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How far must the SJWs go to destroy anyone who is less left-wing than they?

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OK, what do YOU think this story was about?

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Nigga got huge forehead and dyes his hair

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Still has the record for foreheads

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He's always looked like a caveman to me.

"Unga bunga....me look at munkey game."
*steve dreams of deep fried pancakes*

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Wouldn't surprise me if that mullet is actually a wig. Absolute fucking forehead factory.

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Most of his scores were legit. The fact that he probably used MAME for the last few years doesn't really delegitimize his scores from before his "I'LL JUST SEND IN THE VIDEO INSTEAD OF DOING IN LIVE BUT TRUST ME GUYS IT'S LEGIT" era of "high scores", which was only the last few years.

And on top of that, no one has really provided evidence that he used save states, just that he played the games in MAME. I realize that the "official" rules don't allow emulators, but still. As far as anyone can prove, his scores were still basically done authentically without tool assistance.

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KEK what world does this guy live in? His rag top of choice is a mullet, and it doesnt even cover his giant fucking forehead

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It’s not a mullet, it’s just long hair are you blind?

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...I don't think you know what a mullet is, anon. Remember, short on top, party in the back.

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>no one has provided evidence that he used save states

Uh yes, they did. Jace Hall specifically proved several parts of BM's tape that had obvious save state abuse. The "1-UP" thing flashed for 26 frames instead of only 12 frames or something like that, which is an indication of save states being used because they would absolutely introduce extra frames in MAMEplay after a while. While he does not use those words, the evidence is there.

Dude, not only did Billy Mitchell lie, he's not even good enough to play well anymore regardless of its platform.

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>Hey Faggots,
>My name is Jace Hall, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are bearded, pedophilic, no-lifes who spend every second of their day playing stupid ass arcade games. You are everything bad in the world. Honestly, have any of you ever gotten a single sub? I mean, I guess it’s fun trying to make meaningless achievements, but you all take to a whole new level. This is even worse than playing Mega Drive.
>Don’t be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I’m pretty much perfect. I produced cinematic games and cinema.. What do you produce, other than pussy-ass single screen platformers? I also have a successful youtube channel, and have a banging hot girlfriend (She just blew me; Shit was SO cash). You are all faggots who should just embrace cinematic gaming. Thanks for listening.
>Pic Related: It’s me and my bitch at the launch party for my app

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God, those are two ugly people.

I'm glad he came to this decision, but Jace is a terrible writer and often comes to odd conclusions, so this is an anomaly in the latter regard.

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>Remember, short on top, party in the back.

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Billy endorses Trump for president on social media a few years ago, then coincidentally all this shit starts happening to him. Clearly the Alinskyites at Arcadia got triggered by this and are exacting their revenge on him.

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I started to say business up front, but then thought someone would contradict the saying by pointing out that most mullets aren't really cut business styled, they're just short.

Me overthinking it again.

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Couple of guys still rocking the mullet. Still listing to billy ray cyrus?

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Someone wanted an apology for Steve Wiebe, well here's what I was going to say in that now pruned thread:

There was never any doubt that Billy's tape in King of Kong was fake. The distortion was the first sign of tampered gameplay.

The real problem and what was not addressed in The King of Kong was that Wiebe played on a Donkey Kong/Donkey Kong Jr. board albeit original, which disqualified him. The "gummy substance" remark by Mruzcek was taken out of context and was not pertaining to Steve's board. Steve Wiebe has always played legitimately, but he was forced to adhere to NEW rules set forth during filming. I met him once and he was a super cool guy who doesn't seem to take it as seriously as one might think.
When I asked him if The King of Kong was essentially a hoax in some ways, he just slyly laughed, but in the obvious way that he knows what he's giving away without actually saying it.

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Billy intentionally misled TG invigilators, and has publicly denied during the dispute review process that he has ever used an emulator for his DK scores. Did he actually cheat? As you state, it's unproven but he did mislead TG and lied about the origin of his scores so for that they have to be invalidated. He won't admit that they are emulated so they can't be used for the emulated leaderboards and it's been proven that they weren't achieved on a real DK board so they can't be valid on the official arcade leaderboard either.

The simple fact that he is a liar and completely untrustworthy is enough to warrant his banning from future competition on TG imo.

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Not everything is about democrats and republicans, anon. BM got reamed because he cheated, not because of who he endorsed for president.

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>because he cheated
There's no proof of that, you lying kike. All that's confirmed is that he got his scores on an emulator, which there's nothing wrong this, though it should be separate from hardware scores.

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Billy's tapes have been disputed for years but only recently did TG introduce a forum for community disputes/investigations and public discussion of such.

There's no conspiracy you fucking MAGAtard.

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Fuck off back to /pol/ criminy.

It's been proven conclusively and definitively that he used save states too, know-nothing anon.

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We should all email big bitch bill about his forehead.

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Nobody gives a fuck about Trump or Politics on this board. Take it back to your designated echo chamber.

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You'll never dethrone the King of Kong, you scumbag commies.

Billy will remain as the legend regardless of your smear tactics.

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This is cool because it's like a continuation of King of Kong, going on through news in social media and forums.
Billy was always portrayed as the villain and now he's getting punished.
Honestly, I find it very weird that he doesn't own a DK cab. Maybe he used MAME to cheat, but I wouldn't know.
He still has the "Player of the century" title given by Namco after doing the perfect Pac-Man game, and he did that live.
Wouldn't it be hilarious if all this is just an act and they're still playing it after all these years? Like, what if this is all scripted and Billy accepted to do this part? Maybe they already have written a redimed act where Billy is accepted back after proving something or whatever.

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>what if it's all all theater

It could be, but if that's the case there are things about Donkey Kong hardware that are unknown to most people outside of Billy Mitchell, but that's unlikely. And the confirmed tapes with the million-plus performances are confirmed indeed to be MAME. Twin Galaxies says as much in their statement and then goes on to contradict said statement becausee Jace Hall is a retard, though can be a fair retard it would seem.

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All he had to do was do it again and prove them wrong but his rep it ruined. He's a fraud.

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thing is, he's not a total fraud. He is one of the greatest pac-man players alive. He played that game live and showed his skills on it numerous times. Donkey kong he never had the same skill live. He lied about donkey kong because of...ego? Who knows. He's a liar so we'll never know.

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>billy goes to nintendo headquarters
>plays the greatest game ever played of dk live on the real machine
>redeemed for all eternity

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>mfw this is an actual possibility
This shit is like wrestling. I love it.

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>mfw this is an actual possibility
And like wrestling most of it is fake, so of course he won't do this.

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>nintendo doesnt have dk cabs anymore, puts an emulator inside a new dk cab
The rom of course would be a downloaded one of course

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And ours to buy on the Switch eshop for just $.7.99!

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Never gonna happen. Surprisingly, Nintendo don't have the rights to the original DK arcade rom.

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I believe it's happening with the Arcade Archives series, but I could be mistaken. I'm wondering if they managed to buy the license back from Nakamichi or if they would just license it out. How did they get it into DK64?

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What? And who does? *checks* Or for crying out loud..Okay, then perhaps Ikegami Tsushinki Co., Ltd. would be so kind as to grant Nintendo a license to use a game that contains their largest IP? Weird world.

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He looks like a car salesmen. I slimy one. Actually all car salesmen are scummy.

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Dis deeeseeshun is bumbaclot! Me Billy boy dohan cheeet!

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retrogaming conmen.

what else is new.

retrorgb and his crony conmen are similar scamartists. the majority of /vr is hustling fraudulent grifters and entrepreneurs. donald trump style grifters and parasites.

after mueller is done with rounding up trump, he should focus his attention on the conmen at /vr

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he had every chance to clarify and explain the situation, and he told more lies. he used save states, in my eyes, that invalidates all of his accomplishments, he cheated, and concocted a conspiracy with numerous individuals.

He has no legitimacy, past present or future.

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>retrorgb and his crony conmen are similar scamartists. the majority of /vr is hustling fraudulent grifters and entrepreneurs. donald trump style grifters and parasites.
>after mueller is done with rounding up trump, he should focus his attention on the conmen at /vr

10/10 effort
1/10 humorous effect

100% brainlet

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That could be the gayest post I have ever seen on this site, get a grip.

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>gay fear
Shut up, Joel West.

>> No.4709858

>gay means literally gay

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Man, it's been a long-ass time since I've seen a variation on that copypasta.

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Your low IQ is showing

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why would you purposely play on something that is not allowed then lie about it to submit a high score?

and he is disgraced. Barry Bonds or Lance Armstrong might not have always used steroids but that is all they are going to be remembered for

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>in my eyes, that invalidates all of his accomplishments

I think he's a douche and a complete tool. Definitely a complete idiot for turning to emulation when he could feel his reflexes failing. But it doesn't invalidate the legit stuff he did do.

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>And on top of that, no one has really provided evidence that he used save states, just that he played the games in MAME.
Supposedly the VHS he used was analyzed and showed evidence that certain sections were taped over multiple times, indicating possible save state usage.

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There's no supposedly about it, Billy used MAME with heavy save states. In fact, he used so many save states that he caused MAME to introduce extra frames which further aided in his being caught.

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Videogame forensics, there is something ironic and sad about 40-something year olds combing videos for cheating with technology that was probably developed for murder cases.

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billy plz go

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>Most of his scores were legit.

Correct. He even played and got many of his hi scores in public.

He is the best, and always will be the best. Weibe fags are just jelly.

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King of Kong narrative movie when?

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>He even played and got many of his hi scores in public.
Or just one.

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I see this shit blowing up everywhere.

Billy was a character. Twin Galaxies has always been a fucking joke. King of Kong was a movie. A fucking MOVIE. People don't understand that it was obviously played up and people were made to be caricature of themselves.

I don't care. I've never cared about celebrity gaming, etc. It doesn't matter who has the world record for Donkey Kong.

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The King of Kong was part dramatization, editing magic and the truth.

>I don't care. I've never cared

We can tell you care very much.

>It doesn't matter who has the world record
Hey, Billy! Sorry about your legit losses, but you shouldn't have cheated, dude.

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The instant you put a politics slant on any video game discussion, is the instant your opinion is discarded as the trash it is.

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What if high scores were just a distraction from playing cooler and better video games?

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Well I-
>anime poster
Nevermind, opinion discarded.

>> No.4710634

Are you aware of what the site you're posting on is?

>> No.4710638

Did you get lost on your way to ResetEra?

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Doesn't matter. He'll just host his own live event and prove all the naysayers wrong. Don't underestimate based Billy "The King of Kong" Mitchell.

>> No.4710658

Do you know what irony is? Do you? Huh? I'm talking to you punk. *pulls out gun* Now, are you gonna answer me? *pulls back the hammer* You better hurry up you ain't got much time fella...

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At least it's a tasteful Liru and not some shitty seasonal waifu. Learn 4chan culture and lurk more newfig.

>> No.4711116

>in my eyes, that invalidates all of his accomplishments
I don't think it invalidates *all of them*, considering we have seem him perform for real.
There's little question that he's a cheater, but there's also little that he's a skilled guy on some levels.


>> No.4711118 [DELETED] 

>in my eyes, that invalidates all of his accomplishments
I don't think it invalidates *all of them*, considering we have seem him perform for real.
There's little question that he's a cheater, but there's also little that he's a skilled guy on some levels.


>> No.4711292

> doesn't really delegitimize his scores
> all of billy's scores were removed because: illegitimate, broke the rules
goddamn you are one stupid moron. did you know that?
> his scores were still basically done authentically without tool assistance
> using mame
> authentic
so stupid. that doesn't fucking matter, idiot. his scores were deleted because he used MAME. nobody gives a single fuck about scores achieved in MAME. any retard can do it. anyway, there's no amount of cock sucking on your part that will change things, billy.


>> No.4711295 [DELETED] 

except he was busted lying his ass off and sending fraudulent scores off to tg as legit. the only skills he has is being a compulsive lying cunt. he would fit in right at home here along with the rest of the compulsive lying americunts.

>> No.4711306 [DELETED] 

>retrogaming conmen
> the majority of /vr is hustling fraudulent grifters and entrepreneurs. donald trump style grifters and parasites.
it's hard to disagree with this. this board is filled with compulsive lying americans and parasites. I see them every day with their made up facts, bogus claims, made up history, and shilling of garbage. this is why most people know that if an american makes any claim or says anything about gaming, you know it's 100% fucking bullshit until proven otherwise.

compulsive lying americans: detected

>> No.4711327

Stop funposting, bro.

>> No.4711727

>not some shitty seasonal waifu

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Remember that time he tried to sue the creators of Regular Show because he didn't like the parody they made of him in an episode? Anyone else would have probably laughed it off in good spirits, but it's always the people with terrible egos and something to hide who throw the biggest fits. Since the character in the show in question was portrayed as a cheater he probably went into full damage control mode knowing his cover was going to be blown eventually.

>> No.4711741

Good thing he lost the lawsuit and CN were able to use the parody again.

>> No.4711891

Literally who cares

>> No.4711913

It's not seasonal if she's from a decade ago.

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Huge piece of shit, no one should buy his sauce anymore.

>> No.4712024

Literally a lot of people on the internet right now, including you since you took the time to post in the thread faggot.

>> No.4712053

The main thing i took away from king of kong is how much of as total bitch steve sanders is. Hes portrayed as billys bitch, prolly keeps 1 finger in billys beltloop. I dont even know why hes un there. His kong score was fuckin made up

>> No.4712064

Literally the only ppl who care are man children and soy drama addicts, the guy is a successful business man with a family and enterprise i seriously doubt he gives a cows cunt about some silly video game record.

>> No.4712065

What a dumb infant cunt you are, the entirety of king of kong is injected drama to make the film good, hardly any of it is legit, it shows Steve as some kind of hero and billy as a villain and bad guy which he purposefully plays up to. If you saw the actual kong offs live you'd see when all in a room none of that drivel exists and billy secretly funds a lot of the competition shit.

>> No.4712068

>Literally a lot of people on the internet right now
Yeah fucking man children and nerdling scum losers.

>> No.4712364

Chad always wins

>> No.4712381

His only noteworthy achievement in life was a highscore....that turned out to be fake and is now more infamous as a cheating asshole.
How low can you get?

>> No.4712395

Stop talking about your parents that way!

>> No.4712573

t. Sub-human brainlets with disgusting sloping foreheads and pathetic craniums.

>> No.4712595

Fuck off Billy. You're a super fag.

>> No.4712687

Hi Billy

>> No.4712695


hey there billy, love your darth vader helmet hair!

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It's not a mullet it's just long hair. Is the hair short in front? No it's long, same length all the way around. It's not a mullet. Stop saying it's a mullet. Pic related is a mullet, see the difference?

>> No.4713819

it's a mullet bro

>> No.4713842

You have autism.

>> No.4713853

no one ever gave a fuck about him apart from his own little clique.

most videogamers don't know or care who he is.

>he's from a gang that set their own records and reject anyone outside from claiming a record.
Him and all his friends need to be banned

>> No.4713854

why does he have the face of someone with dwarfism but his body is normal size?

>> No.4713864

You post this kind of shit about retro conmen from Hong Kong etc. all the fucking time. Why are you so bitter?

>> No.4713892

It's like Maradona getting disqualified for doping.

>> No.4714246

Sucks he actually got exposed. I always liked Billy for being an amazing IRL villain character.

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I need to re-watch King of Kong. I bet it is a lot more interesting when you watching it knowing that Mitchell is a huge cheater.

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>> No.4716574


>> No.4716596

>tie over the vest
cmon man

>> No.4717082 [DELETED] 


>> No.4717089

>tie over the vest
con man [*fixed]

>> No.4717139

That movie was like, "we were trying to paint a sympathetic portrait but Billy Mitchell couldn't help being himself."

>> No.4717170

When I saw the movie the first time I thought it was just like a stage persona, but that's actually Billy Mitchell when they try to make him not look like thin skinned asshole.

>> No.4717171

>they knew
That moment when you realize that Eddie from Pixels movie was actually Billy Mitchel.

>> No.4717180

we all knew he cheated in the movie too but couldn't prove it. it was painfully obvious. watching it again will make it even more obvious this time around.

>> No.4717190


"I've never thought that it would come around again this way,” Wiebe told Twin Galaxies. “I know they wanted to do a Hollywood version of the documentary, and they couldn’t get anything to click. I never would have thought it would have been Billy’s actions that brought all of this attention again.”

>> No.4717539

Has anyone else noticed the large amount of pedophiles that Twin Galaxies promoted and befriended? Ron Bailey, Ron Corcoran, and Stephen Krogman. These guys have all had close connections with Billy Mitchell, Todd Rogers, and Walter Day, and I know for sure that Krogman has been to public events with Twin Galaxies after being convicted.

>> No.4717604

Nope you're the first person ever to draw that correlation

>> No.4717614

what about that time billy went to some con and got a score over a million and then just let them timer run out and basically killed himself in game. Isn't that noteworthy of his skill?

>> No.4717675

VHS tape, please.

>> No.4717680

No, because that never happened. Billy has never had a verified 1m+ game.

>> No.4717897

You word it like it was something to be celebrated until now.

Fuck this guy, even then.

>> No.4718062

Cut your hair Billy

>> No.4718068

Leave 4chan and never return.

>> No.4718084

Eat me. Been here probably longer than you.

>> No.4718182

im new here. I heard about 4chan from /r/funny on reddit. What is up faggots?

>> No.4718252

i think he did it in front of a live audience on stage at that.

>> No.4718267

Yeah, the game was on a big screen, but Billy was in another room, probably because he was using a PC loaded with MAME.

>> No.4718268

First Todd Rogers and now Billy Mitchell. It's the #metoo of the retro vidya world. Who's going to go down next?

>> No.4718270

The rumors are that some guy calling himself "Triforce" has lied about his scores for a long time. He's a big defender of Billy. I think he's connected to TG in some fashion, if not, someone will correct me.

>> No.4718274

in May 2004 he showed up to the midwest gaming classic and scored 933,900 live at the event.

In 2007 at some other even he got 1 mil 50 thousand 200 points. And then just died. But nobody saw him playing as he was doing it in another room.

Then in 2010 he went to an arcade and beat the then world record by 1100 points and let himself die again.

>> No.4718280

>in May 2004 he got an unverified score that does not count
>in 2007 he obviously cheated with MAME in another room to fool the hicks
>in 2010 he decides to lie wholesale about an event at an arcade owned by his friend
>same friend that faked the DK/DKjr board swap

>> No.4718404

Don't kill the messenger dude

>> No.4718435

I wasn't. Relax, Billy.

>> No.4719487

Someone already told him to go to /lgbt/

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File: 3.15 MB, 2880x1800, Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 9.53.23 AM copy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The dude looks like a fucking neanderthal. Like someone went back in time and pulled him straight out the stone age

>> No.4721391

you're expressing a stereotype (a form of prejudice) --it's literally just hair

>> No.4721923

You're being a sterotype

>> No.4721970

He's the chuck Norris of video games - very skilled but his superpower-persona is fictional.

I really enjoyed the movie and without his character it would have been only half as interesting. People getting worked up shows that he's hit a nerve.

As for the score - who cares. DonkeyZong was cool in the 80ies and the magic has vanished. It would have been awesome to watch these battles back then in the arcades when they were an important thing of electronic entertainment.

>> No.4721974

That is a wig. This man is bald.

>> No.4721990

I can't wait for Wes Copeland to get back in the game - he's not retired, no matter what Wikipedia says.

He's working on finishing his Mariothon (beating every last Mario game) first then he's gunning for that world record again.

>> No.4722559


This. It's also all part of his plan to stir up publicity and controversy

He did all of this and the shady shit before to make him the bad guy, then he shows up in public and blows everyone the fuck out.

I'm surmising that he has a higher score that hasn't been made public, and every time he released a score it was not his best, but just good enough. It would explain his past behavior.

>> No.4723098

Rascllllllaaaa bredderin

>> No.4723218

He'd actually look a lot more handsome with a bald head, that mullet of his is so ridiculous, but so iconic at the same time.

>> No.4723552

that anon is right, nobody cares about 1cc at all because: all these claims, no proof. it's like speedrunning but for some reason it seems to attract more losers. it's full of billy mitchels.

>> No.4723734

No matter how many times you say "no one cares about 1cc at all" will not make it true. The feeling of walking up to a real arcade game-in an arcade-and then proceeding to beat it without continuing or adding additional quarters is feeling that you'll never experience.

>> No.4723738

* a feeling. Really, anons, stop being jealous and get good.

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>> No.4723907

Na na na na, hey hey, goodbye
Hey hey, goodbye
Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, goodbye
Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, goodbye
Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, goodbye

>> No.4723913 [DELETED] 

> that feeling of making up stories that can never be proven

welcome to /vr/, you'll fit right in here with the rest of the compulsive lying americans.

>> No.4724085

What are you talking about? People have been 1cc arcade games in front of people for years in arcades. When I beat Moon Patrol with just one quarter it was witnessed, but I wasn't going for a world record so it's ok that it's not recognized. Get it? You're making yourself sound like you're just bad at arcade games and projecting your inadequacies on others.

>> No.4724632

>that anon is right
>that anon
Stop funposting, dude. You're not fooling anyone, and you're just going to end up sitting out another ban.

>> No.4724742

>finally gets off a three day ban
>immediately goes right back to shitposting
>catches yet another ban
You'd think there'd be more constructive ways to spend your time here. I know it's 4chan and all, but damn.

>> No.4725228
File: 181 KB, 672x623, Billboard_Mitchell.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You inspired me

>> No.4725579

Why do you suppose his original post >>4709693 remains undeleted? I'd like to think because it almost rise to the level of art but it's probably because it's the only one that didn't mention our specific nationality. The /bant/ is real.

>> No.4725589

We have a career kill screen coming up if anyone's interested.

>> No.4725598

Why is it sad though? It's using current technology to enforce the judging panel, like a lot of hobbies/competitive interests have.

I mean look at the olympics, they analyze frames for fuckups and weird shit too.

The whole purpose is to have a realistic playing field, can't do that shit with people cheating so bad they're breaking the fucking emulators. I'm glad shit like this exists personally, it keeps everyone honest and striving to do better, not just look better.

>> No.4725735

t. low iq without neanderthal dna
Pro tip: A sign of having neanderthal DNA is having prominent brow ridge, and Billy Mitchel doesn't have one

>> No.4727359
File: 19 KB, 299x285, Billy-Mitchell.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>always the guy
>never credit fed
>goes home to a buxom trophy wife every day
>too busy cooking hot sauce to play babby games
>first to conquer pac-man
>undisputed champion for 20 years
>bullied beta Wiebe into submission
>upsets the autistic internet by using MAME

Has there ever been a more deserving /ourguy/ in /vr/ history?

>> No.4727397
File: 485 KB, 1836x3264, ph2d6fepi5s01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Silly Billy belongs in the garbage along with his MAME spliced replay records.

>> No.4727453

>youtube vid of a youtube vid
Lose some weight bro

>> No.4727538

Regardless of his guilt (and he is guilty), you're stupid to throw away a signed poster of a popular film. Years from now that will be worth a lot. You're an idiot.

>> No.4727541

He was not the first to a get a perfect Pac-Man either. His whole video game career was a lie.

>> No.4727576

It was already popular consensus that Billy was a hack long before he was ousted. Does this really come as news to anybody?

>> No.4727587 [DELETED] 

More like "the end or an error". Billy Mitchell is a malignant Narcissist. He fooled people in the past, and he will continue to do so. That's what his whole life is about. Or in plain English, he is a con man. Just like your fat President.

>> No.4727592

More like "the end of an error". Billy Mitchell is a malignant Narcissist. He fooled people in the past, and he will continue to do so. That's what his whole existence is about. Or in plain English, he is a con man. Just like your fat President.

>> No.4727648

To think that Billy could have put as much effort into doing something more honest and productive with his life. I'll never understand the mindset of con artists.

>> No.4727861

I don't get why using Mame is cheating. Unless he was using save states every step of the way to preserve his score, Mame doesn't make arcade games easier. If anything, with input lag and other bullshit, it makes them harder.

This just seems like hyperbole to discredit this person. I don;t give a fuck about Billy Mitchell, but this is way overblown.

>> No.4727863

>Silly Billy belongs in the garbage along with his MAME spliced replay records.

Oh, it was Mame spliced? Well, in that case.

>> No.4728391

Combined with the official verdict of MAME, there is other evidence of replay splicing. https://twitter.com/wescopeland_/status/959533103457894400

>> No.4728416

So I watched Man vs. Snake a while back and am currently watching King of Kong after finding out Mitchell cheated.

Any other good documentaries about competitive /vr/?

>> No.4728421

>get some level of fame from playing video games
>use said fame to try to push hot sauce

This is the most confusing part for me.

>> No.4728431

What's wrong with hot sauce?

>> No.4728479

>three letters are USA
>"I had Latin friends and I had Canadian friends, and I always had to keep the Americans on top."
What a tool. I get repping where you're from (if I could fit more than three letters I might even do my home town, which is in the US, if I set some kind of record), but "my country has to totally dominate other countries" is shitty.

>> No.4728492

He saw a Canadian guy wearing his country's flag once and got triggered. He's been a jingoist ever since.

>> No.4728497

I genuinely choked on my drink. Is that true?

>> No.4728503

>Is that true?
Indeed https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billy_Mitchell_%28electronic_sports_player%29#Personal_life
>Mitchell has long hair and wears neckties showing American patriotism during game competitions. The neckties appeared during his 1999 race to become the first person to achieve a perfect game of "Pac-Man." One of his competitors, Rick Fothergill, wore a Canadian flag cape and called himself "Captain Canada." Mitchell began wearing his patriotic ties in response.

>> No.4728504

That's pretty fucking funny. Captain Canada was obviously at least partly screwing around and Mitchell seems to be really intent that the best Donkey Kong player has to be from the US.

>> No.4728507

>doesn't earn the score
>therefore cares not about wasting the extra guys
>that's indicative of skill

>> No.4728510

4chan is an ANIME WEBSITE

>> No.4728513
File: 105 KB, 448x352, 1505526757146.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Don't kill the spreader of disinformation dood

>> No.4728525

I dont know what the fuss about. Its impossible for any human being to stay on top forever in any kind of hobby or competition. Is obvious that at some point Billy was going to get surpassed by someone else with a bigger autism about some 80's arcade games. That doesnt change hes still a legend because he was the first and paved the way for many others.


nobody gives a shit about anime anymore in this site, mainly because now is trash, the people who like it are all weirdos and even the former of this site grew up from it and now his life is better. Im here to discuss retrogrames with assholes who give honest opinions because theres no register of their names, not to talk about cartoons for weeaboos, thank you very much.

>> No.4728539

Doesn't anyone else think it's odd that virtually none of these competitions involve any games of skill? Except arguably Pac-Man.

Let me know when Billy does something actually worthy of praise, like 1CCing every loop of Gradius III.

>> No.4728541

Randomness can mitigate skill to an extent but it doesn't eliminate it. There's a reason there are top poker players in the world and they consistently clean house against less skilled players.

>> No.4728542


What a terrible comparison. Poker has a high psychological factor: reading your opponents' expressions and knowing when to bluff or fold. Professional poker is highly deterministic in this sense.

It might have made more sense to use something like backgammon in your comparison. There are strategies for screwing over your opponent in backgammon, but anyone of any skill level can end up with much better rolls than their opponent. This is why computerized backgammon blatantly cheats in the AI's favor. There's just no way to make the AI more 'skillful' when it could easily get crappy rolls and be doomed to failure.

>> No.4728548

He was never "on top". He cheated. All his accomplishments are lies.

>> No.4728550

Fair that it's a bad comparison. Still, over time a better player will tend to do better.

>> No.4728552

Not that anon, and I think Mitchell is a piece of shit, but how did he use MAME to cheat way back when?

>> No.4728553
File: 626 KB, 1600x1100, 1485798000001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>In the 90's

>> No.4728557


Randomness does not exist. The physical laws of this universe do not permit such a phenomenon. At best, there can be a deterministic system so contrived as to appear random due to the internal processes of the system not being known to its observers, but the outcomes produced by that system are by no means random.

More simply: If video games could produce random phenomena, TASing would not be possible.

>> No.4728561

That's true but also completely irrelevant to 99.9% of cases of non-assisted competitive play on an arcade machine.

Also, randomness may exist at a subatomic level but that's neither here nor there.

>> No.4728568

no he was always shady

>> No.4728569

Does Wiebe hold the record now?

>> No.4728572

Not by a long shot. He's now formally recognized as the first to 1 million points, though.

>> No.4728576

Does he hold the record for most times getting fucked over in pursuit of a world record?

>> No.4728590


>> No.4728631

he lied about using mame
if he wasn't using it to cheat then why would he lie about using it

>> No.4728632

There's also some evidence he did actually use save states too. And also IIRC it just straight up isn't a legal run if you don't use a cabinet, regardless of your intent.

>> No.4728673

at this point, yes

>> No.4728681

>There's also some evidence he did actually use save states too. And also IIRC it just straight up isn't a legal run if you don't use a cabinet, regardless of your intent.

OK then. And I guess using a real arcade machine makes sense for regulation purposes.

>> No.4728683

goddd who fucking caaaaares
DK is a fucking solved game it's literally just a matter of "how many times can you do the same thing over and over without fucking up"
it's literally on par with like, "hey guys check it out i memorized the first 4 digits of pi and can repeat them forever" like it's not fucking impressive dude this was never impressive.
like if it was at least over pac man or something with just a tiny bit more interest AI-wise i'd be interested, but seriously, fucking DK? you kidding me? fuck out of here, man.
the shitstorm's kind of funny i guess, but why even contest this shit so many years later? who's so fucking butthurt over this so long after the fact? really?

>> No.4728770
File: 15 KB, 558x614, 1511413203993.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4728790

where did you get this picture of me

>> No.4728791

Todd Rogers getting stripped of all records is a lot more interesting, imo. His scores were fucking ludicrous, like 65,000,000 in a game where second place is 59,000, or 1600+ in a game which auto-kills you at 1300, yet Twin Galaxies defended him for decades.

Shit like that pisses me off because it completely deters legitimate play. We can't know how many potential champions never got started because these assholes were squatting the top of the leaderboards.
What finally got him was his big Guinness record for longest-held top score turned out to be not only unachievable with tool-assistance, but literally impossible via code analysis. And since he was one of the referees who accepted Billy Mitchell's scores, it seems like he was the first domino in Twin Galaxies finally cleaning up their act.

Yeah there's so much orchestrated theatre in games and other media right now that it's hard not to wonder how far back it goes. Like, people's heads are gonna explode when they figure out Kojima and Miyamoto are just actors playing corporate mascots, right?

It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if Billy Mitchell were a joke character but I can't see what the fucking point would be, outside of maybe the connection to Nintendo, the renowned yakuza comedians.

>> No.4728793

It just seems like a weird connection to me. You'd think he'd at least try to push something video game related with that video game fame of his. I mean I don't think people interested in hot sauce are going to consider some guy with a video game record endorsing it when making their purchase.

>> No.4728930

I can t stop looking at that image...

Billy should be court ordered to fight a gorilla on a construction site.

If he beats the gorilla he gets his scores back.

Twist ending, as soon as he gets his scores reinstated Walter Day comes in with a mame vhs and Todd Rogers is the new King of Kong with the first billion point score

>> No.4729102

With King of Kong coming up so much, why is nobody mentioning the fact that Billy Mitchell didn't even OSTENSIBLY have the world championship at the time King of Kong was filmed? His score had already been beaten by Tim Sczerby, but Tim doesn't have the supervillain aura of Mitchell or the "aw shucks" sweet guy personality of Wiebe, so he got cut from the film entirely and they filled in the gaps with straight up lies.

>> No.4729109

If I want to get into classic arcade gaming but don't yet have enough of a preference to commit to buying a cab or anything, should I just get a stick like fighting game players use and try stuff out on MAME?

>> No.4729206

No one cares, Tim.

>> No.4729207

Because King of Kong was a publicity stunt and more like trying to turn competitive videogame scoring into pro wrestling with faces and heels.

>> No.4729254

So who's your favorite well-known arcade gamer? Mine's probably Dwayne Richard.

>> No.4729258

This is false, they didn't "fill in the gaps with straight up lies". They overdramatized some things like they do in every documentary.

Anyway, it seems as if Bill Mitchell is about to give some sort of statement or write an article allegedly explaining everything. It might stack up or it might be hilariously far-fetched, should be interesting anyway.

>> No.4729270

>This is false, they didn't "fill in the gaps with straight up lies". They overdramatized some things like they do in every documentary.
They said Mitchell was the champion at the time. He was not. They literally changed the Twin Galaxies score page that appeared in the documentary to put Mitchell at the top as of the recording of the documentary. But he wasn't and had been for years. Then they edited the existence of Sczerby out of the documentary.

Additionally, there is no evidence whatsoever that anyone ever broke into Wiebe's garage.

>> No.4729279

Dwayne or mr awesome

>> No.4729280

Anybody seen The Perfect Fraudman? Is it good?

>> No.4729292

>Anyway, it seems as if Bill Mitchell is about to give some sort of statement or write an article allegedly explaining everything. It might stack up or it might be hilariously far-fetched, should be interesting anyway.
Unless he's also going to walk into a sanctioned site and score 1m+ on a machine he's never touched before with an audience to prove he can do it, I'm going to have a REALLY hard time believing anything he says after all the evidence of his save state abuse.

>> No.4729365

>"Yeah, Walter's behind Billy alright. The only time Walter sees the light of day is when Billy farts and Walter's head pops out his crack."
Daaaaaamn, Dwayne.

>> No.4729676

It's interesting, but it needs to be reedited. Someone needs to combine The Perfect Fraudman and The King of Con together to make one great doc.

>> No.4729784

>>4729109 here.

>> No.4729792

So among actual players who have competed with Mitchell and such, there seem to be three camps:

>Billy did nothing wrong
>Fuck Billy Mitchell
>He definitely shouldn't have done that, but he's my friend and he remains my friend

Given his past behavior and his weird obsession with perfection and being the best, I wonder if this will drive him off the deep end and he'll push away that third group, or if seeing that there are people who care about him despite his obviously being a very flawed human being will be good for him as a person in the long run.

>> No.4729802

Both will get you more familiarity with it, so why choose?

>> No.4729804

>Both will get you more familiarity with it, so why choose?
I don't understand what you're asking. I'd eventually like to get a machine and I'm asking if a fight stick + MAME is a good enough simulation in the meantime to see what game(s) I like most.

Both what will get me more familiarity?

>> No.4729816

Yes, it's a great substitute; I've been doing that for like ten years. What I meant by gaining more familiarity is that when you have to configure the stick 8-way or 4-way( among other things) it will prepare you somewhat for what to expect when you eventually get a real cabinet. Besides, going through MAME you'll discover and rediscover all the games that work really well with a stick while some others may be acceptable on a keyboard or standard controller; etc, is what I meant. It'll accelerate the learning experience as well as expose you to many more games.

So even if you don't get near a cabinet, I assure you that there's some primo sticks out there that feel and look real, usually because they're made out of real spare arcade parts on the better vendors.

>> No.4729821

Thanks. I appreciate all the advice.

>> No.4729824

Do people ever have contests like this with racing arcade games? Especially those ones where you sit in an actual seat and use a steering wheel and such.

>> No.4729827

No problem, have fun!

>> No.4729947

Can we all agree that even though DK is seen as a bigger deal, in all other respects Man vs. Snake is better than King of Kong?

>> No.4729960

I'm not sure there is a big enough fanbase for this, but I could be competely wrong. The only live esports thing I've ever followed is QuakeCon.

>> No.4729961

I didn't know this kind of fanbase existed for arcade games in general until I saw Man vs. Snake on Netflix.

>> No.4729982

>usually because they're made out of real spare arcade parts on the better vendors.
You do know that you can always buy "real" arcade parts online right? A lot of sticks even let you swap them easily. Personally I built my own so it could be exactly how I wanted it (all Seimitsu).

>> No.4730108

Do you all think Walter Day is corrupt or just a sweet old man who was manipulated and either too nice or too meek to do anything about it?

>> No.4730268

Are there any good introductions to classic arcade games?

Like I'm watching a MAME playthrough of a perfect Pac-Man game and I'm lost. Why does he wait for nearly a minute in a corner watching the ghosts wander around? When is it a good idea to do what? Is the game 100% deterministic or are there randomized elements? Etc.

>> No.4730275

i laughed harder than i should

>> No.4730359


>> No.4730360

That's sad if it's true. I thought there was evidence Mitchell had bought a big stake in the company and was threatening to just run it into the ground and make it crash and burn if anybody stood up to him.

>> No.4730458

I think shit probably just got out of hand. Creating and supporting "legends" is something you could entirely lose perspective on, and with guys like Rogers and Corcoran and pals inputting ludicrous impossible scores and then threatening people to keep quiet before getting arrested for boning kids, even Billy Mitchell might seem kinda smalltime. Plus he was a financial partner, and probably friend, so there's even more reason to overlook things or refuse to engage with criticism.
Once Guinness got involved there would have been a lot of pressure not to lose credibility too, or that business relationship could have died, and it's an arcade meaning it was probably in and out of financial crisis this whole time.

It's hard to really say "corrupt" because it's not like there were piles of coke and hookers in it for anybody, right? But it's certainly corruption in the technical sense and not only ruined their credibility in the long run, but robbed a lot of players of the opportunity to demonstrate *legitimate* skill.

>> No.4730464

So how do you all feel about Steve Sanders? Apparently he confessed his false score and apologized rather than being caught later on, and in Chasing Ghosts he seems genuinely remorseful.

>> No.4730475

I'm unfamiliar with this, but a cheater is a cheater. I might give a small amount of respect for fessing up unprovoked, but he still cheated and robbed othres of legitimate notoriety, which is wrong no matter what you do after the fact.

>> No.4730481

He was a teenager when it happened in like the 70s and he wrote a letter to the head of Twin Galaxies and all the other top players confessing and apologizing, seemingly without having been caught first or even suspected.

>> No.4730485

sounds like time for another movie

>> No.4730487

he's just some guy who lied about having a good score, why is he even in the film or talked about ever?

>> No.4730491

Pretty sure he knew he was going to be found out when he showed up and couldn't play worth a shit.

>> No.4730503

I haven't seen it either but it sounds like he'd agree.

>> No.4730504
File: 673 KB, 1558x504, mama mia.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4730519 [DELETED] 


>> No.4730521


>> No.4730542
File: 307 KB, 506x720, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.4730574

This *is* /vr/. Pretty sure 85% of posters here do.

>> No.4730581

I have ADHD, anxiety, and depression, but I'm actually doing pretty well despite all that maybe for the first time ever. What board am I supposed to be on since I don't have autism?

>> No.4730591

I know arcades are still popular in Japan. Could they be made that way here again if we changed the format?

>costs more but you get to keep playing for a set amount of time instead of until you lose
>broad range of games from the oldest to the newest
>regular tournaments
>connected to a restaurant

Could this work?

>> No.4730596

>I know arcades are still popular in Japan.
You know wrong. Arcades are rapidly dying out in Japan, with only things like UFO catchers retaining some level of mainstream popularity.

>> No.4730603

>watching Chasing Ghosts
>near the end it shows Bill Mitchell's two kids talking about how great their dad is and how good he is at Pac-Man, how he's "beaten the whole level a couple of times. Maybe more. Maybe a thousand times!"
I feel so bad for those kids. I hope they aren't too devastated by finding out their dad cheated.

>> No.4730631

Fair. I'd heard they were way more popular in Japan. I guess they just made it longer than here.

After you said that, I YouTube searched UFO catchers. How expensive are these places?
I feel like I could clean up.

>> No.4730696

It's eleven years later, so I doubt they care.

>> No.4730731

Who even still produces new arcade games anymore? Are the arcades over there just filled with shitty old 3D fighters from 20 years ago and stuff?

>> No.4730735


>> No.4730752

If you grow up thinking your father is a legend in some area and the paragon of virtue and always striving to do your best, then find out as a teenager he's actually a cheater and may have been threatening people into going along with it, that's probably not going to make you happy.

>> No.4730758

Nintendo and SEGA makes some arcade games together among others. I did a double-take the first time I saw their logos consecutively in the same attract screen. So yeah they're still making new games, but it's a trickle compared to the '80s.

>> No.4730763

True. I guess they'll have to settle for their millions of dollars, swimming pools, vacations to wherever they want, and a huge head start among their peers. Maybe they'll believe their dad for a while, who knows. It's a very awkward situation for them, and a part of me feels for Billy, but he chose to pull a trick and got caught.

>> No.4730767

>True. I guess they'll have to settle for their millions of dollars, swimming pools, vacations to wherever they want, and a huge head start among their peers.
>I guess they'll have to settle for their millions of dollars, swimming pools, vacations to wherever they want, and a huge head start among their peers.
>their millions of dollars, swimming pools, vacations to wherever they want, and a huge head start
>a huge head

>> No.4730770

That's where stores his cheats.

>> No.4731060

So is speedrunning the kind of descendant of arcade record holding?

>> No.4731168

at this point, yes.

>> No.4731189

I thought so. Both have the same emphasis on high skill level, the same kind of culture surrounding them, and the same tendency to draw a lot of cheaters.

>> No.4731672

Has anybody here actually considered how surreal this whole thing is?

Billy Mitchell sets a couple world records and in the process becomes close friends with the person who runs the organization that manages the records. Then other people start to surpass him. He starts cheating and lying to try to maintain his position, all while building up this image of himself as The Ultimate Gamer. He uses his image to sell hot sauce and by so doing becomes quite rich, then uses the money to buy a big share in the very authority that decides whether his scores are legitimate.

From there, he uses a combination of his friendship with and his financial leverage over his old friend Mr. Day to ensure that nobody within the organization looks too closely at his record videos, and if anybody does, or even criticizes him, he threatens to "make things bad" for Twin Galaxies.

Meanwhile he repeatedly basically implies that being better at certain video games indicates you're a higher class of human being, wears American flag ties for the honor of the USA or something, and generally does all the things you don't want to do if there's a chance you're going to be exposed as a fraud.

Then it happens and he responds by insisting he has some big reveal that will actually show everyone how he's innocent.

He's like a supervillain.

Dwayne Richard is the hero that classic video gaming deserves.

>> No.4731713

Dwayne Richard is a cheater, too.

>> No.4731828

How? Please explain in detail because no one will just speak plainly on that alleged issue. And don't tell me to watch a video that costs money. And no I'm not downloading it.

>> No.4731837

To sum up, he "accidentally" overclocked his Nibbler board. This gives a substantial advantage in that game because it's mostly a test of endurance.

>> No.4731838

No, it's the exact opposite. The other anon is way off base. In arcade games, speed is important, but comparing a speedrunner flying through Super Mario Bros. and using tools to exploit its flaws to someone who can get through Donkey Kong at all is like saying a guy with a jetpack going over a minefield is the same as a soldier on the ground picking at the ground ever so carefully with a knife.

>> No.4731846

Thank you. Yeah, overclocking games can make them easier it's been said, or harder in some cases. It sounds to be like he made it ever so slower. Am I right?

>> No.4731847

He got a Nibbler record with a board that had a faulty pin on the CPU causing it to run faster.
Whether he did that knowingly or not is perhaps known only to Dwayne and God.

>> No.4731850

No, he made it faster, meaning he could reach higher scores before fatigue set in.

>> No.4731851

So in Nibbler's case making the CPU run faster made it easier for him? I've never played the game (it looks extremely boring, I hate those games) so I wonder what that did to the timing of whatever. In any case, I realize that playing on a modified PCB is verboten.

>> No.4731854

OH!!! OK, thank you now it makes sense. Did he ever come clean? I watched his two documentaries and while they were horribly edited and staged, I found them compelling and gave me another perspective on the Funspot scene back then.

>> No.4731868

Most speedrunners aren't using tools. Tool assisted speedruns are a separate thing.

>> No.4731898

I posted this before, but here's my theory:

Bear with me on this. What if Billy's score was acheived on MAME, but he wasn't aware of it at the time. Look Billy's not the most technically savvy guy. He can play the video game, but think back to 2008. Do you remember how hard it was to get MAME set up, get all the roms, and give the right names, etc? And you really think Billy could have done all that?

Also Billy doesn't own a Donkey Kong machine. So here's what I'm thinking went down. Billy wants to play DK, but he doesn't own a machine so he asks a friend if he can play on their machine. The friend has a custom mame cab, inside an original DK shell. He doesn't tell Billy it's a mame cab, because he's not aware that Billy is trying to set a world record.

So Billy comes over, plays the game and records the VHS tape, without being aware it's a MAME cab. He thinks it's just a regular DK cab.

In an interview he states that he has never played on MAME. That is he was never AWARE he had played on MAME!

This would really explain everything. No wonder Billy is upset, from his perspective he played a game of DK on a real cab and now everyone is saying he cheated.

If this is what happened, then surely the rest of his scores should be restored. Move his score to the MAME category that's fine, give Wiebe the credit for the first 1M+ game on real hardware. But don't punish Billy for honest mistake.

>> No.4731914

Keep on sucking that hot-sauce flavored dick.

>> No.4732393

Billy plz

>> No.4732421



Might want to read up on that anon. No use daydreaming of ways it could have went down.

>> No.4732425

What about the accusations from referees and former referees that he had threatened to "make things bad" for Twin Galaxies if people criticized him or questioned his scores, the fact that there's not just evidence of using MAME but evidence of save state abuse, the fact that there's a video of him and his friend pretending to switch a DK board out for a DK Junior one but it's the same DK Junior board being pulled out and put back in (and he claimed to have just set the DK score so we know he was lying), and the fact that nobody has ever actually seen him break a million besides someone who himself had been banned for cheating?

>> No.4732438

>266 replies and 28 images omitted

We have thoroughly established that Billy is a no-name fraud whose sole contribution to humanity is hot sauce. It's time to get on with your lives.

>> No.4732442

So if I want to discuss classic video game world records without emphasizing Billy Mitchell, I should start a new thread and let this one die?

>> No.4732468

His own tapes show the 1UP sprite flashing for far too many frames, confirming the use of save states.

I'm prepared to believe it's all a giant ruse but at this point the cheating aspect is absolutely confirmed.

>> No.4732525

>most speedrunners aren't cheating fucks

Sure. I'll trust that their runs are pure as virgin snow even though they do stuff that only emulators with tools can pull off.

>> No.4732849

There are plenty of cheaters, but there are also plenty of dudes who literally grind 12 hours a day for MONTHS, all on stream, improving their skills and looking for the perfect run.

It's kind of insane, but they get addicted. From what I understand the lows are low and the highs are pretty high. Like, after spending dozens of multi-hour long runs trying to achieve some RNG-dependent trick, and then finally nail it, the explosion of tension must be huge--you're then either going to get a world record and be a community hero for fifteen minutes, or you're going to fuck up and die to a goomba in the next room and go to sleep crying.

>> No.4732854

There are a lot of cheaters, and a lot of the prominent people in the community HAVE cheated in the past.

>> No.4732971

I mean yeah, there are a few, and there'll no doubt be more who haven't been discovered yet, but it's overstating it to generalise things like it's "most" speedrunners.

Nobody starts off as a record-holder so there's no reason to get into the hobby outside of the personal challenge.
And of course you get a higher proportion of cheaters near the top--being at the top is the whole point of cheating!

>> No.4733001

>So if I want to discuss classic video game world records without emphasizing Billy Mitchell, I should start a new thread and let this one die?

You might try to start one on reddit. I hear they have some sweet upvotes over there.

>> No.4733031

>it's overstating it to generalize things like it's most speedrunners

You don't know that such isn't true

Fine. How does there's a lot of cheaters in speedrunning grab ya?

>> No.4733180

Cool so back to the same three threads on /vr/ now?

>> No.4733571

Apparently Mitchell had a conversation with someone named Keemstar, who claims Mitchell actually has a surprisingly strong defense, which will be revealed in an interview a week from now.

Also evidently this Keemstar guy is trying to talk him into starting a Twitch account after he "proves his innocence."

>> No.4733703

I hope you know what to do with that shame token you just earned...

>> No.4734093

It strikes me as a similarity between speedrunning and Twin Galaxies records. As was said here:


>> No.4734239

This was a vhs?

Did they analyse the actual vhs or a capture?

How did they capture the vhs?

>> No.4734316

He only turned in a VHS cassette.

Supposedly the cassette was recorded by direct feed from a capture card connected to the arcade board.
However others have attempted to replicate his setup using the same capture hardware and it's apparently very hard--maybe impossible?--because the hardware apparently has colour timing issues when used with DK.
(Which is something people discovered years ago, not directly connected to the cheating investigation.)

>> No.4734337

Have you all heard there's a Billy Mitchell musical being made?

>> No.4734340

>The King of Conga

>> No.4734342

Holy shit how does this scenario manage to get weirder and fucking weirder?

>> No.4734370

As interesting as that is please go to /pol/ or /x/ with that kind of conspiracy riff raff home slice.

>> No.4734402


Mame with an old pc joystick that plugs in with a pin connection, not usb. You can still have a fast pc to play any mame game on windows xp, but at this point a memepi and some usb joysticks on an hd tv will probably be just as good.

>> No.4734439
File: 28 KB, 370x699, 1524102721552.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Keeglestar oh man, that makes this whole thing less reliable.

>> No.4734530

Fuck off, it's not a conspiracy and why would /x/ or /pol/ care about Twin Galaxies you gaslighting shithead.

There's no mystery anyway. Dudes work in a videogame arcade full of teens while also actively cultivating their own "legend" image and promoting hero worship of one another. What were they supposed to do, not fuck Mad Max?

>> No.4735039

So we know Billy's a dick. On the opposite side of things, is Mr. Awesome mostly a character or is he actually a tool too?

>> No.4737305

Will Billy be okay?

>> No.4737370

Who cares?

>> No.4738639

>doesn't want to feed the shock-jocks
>does an interview with keemstar

>> No.4738718

basedboy post.
Billy Michell did nothing wrong. He's still way better than you at Donkey Kong.

>> No.4738734

I thought they banned e-celeb threads?

No normal or intelligent person gives a shit about this guy.

I'd rather a return of the Mike's dick threads at this rate.

>> No.4738736

Fuck off mike this isnt eceleb its competitive classic arcade discussion.

>> No.4738867

Also it's interesting as fuck. I don't care about Twin Galaxies at all but when this story broke I read a big chunk of the dispute thread, and the Todd Rogers one as well.

>> No.4738897

Upon hearing this news Roy Shildt de-aged thirty years, grew his hair back, and got his vette out of storage.

>> No.4738905
File: 131 KB, 281x211, upload_2018-1-30_21-24-38.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It was me, Billy. All me.

Now I have all the porn.

>> No.4738913
File: 156 KB, 592x320, Robert-Mruczek.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I warned you ape drape sportin motherfucker and you still didn't take the hint when I took down The Human Element.

Nobody gets between me and my porn, Billy. Nobody.

>> No.4739080

This isn't Mike. I wish my dick was that big!

Seriously, how come it's okay to talk shit on Twin Galaxies faggots but not e-celebs? Same fucking thing to me.

>> No.4739094

I believe the highest score for Donkey Kong is 999,900. The game doesn't care about a million points.

>> No.4740449


>> No.4741302

Why don't you try building yourself up instead of tearing someone down? Billy is the king of kong, the KING of all video games and the GREATEST video game player there ever was. Just because you're a low T incel and he was fucking his 4th grad teacher underneath the bleachers, doesn't mean you should attack the guy so hard. Do you really have nothing better to do with your time? Jesus Christ. Get a job, get a girlfriend, move out of your mother's basement, get a college degree, and stop being so toxic.


>> No.4741872

You coulda just said "bump", silly anon.

>> No.4742682

Apparently Billy signed his life rights over for King of Kong for a very low price when producers manipulated him by telling him they couldn't afford that and another person who was going to be in the movie really needed the money.

If this is true, it kind of makes him a bit more complex.

Even if he is still a cheating con artist.

>> No.4743541

That sounds like a load of shit.

>> No.4743560

It is. They even used footage of someone who hadn't signed their life rights, i.e., Roy "Mr Awesome" Shildt.

>> No.4743670

Discussion of Twin Galaxies faggots is self limiting

>> No.4745728


>> No.4747627

And cheating.

>> No.4747638

>people unironically side with TG Trotskyites instead of Based Billy

You realize they're only character-assassinating him because he supported Trump, right?

>> No.4747790

He seems very charismatic (especially in person). He works some kind of magic on people who meet him face to face, and he's pulling out all the stops to change people's minds about him. He's using some basic marketing psychology techniques but he's also doing some 3d chess with twitter and twitch right now. Reaching out to young gamers while pretending to be out-of-touch on technology. I think he's going to reclaim the spotlight soon and try to judo-wrestle the fuck out of these accusations.

(p.s. I think he is a cheater, so I see this psychological manipulation as a bad thing, although his skill is admirable)

>> No.4747916


Funny you mention Trump, went back and watched King of Kong again after a few years and my friend commented the way they treated Steve Wiebe, it felt like the swamp trying to keep this "outsider" from coming in and fucking our status-quo up.

>> No.4749574

He's the hero /vr/ deserves, but not the one it needs right now.

>> No.4749608

wow this thread has like no replies. bumpe

>> No.4750372

you are such a faggot holy shit

>> No.4750410

kekd good
>anime is for wierdos
>im here to discuss retrogrames with assholes

anon, I...

>> No.4750447

It's been discussed to death. What else is there to say

>> No.4750456
File: 60 KB, 693x663, oshitnigger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

imagine dedicating your entire life to having the best score in a video game then having it taken away from you. Billy doesn't deserve this.

>> No.4750460

>imagine dedicating a few days of cheating to having the best score in a video game then having it taken away from you.

>> No.4750469


You're right. Lance Armstrong is a hero.

>> No.4750953

Imagine having high-tier skill in a game and checking the leaderboards to see if it's worth taking the next step towards a world record attempt, only to see some made-up score by one of these assholes squatting in first position. And then giving up because real skill is nothing compared to made-up numbers.

Or worse yet, taking two months to grind until you can beat the made-up score, only to have these assholes submit a new fake score that trumps yours two days later.

Lance Armstrong is kind of a special case since practically everyone in that sport was cheating too. It wasn't just him that got busted, it was like the top THIRTY FIVE ranks who all went down along with him.
It's arguable whether it's really cheating or just playing the de-facto game at that point. It's not like Armstrong just made up a score or used MAME save states: he legitimately put in just as much work as everyone else at his level. He basically had a choice between doing what everyone else was doing or not competing at all, short of single-handedly inventing a detection method years before anyone else did. Considering he had everything else it took to become number one you can't really blame him for not sitting it out.

Meanwhile unless you think Steve Wiebe was juicing I'm not sure it's a comparable scenario.

>> No.4751028


8 way joystick

>> No.4751057

For sure that petty scammer does

>> No.4751103


Armstrong cheated and then lied about it for years until the evidence was overwhelming. That's exactly what Billy did. The whole "he was just keeping up with competition" meme triggers me. If you know everyone else is cheating, why not turn them in? Or better yet, why not go get a regular fucking job and lead an honorable life?

>> No.4751883

Hmm good questions. Why don't you ask the guy in 36th place who suddenly became rank 1 overnight what his theory is?

>> No.4752978

i think nick cave still has him beat

>> No.4752983

Good to see you in here Billy

>> No.4753007

buncha autism. and people here defend muh scoring lolz.

>> No.4753263

>Reddit spacing
>posts a fucking YouTube clip instead of a gif or webm as a reaction to a thread
My nose crinkled up in disgust and I got genuinely angry listening to whoever that dumb whore is for even the four seconds the video lasted. Please end yourself using whatever means you have access to as quickly as possible.

>> No.4753278


>> No.4753323

>Reddit spacing
This doesn't even make sense. Paragraphs are not exclusive to Reddit. I hate to use the term "forced meme" but it seems appropriate in this case.

>> No.4753582

I'm friends with this man on Facebook, what does /vr/ not like about him?

>> No.4753765


Jace is cool. He needs forget all this records shit and make Condemned 3.

>> No.4754479

>I hate to use the term "forced meme" but it seems appropriate in this case.
Yeah it's some shill-implemented shit. The timing was really telling. Right around the same time we got mass-invaded by coordinated political contractors (iirc like a month or two before the election when they decided Trump supporters were literal nazis and every /pol/ on every imageboard must be flooded with aboriginal skull memes to make them look bad) faggots started using this term on every board all at once.

It's clearly meant to be some tribalistic power-word.
Meanwhile anyone who's been here for a long time remembers when we used to mock that kind of "secret clubhouse" thinking. Reddit is a shithole, but so is 4chan and everyone else, and lately it's mostly due to those very fucking shills trying to poison everything.
Luckily everything is being logged and when the revolution comes we'll throw them all into a fucking volcano~

Nothing, he seems cool. He gets a lot of reflected flak from Twin Galaxies' horrible reputation but you can tell he's trying his best.

>> No.4755206

That Hentai game was somewhat recent but the character is a lot older.

>> No.4755216

just kill yourself before it gets worse :)

>> No.4755736

So when is this "evidence" of his innocence coming? I don't expect anything convincing, but does he really plan to just never present anything after that little speech about how everything would be made clear?

>> No.4755776

YouTube videos about this whole thing range from informative and interesting to hilarious.

>people bringing up Dwayne Richard's Nibbler score (which he didn't try to claim he deserved after he lost it) to discredit accusations against Billy Mitchell just because Richard is the most famous player to talk about him being guilty
Even if Dwayne Richard is the devil and knowingly altered his arcade cabinet to cheat, that only means they're both guilty.

>> No.4757545

he looks like some kind of chemo Dwayne Johnson

>> No.4757689 [DELETED] 


>> No.4758779


we all fell for it

>> No.4759079

What is TASing?

>> No.4759097

Tool Assisted Speedrun, also known as cheating.

>> No.4759102


>> No.4759418

>Anonymous 05/08/18(Tue)12:41:36 No.4758
this timing seems suspicious

kojima, i;m going to shred you into fucking

>> No.4760301
File: 16 KB, 300x267, kuh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey guys! I just want to inform you there is a donkey kong kill screen coming up..
Todd? oh you got a score going sorry

>> No.4760316


>> No.4760727


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