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What would /vr/ buy if they were to travel to Japan? I ask this not so much for collecting, rather what games / systems / accessories would you you like to play and enjoy? Things that maybe are prohibitively expensive on ebay or unavailable in the west?

Personally I'd like a TurboDuo, perhaps a Famicom disk system, 3DO and a NeoGeo CDX.

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I just went, ended up buying nothing. It was neat to go to all the shops but ultimately nothing I found was worth the money.

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I'm far more interested in what might be in their arcades.
I don't bother with purchasing old consoles.
...or NEW consoles, for that matter, with the way the games industry is now.

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Was there anything there you were hoping to find at a good price? Or some type of special item?

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I'd buy some PC-88/98 games probably Jesus and Jesus II. I'd also get SD Snatcher, Snatcher, and Policenauts.

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Nothing I only buy USA

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An FM Towns and a Sharp X68000.

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i would buy an apple II and a collection SSI and Avalon Hill disks

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I would buy a super yellowed super famicom

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Were those GameCubes seriously only 480 yen? That is around 4.50 American. I would buy the shit out of that.

How much was the famicom?

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Not my haul, just random pics from /r/retrogaming

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I loathe reddit in general but their hobby based subreddits are tolerable

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>$40 how'd I do?
>Does anyone remember this gem?

/r/retrogaming is like living inside a metal jesus video

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For what purpose?

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a pair of soiled little girl panties from a vending machine

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>yellowed shit
>stealth gore thread
If I were to travel to Japan I'd buy whatever interesting stuff I found at a good price that I didn't already have too many of. Like the last few dozen times I was there.

You won't find any meme shit in meme shops at much less than ebay prices

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Hookers desu

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