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I heard the first shenmue game is sort of polarizing for some people. Some like it and some don't, if so why do people dislike it?

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Nothing Happens: The Game

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I love both very much, I'm hoping I can replay them on a current gen system soon. I played the original when I was a kid, and my mom, dad, and sister would literally sit around the TV and watch me play because they were so enthralled with how 'real' the world was. I ended up getting stuck during the forklifting, but picked it up years later and finally finished it. I played Shenmue II on the Xbox and it was a blast. The storytelling in the series is cool, the combat is fun, the music is fantastic, and walking around Japan and China in Dreamcast graphics is comfy as fuck.

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Exploring the virtual community of NPCs was lifelike and fun, at least at the time. I hate how the name "virtual reality" is stapled to the idea of putting a screen on your face, and not the fidelity of the environment you're playing in.

The gameplay sucks though, especially the QTE stuff. Hard to be hyped for shemue 3 when I have zero interest in replaying these.

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There's something magical about its primitive depth that makes me love the experience.

Yakuza throws everything it possibly can at you to keep you busy but the relative simplicity of Shenmue's world that still managed to have distractions in it feels more genuine.

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>December 25th, 2000
>I am 16 years old
>Christmas morning has come and gone, everything is getting settled down
>my best friend has come over and is staying the night
>my parents ask if we would like to go for a drive and look at the snow
>on the way we stop at my other best friends house
>he has received a dreamcast and shenmue for Christmas, this is a huge expenditure for his poor family (and would be for mine as well)
>myself, and my two best friends sit side by side in his tiny bedroom on a futon while he plays the opening segments of Shenmue

One of the single comfiest moments of my entire life. And somehow it sticks out to me as a sort of "end of an era" for video gaming in some ways seeing how all three of us had enjoyed playing the incredible releases of the past four years starting with Super Mario 64 in 1996.

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I love both the games, I have vague memories of playing Shenmue 2 on my Xbox (even though I owned a Dreamcast) when I was a kid and really enjoyed it even if all I did was look around the room, talk to people to hear their voices and look at my capsule toys.

I didn't really play the games until 2013, and I still loved them. I looked past the weird control scheme and wanted to be enthralled by the game itself and it did a pretty good job at that. I started 2 in 2014, but didn't finish it until 2016 for some reason.

I also unintentionally got three friends into Shenmue last year. I was trying to show them have funny and wacky the game was, but somehow interested people in the game and they asked me how to play it.

Shenmue is a cool game, from the music to the small details. I love how there's so many places I didn't even know about in Shenmue 1 and 2, and tons of dialogue you'd never hear outside of a normal play.

Hoping Shenmue 3 is good and Shenmue 4 happens.

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Shenmue is rare in that it's a perfect gatekeeper game. If you like Shenmue, you have good taste. If you don't, you're most likely a brainlet. Shenmue often isn't fun in the traditional, and mechanically is straight shotty in various places. However it's overwhelming artistic value is clear to anyone who understands how to appreciate video games properly.

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Who can vouch for you having a taste good enough in order to evaluate others' tastes?

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Meaning, who said, that you personally have a good taste for TASTES?

In other words, who the fuck do you think you are, other than a random elitard, that is?

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I'm trying to get into it. I can appreciate it for what it is and how revolutionary it would have been at the time. I've changed and no longer like exploring super detailed 3d worlds.

It's an amazing game, I can see that, it's just it's not for me.

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1st was shit, didn't bother trying the 2nd

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Why is Dreamcast allowed despite being the same generation as the other 3?

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Because the mods said so.

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>release date
>shares many multi-plats with PS1/N64
>it's awesome

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Are they going to allow them once the next generation comes out?

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It was released before 2000, and "generations" are not a very accurate description in the first place.

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I like shenmue 2 more because of the game play and quality of life improvements that the second game offers, like maps, following people, saving anywhere, better fighting. It's just a general improvement, even if the story is less focused. I haven't beat 2 yet, I just got to the second area in China.

I have no fucking clue what to expect from shenmue 3, it could either suck shit, or be fucking amazing, or somewhere in between man I just don't know enough yet.

Yeah shenmue hides all the interesting shit

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No, /vr/ is a board about the pre-2000 era of video gaming, when the medium was immature and developers were still experimenting with what they could achieve.

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Because the console is full of fun games in the console gaming spirit. If ya ask me the psx shouldnt be allowed to be a retro console. That is one buttfucking ugly non gamer console. Fucking dad and wanna be gamer console...

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The older I get, the more I see "retro" as anything before internet connected consoles were a thing. For example, ps3 will never be retro to me, how can you even collect physical media for it? Many games were buggy when shipped and needed a week one patch to make them playable.

IMO if a used game can be purchased and put into a retail console without needing online updates to work it's retro at this point, again, this is my personal definition, not what /vr/ definition is.

Original xbox, PS2 were internet capable as was dreamcast, but normally games didn't have to update to be playable, or require always online connections. Xbox 360, PS3 and beyond I can never see as retro personally.

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I finished Shenmue 1 last week, it was okay. I liked piecing together where to go and the QTEs were kinda cool. Fighting turned out to be more fun than I thought. The voice acting is pretty sweet, especially upon reading that they wanted to do the English VA in Japan so that’s why it sounds so weird. Some parts were tedious but it was pleasant

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>why do people dislike it?
People have hit most of it already

>Nothing Happens: The Game
Fpbp this is not a completely unreasonable description of Shenmue 1 but the thread is so absolutely full of people that actually GET Shenmue that it warms my heart. I wish older games enjoyed such a majority of understanding on /vr/

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t. fedora tipper

Makes me cringe when Shenmue is someone's favorite game. Just go watch a movie instead

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it's a transition console (like the turbografx), so it was noticeably weaker than the other 3 systems

also only got 2 years worth of commercial releases

no a niche shmup in 2006 does not count

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And I mean, Radirgy was far from the last Dreamcast game anyway. But they are clearly post-mortem. If I write a poem in Latin today, it doesn't make it not a dead language.

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Isn't this the game that introduces QTEs which other games make shitty use of?

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I thought the first game to use QTE's was Dragon's Lair…

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>release date
But the PS2 came out like 2 years after the DC, and we have been having legit DC threads since 3 years or so. All 6th gen consoles should be allowed now. Why do some systems take more years than others to become retro? It doesn't make sense.

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Because this board is filled with grouches who don't want things not from their childhood to be considered retro lest it make them feel oooooooold.

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rather play yakuza the game.

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