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Worst controller of all time. The D-pad was made by the devil himself

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no, it was made by sony

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I like it

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Agree. Gives me horrid blisters playing fighting games for more than half an hour. It's decent for slow or turn based games though, so there's that.

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Only if we're talking about official controllers. I'm sure we could find dozens of MadCatz ones that were worse.

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I used this controller exclusively for shmups and fighters on pc for a while before I got a stick, it's perfection imo

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Yeah, in hindsight the d-pad was rarely used.

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Still not as bad as the Genesis controller. Sega did what NintenDON'T by adding a third button, but the lack of fourth button came to bite them. Especially with the Sega-SNES ports. A third party controller was mandatory.

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I had the model without analog sticks, what do you mean.

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Yeah the Genesis was competing with the NES for two years prior to the SNES coming along. By then Sega had the fucking perfection that was the 6-button controller though

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I hated the original PS1 gamepad and got this the next day. Worked really well for me for a long time.

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It originally didn't have analog sticks, you absolute fucking nonce. Way to a show you're underage.

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>Using analog sticks on 2D games out of choice

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a guy won evo four or five years ago using this controller, it's not THAT bad

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It's fine.

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actually thats the only way to do d-pad right, anything else is inaccurate. imo its the best controller out there.

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It's impossible to have at the same time the advantages and fix the disadvantages of whole D-pad, split D-pad and circular D-pad designs.

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I would also like to add that analog sticks have always been cancer

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>d-pad is short so there's no uncomfortable edge, wide enough to use without issue, but still small enough that your thumb can lean onto each of the buttons without travelling
>snes face buttons
>comfortable prongs that rest in your hands letting you use the d-pad and left shoulder buttons with ease
>has shoulder buttons, not dumb triggers
>no pointless vibration function
It's fine

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I love the split d-pad design for fighting games, I feel like my inputs are much more accurate than most other d-pads while using a PS controller.

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>Worst controller of all time

someone call me?

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You know nothing about bad video game controllers.

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there were games where both of those controllers we mandatory though, so it wasn't that bad. The shit part was if a real controller broke and you had to use one of those until you could afford another real controller.

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Gamecube d-pad is far worse.

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Now, the GC controller is underrated and for those who hate the digital pad, then use the comfy analog knob.

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maybe d-pads are just shit overall

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What brand is this?
I need to know what to type in ebay.

How well does the Dpad compare to good official dpads like SNES and Saturn?

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What are the pros and cons for each?

Whole (cross) Dpad
Split Dpad
Circular Dpad

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Actually the segmented D-pad was invented by Commodore for use on the CDTV.

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This is an Ascii pad.

I think it has one of the best d-pads of all PS1 controllers. Much better than official Sony segmented d-pads.

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>winning evo with it or any gamepad at all
>not THAT bad

more like best

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I never used a DS1 or 2, but I find the DS4's d-pad the best I've ever tried.

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Microswitch D-Pad

NGPC has a near-perfect dpad. Fight me.

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What exactly is it that people don't like about the PS segmented d-pad? I've always thought it was great. I'm finding it hard to think of a reason that people wouldn't like it.

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Doing quick motions like a qcf doesn't feel as swift as doing it on a circular d-pad or even the classic SNES d-pad. It was unecessary and most likely done to avoid possible patent copyright issues, but still they could have come with something better.
For RPGs and menu-based games it's alright, but for action games it's not one of the best.

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I don't know either, I like it a lot. I mostly play platformers, I never play fighting games, I don't know if it's good for that.

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>not good for fighting games
>get blisters

you're probably bad and a pussy

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It's actually better for exactly those reasons what are you talking about? Circular dpads usually trigger other directional buttons

It is. It really is.

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>Circular dpads usually trigger other directional buttons
The PS's d-pad is actually similar to other d-pads technically. The difference is the plastic segmentating it over, but you'll also accidentally trigger other directionals depending on how you use it.
It's more about how it feels on the thumb than anything else.
Sure, that guy won EVO with a PS pad, there's also many people who are really good playing with keyboard who can wreck people who play with arcade sticks, but that's more about the player than the controller. That guy could probably win EVO with other controllers.

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I didn't bring up the evo guy and I do actively play fighting games. Throughout my experience with all controllers the Playstation design is the most accurate. The accidental trigger activation only happens if you lean in any direction while pressing or holding a button.

The plastic segmenting the pad prevents more common light or mispress leaning when applying your thumb (you'll have to actually lean the pad). When applying any direction on other pads that are a whole unit exterior of the controller's shell you'll get the pad to more frequently press down at a direction before motioning there. It's because you have one whole plastic piece moving across in a direction. Happened with Xbox, Logictech, Snes, and so on.

I properly arrange my thumb's interphalangeal joint crease and slide it up the rest of the pad for commands. This is for me to firmly glide on the pad when executing circular motions without grinding on the pad a whole lot. It also allows me more surface coverage and a much more tighter grip since the joint is closer to the hand than your digit.

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That's fine, I honestly feel the PS pads is fine, but clunky. I don't really have problems with circular d-pads like the Saturn. However, the Xbox 360 one is terrible.

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Same guy here

and to add you can also use the joint to rest the top of your thumb on full half circle rotations too (joint on one direction and you curve around with the rest of your thumb like a press). It's usually how I chain combos in 3rd strike pretty easily because I count on coverage of my thumb for those kind of commands.

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Ps1 controller is clunky to me for a different reason and that's weight. When I was a kid to adult the Ps1 controller was great, but felt too light and it could fly out of my hands. It never really did in game but it was a mental issue until dual-shock was introduced and I felt weight which somehow made me much more calm playing games.

What's clunky about it for you? I absolute love the thing so I want to know what others actually see. I remember getting into arguments with a friend of mine about the sticks having something about its x/y zone being dead 0 or some shit I forgot. He played FPSes moreso so that's more prevalent for that.

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They feel like less satisfying versions of Nintendo d-pads to me.
Also remember, all dpads are actually circular, the actual plastic piece that has the cross in it is a circle.
It's just the volume of it and the way it's segmented really. If someone else can benefit from it, then that's good too. I find it tolerable, like I have no problem using a PS pad to play anything, but if I can choose, I'd probably choose something else.
As for the analogs, I only really owned the early PS model with the standard pad, no analogs. I have a PS2 though, and yes I think the analogs do have some dead zone.
I've read someone here on /vr/ say that the first original analog controller for PS (with concave thumb resters) had better precision than the later "dual shock" version which was the most popular. Not sure if that's accurate or not.

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Oh hi, there

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but the nostalgia of that controller

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from there on I wouldn't know. I don't like playing analog stick most of the time for anything that isn't simple platforming and camera stuff. I like the weight dualshock offers moreso than anything for the reasons mentioned.

Nintendo controllers have been pure butt to me. The N64 had a stick that broke if you look at it wrong which means no more playing any real game without it. It was good to play without the pad and focus on c buttons and the z button behind for games like Perfect Dark. The control played flat on my hand without turning it sideways was too spaced apart for anything competent.

Xbox is too fat to rest it on my pinker and ring fingers like the Ps series. The pad is external of the shell so precise pad movement is hilarious. I dislike the top bumpers as well.

Snes and nes are garbo tier for me. The main issue is how flat they are. You cannot hold them with your back fingers in any meaningful way without them moving out of position (ps design solved this with the prongs). It was also easier to break or rip out the select/start buttons.

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>Worst controller of all time.

This by far the worst controller ever. What amuses me is that they keep producing this piece of crap every new generation of hardware they force feed down our throats.

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This was ahead of its time. The market is flooded with seperate mechanical numpads for gaming.

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Oh Jesus I forgot about the undisputed king of shitty controllers.
A controller so notoriously garbage that it tanked it's console's sales. No other controller compares.

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Eh, it was fine. Only problem I ever had with it was that on a new pad the angle was just a little too sharp and would cause blistering until it was worn down.

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>ps design solved this with the prongs
Honestly I never had any issues with the SNES pad, I think the round shape is pretty comfortable to hold, I never experienced it moving out of position. Same case with the Saturn pad.
The prongs on the PS pad were a nice ergonomic touch but at the end of the day I'm not sure if it was utterly necessary. It's probably different with each person, the ways you grab the pads, your hands, etc.
>It was also easier to break or rip out the select/start buttons.
I had this problem with the PS pad but not the SNES. Anyway I'm not a big fan of either, rubber buttons suck.
The Saturn start button is also rubber but it feels a lot better, and works better. No select though.

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according to your image the controller in the op is one of the correct ones, you ninny

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I think it was streetfighterEX which had on the box a slogan like "Now with blister free action controls" or something like that, and I was like "what do they mean, I never had bisters playing street fighter". And just a short while I got fucking blisters playing th tutorial or something like that in streetfighterEX and I never had blisters like that before. Holy hell that psx dpad is some trash shit dumpster fire... and dont get me started about the sit horns and the abysmal too short to be precise analog stick and the bad "analog" shoulder buttons. Dreamcast and saturn hat analog shoulderbuttons right ages ago. So cant do it..., too many useless buttons, and so fucking ugly. Trash grey with ugly no fun symbols... do I hate this controller in every way? Yes

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<-- I found it this is interesting. The english version of the back says you get less bruises thanks to the training mode.

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Somehow the german translators understood the "JOKE" and translated it to "Thanks to the training-mode you will have less blisters".

Impressive translation, must be gamers

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>getting blisters from a controller

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I never had issue with the original Playstation controller. You are plainly just incompetent.

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now that you made this thread I have to buy one in very good condition before they'll get expensive.
ultimate psx jrpg manette.
I just hope to get one without mushy X button and slick directional buttons.

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I don't know what your problem is, but I still prefer and use that controller over the analog controller even when I'm playing PS2 games. The d-pad is perfect if you actually know how to use it correctly.

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What exactly is the issue with the controllers in red? the DS4 is arguably the best traditional game controller ever made. Why is it red alongside its predecessors?

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Probally talking about finger placement, which desu in that case, xbox should be red, and not playstation

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I have one of those. The d-pad is pretty good, but the ergonomics are crap otherwise. The shoulder buttons are also too small.

I understand why it was so crap, though. Much like 3rd party N64 controllers, the standard PSX and N64 controllers were so different from anything else that had come before, it was hard to "improve" on them when you didn't know why they did or didn't work in the first place.

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Why did some have black buttons and some gray WHY

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This. The PSX d-pad is fucking fantastic for accuracy. If you don't have a stick, it's the next best thing.

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It's a regular d-pad with a segmented plastic over it, it isn't any more precise than a NES or SNES d-pad.

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No. The Atari 5200 controller is by far the worst

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If they made a non segmented dpad, with the same rubber, same general shape/length... it would still be good I bet.

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Yes the N64 pad did not properly anticipate that no one would make 2D games again for 15 years and thus stuck on the 3rd handle with the D-pad, but I'm one of the world's last sane men who realizes the DualShock is a crap controller. It was an understandable and forgivable jury-rigged stop-gap to Sony getting caught off-guard by the advent of 3D games. "Crap, our controller is a copy of the SNES one but 3D gaming is the thing now! What do we do?" "Hurry and tape some sticks to the bottom till we figure this out." But when they didn't bother to switch designs for the PS2 the controllers shape became a branding issue and now we're stuck with it. It's very obvious how awkwardly out of the way the primary stick on the DualShock is because the controller was designed without having it in mind. You have to awkwardly bend your thumb to use your controllers most important input (the left thumb stick) while the seldom and marginally used D-pad is given prime placement that the ergonomics of the controller are designed to gravitate your hand around despite the fact you're not using it.

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The Dreamcast controller actually hurts to use. Fuck me that thing is uncomfortable.

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>all these sony apologist ITT

Disgusting. This place really is becoming more like /v/

>comfortable prongs that rest in your hands letting you use the d-pad and left shoulder buttons with ease
>has shoulder buttons, not dumb triggers
>no pointless vibration function

You're trying too hard.

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According to your image there is only one way to hold each of those. That doesn’t help either argument

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Everyone who think this is a shit controller is a fucking idiot who took the bait.

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>You have to awkwardly bend your thumb to use your controllers most important input
Do you have arthritis, or just babby thumbs? Any normal thumb is perfectly capable of comfortably making that small degree of motion.
Shit, I have to spread my thumb and forefinger wider than that when I grab my GF's dick.

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No love for the beautiful Atari Jaguar controller?

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Best dpad coming through

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That controller is legitimately the worst controller ever made. If our hands were friggen chicken heads it'd be perfect for its hunt-and-peck design.

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You win.

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Sony controllers are shit. They feel extremely awkward after longer gaming sessions. They break in a short amount of time too, so you have to go buy a new one. Fuck sony and their retarded fanboys.

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>Sony controllers are shit
most of them are, problem isn't scoped to one company
>They break in a short amount of time too, so you have to go buy a new one
not really, no. that is false statement, especially for this non analog model. As for the analog ones, they break in market average I would say, not too short not too long.

t. xbox, sony and nintendo console owner

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The dpad digs into my hand and it stings after a few hours of playing. And why the hell did they give it less buttons than the Saturn controller?

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never even seen this

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Vita d-pad is seriously underrated. Old or new, what controller has a d-pad that resembles it the most?

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Look at all of that dust!

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Try the DS4, senpai.

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The DS4 is a shittier version of all the DualShocks that proceeded it.
If I could plug my DS2 into the PS4 and play all my games that way, I would.

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Is this satire? Is this bait?
Those D-pads were the only ones worth shit, still are.

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You never used any other controller, have you?