you got to enjoy actual good games.

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I’m not a bugchaser, sorry

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Clearly you are

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All of them, because video games are for losers

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Reminder that you literally can't spell Sony without soy.

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>actual good games
Care to cite at least one truly good game on this mediocre system?

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>Care to cite at least one truly good game on this mediocre system?

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this kills the soyrat

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Ah, sonyggers and nintoddlers once again arguing while using soy memes, completely unaware of their own pudgy, bloated bodies and their manicured “epic” beards showing that they would give up their wives to Darnell at the drop of a hat.
I’ll be here with my superior Sega Consoles. Remember, they dropped out of the competition because the unwashed, niggerloving masses (You) had no taste.

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>I’ll be here with my superior Sega Consoles
I know it feels hard not having a seat at the big kids' table, but the honest truth is that your favorite childhood company was raped into bone dust by consumers because they couldn't produce quality products or effective marketing schemes. Sega was shit man. I'm sorry.

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>Implying Zelda fans, with its androgynous hero, aren't the queens of soy

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>implying this doesn't actually exist

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>this is an official product that exists
oh no no no

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>pretending to not have serious self esteem issues where a fucking rainbow ps4 pisses you off

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>two Wii games
>zero PC games
great to have that settled

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>pretending a canonically heterosexual video game character is more gay than an actual console named "Gaystation", produced by your favorite company
>moving the goalposts this hard

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